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  1. The code you have is only the dynamic theme of Launch Edition, I have that one too. You basically need to reach milestones in the game to get a total of 4 codes which contain a lot of other dynamic themes and all these avatars. You get all of it for free to your email as long as you get to these milestones. You can see more details in previous pages. As always, some people are having issues getting these emails from Sony regardless of milestones reached.
  2. You get avatars from these codes too, there is one for Joker.
  3. Damn... he really is good.
  4. Everyone should get "Spoiler Protection" extension at this point if they really care about not being spoiled ... Some bastards are also spoiling the game by disguising spoilers as theories. (sending private messages on reddit) Stay safe out there lol.
  5. Someone on reddit tried 9 times and he finally got someone that gave him all 4 codes. It depends on the person that you get. Some aren't even aware of the other codes besides the final one you get for platinum.
  6. Is there any video of this issue? I played Uncharted Collection both on physical disc (like 5 times each game) and now downloaded the free digital version and never had any bugs or issues... Already finished 1st game on digital.
  7. GOW Ascension for sure, I dread the moment when I'll have to go through that elevator section on Hard.
  8. Actually some people in NA are getting some of the codes in random... Not in the order they should reach. Some get the one for beating all palaces, some get the one for the platinum, some get the one for beating Kamoshida... It's a real mess. What do you mean about the email? this is basically like Platinum rewards in other games. They just send it to the email of your PSN account.
  9. You should definitely talk with PlayStation support. There was one guy on the persona 5 subreddit that got all 4 codes from them. You also waited 2 weeks, so I can't see why they wouldn't give it to you... That guy was also with a US account. Just FYI, it seems like there is a wide spread issue of people with US accounts only getting the last theme code for platinum and not the ones before it...
  10. Last one with Maruki, Lavenza, Justin & Caroline themes, got it 36mins ago: And these are all the avatars you get after inputing all the codes, in case anyone wanted to see:
  11. They actually will or already are, some people from the US are getting it already. And from what I understood, Sega support said US will get it too. (probably slow / late rollout) There is hope Just make sure you have all box ticked in both of these sections in your account settings: Yeah, these are probably next in line 😁 It's insanity getting over 10 dynamic themes and tons of avatars for beating a game haha, never seen anything like it before.
  12. It really depends if these act like the regular platinum rewards... The codes expiration date is 2030. I mean, you can still get Bloodborne reward and it was released all the way back in 2015. I assume they would be, but only way to be sure is to ask Sega\Sony support.
  13. Btw, they started sending the 3rd one. Got it 3 hours ago...
  14. I personally started late with PS4, but i think that one profile across all gens you go through is part of what makes profiles awesome. It shows your history. But I get wanting to start a clean slate in case you have some games you are "ashamed" of, or bugged trophies etc etc... Going into next gen would probably be ideal time. I'll stick with this one going next gen.
  15. And hopefully all (or some) avatars for finishing the game, just cuz I'm greedy Edit: Some info from Sega support. credit to YouTuber Faz: The trigger that allows you to get the themes are: 1 - Complete Kamoshida's palace ( get the "Castle of Lust: Seized" Trophy ) 2 - Complete Madarame's, Kaneshiro's and Futaba's Palace ( get the "Pyramid of Wrath: Plundered" Trophy ) 3 - Complete all Palaces ( including the new palace, get the "Take Back the Future" Trophy ) 4 - Get platinum trophy 2nd Edit: Seems like people should get the rewards up to 14 days from getting the corresponding trophy according to Sega support. (not sure if this info is valid for US accounts yet)