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  1. Hey, my bad. It turns out missed a conversation behind the manor and another one after. He managed to spawn.
  2. It sucks. No matter how many times I tried, he won't come out. I think I'm glitched because I've managed to scan everyone else except Miner (which is 2/3), but this guy won't come out. I can't say it's glitched, but the fact that everyone else has come out is stupid. And yes, I did do the conversations as well as the Homestead missions. I'm going to send a ticket to Ubisoft and if I don't hear a response after I get every other trophy (at least in base game), I'm going to redo the entire game again as well as Homestead. Thankfully, it's not required for 100%.
  3. As I said before, hiding trophies is stupid because 1) It doesn’t hide from yourself because you’ll still see it in your own account on your own system, 2) It has that big blue H on your profile.
  4. I know 2... Infamous Second Son- After getting the plat, Deslin will tell the player that we're done. Deadpool- In the beginning when you control Deadpool, he sees the first trophy pop despite not doing anything. And another one pops and acknowledges it as well. LOL!
  5. My own fault Until Dawn- I was going for the all deaths trophy but I thought the game saves when you go to chapter select like Telltales or QD. But nope, it only saves for the first time you had completed it so I had to REDO from 8 to 10. TWD: Final Season- Missed a step in episode 2 for the Botanic trophy so I had to redo the entire episode. AC3- I used a USB for the first time so I would back up a save after each sequence. Instead i uploaded my copy to storage and had to redo sequence 5. The Witcher 3- To be fair, I was new at the time but I missed a few trophies. I was planning to play blind and on easier difficulty before I wanted to do very hard. Red Dead Redemption 2- Did the fishing side quest before do the fishing challenge so finding a 19 pound non-legendary was the big screw up. Red Dead Redemption 1- Didn’t do the 20 horse missions so I had to redo the game until I got it. Resident Evil 2 Remake- Had limited ammo for the final boss on Hardcore for Claire B so I had to start the lab area again. Uhhhh.... Uncharted 2 Remastered- I screwed up the Doughnut Drake run when the power went off and I noticed my Nate wasn't fat for a few seconds. I continued the run but I only got the speed run trophy. Fuck. Not required for plat though. Beyond Two Souls- Missed a few collectibles and forgot to do the last chapter like 1-2 more times before I did the save all trophy. Bioshock- Missed one of the collectibles and a few trophies. Bioshock 2- Had limited ammo on hard so I had to restart playing again Glitched GTA 5- Two of my story related trophies were glitched and I’m pretty sure I didn’t use cheats. I got mad because I replayed one of them many times (I even got gold on it which was not my intent) to the point where I just quit trophy hunting. Then decided to the last mission and the trophy popped there. So I replayed the other two story related missions and they finally popped. Wow! Skyrim- It’s not required for plat but Lost to the Ages wouldn’t pop the quest even if I went to said area or read the book. I loaded an earlier save and it worked fine when I saved. Nothing in the guide said it was glitched. It sucked because I was planning to do that with the side quests and misc. trophies. The Witcher 3- I recently heard it’s not required for the trophy, but the first Witcher contract wouldn’t let me finish. I heard doing it in the wrong order glitches. I spent hours until I gave up and just went to the beginning of the game...again and it worked fine. Mix of both glitched and my own fault Alien: Isolation- I used the flamethrower too much before I realized the alien was chasing me too much and on hard, it's unforgiving and near impossible to avoid without it. So I had to restart from an earlier save, but damn glitches (such as Marlo and one your friend (forgot her name) were silent instead of talking and got me stuck) kept getting in the way and had to redo some of the other levels until it went all good. Can't tell if it's glitched or my own fault The Last of Us- I thought I did all of Ellie's joke but the trophy wouldn't pop so I had to redo. Nickelodeon Kart Racers- Slime Mania was my last trophy. I'm not sure if I have to hit one slime in one level each or all slimes in every level. Either way, it was frustrating because there's NO guides on the location of the slime. Finally the trophy popped (as well as plat) in one of the Glove World tracks.
  6. First off, I apologize if this doesn't belong or I'm not doing it right. If a mod comes by and decides to delete or merge, that's fine. And second, I know it's not a lot, but I'm planning to retire or at least slow down when I'm at 100 plat. Anyway, here it goes... 1. Assassin’s Creed III 2. Assassin’s Creed Liberation 3. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag 4. Assassin’s Creed Rogue 5. Assassin’s Creed Unity 6. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate 7. Far Cry New Dawn 8. Far Cry 3 9. Far Cry 4 10. God of War 11. God of War 2 12. God of War 3 13. God of War: Ascension 14. God of War: Chains of Olympus 15. God of War: Ghost of Sparta 16. Kingdom Hearts 17. Kingdom Hearts II 18. Infamous: First Light 19. Crash Bandicoot 20. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back 21. Crash Brandicoot: Warped 22. Spryo 23. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage 24. Spryo 3: Year of the Dragon 25. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey** 26. The Last of Us Part II** (100th) **= I know those games haven't been fully released. AC:O, the plat is obtainable but the 100% is not. Until the full DLCs are out, I might get to it. Will see. As for TLOU2, I'm planning that to be my 100th plat since the first game was my first, so it makes sense for my last (or at least 100th) to be the sequel. If it's not out or even an official announcement of release date, I'll probably play trophy-less games (eg. ES4: Oblivion), games with no plats (eg. Resident Evil 4), or maybe unobtainable trophies that I can play on alt account (eg. Dragon Fin Soup...just to see how glitchy it is).
  7. Hardest: I'll admit, I don't have notoriously hard games on my list, but maybe I might get to them after I reach 100. That being said, I can't decide between Yakuza 0, KIwami, or RDR2. But I guess I'll go with RDR2 because of the randomness, the online trophies, and some (like gold medals) are skill based. Easiest: My Name is Mayo. Obviously.
  8. For me, it depends, sometimes I look at the trophy list when I hold the PS button. Other times I go to the site and see the rarest trophies here (it's more reliable here than the PSN itself since most people don't play for trophies).
  9. I agree with everything except hide trophies. Hiding trophies is stupid because you can still see on your console profile and it'll have that big blue H. I'll admit, I was on the route, but now it's long gone. As I said before, people should just suck it up leave it incomplete or come back later complete it. Unless there's online trophies, there's no rush to get them.
  10. That's your own fault because you either didn't look up ahead of time or you left it as it is before it went down. I understand some people like to play games blind first, but if they realize that a trophy is unobtainable, then again, that's their fault for not looking up. The only time I can see the people complaining about this type of shit if they started to play the game that had online trophies, but the servers got shut down immediately with no warning. That I can understand. I personally always look up to know if all trophies are possible. If there's an unobtainable, I would likely avoid it or play it on alt account.
  11. Why are people so obsessed with deleting trophies? People were obsessed with PSN name changing, they got it, but it screwed up their profiles and shit. There's no doubt that deleting trophies would screw up things. So you have a shitty percentage and don't plan to go back there? Big deal. I was like that too. You can either suck it up get it to 100% or leave it as it is. You can also hide it, but that's frowned upon by trophy hunters.
  12. LOL! And just when you think the Mein Leben petition was the worst petition ever.
  13. I'm not saying DLC shouldn't count towards 100% completion. I'm saying that the rarity doesn't make sense and yet it would still say "unearned" there. Again, I'm just saying that the "DLC owners" rarity needs some reworking because it's confusing to me how it only includes DLC owners and not the entire game owners itself.
  14. I mean, it always pains me to see "DLC owners" yet it doesn't matter because it was still show up as "unearned trophies" on your profile even if you don't own the DLC and the fact it won't give you 100%. Other things I don't understand is that some DLCs are free. Case in point, Resident Evil 2's add on trophies don't require any payment since it comes with it. Same with Uncharted 4 and GTA 5.
  15. Damn that sucks. This is actually the 2nd time today I heard about corrupt save data. As I said before, it reminds me of the famous ice cream factory in Vice City in the original release. People saved their game there but then it would black out.