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  1. None, because I like to see all the games.
  2. It depends really, but at the end of the day, I care more about completion rating and the amount of plats/100%s I have. I do want to reach sub 100k though and that's probably the lowest I can get at this point. There's no way I can reach top 100 or even 10000.
  3. Not good enough. Saying they're all legit is extremely vague. First of all, care to explain why you're flagged. Second, in regards to that, can you explain how they're legit?
  4. Yeah, it doesn't effect. Case in point, for the Calendar Man trophy in Arkham City, my final date I put was April 1, 2018, but the trophy still said I earned it in March 25, 2018.
  5. Well, I'm just waiting until at least maybe those unobtainable trophies will become obtainable.
  6. I ask because I want to know before I get to it (I'm waiting until full DLCs are out). So does it matter in regards to trophies?
  7. I used to hide trophies from Red Dead Redemption and Inksplosion to raise my completion rating, but I realize it's stupid and suck it up. Eventually, I did get the plats for them. Now, my completion rating is now near 100% and you can see no blue H on it so that's my true percentage. Although I did delete two games (Bloodborne, Lego Harry) that I didn't like that much as soon as I played but I had 0 trophies on them. I did play one game (Yakuza 0) on an alt account just to make sure I was enjoying it at least since there's a trophy for starting the game and obviously that's not enough to judge a game since I want to control the character first and see the setting. Yeah, got bored of it too. Maybe I might get to them but I have little to no interest playing them. Other than that, fuck no!
  8. The guy also has an blue H so it should e reinstated that it's possible the games he's hiding have a plat. 🤔
  9. I ask because I see a lot of people have complained about trophy glitches and I'm just afraid to start knowing there could be a trophy glitches. Like for example, I've heard from some that they didn't get the trophy playing a black character on Mastermind or even beating the game. Did Ubisoft make a patch?
  10. Meh, I don't need to be said what everybody else says, the only games we both platted that wen have in common was Spider-Man and My Name is Mayo and that seems to be the standard for plat trophy hunters especially Mayo I'll admit, I can be a trophy whore sometimes when I do easy plats. Though to be fair, I legitimately enjoyed both The Bunker and Late Shift and I did also kind of wanted to see how bad My Name is Mayo and Mr. Massagey were. Just look Anyway, you should try to finish your games. I understand not everyone enjoys every game and sometimes they stop playing when they see something off. For example, the moment I played both Bloodborne, Lego Harry Potter, and Yakuza 0, I was not enjoying it. The first 2 I deleted since you can delete 0% trophies and the last one because I used in a guest account for testing since there's a trophy for just starting the game. But it seems you have way too many games you left unfinished. Final note, delete 0% trophies. I don't think it looses your progress but it's a waste of space. You're better off not having it in your profile.
  11. Never mind, I got it at one of the glove tracks. I learned the game doesn't save after quitting out so that could be the case. So my advice: Do all the race tracks in Time Trials and make sure to get them all until the trophy pops.
  12. It was glitched for me too. However, I think it may be possible I played with one of the ninja turtles twice instead of once because it popped the moment one of them won. It's just that I can never tell them apart aside from the color of their masks. It could be the same for you or try playing with every character again starting with the turtles.
  13. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I activated the slime in every area I went to. Either it's glitch or I'm missing something. Can anyone help me find the hidden slime people often miss? It's literally my last trophy.
  14. Do people who start these threads know what a dispute even is?
  15. I know GTA 5 is known to be glitchy, but they don't pop within seconds. You have to do it again.