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  1. 34 sold.... holy shit.
  2. I wanted to buy it too, but delisted in 2016 😥
  3. Just Rain and Tokyo Jungle, so 20. The other ones I wanted were delisted a while ago, I just almost never do digital so I had no idea till now 😅
  4. Yeah, it's my favorite Sly game, I feel like the mini game situation only got worse with each game. Sly 3 to me, felt like a compilation of mini games lol.
  5. R&C Going Commando Sly 1 Manhunt Persona 4 Persona 3 No order.
  6. Already bought Rain after they announced the closure, need to buy Tokyo Jungle.
  7. SnizelPS - Spin Doctor 😁
  8. I have only one... Sly Minigames 😆
  9. There are permanent wear marks on my D-PAD just because of that single trophy. It drove me insane, finally put some spit on the D-PAD and managed to get it.
  10. Not working for me... Wanted a cool theme, oh well... Edit: Looks like I fucked up, had the wrong setting on my PS4... Will it work if I turned it on now?
  11. #43 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy Old but gold, great game. Enjoyed the 1st one a bit more from story perspective, but they really upped their game from technical perspective in this game.
  12. Man, this shit was torture... I just used Super Saiyan Paul's videos and got it 1st try. It's very clear and 100% accurate. This has to be some of the worst collectibles I've ever experienced.
  13. I was in the same spot as you. But looking for a used DS3 from reputable Japanese sellers on Ebay seems to filter out all the garbage fakes. There are some in really good condition and the price is good. (at least at the time I looked for it, about half a year ago or maybe less) I got mine that way. Works great in great condition and good price. Can't really recommend any aftermarket ones because the ones I have tried were just bad...
  14. Probably original Persona 5, missed one request from Mishima and had no saves, which required me to play a 3rd time and re-doing all the requests 😥 TLOU 1 comes close second place because of the online.