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  1. Should be all set now. Thank you!
  2. I deleted it because it's inappropriate content for the for the forums and only stirs drama here (you saw that pretty quickly yourself). If you have an issue with the discord server or something else moderation-related, it's best kept in a DM. You dang ninja! 😂
  3. Gotcha covered! It's updated. Thanks!
  4. It's all good! No worries!
  5. Looks like the two lists just need to be linked in this situation. It's not the same issue you are referring to.
  6. Anyone else think that it's the perfect time to remake the Resistance Trilogy on PS5? Pulled it out earlier today and was thinking that it could really shine with a fresh coat of paint.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. SaintChris777


      Insomniac keeps posting Resistance related stuff on social media. They're playing with us. A remake or even remastered trilogy would be amazing!

    3. Leenewbe


      i'd take it over TLOU, that's one that doesn't need an update anytime soon.

      kind of a shame that series was put to rest, really enjoyed the resistance games.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Right? They keep remaking the same games over and over but resistance has been treated so badly.

  7. 1. I noticed the hidden message you have in your trophy cabinet, ever thought about doing other ones? Any ideas you've thought about doing? 2. If you were at a karaoke bar (possibly inebriated), what song (if any) would get you to jump up on stage and start belching out those lyrics? 3. Have any wacky or funny stories about teaching secondary education? 4. What is one interesting thing you'd like share (doesn't have to be about yourself) that wasn't asked in this interview or addressed in the introduction?
  8. After the backlash with the Persona series being changed, I discussed it with Blindmango (because it was a very similar situation) and asked for his advice, and essentially came to this conclusion: With the way the series system is set up now, it's best not to overthink it too much: Separate names - separate series. Drakengard and Nier both exist in the same universe, but they are each their own individual series even if one is a spin off of the other. If Drakengard were to get another game in the series, it would have it's own separate series from Nier. Until then, it's best to leave it as standalone. It would be different if it was only one title in Drakengard/Nier, but each series has several games and mixing the series doesn't seem right with the way it works now. I'm not throwing Blindmango under the bus or anything. In the end, I was the one who changed it back (same with the Persona series), and agree that it's best to simplify the process and try to keep series like this separate where it's possible. Because in the end, each one has its own name, its own fans, its own assets, etc. I'm not against this being revisited either btw. I just think it's best to rethink it before reapplying it, and hear other's thoughts on this too. The lack of flexibility on the series system makes it difficult to combine two series like this and still make it look like it makes sense imo. Hopefully, that was a helpful explanation.
  9. I asked this same question to my friend (same situation as you), and this is pretty much what he told me: MHW is a larger game and bigger in scale, but not by a huge degree. MHW focuses more on horizontal exploration while MHR focuses more on vertical exploration. Getting to the top in MP and finishing the SP is quicker on MHR, but the game is still in it's first month and more free content is already in the works so it's hard to compare MHW in its completed form with Iceborne since a lot of that was added at a later date. Movement and gameplay is more fun in rise and this is the general consensus in reviews too. Being able to add a vertical tactic to the game makes it more approachable for noobs, but also adds a new skill to master for vets (which spoilers: they caught on quick). Rise seems to be a good starting point for newcomers, and I can definitely confirm that I haven't been too overwhelmed yet and I'm not dying every other match either. Not sure if any of that was helpful, but I too would like to hear from others and see if others perspective too. I can definitely say it feels like a full game in its current state.
  10. Yeah, I learned that it's one of the more, "involved" classes from my friends. I don't regret my choice though. I plan to try out some of the other classes in high rank at some point (which I just got to high rank online), but will stick with charge blade for now. My friend luckily used it in MHW so he's been giving me tips here and there.
  11. Loved the interview! @DoctorDrPepper. Made me chuckle how many Dr. Pepper questions you got despite not being the biggest soda fan. I'll have a small event I'm planning to do in May (not super creative like the ones you've mentioned, but interesting). A little bit more on the serious side, but maybe that's something to look forward to.
  12. Beyondthegrave07, Thrillseeker. Not my actual first trophy, but first one according to the site.
  13. Well, keep in mind most conspiracies turn out not to be true. Haha. But I agree though, seems like Sony is just done with the PS3 in general and want to focus on their current products.
  14. The more likely conspiracy for doing this is to boost PS Now sales and to move their legacy to that service instead of keeping the oldest store available to everyone.