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  1. @ResoluteRock BTW, Rock Lee is amazing. The Gaara vs Rock Lee fight is still probably my favorite fight in Naruto (either that or the Pein vs Sage-mode Naruto). I also love the fight with Rock Lee and Kimimaru (the drunken Rock Lee fight).
  2. I would get familiar with the Naughty Dog games first, so All the Uncharted games (start with #1) and The Last of Us. I'd say play them on PS4 for better performance. After that, try all of the Ratchet and Clank games on PS3 and PS4, though, skip all for one and Full Frontal Assault as those are the weakest in the series. I would also say Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4. It's very different gameplay wise, but it's fantastic. The story is great and mysterious and the ending will make you want to play it again. Lastly, I would also highly recommend the below PS2 games on PS4. Ape Escape 2 Dark Cloud 1 & 2 Rogue Galaxy All the Jak and Daxter games That's all I got (I'm sure I left out plenty)! Enjoy the forums and welcome to the PlayStation!
  3. Most likely, yes. This is pretty damn hard by yourself unless you are a really, really good. In fact, it's still somewhat challenging with 1 other person, but it's significantly easier with 2 helpers. If you don't have another person to play with you, then you'll have to keep practicing with the Gatling gun. I don't know what else to say.
  4. Survey added in OP. I'll remove the link in a few weeks.
  5. Okay, I'll get this fixed later. I may either create another topic or create an online survey via survey monkey. @kingofbattle8174
  6. I added another question to the poll. I'm taking a leap of faith here and assume everyone can figure out how to vote in this correctly (3 questions max). You will likely have to redo your vote. If you have any questions or issues, post here and I'll try to fix it later.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I want to focus a little bit on this. Would people be interested in custom emblems for earning 100 trophies or for being in the top 10 for the event? Would you actually use them in some way? @Dragon-Archon, I know you've had emblems for your events, who creates them for you or do you do it yourself? Also, I will add a poll about the frequency of the event later today/tonight, so please stop by again to vote. Good feedback so far from everyone. If anything else wants to be discussed, please throw it out there or PM me.
  8. Thanks for the feeback. I know I tagged you at least before the start of the event, but someone else might have been the one to count your trophies. Lots of people jumped in to count. I had you down for 2 trophies so someone must have said something or got back with me! It's hard to keep track of everyone's post after the end of the event, but I have yet to find a better way of doing it. Though, I do have a master list of everything. If you are interested, PM me, and I'll share. That goes for anyone who wants to see how set up the event.
  9. And the winners are (don't get mad at me, get mad at @eigen-space for the randomizer or get mad at RNG-sus, it's all the same): @starcrunch061 @Willreaper41 @rabatopotatoe EDIT: Cards are now sent! Also, final notes: I will leave the thread open for another week or so if it is dead by then to open up for feedback or suggestions. I take this very seriously. In fact, I take it so seriously that @Dr_Mayus suggested that the only thing he didn't like about the event was that I didn't pick him as the winner... so I let someone else pick the winner this year. Haha. I also tagged everyone this year which was highly suggested last year and decided to wait 3 days opposed to a week as suggested last year. So let me reiterate, I am open to feedback and will try to implement it next time if it makes sense, and I have the capability/resources. With all this being said, I wanted to hear everyone's opinions on two subjects, so please leave your thoughts here. I'm not trying to start a bunch of arguments and in fact, would ask everyone to try to be as civil as possible as this may be opening Pandora's box a little... If there is just too much bitching back and forth, I will personally close it. That's it. 1. What are your thoughts on on late sign ups on the day of the event? I have always had the stance that this is unfair to the people who plan for the event as people could just see this thread later in the day and vote in it because they earned a trophy and want a chance at a free card. I want to reward people who participate or commit to the event ahead of time as those are the people who deserve cards, not those who casually vote in the thread the day of, especially when I have the thread open for 3 WEEKS! 2. Would anyone be interested in having something like this more than once a year? @shadowhood1111 threw out this suggestion a few days ago, and I don't think it's necessarily a bad one IF there is interest. I can't constantly give out money, but I could team up with someone who is willing to make "emblems" to put into signatures as rewards. I would also probably need around 6-10 dedicated members who are willing to help with the additional events, and I don't know if it's there. I could set it up similar to this one and keep track of everyone's historic stats in the op, but I don't have time to count trophies every month or anything like that or even participate for that matter. If there is enough interest, maybe we can all find a way to make it happen, but it will require a lot of help from community. If the help and interest is there, we can make this (most likely) a quarterly event with the big finale on the fourth Saturday in September of each year just like the one we have now.
  10. The final grand total for the event was... drum roll please.... 1621 Below were the top hunters of the event @Deadpool--Rik - 172 @angelgrievous - 107 @Evilmonkey275 - 106 @Beyondthegrave07 - 89 @Han_the_Dragon - 73 @snarl14- 71 @W571WE- 57 @mobpsy101-0-0 - 54 @Starrk_01- 53 @GTA_Darren - 43 The below are currently in the 100 trophy club. @angelgrievous (x2) @Deadpool--Rik @Evilmonkey275 @wolverine123 The average trophy per person was roughly 20 trophies which was the exact same number as last year. I am an accountant and I am a firm believer in segregation of duties, so I have left the name-drawing to @eigen-space who will send me the results in a few hours. Stay tuned and bask in the glory of our accomplishments (or sit around, I don't care)!
  11. The game that would convince me to buy it would be Digimon world 3, but here are the 15 games I'd like to see... Digimon World 3 Final Fantasy Tactics Parasite Eve 2 Tomba 2 Tomb raider Crash Team Racing Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories Legend of Dragoon Chrono Trigger Parappa the Rapper Syphon Filter Xenogears Dino Crisis 2 Spiderman Rayman
  12. Thanks @Dragon-Archon, @Deadpool--Rik, and @GarciaFever for the assistance. It didn't really matter who counted them. I just picked people who either PM-ed me about the event or has been very active. Anyways, thanks everyone for helping. I'm getting ready to leave for work, but I will get the final totals up tonight (in roughly 12 hours)
  13. @Martain2 Confirmed @DJROE95 Confirmed @rabatopotatoe confirmed via PM Thanks @GarciaFever for catching this up. Excel is updated. I have 51 out of the eighty-something people signed up. Have your trophies synced by tomorrow please or it will not be reflected in the count. Here are the remaining names to be counted and I have selected the below to assist me. Please, remember to change your timezone to US ET (NYC time) on your own profile before counting and to update the person's profile beforehand. You can send me a PM with the totals or post here. I'm not going to tag everyone because that'll just be time consuming and isn't necessary. Also, don't count until at least tomorrow to give the person time to sync any remaining trophies (in about 2 hours). @GarciaFever - Mind helping a little more? Arling-07 bani24jj Bos10George Carbon_Lancer crazycarnz DamagingRob @Zolkovo - If you would kindly...? Danny_Johansen Dragon-Archon ElrayMickaelius Evil_Joker88 gamesfourever grifteskymfning @eigen-space - Please give me an extra hand? grimydawg hotdog_president I_Hunt_Trophies_ Kishnabe Klart Leo_the_Lion25 @Deadpool--Rik - If you aren't doing deadpool things... Lorajet Me_want_Brainzz mobpsy101-0 monkeydluffy512 PSV-EHV1 ShogunCroCop @Cisele80 - Mind helping me out a little more? . Smzthy SnickerZ-98 SnowFleurz starcrunch061 sundrew viech54 That'll finish it off. Everyone else either I or @Starrk_01 will take care of.
  14. Man, my fantasy team was hit or bust this week. I started Lindsay this week and he gets ejected in the first half... not to mention as @kidson2004 already said, who would've thought the Bills would beat down on the vikes?!? Diggs didn't deliver this week AT ALL. Lol. Unfortunately, my colts defense and costly penalties lost them the game. Granted, at least the colts defense looks like a NFL team this year.
  15. Wow, I haven't seen An American Tail since I was a kid! Haha. I've been wanting to get eagle's flight and Moss, so I'll need to get them at some point!