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  1. Looks like forgettable dumb action movie number 100, only difference is Dwayne Johnson isn't in the starring role. At least this time around they didn't make a tie-in video game that re-tells the story
  2. Are you doing it on Gold difficulty (whatever mode you are playing)?
  3. It probably is if you add someone to your party and each of you go to different teams. You both just summon shades for each other and kill them, that way you are never blocked from summoning more than 3 shades. I haven't tried it, but I think it will work.
  4. You play solo? I couldn't do it solo, after 3, it says "busy". I think that if there's nobody on the other side killing the shades you summoned, they just stay active which blocks your ability to summon more of them. (seems to be restricted to few active ones at a time)
  5. Some of the challenges you get after binding 110 Ki items are pretty... extreme(?) After binding my Master Katana to Samurai I just got a challenge to "dismantle 5 Legendary Katanas" 😅 There's a lot of grinding with this new update, but it doesn't translate into the new trophies.
  6. I just got it as a reward from winning Rivals and later another one from winning Gold survival.
  7. I got a cursed piece of gear (a bow) as a reward for winning a Rivals match online. I got a challenge on that bow to kill 10 enemies with ranged weapon on Gold difficulty something. After you make the requirement, you go to the item and highlight it and press whatever button to collect the reward and in doing that you cleanse it. The binding, you just go to some character and highlight an item and you can bind it from what I recall. Don't know about the level requirement regarding getting a cursed item. I think binding is for 110 Ki level item, since completing 5 challenges after binding will level it up to 120 Ki.
  8. Are you sure you summoned shades? it's specifically "Shades". I tried doing it in solo but after 3 Shades it blocked my ability to summon them because no one on the other side was there to kill them. There seems to be a limit to how many of the same things can be summoned and be active at the same time.
  9. Super easy trophies. I think it's boostable too.
  10. Oh man, I definitely agree with this statement. Trophies pushed me to start playing on higher difficulties and do speedruns. Same for playing online when I normally wouldn't bother, like in TLOU Factions.
  11. Yeah, sounds like it's the toughest of them, but maybe you can summon the lowest tier shades to save on currency and make it easier to get. There is a short video of Rivals, where it shows that when you kill an enemy you get currency (Magatama), with this currency you go to different Offering Sites around the map and summon these shades. The part about the cleansed item having bonus to boost your shade currency sounds possible.
  12. Can't be worse than doing all raid chapters with randoms that had no mics 😂 A Painful Blockage - seems to be the most demanding of them, but we can't really know how tough it is until the content drops.
  13. It's on the disc for PS5, not sure about the PS4 version.
  14. You need to bind a piece of gear to your character (new feature) and after you do, when you play missions, this gear levels up and you gain more Ki. I don't know if it's available yet.
  15. Holy shit... Sorry for your console being banned, it sucks 😥 My secondhand Super Slim is fine... at least for now, hopefully it stays that way. (but with my luck... you never know)