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  1. PM me if this happens again and we can revisit this and reopen the thread.
  2. Did you try signing out of this one first? Also, if you go through the sign up process again (putting the code into your PSN and verifying your accouy), you should be able to reset your password and such. I think that will fix your issue and will break the loop. I've never personally had 2 accounts at once, but I think both of the above are worth a try.
  3. This or you don't own the game. If you don't own the game, then PM someone who is purple on the forums (Cheater team).
  4. Got the plat last month and plenty of people still play Bloodborne. I'm not a fan of the PvP as most just run, slash once, run, shoot, run, slash once, run, run, heal, feint a slash, run until you run out of vials 50 minutes later, but I did come across a few different, interesting builds along the way (FYI, I was the one being invaded). I got smarter much later and would essentially trap them to push them off ledges or kill them as they spawn.
  5. Journey most likely. I think Nier Automata, TWD S1, Heavy Rain, and TLOU would be good candidates as well, but for a first time gamer, I think it'd be too to control or grasp (I've watched my dad try to use 2 analogue sticks at once and yeah, he gave up after 10 minutes). It's an easy, relaxing, simple game. I played games for years, and this game made me go "wow" at the end of it. I'd love to see the reaction of someone new to gaming.
  6. FFX is my favorite, but IX is a close second. Can't say I enjoy either one's trophy list though. Haha.
  7. Welcome aboard! I'm also a big FF fan myself, I but still need to pick up FFVIIR. I'd be interested to hear what your favorite in the series is.
  8. Plat 102 in the books. Saint's row: Gat out of Hell. Very underwhelming story tbh and the game was super short. I had fun with it (it's a Saint's row game, I mean come on), but SR4 was way better. Nice break from the never ending cycle of RPGs I have left on PS3 I guess.

  9. Not going to lie, RE 2 at $20 is tempting.
  10. I think we'll see some new Galarian forms. Granted, it seems like most new forms always go to gen 1. Gen 2 is my favorite so I'd be happy to see houndoom get a Galarian form. Not sure what the new typing would be though! Haha. I like the idea of an ice hound as it'd be a good play on "when he'll freezes over" since houndoom looks like a Pokemon straight out of hell (demon tail, being dark and fire, horns, etc).
  11. If you go to your PSNPROFILE, you can make a dispute there. It'll walk you through it the process. Doesn't look like it'll be lifted. You're welcome to try though.
  12. Okay, I'm almost sold on buying it after watching that trailer. Some interesting things I noted... 1.) I saw a Poliwhirl which means that Politoed has to be back, right? RIIIGHT!?!? It's one of my personal favorites. Also, showed a lot of returning Pokemon, but not any new ones outside of the Galarian Slowbro and the legendaries (though, I wonder how you'll get the new Regis? By those temples?). I think they are probably hiding more new Galarian forms. Really good way to tease us for sure. 2.) The size of the maps are actually bigger than I thought they'd be by the looks of it and aesthetically look refreshing and new. Looks like current and new Pokemon can be found there too. Hopefully, make it easier to get those stupid-rare Pokemon like mimikyu. 3.) Raid battles for old legendaries is... Interesting. I wonder if this will be like a normal raid or if you can only own 1 legendary at once? Seems weird to be able to have multiple of the same legendaries. I'm sure they'll provide a good fight at least. Mewtwo was an interesting raid battle when they had that. Hopefully, they're all like that. 4.) It looks like doubles was coming to the pokeleague? I think this is Pokemon company finally embracing the competitive side with doubles matches. I hope it's harder like the battle tower because I found the story mode too easy and would like to see computer trainers use real strategies like trick room, weakness policy, dynomaxing at the right time instead of just the end, and switch out their Pokemon for better matchups. Probably asking for too much there, but it's still cool to see doubles matches being more prevalent because it was non-existent in story mode. 😂
  13. Fantastic! Use a gaming session and you're all set. These threads are generally not wanted as they create a lot of clutter which is why the site has a designated section for it. Best of luck!
  14. Did you report them at least?
  15. Try boosting sessions?