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  1. Happy Gaming New Year to everyone. Hope we all have a happy successful gaming 2018.
  2. I have this game and yet to play it. How hard was the plat to obtain ? Congrats on the plat btw
  3. Awww cmon. I've had these sitting around a while and wanted to get them done LOL. And seriously sitting through Goosebumps, wow what a shitty game. But I moved up a spot yey. And new record too. Go me
  4. Certainly didn't have a good May for trophy hunting. I'm hoping my June is much much better. Although my backlog has just increased
  5. *Sigh* I really need to make more of an effort to get some gaming time in. I gotta aim to get at least 1 of my backlogs complete this season lol
  6. ahh yeah awesome. I've played on medium at the most right now. And done that fairly easily. Can you do the ol quit half way through a match if you losing trick for the no losses trophy ?
  7. I am enjoying this atm. But I am getting sick of Richo's comments. They make him sound dumber than he already is lol. But yeah I'll rememeber to backup my save when I get into finals. Anyone know how hard the hard difficulty actually is ?
  8. Wow I'm still in 2nd. I didn't think I had a good month trophy wise coz we had a lot of events on and now time to really play. But whoo hoo. lol
  9. I have the AFL game on preorder ever since I found out about it. I enjoyed AFL Live 2. so I'm hoping this will be better. The achievements look ok. Some of the difficulty ones could be a problem. And hoping we can all help each other out for the 5 wins in a row online.
  10. OK guys. Just having an issue with the multiplayer trophy. I've read a guide on how to do this. But I'm confused about how to change players to join in. Do I require 4 PSN accounts or something ? I just feel like I'm missing something to get this. *edit* For anyone having trouble with this like I did. I have finally worked this out. - If you only have 1 PSN account, create another 3 guest accounts. - Enter the game with your main account - join the game as player 1, then switch to guest user 1 - Go into the game and join as player 2. - Rinse and repeat for the other 2 guests accounts. - Go back to your main account, select the track and start the race. - The trophy should then pop
  11. Well then this must be played. Anything to find out more about Cinnamon Bun
  12. Yeah there seems to be a fair few cheaper games that don't have a good save system. Wanted to get in a few easy plats during the comp.
  13. oooh sitting in 2nd. Can't complain about that. On a side note this Easter sale is going to be the death of me. *SIGH* I'm about to add another 8 games to my backlog: Megadimension Neptunia VII Jake & Finn Investigations The World of Nubla N.E.R.O Nubla Goosebumps The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Yakuza 0
  14. I swear sometimes I wish I had the time to learn Japanese. Would be able to go get a lot of those visual novels. I know I could get away with using a guide, but would be nice to read them
  15. Yeah the humble bundle has been one of the best things I've been put onto. I have so many backlog games on my Steam account it's not funny. I ended up getting the deal, but I gotta load my US profile on my PS4. That's a task in itself as I haven't used it in years lol