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  1. #43 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy Old but gold, great game. Enjoyed the 1st one a bit more from story perspective, but they really upped their game from technical perspective in this game.
  2. Man, this shit was torture... I just used Super Saiyan Paul's videos and got it 1st try. It's very clear and 100% accurate. This has to be some of the worst collectibles I've ever experienced.
  3. I was in the same spot as you. But looking for a used DS3 from reputable Japanese sellers on Ebay seems to filter out all the garbage fakes. There are some in really good condition and the price is good. (at least at the time I looked for it, about half a year ago or maybe less) I got mine that way. Works great in great condition and good price. Can't really recommend any aftermarket ones because the ones I have tried were just bad...
  4. Probably original Persona 5, missed one request from Mishima and had no saves, which required me to play a 3rd time and re-doing all the requests πŸ˜₯ TLOU 1 comes close second place because of the online.
  5. Well, better be ready because the 1st game has the least amount of mini games... Sly 3 is about 50% mini games πŸ˜…
  6. Hell yeah, got mine in 2019.
  7. Yessss This is perfect. Thanks!
  8. Everything you asked is confirmed by Insomniac themselves, so yes. You can buy the PS4 version, later insert it into your PS5 and it will be upgraded to PS5 version, from there you can go to a menu and pay 20$ more for the Remaster of the 1st game. About the 2 plats situation, I think that's pretty much confirmed since there are 2 lists on this site, no?
  9. PS4 Pro, but I guess that eventually on PS5 too.
  10. about 1 hour ago Insomniac also said you can transfer your save from regular PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man to the PS5 Remastered. I wonder if it means autopop?
  11. Will this autopop the Platinum or nah? I don't have any experience with these sort of things.
  12. Thank you πŸ‘
  13. The the main list seems pretty simple, only thing that sticks out to me is the speedrun trophy because you have to put up with motion control sections. (like that frog suit) I wonder how it'll turn out. Game itself seems fun from previews.
  14. Holy shit! thank you so much! I wonder if they will shut this down anytime soon tho πŸ™
  15. Can we change the trophy pop sound to the older one? this one is not nearly as satisfying.😩 Edit: Or was that the sound of that thing he collected?