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  1. This is a great couch co-op game and is a blast. I'd recommend it. The real question is though, can we get a platinum this time around? Insane mode was not worth the gold trophy! It's definitely long enough for a platinum in this day and age.
  2. I'm am so tired of reading people stereotyping single males with no kids who play videogames as "losers." I'll tell you something. I don't need another person in my life to justify my existence as a winner. I work my ass off every day at work and come home to play something to distract me for a couple of hours before bed. I have real ambitions in life outside of games, and I'll be damned to let some ignorant, unthoughtful DB say otherwise.


    Read a few posts earlier that attacked those who are single and play videogames and just had to get it off my chest.


    Sorry guys! 🙃

  3. 1. The Last of us 2. Fire Emblem Awakening 3. Tomba 2 4. Kingdom Hearts 2 5. Dark Cloud 6. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 7. Nier Automata 8. Final Fantasy X/IX 9. Resident Evil 7 10. OKAMI HD First 6 are pretty set, but I shuffle around 7-10 a lot. Really I could pick like 10 games between those 3 spots. That's how close they are to one another. Also, I'm pretty sure this exact same thread exists elsewhere but couldn't find it.
  4. Yeah, the trophies in this game are kind of funky. 2 trophies out of order wouldn't raise an eyebrow to me. Not for this game at least. Unless someone else has further evidence of foul play, I think this should be lifted.
  5. Each one has it's own story and characters, so it's never too late. Just start with whichever ones look interesting. @Parker @Stevieboy @BlindMango, can one of you move this to the correct section? OT: Deadspace Battlefield Soulsborne (atm) Killzone FIFA Madden NBA2K or any other big sports titles Metro series Far Cry (atm) Street Fighter Castlevania Monster Hunter Dragon Quest Phoenix Wright Danganronpa Mass effect Dragon Age That's all I can think of atm. I'm down to trying all of them. I put atm next to series that I own and plan to play soon ish, but haven't played yet.
  6. Yeah, the DBs here are definitely the minority and there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of great, generous people here, but unfortunately, it only takes one bad experience to sour someone's opinion of the whole community. Sounds like the OP has went through a lot here. Some probably think the OP is overreacting, but it's hard to say without being in his/her shoes.
  7. Could always stick with PMs here. You can create your own little group to chat with each other there. That's the best solution you'll probably find here. I TRY to be nice and courteous to others here. You never know what people are dealing with irl, and I don't want to be the person that pushes them over the edge. Though, if someone is being a complete, utter jackass, you might get a response from me. Most of the time, I don't respond at all to the BS. I usually just report it as spam tbh.
  8. I've said this several different times and worded it many different ways, but I like to play a game first, then if I like it well enough (or the platinum is dangling in my face after the initial playthrough) I go for the platinum. Due to sharing a PS4 and hard drive space, I normally don't play games after I plat them or keep them very long on the PS4. The hard drive is almost constantly full, and I have to delete games to make room for whatever game I'm feeling of starting next or to make room for my brother. First world problems at its finest. am I right? To answer the initial question, the last game I played after already getting the platinum was Rigs: MCL. I used to help people out with the online trophies by playing against them (the multiplayer isn't very active). Then I ran out of room on my PS4 and had to delete it for Naruto Ninja Storm Trilogy and The Witness.
  9. Took off 10-ish games from the list. Let me know if I missed anything!
  10. Sh--, now I need to go try some whiskey cake! Haha. Nice interview!!! Also, thank you for the shout out! Everybody take a bow!
  11. Sometimes I get games on sale because it has an easy platinum, and I like the series. Does that count? I got the ultimate Ninja Storm trilogy a couple of weeks ago on sale because I like Naruto, fighting games, and easy trophies. Though, I don't think that's exactly what you are referring to. However, I never bought anything just for trophies. I have limited funds and limited resources, and I don't particularly find spending money on easy trophies worth it. I don't think I'd play it even if I was given a free code because it's not worth my time either.
  12. I think "meaning" is a value that is assigned by the individual, not by someone else. The rankings may be meaningless to someone, but meaningful to another. You can't assign the "meaningfulness" to someone else because it's something based on each individual's idiosyncrasies. Though, Spaz really should have ended it by saying. This doesn't mean that I think gaming is pointless or life is pointless as long as you can find satsifaction in it. I think some are doing apple to oranges comparisons. He never once said that life has no meaning and everything is a means to an end. Just that rankings on this site hold no meaning to him, and it's pointless for him to climb which is why he opened it up to a question on your thoughts instead of saying that this is the way it is. In the end, I control my own life, and ultimately, I decide what brings value into my life and what has meaning. Just because the OP says it's pointless, doesn't mean you have to agree with him or think the same. That's my 2 cents at least.
  13. I actually like making poses out of my screenshots though I am not sure if this was intentional or not. I got some pretty funny/goofy ones on my PS4 clowning around. As for the "This could be a status update." I 100% agree with it, but I've seen worse threads created for much much dumber reasons. Just Saiyan! (Bum bum tssst!)
  14. I thought about getting it, but I'm on the fence if it's worth $15. What are your thoughts on it's value and how long is it?
  15. Or put a bunch of Italian into Google translate. You are act like we are a bunch of bullies taking your lunch money. We are talking about games here and a leaderboard for games. If anyone is being a child, it's you.