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  1. I am in the minority who enjoyed WD1. Aiden was boring but the game itself was OK. WD2 was so very good. If we get more of what we got in 2 then I'm down for it.
  2. I need the mini Kirin as well. Down to 3 crowns left. Really want to knock this over before GoW on Friday.
  3. Nice. Need more, more, more classics.
  4. Down to 6 remaining. This game does not respect my time as a trophy hunter
  5. Just pre-ordered God of War. They molested my bank account already so that counts
  6. With all the rumors of a 2018 release floating about I thought it might be fun to get a prediction thread going. Rules are simple, you need to predict the following and we'll see who got closest when the time finally, gloriously arrives. Reveal Date: Release Date: Name: Backward Compatible Platforms: One Launch Title: One New Unannounced Feature: One Desired Feature You Won't Get: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's mine Reveal Date: Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 Release Date: Thursday, Nov 26th, 2020 Name: PlayStation 5 Backward Compatible Platforms: PS4 only (Makes me sad but I think this will be the case) One Launch Title: Assassins Creed (Whatever the next one is) One New Unannounced Feature: Built in Wireless VR connection (Newly designed headset and controllers not included) One Desired Feature You Won't Get: Backwards compatibility with all other PS systems, trophy support included.
  7. 10 crowns to go but haven't snagged one in about 3 days. Rough.
  8. Just passed 300 hrs last night, 11 crowns to go. mainly Elder Dragons. Getting close now.
  9. Yeah that doesnt seem right. Even abusing the clock this has taken me weeks and I'm not done yet.
  10. It's been awesome for my crown hunting. Only 13 to go.
  11. The arcade mode needs work. Its just not fun. This stupid trophy is the last thing I have.
  12. All of them.
  13. The Witness. That game is so serenely beautiful.
  14. I’ve only had one buggy thing happen. Game seems pretty solid to me.
  15. I haven't looked at Arcade mode yet. Are we going to be able to boost it or is it too random?