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  1. 25 this month.
  2. Love the trophy pictures, these and Concrete Genie's are awesome. I somehow know avoiding all rocks is going to be a pain for me haha
  3. Before debating if to actually get into the multiplayer I thought the trophies are going to be hellishly hard because of the whole Journey structure. (thought it's way more hardcore) But honestly, even doing all solo is piss easy. Just VERY time consuming. I found no need to boost anything. You don't even have to be good at the game, you get so much supplements for your survivors for any action you do. There will be situations where you are matched against a level 999 with pay to win weapons that will wipe the floor with you, but it doesn't even matter.
  4. The one where Joel and Ellie are in the car and she's checking out the adult magazine haha... It cracked me up good the 1st time I've watched it.
  5. Yeah, I mean that there is a chance for some of them to glitch. PowerPyx guide said there are a few trophies that can glitch.
  6. Oh boy, lucky me my brother bought into this whole VR thing and got PSVR. Gonna be a pain in the ass dragging it over here. I'll still get the game, the thing is... I heard that there are like 3 glitched trophies. That's a big no go.
  7. I don't ever and I mean ever play online on consoles (only did for the easy Uncharted 4 trophies just to get Platinum) but I finally broke... I wanna get this Platinum so bad before Part II comes out. I'm already done with most trophies, I just finished the first journey and it was piss easy just very time consuming... even with the tricks to cut the length. The 100% Population wipe threat is a joke, just pick Mark Enemy challenge every time and you are golden. If you see you are not reaching the numbers you need by day 3/3, just mark as much enemies as you can and close the game through XMB menu, it actually keeps the progress of you marking while staying on the same day so you can never ever fail, pay no attention to different kinds of encounters other than 100% threat. You should give it a try in my opinion.
  8. So that's the other Sony event that Daniel Ahmad hinted at when the whole TLOU II Media Event thing came up... Hmmm... I'll temper my expectations this time around.😟
  9. When you get to the locker in Boozer's tower you get access to your Chicago Chopper and all your other late game goodies, effectively making you overpowered. If your Deacon has all the best guns, best bike upgrade and max stats and all skills I'd say you are good for NG+ Survivor II even without the challenges buffs. Personally, i'm trying to avoid the challenges at least for now since it's not really my thing.
  10. If what Bend said is true (which i see no reason why it wouldn't be) as long as you do that on NG+, Yes. I hope it's right for my sake too haha Edit: I assume that if the Survival II trophy stacks with the normal one, you could do the 60 sec horde in your Survival II run too, it could turn out to be false since they didn't specify this trophy in their comment. 2nd Edit: I can confirm the 60 second horde trophy can be earned in NG+ Survival II.
  11. If you already have a complete save ready for NG+, you can play NG+ on Survivor II and also earn "Surviving is Living" trophy (normal Survival trophy from before this update) according to Bend's comment on reddit. They overlap.
  13. Can't wait to see sleeves only on Ebay for ridiculous prices. Still nice for people not owning the games and for people who own digital versions and want physical too.
  14. I dunno how I feel about needing to beat the game 3 more times (haven't beaten it on Survivor yet). I guess I'll do it when I have no games to play.