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  1. At least there's been other RE games since then. We haven't had new ES game since 2011 not counting Online of course. At least there's been other RE games since then. We haven't had new ES game since 2011 not counting Online of course.
  2. As of now, it has 1.28 million owners and it's the 2nd owned game in this site behind Black Ops. However, not many people have recently played Black Ops since it's a PS3 game and an old COD game. Of course, this is kind of an old GTA game but there hasn't been any recent GTA games as opposed to the COD games we have every year. Then again, the PS5 version is coming soon and who knows how many people will buy that version here.
  3. Now, I might make a trophy guide, but I think most people would agree that the hardest trophy is definitely the Hardcore difficulty. However, here's some tips and tricks on how to complete the game (or even 100%) on Hardcore. I just beat the game, so I can confirm that this works at least with the current patch I'm writing. GENERAL TIPS 1. Except for Port of Adia (level 1), you don't have to complete the mission objectives once you enter the level. You only have to collect the level keys in order to advance. Don't do anything else except maybe anything that's on the way to avoid backtracking. So try to do that. You can use the Adon portals to fast travel to other levels once you get the text that says "Stationary Found" or something. This was not present in the original. Remember, some enemies respawn when you leave an area. 2. Whenever hear the "swoosh" sound, that means you're near a respawning ammo/health area. If you hear that, stay until you're maxed on ammo and health. If you're low on health (say less than 50), then backtrack, but again, beware of respawning enemies. I say the hot spot for that is Port of Adia - Village, since there's only one enemy that respawns and he's easy to take care of. You can also do in the beginning of area of Hive but you can only exit once you complete so I suggest Port of Adia - Village or you can use Adon to give ammo, but I highly recommend you save it near the end of them game (I only did it for the final boss). 3. When you get better weapons (eg. Cerebral Bore, Charge Dart, Scorpion, etc.) use them because they're super powerful. 4. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE often. It's only one life, which means game over once you're dead This EXTREMELY useful on boss fights. 5. If you're above 90 but not 100, then DON'T grab the 10 health and ESPECIALLY the full health unless it's by accident. But try to avoid it. 6. Save your ultra health for boss fights. There's some ultra healths scattered but you can save them. The max health is 250, but full health only gives up to 100. 2 healths can also happen since it can give you more than 100. 7. Do NOT use melee weapons like Talon or Warblade since even the smaller enemies like spiders or compies still do at least 2-3+ damage. Your best friend is probably the flamethrower. FALSE PORTALS My suggestion is that you should do the False Portals when you at least have the Scorpion since, again, it's super powerful and almost one hit kills enemies. Luckily, there's respawning ammo/health. But I would suggest you start when you're at 100 because you can't leave those levels. TOTEM FIGHTS In regards to #1 on the General Tips topic, again except for Port of Adia, you can actually use the Nuke (that is if you collect all the parts). It's beyond one hit kill. It kills MULTIPLE ENEMIES at once. LEVELS/STEPS It's not deeply detailed, but maybe someone could help me out on it. But I'll do the best. The reason I bring up Port of Adia, is because once you enter the Hub, you have the Adon portal next to you and that's your best friend. The Hub doesn't get unlocked when you complete Port of Adia. Once you have the level keys, you can use that to exit the level as opposed to the Level Portal which, again, you can't exit until you get the level keys. The best order to is this: 1. Level 1 (Port of Adia)- Finish the objectives and collect the level keys. DO NOT DO the false portal yet. I can't imagine how hard the false portal would be with your current best weapon being the explosive Shotgun. Again, wait until you at least get better weapons. Once you finish the objectives and get all the level keys, stock up on ammo and health. In fact, there's a respawning health/ammo in the 2nd Level 3 area with the Endtrail guarding it. There's also a bunch of ammo near the exit portal as well as full health and 5 10-healths. Explosive shotgun is your best friend in this fight. 2. Level 3 (Death Marshes)- Now, this is when it gets easier. Do NOT do level 2 yet. Do level 3 next. Now, just grab all the level keys and Breath of Life talisman as well as Shredder, Mag 60, GL, and Plasma. Leave at least one objective yet (I suggest maybe one of the 3 prisoners near the final area of the level). Enter the exit portal and make sure you DO NOT complete the level. If you don't complete the level and exit the portal, you spawn back to the beginning. Luckily, in the 2nd area of the level, there's an Adon portal barely missable. So use and spawn yourself back in the Hub. 3. Level 5 (Hive of the Mantids)- Yes, we're not doing level 2 yet. I suggest you go to level 5 next because that's where you get best weapons. Do anything that's in the way, grab the talisman, and level keys. And make sure you get all the weapons you can. Once you get the last Adon portal, which is in the final area, use to exit the level. 4. Level 2 (River of Souls)- By then, you should have your better weapons. The level becomes super easy when you get the better weapons like the Scorpion or the Bore. Once again, grab level keys and talisman. However, you do have to complete that one Sister objective and Soul Gate objective, so save your better weapons for those. Or you can find an Adon portal and warp to the Village for the respawning ammo/health then come back. But it can be frustrating level since this level barely has any respawning ammo/health areas. Once you get all the level keys and talisman, use the final Adon and warp to Hub. You can also do any of the false portals from this level and previous levels since you now have the best weapons. But I'll get to when it's the perfect time. 5. Level 4 (Lair of the Blind Ones)- Frustrating level, I suggest you do 2 of 3 verbal vents and the ONLY time to do the False Portal during this go since the Adon Portals are pretty far apart and it spawns those arrow dudes that do 30+ damage on you. But make sure you have grab full health then ultra in the lava to prepare for the False Portal since I find it to be at least the 2nd hardest. Yeah, I also suggest you get the fire talisman so that you can walk across the lava instead of going the harder way. For the vermal thents, I suggest you leave the first since it's the CLOSEST to the Adon Portal. It's only one area behind. And of course, grab level keys but they should come naturally I believe. I also suggest you don't get the Primagen Key when you make 2nd visit. 6. False Portals- Use Adon to warp to nearest false portals. Now, it's the best time. Whenever order you do or rather you've done some of them is up to you. But I suggest you do before at least the level 6 false portals. 7. Level 6 (Primagen's Lightship)- Now, we're in the final level. My suggestion first is to unlock all the 4 areas and grab the ions. Do not do any objectives until the final False Portal. Once you complete the final False Portal, you get the nuke, which is super fucking powerful. Now, finish the objectives and grab the final Primagen Key. In the 4th area with the Ion machine, do not go to the left to exit the area. Instead go all the way back to where you came from. This prevents from enemies spawning. It's also worth noting that this is the ONLY level where enemies DO NOT respawn and you also have respawning ammo/health with the Primagen Key. Now how do exit the level then? Well, just use the beginning portal instead of the exit. It works. Trust me. 8. Mother Boss- Oh boy. This could be hard as shit. My suggestion. Make sure you have at least 150-200 health. So grab an ultra health somewhere. I hope you saved it. For the first phase, I recommend explosive or regular Shredder. The 2nd phase, I suggest you jump and strafe AND stay under those pillars to avoid rocks from hurting. Here I suggest perhaps shredder (either), Scorpion, or GL. For the 3rd and final phase, again, either of those weapons. But remember to strafe and jump. If you're low on health. Just wait til keeps spawning. 9. Back to the Levels for Objectives and Primagen Keys- As what it says. Now, remember the Nuke is your best friend. Instant kill. Though I did encounter a glitch in River of Souls where I got 4 of 3 Sisters. I don't know how the fuck that happen, maybe because I used Nuke on her. So I suggest Scorpion on them to avoid glitch. Anyway, for the 2 other boss battles: 9A. Queen Boss (Level 5)- Again, make sure you have 150-200, and use Nuke against those Mites. For first phase, I suggest explosive shredder. The 2nd phase, I suggest flamethrower. Now, if you're low on health, just strafe and jump. If ammo spawned, but you're full on the weapon, just waste, that way health can spawn. Last phase, I suggest explosive shredder. When she's about to shoot, use it against the weak point. 9B. Bline One/Goldeneye Boss (Level 4)- Easy boss. Just use flamethrower on the slugs, and either use flamethrower or explosive Shredder on the first phase, Scorpion and explosive on the last 2 phases. Not much to go. You could get easily damaged since there isn't a lot to strafe in the area. 10. PRIMAGEN BOSS- Now, onto the final boss. For my suggestion, stock up on full 250 health and ammo. For those flying bastards, use fucking Nuke. Phase 1, I suggest GL and Firestorm when he goes "You dare!" to prevent him from regenerating. Phase 2 and 3, explosive Shredder. They seem effective. Avoid his bubble attack since it's like instant kill but it's very easy to strafe from it. Any other tips?
  4. I mean, the game has been out for a few months but is there any plans for DLC trophies? I would like to go ahead with this game but I hate it I have to come back to a game because of DLC trophies. Every major AC game since Brotherhood has had one.
  5. Well, this wouldn't be the first time of a Yakuza movie...
  6. I ask because every time I play a Tony Hawk game, I'm very strict with what to start with. For me, I always start with speed, ollie, air, and hang time because of the time limit and it's easy to get to higher places that require those stats. I do leave some manual and grinding at least to 3-5 points though, but I would always like to make the speed/ollie/air/hangtime.
  7. The Last of Us 2. Mostly because it's just a mediocre game with a bad story and everything that was great about the previous game isn't there. It is an easy plat though.
  8. For me, the only 3 games I don't have are Uncharted 4 (due to the dumbass survival trophies), GTA V (due to the the extremely difficulty and also luck based challenges), and KH3 (mostly because I wasn't enjoying it and the mode was way too hard). But I try my best to get that 100%. I managed to get 100% on Days Gone and Batman Arkham Knight and they were not easy.
  9. Well, to us players it's the self-satisfaction. People like me usually hate to see a less than a 100%. If you don't care for it, that's fine. But don't try to act like your opinion means the most. My opinion I love getting 100% completion. I'm a completionist. That's who I am. Also, you should give Grounded on the first game a chance. It was pretty much the way to play the first game IMO.
  10. Do you think ND added a permadeath mode because they knew that players intentionally killed Abby at every moment they can? I know I did.
  11. Like most people, I always go for games I enjoyed. Right now, I'm taking a break or slowing down because I already reached 100. As much as I love trophy hunting, sometimes you need break from something. I might go back with games like Ghost, Spongebob, and if it gets released, Cyberpunk. And perhaps other games in my backlog. I gave up doing easy plats for the sake of easy plats because they're just not fun. Something like Telltale I don't mind because I genuinely enjoy those games, but Rat games. Nah.
  12. I'm not counting remasters like Last of Us or GTA V which were release last gen (as of this post). Anyway... 1. The Witcher 3 2. God of War 4 3. Red Dead Redemption II 4. Uncharted 4 5. Resident Evil 2 Remake 6. Horizon: Zero Dawn 7. Spider-Man 8. Rise of the Tomb Raider 9. Yakuza 0 10. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  13. I ask because this is easily my 1st or 2nd favorite game. My #1 is The Last of Us (not the disappointing sequel), while my #2 is this. But sometimes I switch it. Here are my 3 other favorites that make my top 5... GTA San Andreas God of War 4 Ocarina of Time
  14. Perhaps I worded wrong with my post and should’ve just titled it 1 vs 2. Yeah you’re right not everyone is going to agree but that was kind of an exaggeration. But still worded wrong. As for this post, I’ve had a plethora of problems with the sequel. I feel so much has been said that I don’t need to repeat it. Plus I’m on my phone and I would rather wait and give a lot of lot of details when I get to my computer. So apologies to my post.
  15. I'm posting here because I feel the Part II forum is toxic right now. I was so disappointed with the sequel. The first game is quite possibly my favorite game of all time (I was always debate with that or Witcher 3) and I'll always cherish no matter what. Now, if you liked the sequel and disagree with me, that's fine. But it couldn't hold a candle to the original.