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  1. Not at all. This is from an interview with Layden after the acquisition. Source:
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  3. One Percenter Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone Great game overall, can't wait to tackle the rest of the hordes and challenges!
  4. I reached skill level 15, put the 15th point and it's not unlocking. Is it bugged or am i missing something? I have a save right before putting the skill point and i tried to put it again and again and it's not unlocking. Edit: Nvm, i found that skill level 15 is 14 skill point... hahaha I'm just happy it's not bugged.
  5. One is also 60% off now while the other one is full price
  6. Happened to me too and i freaked out at first. Maybe your ISP just gave you a bad IP, or Sony might have banned your IP which is legit by mistake. (they are VERY sensitive) I have a super shitty ISP that gives me blacklisted abused IP's all the time... (Are you a robot? on every page etc...) one time i got a banned IP, had to wait like 2 days to get a normal one again.
  7. How possible is it to get through this game on Survivor on 1st playthrough, and is it even a good idea? I've been waiting for them since launch to fix the game as much as possible, so i didn't play it yet.
  8. So, this was kinda random... I'm on a UK account, not sure who gets it...
  9. Like in the 2nd game, the controls made me want to tear my head off. I'd look it up myself, but i don't want spoilers (yeah, I never played it before :x)
  10. If you haven't figured out yet, you need to redo one of his missions again to trigger the fight with him.
  11. Played all of them (minus Demon's Souls since i had no PS3) including Sekiro and i love Bloodborne the most. Sekiro is amazing tho.
  12. Wow! Great work here, thank you so much 👍
  13. Haha, sure thing! Glad it helped you
  14. I understand what you say, but i don't think there is a site of this kind. Like, a site that will generate custom trophy list that you can edit. But it's pretty easy to edit tbh. You just go to some trophy list on this site, highlight trophy name or description and right click with mouse on it and "inspect" and just change names and descriptions to your liking. Should look like this after you are done changing all: After you are done, you print screen the entire edited list and go to site like to put some costume icons over the existing ones. Like this: You can also edit % and rarity levels if you want to, using inspect. Hope this helps even tho it's not exactly what you were looking for.