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  1. Ghostrunner is fixed? LET'S GOOO! I always forget to clear my cache so I'm always super surprised when it updates. Haha.

    1. Baker


      It is. Thanks. The US version could still need a region tag though.

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      It's a worldwide release list afaik so it's pretty much the catch-all list for NA and anyone who isn't EU and JP. Therefore, marking it as NA would be deceiving since you could probably buy it on other stores too.


      Unless, the JP should be AS, but I'd need someone else to confirm that for me. 😅

    3. Baker


      Well I don’t really care tbh. I did see people from Brasil also play the ‘US’ version, so you’re probably right about it being for multiple countries. 

      At least it shows the correct banner now across all versions. Which is what I wanted 😁.

  2. I refreshed the list, but it normally takes a while for these pictures to update. No idea why it does. Maybe I'll just keep refreshing lists until it finally pulls in correctly. 😛
  3. As long as you sync trophies regularly you're good. Problems like this arise because people try to get fastest leaderboard times by deleting their profile or transferring a saved file on a USB stick to another system, delete their trophies, and autopop a list which is not allowed. Moving saved files from PS3 to PS4 or PS4 to PS5 is 100% okay as long as it's a feature in the game, i.e. cross-saving. PS4s sync trophies automatically and if you are using the cloud to move it to PS5, you need internet so there shouldn't be any issues because your trophies will be synced. Now PS4 games with a new PS5 trophy list that autopop on PS5 are 100% okay so don't freak out if you get a few easy plats on PS5. This is a non-issue on the site. It's a feature of the game is allowed. Checking the fastest 100% times should tell you if the game autopops trophies. Having multiple people play on your profile at once is okay even if you earn trophies from 2 different games at the same time. This can easily be explained away with your situation, and usually doesn't play a factor in disputes/flagging. I would, however, be careful if you are both playing the same game at the same time on two different systems on the same account as that could give you some wonky timestamps and possibly a flag (you could probably get it lifted if it's not too jacked up, but that's why you'd need to be careful). This situation would only apply to a few games (I'll keep my mouth shut so no one gets any crazy ideas), but definitely could happen. Just think about how trophies for games should naturally pop. A before B and B before C. You can't count from 100 to 1,000 in two seconds. If you have questions about specific games, you can always ask on the forums. No big deal. Reading the site rules to what constitutes as a flag should help you out if you have any more questions. Hopefully, I answered that adequately. I know it can be confusing for those new to trophy hunting or the site in general.
  4. I've been working hard on Dead Rising 2 recently and now, I think I'm bitten by the UR bug and want to go after more UR trophies after this...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mesopithecus
    3. Beyondthegrave07


      @ProfBambam55, I think I'm good, but I appreciate the offer! 😅

      I actually just played the beginning of it for a trophy event with zero intention of ever finishing it. I'll beat the story and move on. I played it before I had internet and wasn't the biggest fan. 


      P4AU is definitely coming up and will probably jump into Mugen Souls Z after that. @Mesopithecus . The last few combos I have remaining are scary and will probably take me a while to build up that muscle memory.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Welcome to the dark side, I hope you decide to stay 👿 It does get quite addicting popping those bad boys, I must say! 

  5. The first game I've actually seen gameplay of before from your list. I want to pick it up on sale sometime, but I heard it's so brutal towards the end that it kind of just makes me want to skip the frustration. Lol.
  6. Beastmaster is an amazing class. I have an older post, and I think I pretty much said "Beastmaster pairs well with anything." Beastmaster/Monk is actually one of my favorite early game pairings (especially after you master Beastmaster) as you can chunk enemies' health regardless of their defense (which is important for a particular boss battle in chapter 2). Using captured monsters early on feels soooo powerful. Haha.
  7. Sometimes, it's something minor that doesn't merit a PM or warning point. Usually, if it's commenting on something off topic or something derailing a topic it's removed even if the post itself was okay (to prevent further derailing). If you are ever curious though on why something is removed, you can PM a mod and ask. We don't have time to PM every single person about every single post that's taken down. Doing so civilly can often lead to some fruitful discussion and help you understand our thought processes behind it. Just something to keep in mind next time.
  8. Pretty much this^ Age of the OP is irrelevant and having a bunch of duped threads makes the forums cluttered and harder to navigate. It's 100% okay to necro these threads and post in threads like these multiple times if your response changes over time.
  9. Yeah, by the end of Chapter 3, you start really seeing some amazing potential combinations that make taking out bosses really satisfying. It gets even more crazy late game with trials and such, but I think that's when your strategies really come to light. I'd definitely recommend to take your time with the game and really try out the classes as it will pay dividends for the late/post game. I think after I got the true, final ending, I had 90-95 hours into it even though I could've beaten it in 60 or 70. Would love to hear what combos you've taken a liking to as I may give them a go in NG+ (if it's not the same ones I'm already using).
  10. I think at the very least, I can give someone a good scare in the first round. I'm in.
  11. This profile was likely auto-removed from the site for future timestamps (obviously CFW). Not sure if the CRT can help or if Sly would have to do something on his end or if anything can be done at all. Regardless, I don't think he's getting his leaderboard rank back.
  12. The part I don't understand is that this would just be an official additional leaderboard. The old one will still be there. If people using the site want it and enjoy having it, I don't think it could be called "pointless." I don't see this as a way to shut the bitching up (it's the internet, what do you expect?). I see it as a way to improve the site. Sure, people will start hunting weird, niche games, create alts, etc. to inflate rarity or their rank, but it'll even itself out in time. I'd still take that over the standard leaderboards. I think the trickiest part for Sly is having the lb update on a regular basis with the rarities constantly changing, but if you told me that my rank and lb score will update once every 24 hours, I think we could all live with it. Lol.
  13. Yeah, and honestly, I think having a second leaderboard will cater to both crowds. You could have a group dedicated to UR plats and make progress on that leaderboard and others who would continue to play their rata games and such to maintain their place or move up on the standard one we have now. Then, there's people like me who do neither and play what they want and will probably never make much progress on either. 😅 Still, at least it'd be something new to look at. I always find myself looking at my stats more than my lb rank anyways.
  14. I didn't lock your thread, but I wasn't against the decision either since you "left the site." I went back and restored some of the posts that were supporting you, but took out the off-topic banter that originally aided in derailing the thread entirely. The rest of the stuff currently hidden is just derailed nonsense and drama now. Nothing that's really supportive or constructive to your checklist. Anyways, I'll see my way out now. ✌️
  15. @BlindMango and I should maybe push harder next time we see him on discord