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  1. Hi all. I sat my first Microsoft Exam (70-698) over the weekend and somehow managed to get a pass . Feeling pretty good this week! Now I need to hit the books for the next one Be glad when it's over and I can get back to my trophies.
  2. Finally got Mini Kirin. Only mini BD to go.
  3. sigh.... Thanks
  4. So I have been working through the MP trophies, hard to do on a game that feels pretty dead. I thought I was almost done and I realised that 'Beauty is Pain' and 'Computing with Style' require just insane levels of prestige. These two seem so out of sync with the rest of the list. Have I misunderstood the requirements and there is a quicker way to unlock these or am I stuck with having to prestige to like VII or get 4600 kills?
  5. Still need mini Kirin and mini Black Diablos.
  6. You can use mission select, assuming the trophies haven't bugged out.
  7. This is why all us Australians should have a secondary US digital store account. Just get your PSN cards from Play Asia and enjoy. Thats how I will be playing it.
  8. That was fun. Don't know if anyone will actually read it.
  9. Got my Giant Kushala last night. Only two left to get, mini Black D and mini Kirin. So keen to be done with this.
  10. Grabbed a couple of games from the JP store today, Cross to Fate, Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki. When I start them though I get the point to press start to play and then I get a weird network error. ネツトワークが定しいないため、快適にブレーできない場合があります。 A bit of google translating and I've come to the conclusion maybe they are region blocked by IP? Can anyone confirm this?
  11. I've been on 3 crowns remaining for about a week. Its rough but it will feel good when its done. If your not enjoying the game then stop. Nobody worth knowing is going to judge you on your trophies.
  12. Ahh yeah. I was trying to use the spoiler tag to talk about switching weapons to utilise both sets of Runic attacks but I couldn't get the tag to work. I guess that cats out of the bag now
  13. Are you referring to when they were inside? I assume Baldur blew it. He doesn't need to know how to speak to blow the horn and one it was there he just beat it up to get you to turn up.
  14. My problem early on was I was not using runic attacks nearly often enough.
  15. The first 8 are not so bad. That last one can get F*$&#d.