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  1. Good luck. At least you're not going for those cheap easy plats. I would like to go for 100% completion but honestly, Uncharted 4's survival broke me and I gave up the 3 stars on crushing. I tried but couldn't it. I might go for some tougher games on my list but right now I'm in a Yakuza mood. Maybe until 4 or Fist of the North Star. When 5 comes out on PS4, I'll do that then 6.
  2. No trophy reasons obviously ether there it’s be too easy or too hard. Just the main reason most people avoid playing certain games. For me, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. I love the games on the PS1-PS2 but I heard how bad this one is that I want to avoid it altogether.
  3. Congrats! I'm sort of doing the same with The Last of Us 2. The first game was my first plat so it makes sense for the sequel to have a special milestone.
  4. It's very hard, but more in a grindy way. Getting 95 in Haruka's song was actual tough. A lot of people will tell you the car chase on Legend will watch out, so I highly suggest you change it to Hard when you get to that chapter for the first time. I surprisingly got it first time, but then again, I'm good at rail shooters like Time Crisis.
  5. Anyone else making this a special milestone? Now that we have a release date, I think if I avoid easy crappy plats which I've been doing after I did Donut County, then I can reach 100 there. BTW, sorry Roll that we have similar avatars?
  6. Yeah, good point. BTW, I have another mentioned. Tomb Raider (2013). Technically, it's rarest in PSN itself, but on PSNProfiles, it's the third rarest and that's I'm All That. It's a pain in the ass trophy and you're definitely need boosting but of course, a lot of things go wrong with boosting. The rarest trophy like level 60 is more grindy but at least it can be done solo.
  7. Usually, the rarest trophy is the hardest, grindiest, or most frustrating. So what games do you consider the hardest trophy not the rarest. I have a few that comes to my mind. The Last of Us- I personally find the factions to be easily the worst and most frustrating trophies. However, despite the fact that people like me hate those trophies, it's surprisingly less rare than Survivor. GTA 5- I personally find the online trophies a bigger pain the single player, but then that was before I knew about boosting, but still. Nickelodeon Kart Racers- I had more trouble with Slime Mania (36.54%) than Mogul (30.53%). At least the latter I know what the requirements are. For Slime Mania, it's very vague to me. I can't tell if I hate to hit the slime on each location or hit every slime. I eventually got it. GTA 3- Technically, it's required for 100% which is the rarest, but I'm absolutely baffled that getting Paramedic Level 12 is only uncommon and not even in the top 5 rarest trophies. I found that shit hard. The lack of map and the strict timer. I'm not kidding, it took me 12 hours to perfect it. All the other trophies were grindy but nothing beats Paramedic Level 12.
  8. For those who don't know, it's basically a secondary account where people play without trophies thinking in their mind and that way they can still maintain a high completion. For me, I'm mixed. I'll admit, I'm guilty of using it, but that's mostly for games I want to play for a few minutes to see if I at least enjoy it. Having said that, I can definitely get by if it's a game that has unobtainable. I can sort of understand if it's a game that has online trophies since they usually can't last forever and they're times where they can shut down the servers without warning (I'm looking at you, Ghostbusters PS3). But if it's a game they don't want to play on their main account with all trophies possible but they're hard as fuck (eg. Wolfenstein 2), then I can definitely understand they people are frowned upon.
  9. I know this topic is old but I sure as hell wouldn’t be near it. I would likely play an alt account like most people. At least with ridiculously hard trophies like Mein Leben, it’s still possible to get to it with enough skills and memorization. An unobtainable is literally impossible. You can’t get it unless you want yourself banned from the leaderboards. While I don’t think I’ll have a 100%, I only have 4 unearned trophies and I don’t want to have another because of it even DLC trophies. Hell, I also wait games until they fully release all the episodes like Telltale.
  10. I just want to say you're maybe my favorite trophy hunter. I would have more respect if you went back to the games you don't have 100%. That being said, you're amazing. A high completion and a lot of ultra rare trophies.

    I could understand if you're not impressed by profile, but then again I'm just in a sort of rush to get to 100 plats. I may try to go for more ultra rare after 100. I might do Wolfenstein 2 but I want to play the other games. Also, right now, I'm making a habit of not doing cheap easy plats except maybe if we're near TLOU2's release which is my planned 100th.

    1. Sergen


      I appreciate the comment, there are better profiles out there than mine so I'm surprised by it, you're the first person who has done anything like that :o. It might be a while until TLOU2 comes out, so if you keep up a decent pace you may not need to resort to really easy stuff in order to make it your 100th plat, in-fact you might need to hold off on unlocking some plats before it comes out. Compared to most people your profile is fairly new and in that time you've done some decent plats, so keep up the good work, you have shown you can withstand some grinds by doing RDR2 and GTA V :).

    2. ARH65512


      Thanks. Yes i did started late. I don’t have a PS3 and I didn’t get a PS4 until Summer 2017 and I started hunting until that Fall of year.

    3. Sergen


      I will say that in regards to doing easy stuff to get a milestone, I did initially consider it in order to make Elder Scrolls Online my 200th platinum, however I wouldn't want to financially invest in over 60 crap games to get a higher platinum count. I have my regrets regarding some of the crap I did such as Sound Shapes auto-popping and stacking some Telltale games, but I won't do those kind of things anymore. I'll stack what I enjoy or what may yield more ultra rare trophies :D. If you ever need advice regarding a game I have done that you might consider starting, don't hesitate to ask.

  11. I don't know what to make of it, but I'll probably watch since I'm a huge fan of the third game like everyone else.
  12. Oh, don't get me wrong. There's fair amount of factors to why it's ultra rare. Personally, I thought RDR2 was a lot harder to plat than GTA V because there's even more randomness, unlike the gold medals in GTA V, you have to do it in one go and using replay is worthless. Hell, even though it's the rarest trophy in GTA V, I don't think I consider it to be the hardest. I think Numero Uno was a lot harder because it's online and there's no checklist for it.
  13. I would say that but another factor (not the only one obviously) is that they’ve been glitched trophies. I know, because it happened to me with the Bureau Raid and Big Score mission not popping when they should’ve the first time. I also didn’t get the level 50 trophy until 51. There’s also been complaints about the collectible trophies, All Loves in Fair War, 100%, other story related trophies (most notably the Brad mission) not popping when it should. And whenever people send a ticket to Rockstar, they always say a bullshit excuse that it is a syncing issue. It’s a given that people likely gave up because of that. I would agree that laziness is a thing but there’s also a good reason for it to be ultra rare.
  14. Hey, my bad. It turns out missed a conversation behind the manor and another one after. He managed to spawn.