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  1. If you haven't figured out yet, you need to redo one of his missions again to trigger the fight with him.
  2. Played all of them (minus Demon's Souls since i had no PS3) including Sekiro and i love Bloodborne the most. Sekiro is amazing tho.
  3. Wow! Great work here, thank you so much 👍
  4. Haha, sure thing! Glad it helped you
  5. I understand what you say, but i don't think there is a site of this kind. Like, a site that will generate custom trophy list that you can edit. But it's pretty easy to edit tbh. You just go to some trophy list on this site, highlight trophy name or description and right click with mouse on it and "inspect" and just change names and descriptions to your liking. Should look like this after you are done changing all: After you are done, you print screen the entire edited list and go to site like to put some costume icons over the existing ones. Like this: You can also edit % and rarity levels if you want to, using inspect. Hope this helps even tho it's not exactly what you were looking for.
  6. I like it, don't care if it's there on launch or added later on. I get that some people get pissed by being "robbed" of the 100%, but the devs can't cater to everyone. I think they might see it as pleasing everyone by adding a new mode and new trophies.
  7. Kingdom Hearts for sure
  8. Play and do what you enjoy, it's not hurting anyone. If a game i like has easy plat, i'll still play and plat it. I won't go out of my way to buy a shitty game for it's easy plat. I guess it can piss off some trophy hunters, it might seem to them like inflating your plat numbers with little to no effort while they tackle games that require more work to be done. It's not cheating, you buy the game with your money and you complete the requirements (no matter how absurd they are) to gain that plat.
  9. Reminds me of Gumby... Still, it's not terrible... I would never pick up a controller with white analog sticks tho.
  10. Probably Persona 5, but not like what you might think... It's one of my favorite games, thing is, my 1st playthrough I did with no guides and missed "A Perfect Job" trophy along with bunch of others. That's normal, no big deal. On my 2nd one I pretty much got all the rest if not most of them but I also managed to fuck up and miss one of the jobs Mishima gives through SMS. So... Yeah, I played Persona 5 for 3 times. Probably took me over 200hrs. Oh, and the sick part? I played 2nd and 3rd pretty much time back to back (credit roll to new game) cuz I was so pissed i missed that 1 job. Pretty sure i'm done with Persona 5 for years to come 😐
  11. Yeah, i got my Spider-Man avatar today too. I was surprised because it was said to be a US account thing only, seems like they started sending it to more regions.
  12. Being always below her and when her head is low enough, just jump attack with Hunter's Axe and hit it again and again until she is dead. (it's way faster than any other way) The really hard bosses are in the DLC.
  13. Haha i feel the same way with Bloodborne and HZD... no emails yet, platinumed months ago. This is the first time ever i'm actually GETTING something from Sony emails, it's mostly "Buy this" emails.
  14. How it actually looks: I got it with UK account, not a US only thing.