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  1. That is beautiful. Let me know how that game is. I'm considering picking it up at some point in the future. Hope you enjoy the new system. I use mine all the time! Great for travel too. Never had issues getting through airport security either! 😅 This week, I've been going back to Breath of the Wild again lately. It's been a month since I've played it, and it's just one of those games you can pull out of your collection and waste 3 hours without thinking. I've done like half of the shrines and have unlocked almost all of the map. I think I'm at around 55-60 hours into it too.
  2. That's correct -4:00 is the right choice. I too, find it confusing sometimes!
  3. It's all based on US ET. You can find the countdown in the OP. Any trophies earned within that time frame will count. You'll need to change your time on PSNP to view them on ET. I understand that not everyone is on this time, but everyone should be able to find at few hours within the 24 hours to play. I'm not expecting anyone to play 24 hours straigh eithert!
  4. @B1rvine This is too much drama for one night. I'm closing this one as it's killing the report queue. @LGDarksteed, if you REALLY want to continue this dispute, shoot a cheater removal team member a PM. I've seen the evidence (shared to me in a PM) and it's pretty damning. It's much more than what was shared in the thread. The reason it's not shared in the open is because the cheater removal team doesn't want to share cheating methods. These are very hard to catch and giving up how the team caught it will allow other cheaters to find workarounds.
  5. First platinum in a while. Only took me 5 years 10 months to earn this one! I'm definitely proud of this one. The game is tough as nails, the AI is unforgiving, and I did all the missions with the patch (meaning I literally A+ed all levels). It's a great game that I came back to on a whim after I was listening to the soundtrack on YouTube. In the end, I'm glad I did! Anyways, here you go! Not the best looking platinum, but it beats out GoW3. Hotline Miami - Trophy Addict Earn all trophies
  6. Some of it is luck too. It took me 9 games to do it with the trapper and only 2 for the hillbilly. However, I've done a ton of games with the doctor and have only came close once. And trust me, I'm pretty rubbish at killing too. As for this list, it's exactly what you'd expect. I just hope this killer isn't super OP.
  7. Boosting threads are not allowed on the forums. If you need a boosting partner, look here. If you are just wanting friends to play with, try this: Hope that helps!
  8. If you are going to attempt it, this is the best way to go. Not sure if you'd consider any house better than another though. They all have their weaknesses and each of them can be turned into killing machines. With enough effort, you can still recruit almost everyone else from different houses too. That might save you headaches down the line. I'm curious to try the mode with the Black Eagles down the road. Still need to finish my first playthrough though! 😅
  9. My colts hold on to a win against the Titans, and Jacoby Brissett looked good. The running game is respectable and our O-line is looking solid. I thought we were gonna get killed last week and lose this week so I'm going to try and be a little more optimistic about our chances in the next few weeks. I think Brissett is serviceable, but I'm still not convinced he can go out and get us a W. At least, he couldn't a couple of years ago. The only thing that's looked really bad though is Vinny, which is a shame for a future HoF. I'm starting to wonder if the Colts are going to start practicing some other guys... I'd hate to see him go out like this. On a side note, I'm getting crushed in my FF teams. Kirk Cousins and DJ getting hurt + Chris Carson fumbling all over the place really killed me in one. My Dhop/Cousins and my opponent going off hurt me in my other.
  10. Haven't seen you in a while on the forums. Wasn't sure if you'd make it here this year or not. Welcome back!
  11. Well, you only need 1 trophy to qualify for the drawing, so even if you don't have any games or much time on that day, you can still contribute to the cause! Though, don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a bunch of people hit 100 or at least a lot of people giving an honest effort.
  12. I got more if you need it.
  13. Not that I can recall... I've definitely ignored texts though! Have you ever played games on two consoles at once?
  14. 1 more level to get all A+s on Hotline Miami. This level is the bane of my existence. I've been dreading playing this level for a while now.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      @closertim, you mean not downloading the patch?

    3. closertim


      Yes,  makes it only 10 levels or so you have to a+ instead of all. 

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      I did read about that, but I wasn't sure how it would affect my old save so I did it all legit. I also didn't want to redo all of the ground takedowns (which would force me to replay at least the first 13 chapters anyways). So I didn't bother restarting fresh. Wasn't too terrible. Only a few levels really gave me trouble!

  15. Oh, it's Daiv's turn, huh? I guess I better get the most important questions answered! 1.) How heavy is your ban hammer in lbs? 2.) Could you please share your favorite meme and do you pronounce it "me-me" or "meem?" 3.) Who is your favorite mod to work with and who's name (without the numbers, of course) rhymes with DeyondtheBrave? 4.) If you were going to go on a trip with another mod(s) for fun who would you pick to come with you and where would you go? That third question is crucial so make sure you answer these all honesty (or don't answer them at all I guess? ).