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  1. You can not shit an online simply for the corrupt, if a big company like Rockstar can not or it's too big an online, please do not take out more games with online trophies.
  2. Hello, this I wrote to you to be more serious Lords of Rockstar Games I have almost 8 months trying to get the trophy related to receiving a bounty for my head , They have damaged the game and the gameplay of honest people like me, who have never cheated on robberies, eliminating the bounties put by other users and not even the computer has managed to give me the blessed bounty , , with all due respect I tell you, it seems that hackers knew the game better than the people of Rockstar, they only blocked the trophy in PS3 and XBOX 360, while in PS4, XBOX 1 and PC they do not because these platforms still generate a lot of money. They must be more serious with the players who have been playing their games for years and not make the honest ones who buy their games go away, that is not done, to damage the image of the right people who look for trophies for hackers that rockstar has not been able to control. With what you win, I buy a game again at Rockstar Games. My ID: white-rat80, I hope you solve this problem so sad and in bad taste.