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  1. Well, in all honesty, I think a rarity leaderboard would solve this problem, but from what I understand, the current implementation of the leaderboard hardly changes anything because of sheer number of trophies outweighs the rarity in most cases. Of course, I think you should have the standard 15, 30, 90, and 180, but add a multiplier for each rarity and make it pretty cutthroat so that it makes a difference in the standings. I'd suggest: Common x0 (worth NOTHING) Uncommon x0.10 Rare x1 Very rare x5 Ultra rare x10 Or something like that. No matter what though, the rarity values are going to be arbitrary. It's all going to be based on what the staff decide. Having a customized leadboard is going to have a degree of arbitration.
  2. I'd rather have a leaderboard that removes lists done in less than an hour. Similar concept to yours, but it would appeal to those who don't go after the quick and easy plats and auto-popping plats. Of course, people could always work around this... So maybe base it off of the 50th fastest achiever or something like that.
  3. Welcome! I see you have a VR! Nice! Any games you'd recommend? All I have atm is GT Sport, job simulator, Rick and Morty, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and Superhot.
  4. @Ezio Auditore, nice review! I have the first one and stopped myself from grabbing this one last Christmas because I still have the first one... Sounds like I made the right decision. Also, I agree with your viewpoint on microtransactions as well. If you don't want them in games, then don't pay for them. It takes a collective effort to make a change, but it always starts with one person.
  5. Game #3 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole Time spent: 8.5 hours 14/36 trophies - D rank Current Completion %: 67.80 🔻 0.55% since the beginning My expectations were not very high going into this since I had mixed feelings about South Park: The Stick of Truth, but I must say that this game exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The game keeps the wit and laughter of the first one and gets rid of all the technical issues to go along with it. For those who have not played it, the game takes place directly after the first one, where instead of the new kid playing dragons and dungeons, he's playing superhero. You get to pick between various super powers, and no matter what super power you pick, your tragic backstory is always the same... (read it, unless you are just super against spoilers in the first 20 minutes of a game) I love how they bring up that the tragic backstory makes no sense and got a kick out of it. It feels like a typical South Park episode where they say stupid, nonsensical things because you still have to remember in the end that they are still elementary school kids. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked the new combat system better than the old one, but after I put in more hours into it, I can definitely say that I like it much more than the first one. This one makes you put in a little more thought into how you tackle each battle. Instead of having it strictly turn-based like the first one, this one adds the element of movement and being able to manipulate your characters and the AI into the perfect spot to accumulate the most damage without setting yourself up to get decimated by your enemies attacks. It turns into a game of cat and mouse at times, but overall I am quite enjoying it. You are also able to customize the abilities you use from various classes (once unlocked) and allows you to create a character with the 4 best moves that fit your strategy. You also are able to equip your players with "artifacts" that will increase your characters power prowess and base stats. All of these elements mixed together makes for a fun, creative game where you essentially can make a character that feels right for you, and honestly, any combination of classes can work together so if you wanted, you could just pick the ones that sound coolest to you. I personally ended up picking the Speedster and Cyborg and then dressed my character up like a ninja to make him a ninja cyborg (an subtle reference to MGS). Luckily, the two classes seem to work well together for me, so I intend on keeping them. The gameplay just seems to expand as it goes; I can definitely tell there is more depth that I haven't quite reached yet. I just want to see what more this game has to offer, and I am honestly having troubles putting this game down atm. With that said, I will give the game a... 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excellent!
  6. I know both BlindoMango and Sly have been trying to figure out a better way to handle multi-region games especially when it comes to guides. This is probably getting looked at as well I imagine.
  7. Technical Foul
  8. You have 43 hidden trophies on your profile... Are those the Kingdom Hearts trophies? They won't show up on the site if they are hidden on PSN.
  9. @MMDE is trying to help you. All he wants is the truth. If you didn't cheat and it honestly glitched, maybe someone else had something similar happen to them and can explain it better, which is why this is public. Anyways, do you know what caused the glitch? If you are able to recreate it or know a way someone else could recreate it, we can have it tested and the flag lifted. I've had the campaign trophy glitched and then I played beat school and nothing popped at all. I ended up deleting the game on my PS3 and reinstalling and starting over. Though, I wonder how this would effect the trophies if the Vita version was glitchy and the file was transferred to a system where it wasn't glitchy? Though, I never stacked the game so I can't say how that whole process really works.
  10. Well, I think being unpredictable and knowing launch moves and combos are key to success. I used to use Asuka but found that I was really just a one trick pony and got destroyed in online mode. Haha. It's also why I like to play against Kazuya players because their whole strategy revolves around the demon wheel kick which is predictable af.
  11. @DamagingRob Who is your main characters on Tekken 7? I always love to hear who people play as and why. I have yet to play against @PooPooBlast, but I heard s/he's legit. We're friends on PSN (like you), but I have yet to find the time to battle. Sounds like I need to get some practice rounds in before trying to pick a fight!
  12. @Ezio Auditore da Fir I won't argue with you there. I like the medieval setting better than the superhero setting too.
  13. I'm about an hour into South Park: The Fractured but whole, and so far I think it is a much better game than Stick of Truth. The waiting times and the lag really hurt my thoughts on the first game, but I can already tell that this one is a little more polished. I'm not sure if I like the grid combat more or not, but I guess I'll find out once I get a better understanding of the combat system. I'm hoping to put in a few hours this weekend and get a full review in on Sunday.
  14. This^ And as for time, it's the estimated time based on if you fully follow their guide. It can be done in less or more in almost every case and is very skill-dependent for some games.
  15. @Crzy Minus Ah, I forgot about The Last Guardian. Great choice!