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  1. 1917 Alien (1979) or The Thing (1982) ?
  2. Done, good luck
  3. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time plat
  4. Avatars: Themes (Morgana theme has protagonist icon for some reason): I posted these in the 1st thread when they started sending them, it's everything I got from all existing emails.
  5. This came out of nowhere... wow. Looking pretty awesome! Online trophies then...
  6. Still debating which route should I take, thanks for the info 👍
  7. Once you Pick Grounded you are committed to it, it locks the option to switch from it.
  8. Hmm interesting. There seem to be some price differences also between EU and US versions of both Sly and R&C Collections... I always see EU versions cost a lot more for some reason. I bought mine directly from Amazon brand new for pretty cheap, $120 AUD seem pretty nuts lol
  9. I don't have that many PS3 games, I only get exclusives I care about... But my rarest are probably Siren: Blood Curse and 1st print of Demon's Souls. I'm pretty sure the rest is standard, nothing special. Yeah, I have 2 Demon's Souls and haven't played it even once yet.
  10. Honestly, can't see anything wrong here. I'm pretty sure I went through all of these and ended up getting "Thank You". I also followed the same written guide as you, only difference is, I did it from the start without blind playthrough like you did.
  11. There is an ending that sort of combines 2 existing ending, I think... What i did was piss everybody off the entire playthrough and kill them when I had the chance. Kill the detective, kill that old hag near the chair where Tobi is bound. After you kill Tobi with the wrong medicine, Kristie will freak out on you, piss her off so she won't follow you out of the house. When Lucien comes out of the door, shoot him too. Pick the key from his body, unlock the door, light diffuser, breath in. Go through the tunnel until you see the mask, reject it, after getting out of the house keep the lighter. I'm not sure if this will be the one that pops it for you, but worth a try.
  12. Yeah, whenever I go to Device Management I always get "Connection Lost". And I told a few people I know to try, all of them get "Connection Lost" error...
  13. I've made a different mistake related to Mishima, not taking one of his requests on time, that made me play a 3rd time so I feel your pain... And after all of that bullcrap I had to deal with Golden Finger.
  14. Trying to plat it 5-6 playthroughs was soul draining (probably because I did it pretty much back to back). It was fun / interesting for 2-3 playthroughs. I had no issues with the DS4 Touch pad, but using physical buttons for choices makes more sense for sure.
  15. Your text guide was awesome, but playing this game 6 times in a row was soul draining for sure, not recommended... I ended up having all trophies by 5th playthrough but still missing "Thank You", killing everyone and rejecting the mask on 6th playthrough gave it. Thanks 👍 Also, the part where you need a document from Blake's glove compartment can be either from the upper part (as shown in your video) of the bottom part. I thought I fucked up because when it said in the text guide "glove compartment" I thought you meant the lower part, still got my Documents trophy from looking at his notepad instead of the weird enigma book he has on the upper part.