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  1. Disgaea 3! It's Vita and ultra rare.
  2. I want to reiterate that everyone above me has a great list. Therefore, I'm going to avoid repeating the same lists and add: Disgaea D2 Ni No Kuni Puppeteer Tekken 6/TTT/TTT2 Resistance 3 (2 is unobtainable and 1 has no trophies)
  3. No. Have you ever had such a terrible nightmare that you woke up in tears?
  4. #80 Spyro the Dragon 3: Year of the Dragon Difficulty: 2.5/10 Fun: 7/10 Recommend: Yes, mostly for nostalgia purposes Overall, I think I got about exactly what I expected from this game. A trip down down my childhood and a little bit of platforming action. The game was good but not great. It got pretty repetitive after a while but that's kind of what I expected. They didn't really add anything new or reveling from the PS1 version; it was more of a graphical update which I am A-OK with. I'm playing these in backwards order so I wonder how I will feel about 2 and 1 once I get to them.
  5. @eigen-space Well, I did it! I got Spyro 3 platted with 1 day and 2 hours to spare! That should cover me for both requirements. I chose Hungary as the best in a prior post and now this. It's pretty late here so I will post a screenshot of my chicken sometime tomorrow. Not that the reputation point really matters. More because I got a pretty good laugh out of it
  6. Doesn't this thread already exist here? Not a huge deal, but try using the search function next time. OT: I think that if people wanted a 100%, they'd just make a new account. Though I have said this several times before, 100% profiles are overrated. I have more respect for people who earn 75% of the trophies in a really hard game than someone who is too afraid to ever take the "risks" of playing the game in the first place.So to answer the OP, deleting trophies is unnecessary.
  7. No. If you have a special talent, good or bad, should you use it?
  8. I'll pick Hungary. The Netherlands was a close second. Though Norway and Portugal (especially Portugal) literally made me lol. Almost wanted to pick one of them! I'll be cutting it close. Depends on how much Spyro 3 I can do tonight and Saturday. I'm almost 66% through the game.
  9. On the money. The only thing I would add is to freeze flying enemies and let them shatter as they hit the ground. That's the easiest way to get #3.
  10. Well, I guess I better try and speedrun Spyro 3 tonight! Haha. Probably won't be able to finish in time, but I will share my chicken screenshot regardless. I will watch some YT tonight and actually pick a favorite to at least make half of the requirement. I watched some, but I've been too busy to actually nail down and choose one the past 3-4 weekends.
  11. I didn't think so. If it was, I'd tell him to add you! Lmao.
  12. I'd suggest that maybe try switching to the Mage archer class if you have a magic bow in your inventory. You can take down enemies faster with a magic bow than regular bow as the magic bow is a homing weapon and hits it's weakness every time if you point it in that general direction. I ran into a similar issue and switched from the ranger to mage archer class, and it did wonders for me. You can use almost the exact same equipment as a ranger and the long range weapon was better. Win-win situation for me. Dragon's explanation is spot-on and the only other advice I'd have is just to grind levels if you are dying too much or battles are lasting too long. I think my pawn is a Warrior, and I'm not even sure if pawns transfer from PS3 to PS4 servers so I can't help you there. He was only on level 88 or something like that anyways. More of a meat shield to distract enemies while I pick them off.
  13. Here's a few I'd like to see: Bayonetta and Dante (DMC) One hunts demons, the other hunts angels that look like demons. I think we could work something out where they can either team up or better yet, Dante hunts down the witch. Nathan Drake and Chris Redfield Let's drop Drake and his witicisms into the zombie apocalyptic world of Resident Evil. I'd love to hear his banter of Chris punching a bolder or screaming or making jokes when asking for help. Yu (P4) and Viewtiful Joe Okay, hear me out on this one. In VJ 1, Dante from DMC was a playable character and was an absolute blast to play as in the TV world. Yu goes into the TV to enter the shadow world so why can't this happen? Yu could pull off some stylish tricks in VJ's TV world and could be just as fun of a guest character as Dante. These are more just joke ones, but we'll see what happens... Joker (Persona 5) and Joker (Batman) People get these 2 confused anyways, so why not just put them in the same game and pit them against each other to see who the real joker is! Joel (TLOU) and Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot needs to come back to ND and what better way then have him run away from a bunch of clickers!?! I'd love to see that same parent-child relationship with these 2. Plus, Crash has a bazooka that shoots fruit... Yep, this would definitely work. I was also going to put Snake (MGS) and Spike (Ape Escape) as a joke, but that one actually kind of happened in AE3... Lmao. Let's see it again. Full game. Konami doesn't know what they're doing with their IPs anyways!
  14. I was planning on getting both SMM2 and Fire Emblem day 1 so I'm pumped. Just gotta wait for FE to be ready for pre-order!
  15. Anyone jumping on the hype train for SMM2? Direct looked awesome yesterday. I only wanted a story mode and multiplayer vs mode and got both. I'm super pumped for the game now. Also saw that they'll be having $100 vouchers for 2 Nintendo games. It'll work on new releases so I think I'm going to jump on 2 $10 discounts on brand new titles. That's hard to pass up!