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  1. Really excited to see this! Wonder what made them start patching trophies in? Maybe they noticed a significant amount of sales in ones with vs without trophies or maybe there's some trophy hunters amongst themselves that decided to start this off. Regardless, still crossing my fingers for Tekken! Hoping this is a sign to come for the revival arc of the classics.
  2. Guys, this is not a thread to make requests only to report trophy bugs. He can't take requests and doesn't want this thread to be flooded with them. If you want to make a separate thread for that, go for it, but this is not the place to do it.
  3. On the board! Kingdoms of Alamur aged pretty well for a game that's 10+ years old. Ran into some funny (and some annoying) glitches, but overall had a lot of fun with this one. I went with a speed and strength build around stealth and would definitely recommend it to others. Having the ability to throw down a smoke bombs and then sneak up and murder an enemy for free was a life saver If you never tried this one and like fantasy action RPGs, this is definitely for you.
  4. I could definitely see this happening in 2024. Most insiders are expecting a new console next year, and I doubt Metroid Prime 4 is coming this year. MK9, Prime 4, and a new Mario game would be really good start for first party launch titles.
  5. I'm over here struggling getting all the lorestones in Kingdoms of Alamur. You ever have that moment where you are looking for collectibles, can't for the life of you find it, and then realize you're looking in the completely wrong section of a guide? 


    The absolute worst. Lmao.

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    2. Icebrand1270


      @MidnightDragon You have to get all of them now. That "exploit" was patched some time ago on the PS4 version.

      @JPtheNeurotic I believe the skill is Detect Hidden maxed out to Level 10.

      I have to play that again sometime.

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      I have the detection skull, but you have to be in the area to see them... some of them are in dungeons or in cities so you never see them in the overworld.

    4. MidnightDragon


      @Icebrand1270 Yea, but he’s playing on PS3, so should still be possible.

  6. If you want some extra rings that make the game easier with an extra paralogue, go for it. That's all it will give you right now. Personally, I'm waiting to see what else is added before committing to it. Wave 4 sounds like it will add a whole new story with several additional chapters so I'm going to wait to see if it's truly that expansive. Personally don't want to pay another $30 unless it's going to be half a game added (so 10-15 added chapters). Totally up to you though. I don't need the extra rings and items and the 4th wave is the only thing that tickles my fancy right now. Totally understandable. My friend said that motion controls made him too puke-y, and just couldn't handle it haha.
  7. If you want to get really good, I would highly recommend to use/stick with motion controls or at least give it a try. 95% of pros use motion controls, and it's way more accurate than aiming with the stick after practicing a lot. If you use something like rollers or ink brushes, it doesn't make as big of a difference, but if you use shooters, it can be a game changer. It can also help a lot with some buckets too. But don't get too discouraged though if you go on losing streaks, it happens to everyone and normally, if I'm on a bad slide, I'll switch to something new and just try to have fun with it because some weapons just don't do well on certain maps and mixing it up can help your play or at least help you realize what you were doing right or wrong by adopting a new playstyle.
  8. Got my copy of Fire Emblem Engage today! Played the first 4 chapters and so far, I'm really liking it. It feels like every fire emblem game intelligence systems and Nintendo just puts more money into the music and sound because once again, the music absolutely slaps! In Chapter 4, literally just sat there and listened to the music as I decided on my next move. Went Alear male and started on Hard Classic. Playing on Classic instead of Casual turns it from a game of Chess to a game of Life and having to live with the consequences of sacrificing a unit just adds so much more depth to the gameplay. The graphics are also gorgeous. I've only played in handheld, and I'm absolutely blown away by the cutscenes, character models and although the environment is a huge improvement from 3 houses. Slight spoilers ahead (mostly if you haven't watched ANY gameplay released the past few weeks) So far, I have Marth, Sigurd, and Celica's rings. Marth's is super offensive and strong. Seems to turn your character into a dodge demon and allows you to do some powerful attacks. Sigurd's ring is kind of awkward to use though. It increases movement and allows you to attack multiple units in a line. This seems really situational and is kind of hard to execute. The movement speed isn't really very helpful as you normally want to move up as a team and not have someone jump too far ahead, especially in harder difficulties. I also did not get an opportunity to use the attack in a line because the enemies just never aligned. Seems very situational so it'll be interesting to see how useful it is in the long run, but so far, not a huge fan. Celica's ring is fantastic. You pretty much get the option to teleport and blow up an enemy unit. Sounds similar to Sigurd's increased movement, but there's a big difference between the two. Teleporting through the environment and having the ability to jump to help a team mate when you split up your team is huge. It gives you a lot of flexibility to maneuver her to clean up enemies. She also has the ability to split magic damage between two units which again, great for clearing out large amounts of enemies. I already have a feeling that this game is really going to give you a lot of flexibility with your rings and this new gimmick adds a new, fun depth to one of my favorite series. Really excited to see how it develops. NOW, I just need to get my Lucina ring!
  9. Finally beat Majima and Saijima on Yakuza Like a Dragon, and after struggling at first and getting my ass beat, this is what I learned after a few hours of prep and then going in, and beating their ass without using any items and only needing to switch one person out due to low MP.


    1. Don't just use one single job the whole game; you miss out on good Stat bonuses that carry over from job to job.

    2. The hero class paired with the idol class is really strong. You can debuff and buff your team at the same time and both are just solid all around.

    3. Gangster is a really great offensive job and can just rip people to shreds.

    4. Every job has an item to boost job exp. for them and you can buy many of them relatively early in the game in ijincho. Get 2 of each and watch the levels soar. Especially,  in the battle tower in ch. 12.

    5. Breaker is a great evasion class/speed class and is great for Joon.


    Really satisfying to grind for a few hours, actually try some different classes and realize that this game has a lot more depth than I initially thought. 

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @PotrikBerger, You don't need to get 99 on every job. You just need a good setup from what I heard. I haven't attempted it yet (of course), but I heard upgrading weapons help a ton, and that Hero, Gangster, Idol, Musician, and Breaker classes are all good for it.


      From what I understand, having Ichiban as a tank, 1 healer, and 2 others with high agility can go a long way so maybe focus on jobs that will help your specific builds.


      I will report back with a fresh status update on how I conquer the tower, but this will be my plan.

    3. PooPooBlast


      This was my party build in case you're curious :)


    4. PotrikBerger


      @Beyondthegrave07 wow, ok, I will definitely make a point of downloading this from ps+ and checking my save file next month ....I’m not certain but I think I was under impression I had to get all characters to level 99 in all job roles! Which is why I walked away from grinding that out. I may well already have the majority of characters well above level 30 in all jobs so this may be no where near as horrendous as I thought. Will wait and look out for your update with a keen eye!

  10. I have 620-ish hours in Sword, 225-ish in Violet. Lol. Pokemon is just such an easy game to pick up for 30 mins, play a couple of matches and then play something else. I also have friends with the game and we party up, do raids, shiny hunt, etc. so it's not all competitive. Series 2 starts in February too so I am trying to come up with a team with paradox Pokémon included, but I don't have any of the Pokémon Scarlet exclusives. 😅 Really would like a Roaring Moon and Flutter Mane at least... Right now, just making a team around iron hands and iron bundle. So if anyone has time to let me jump in their scarlet world to catch a few paradoxes or just trade them to me, I will make it worth your while and give you an extra shiny I got.
  11. Reach out to the author and if they don't respond, reach out to a guide team member, and they will assist. Just be sure to be kind and courteous to the authors and staff (anyonewho comes across mistakes). They do this for free and shouldn't be subject to any hate.
  12. FYI, Fire Emblem Engage reviews are out so beware of spoilers. All that I've seen have been overwhelmingly positive with NO performance issues (thank you Intelligence Systems). The REAL question now is... male protagonist or female protagonist? I usually do male for first playthrough and female second playthrough, but we'll see. I definitely want to start off on Hard mode and then do Maddening for my second playthrough. I always go classic or go home, haha. The best run I've ever had though was a luck-based build with my MC on FE Awakening Lunatic classic, so assuming we get some flexibility, I might try it again for my first pt to see how it works with the engage rings.
  13. For those who played Kingdoms of Alamur, I just finished up the last faction quest related to trophies... is it better to just shoot for the end to beat it on hard mode and clean up the rest on easy or is it better to do side missions and take my time because it makes hard mode much easier? Is there a certain level I should be when I attempt the end?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Beyondthegrave07


      PS+ backlog from back in the day @PooPooBlast. Always trying to clean up those PS3 backlog games.

    3. PooPooBlast


      :lol::lol: . I didn't mean it literally, (how did you stumble on it) but rather did you like the game? Is there anything you loved and or hated and or could be improved? :lol:

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      Ohhh, of course the graphics aren't pretty, and there are some funny glitches every now and then, but other than that, the game has aged extremely well for a PS3 game. The open world is cool and interesting, story is good, and the gameplay us very solid. I'm liking it more than expected tbh.

  14. You're fine. Usually it's dependent on context as sometimes, it's seen as advertisement spam (for example, making a thread with just a gofundme page to buy you games) and the nature of the site, but surveymonkey is well known and used by tons of individuals and companies so no problems here.
  15. If you are looking to start a group for ESO, please use the sessions section of the site as individual boosting threads are not allowed on the forums.



    Thanks and good luck!