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  1. I'm all for this. I thought maybe "favorite Nintendo franchise on switch" too, but may feel a bit redundant. If anyone wants to list off recommendations or anticipated games, I can start internally making a list. Just note that I would only like games YOU have played and would vote for. Maybe a top 3-5? I'm thinking we could just redo the polls yearly to add in new games until the switch becomes obsolete.
  2. The OP hasn't visited the site since 2019 and the polls we have are pretty old... Would you guys like me to update the polls to something more modern and up to date? What would you like you like me to add to the polls? A response from any of the normal followers/posters would be great!
  3. Someone told me that Spiderman Miles Morales would count, but for a completely different reason, but didn't want to spoil... Guess I'll just play it next to find out. Otherwise, I'm kind of running out of ideas for games I could complete in a month, lol.
  4. So I guess Detroit Become Human doesn't work... Hmmm, does Spiderman Miles Morales count? Powers of a spider count for the event?
  5. Yeah, it's the PSP version
  6. I'd definitely recommend giving them all a play at some point. The first two are pretty different and both have their own specialties that make them great. Played them both this year and has become one of not, my favorite Nintendo franchise
  7. For clarification, I'm assuming you can't just wait 90 minutes to pop the final trophy of an EZPZ game? The fastest time recorded on the site has to be over 90 mins? Not planning on playing any short games, but thought I'd ask just in case. Also, just realized that I could also maybe squeeze in Spiderman Miles Morales too for the event...
  8. Agreed, There's like 4 different TURTLES and someone would have the absolute gall and intestinal fortitude to pick a spider over that!?!? Please, someone help that poor soul who would even fathom to do such a thing!
  9. Sign me up! Not sure if I'll finish a game within that timeframe, but I'll try! I wonder if I can get away with Hank's dog in Detroit Become Human? 🤔
  10. Or maybe, they just don't have anything new to show us right now? I guess 25 minutes of XC3 coverage last week wasn't enough for you? Seems pretty obvious to me that Nintendo is being more careful about information on games due to the amount of delays and setbacks they've had the past year. I prefer the in-depth gameplay on upcoming games a month out vs a bunch of trailers for upcoming games in the next year, but then again, I've never been one to buy into hype. I'm more of the type who wants hard gameplay that will convince me to preorder. I do think the lack of E3 takes pressure off of Nintendo to put out a full Direct so maybe if it was still around we would get something, but I don't think this necessarily brings off the attitude that, "We're better than everyone else so we don't need it." I think it's more, "We don't have anything substantial to show at the time, so let's wait for a better time." and no E3 pressure just makes that decision easier. I do wonder what will be slotted for Q3 though. We have XC3 and Splatoon 3, but I wonder if they are sitting on something for August... My guess is either Advanced Wars or a port of another game, but we'll probably find out in a few weeks I guess. There's plenty of leaks out there of a new Fire Emblem game and DK game, but I'm guessing those will be Q4 or next year Q1.
  11. Being from the St. Louis area, do you like baseball? What was the last random act of kindness that you've done for someone else? Do you have any gaming tattoos or have you ever seen any gaming tattoos before?
  12. Yeah, I got a couple of samples over the weekend. The main badge is pretty much already designed and ready. Still working on the bonus badge design a little, but it's coming along. I know it's already almost been a month, but I promise, we have not abandoned them! I'm not one to push someone to crank out badges, especially when it's a volunteer job for them! 😅 If I don't here anything this weekend, I'll at least give everyone a sneak on what's being worked on so no one thinks I'm talking out my ass, haha.
  13. Cleaned up. I didn't think it was horribly off topic, but I can see where it was starting to derail the thread. 👍
  14. Finished Valhalla for plat #144, and I must say this was a very chill game to play in the past few days to break up the frustrations of Kingdom Hearts. I heard it was good, and I still think it still beat my expectations. Good humor, good story, interesting dialogue and discussion too. 


    One of the best parts though is the music. I'd definitely recommend a listen if you don't want to spare the 10-$15 the game costs to play.

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    2. Raveniteh


      Oh I believe you @MissShake, I knew about Va11 Halla before I played Coffee Talk, just never got around to purchase it. And I love cyberpunk so this is gonna be excellent (once I get around playing it lol).

    3. rjkclarke


      Congrats Grave! That game was so awesome. I ended up playing it as part of your awesome Trophies To Fight Cancer Event last year. I think it was the last game I played, and I got so into it the day and a half before, that I played the game over 2 long sessions of about 36 hours without sleeping in between. I found it really engrossing. Jill was one of my favourite characters of any game that I played last year. I'm really pleased that you had a good time with it! 

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  15. I think having a second account is kind of silly. Then again, I've never been one to care about completion %, whether it's my own or some else's. My only advice is that you should do what sounds fun to you. If creating this new profile to replay games to relive the gratification of popping trophies again, go for it! If you feel like you should play games you already own and don't have enough time to replay games, and it's more fun going after different trophies and playing newer games, do that. I wouldn't let strangers on the internet sway you one way or the other. But I guess that means you shouldn't take this advice either... Huh.