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  1. Okay, so I decide I might tackle this after 100. But what I'm gonna do is do a first play though on I Am Death Incarnate, but repeat a level over and over again until I feel I'm consistent not dying. Then Mein Leben with some IADI runs on each level. Then if I manage to do Mein Leben, I'll play all the easiest difficulty getting any other trophy out of the way. BTW, should I also play Old Blood too?
  2. Like the first one I want to go is Luden's Fan, but I can't find any lost cargo near him. I used the watchtower, nothing. But I keep seeing the same ones. I don't know if it's glitched, or missable, or something, but it's frustrating me. I checked guides and it doesn't seem that many people have trouble with it.
  3. Now, we all know that infamous trophy I fear, but to be frank, the only rules to me refusing to play a game is if it doesn't spark my interest and perhaps unobtainable or even outdated online trophies. The latter I'll likely play an alt account. But for me, there's no reason to avoid. I already played the first one so I'm thinking of doing this when I finished my 100th plat run. That way I'd be like "Yeah, I had a good run, but I need to challenge myself." But in honestly, aside from the tough plat, is this game even worth playing? Like I want to at know...enjoy the game. I'm kind of mixed on the first game. I enjoyed it but I don't know if I want to play the 2nd one or any others in the series (don't get me started on Youngblood).
  4. I don’t know if you haven’t played it yet or Nightmarr/Inferno yet, but to get the RL you need to get out of the item box. The first item box doesn’t appear until you reach the subway and both of those zombies appear before the subway so you’re forced to dodge them or at least make sure you don’t get hit by them. Unless there’s an item box I missed.
  5. I'm talking about the beginning BEFORE the first item box/typewriter encounter. There's 2 zombies in the way that can kill you. The one near the gate right after you get the pistol and the one near the elevator.
  6. This is of course my opinion but I looked at the guide and I disagree. I prefer to do the HARD parts RIGHT AFTER rather than before with the exception of the final bosses. So here's my save spots. 1. After the intro, when you first encounter the item and see the typewriter, because the intro is hard since you're only giving 5 bullets of pistol which isn't enough to kill a zombie on that difficulty. There's 2 zombies in your way that can easily fuck you over and 2 hits from them without healing or defense coins is death. 2. When you first get into the sewers after escaping Nemesis since even on that difficulty. He can be a pain because his movements is fast and he can easily hit you enough in a few hits. 3. When you first control Carlos and get to the police station since that's another time after you escape from Nemesis in which he has the RL. 4. Right before the final boss. 'Nuff said. So yeah, I used 4 saves. I probably could've used another but the game between saves 3 and 4 were a breeze. Maybe you can use another save spot after the 2nd to final boss.
  7. I apologize if there's a topic here but I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere before. But let's all agree that at least one of the worst parts of boosting/online co-op is not relying on our own schedule. It's a bitch and a half to wait for the any necessary players to have. I always tend to go for them first or at least ASAP so that way I can get over these parts as well as missables and any potential glitched trophies. That's actually one of the reasons why I likely won't get the Uncharted 4 or GTA 5's 100%. Too skill dependent on not just yourself, but other players.
  8. Well here's an updated list, though not all games have trophy lists, and it's all before TLOU2's release:
  9. Hey, I learned in regards to slots, when you're in Aladdin chance, you can copy the color of the lamps on the right with red (0), yellow (X), and green (square) inputs. For example, here at :55 he gets red, then yellow, then green, which means you press O, X, and square and you'll always get a win. It's recommended you do it on a lucky day though and on slot 58 at Volcano and it's best you first use the auto token.
  10. Man, I'm having so much trouble with slots. No matter what I do, I can't get 777 tokens. I used to the auto but the jackpot always stops it at 300-350 and I did it on lucky day. Any advice for this shit? I want to kill the developers for putting this completely luck based thing here.
  11. I ask because I want to start right away because of my OCD to not see the lack of 100%. Plus, I already platinumed the game.
  12. For me, it depends. I do use a guide but I don't follow step by step most of the time. Like for example, AC: Black Flag, they put the final step as online/multiplayer but to be honest I did that first because online trophies are a pain and it relies on other people. In fact, you might noticed I got the RAREST trophy even before the MOST COMMON trophy because I didn't want to dive into the single player until I 100% online, even DLCs. Another, like others have said, I use it for missable and/or glitch. When I did Batman Arkham City, I got over 2 potential glitched trophies and 1 missable as soon as I finished the courthouse section. The only time I legit used a step by step guide was the Resident Evil 2 remake because of the missables and amount of playthroughs. Last thing, like someone in this thread said, if the game has A LOT of missable then I used a platinum walkthrough video (or even a speed run to a certain extent), not even a written guide. A game like Detroit Become Human is a prime example since over 90% of the trophies are missables. But for the most part, I just go at my own pace if they're no online, glitched, or missables.
  13. I would apologize if there's already a topic and if someone has already made. But who's your favorite well known trophy hunter. Key word: Well known. So it can't be exactly yourself. No offense. Anyway, I'm going to be cliche but PowerPyx and PS4Trophies/Brian. I love them and they're main guide videos I use.
  14. Good luck. At least you're not going for those cheap easy plats. I would like to go for 100% completion but honestly, Uncharted 4's survival broke me and I gave up the 3 stars on crushing. I tried but couldn't it. I might go for some tougher games on my list but right now I'm in a Yakuza mood. Maybe until 4 or Fist of the North Star. When 5 comes out on PS4, I'll do that then 6.
  15. No trophy reasons obviously ether there it’s be too easy or too hard. Just the main reason most people avoid playing certain games. For me, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. I love the games on the PS1-PS2 but I heard how bad this one is that I want to avoid it altogether.