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  1. Not sure what exactly this thread is about, but I think it has run its course. There are plenty of other threads to specifically talk about quantity vs quality.
  2. @Eyjabria, I just got my second badge. Really liking it so far. I'll definitely breed you a Grookey once I find a Ditto. So far, I've used the following Pokemon in gym battles: Gym 1: Noctowl (lvl 20) -destroyed his entire team with air slash Gym 2: Manetric (lvl 29) - destroyed his entire team with shock wave Starting to see a pattern. 😅 Hopefully trainers get a little tougher. Though, the trainer's AI APPEARS to be waaay smarter than previous entries. For example, I pulled out a Manetric with "lightning rod" to eat an electric attack which I was expecting to be used against my flying type (which worked successfully) and the AI stopped using electric attacks against Manetric altogether. I don't think that's a coincidence, but I will test this further once I get to the electric gym to see if that was a fluke or if the AI is really smarter. BTW, I love this lightning rod ability though, so I think Manetric will have a spot on the final team against the champ and will use it in raids. For now, it's time to go find some water mons for my next badge and revisit the wild area for raids and exp to quickly level them up.
  3. Beat the grass gym on Sword. Here's who was in my party at the time:









    Only used Noctowl. Air Slash at level 20 swept his team.

  4. Started Pokemon early this morning and I understand the criticism, and I agree that it could be much better and the potential for Pokemon to take the next step was there. No voice acting, unaccessible buildings, bland battle environments at times, Pokemon/players/objects popping out of nowhere, but even though it's all 100% true, this is Pokemon. You play to catch, battle, and trade and wow, everything is so accessible and available early on, that I'm constantly running around catching mons, raising them, and CONSTANTLY switching out my mons. It's such an addictive cycle in this game, that I'm starting to forget to keep 1 or 2 mons in my party for my final team. I just can't decide who I want. The game is still fun and it's still Pokemon so just remember that before deciding to purchase the game. Anyways, I just arrived at Milo's gym (1st gym) and I already have 49 different Pokemon and 1 and a half boxes full of Pokemon too so I'm not even thinking about the lack of a national Dex right now. Unfortunately, I'm having issues finding anyone online, but I hope that's just because it released 14 hours ago! 😅 Anyways, I'll be posting updates as I go and make it as spoiler-free as possible so hopefully, I don't annoy you guys too much!
  5. Welcome, and nice avatar. Love resident evil!
  6. Welcome and enjoy your stay! What's your favorite video games/genres/series?
  7. I was trying to do the 4 kills in one game on DBD and I had 2 down with no generators done. I hung another person for the first time... Aand, he quits... 🙄

    1. Hemiak


      Quitting should automatically count as a death for you, and ten for his stats. 

  8. I've never gotten these messages until a few months ago, and now, it's like once a week! Always report them or they'll never get punished by Sony. Takes a while, but they'll eventually take them down.
  9. Saw this last week. Note to self: If you ever see someone on PSN with this avatar, become REALLY good friends with this person.
  10. @Thornhorn7 is already working on one, I think. Maybe you 2 could collaborate?
  11. Before this becomes a discussion about graphics and whatnot, I'd say just contact the dev team about it like mentioned above to see if something changed. Nothing else you can really do.
  12. Cool stuff, @Parker, so glad you can change natures. I remember the most frustrating experience I've ever had with this was when I finally caught a Ralts in Emerald after 2 hours of searching and its nature was "Adamant." Can't reiterate enough how happy I am about this change. Takes the grind out of catching a bunch of the same pokemons. I'll probably catch 2 of everything for trading purposes early on, but I don't want 24 of them if I can save myself the time! I got you as a friend so apologies in advance if you randomly see me asking for a trade or battle.
  13. 2011 -1 (Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time) 2012 - 6 (rarest: ICO, least rarest: FFXIII-2) 2013 - 9 (rarest: Borderlands 2, least rarest: Sly 2) 2014 - 4 (rarest: TLOU, least rarest: Ni No Kuni) 2015 - 6 (rarest: MGS3, least rarest: Tales from the Borderlands PS3) 2016 - 5 (rarest: Disgaea D2, least rarest: The Wolf Among Us) 2017 - 31 (rarest: Killing Floor 2, least rarest: Tales from the Borderlands PS4) 2018 - 11 (rarest: Playroom VR, least rarest: Reverie) 2019 so far - 14 (rarest: Rigs: MCL, least rarest: Bonfire) You can definitely tell I don't go for those EZPZs at least. I just don't find trophies or plats THAT important, and you can clearly tell that from my count/quality year to year. Also, 2017 was a year I went back to clean out all the easy PS3 games in the backlog so that was definitely an anomaly. Wish I had time to do that every year, lol. Am I right!?!?
  14. I can see that. I definitely connected better with gen 1 and 2 Pokemon than I did with gen 7. I want to say it's a generational thing where the newer designs are meant to appeal to the newer generations and since the designs are vastly different than the older ones, they don't really appeal as much to us.
  15. Whimsicott is actually one of my favorites. I also love having Milotic on my team as well. However, I think I am mostly going to try new galarian Pokemons anyways (at least initially) so not having my previous favorite mons will be okay. I know a lot of people are disappointed, but I see it as a way for a fresh start with everyone on even playing ground. Roughly 35% of gen 1 will be in it (about 55 give or take a few). I don't know if that translates to "not appealing" for you or not. I think if you like the idea of raising Pokemon, battling with friends, trading, and turn-based combat, you should get it regardless. EDIT: The semi spoiler is just the list of Pokemon, I know some people avoid this like the plague, but it doesn't really ruin the story or anything like that.