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  1. Not terribly hard, just really time consuming. I heard this one wasn't bad... Easier than the rarity suggests If you are looking for something quicker... Maybe this? Heard it was good. No idea about difficulty. Of course, you could always flex on your friend by doing SMB or Crypt of the Necrodancer, but I assume you want to keep your sanity and don't want anything too skill-based.
  2. Just did my first playthrough on Normal and unlocked hard. Do you get anything or see anything new for beating the game on hard mode? If so, I might just jump back into it. If not, I'll go back to finishing Luigi's mansion 3.
  3. I feel like maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if Nintendo had more than just the barebones for online play. I mean, we don't even have a proper messaging system, no rewards system, no themes, very few avatars... If you really think about it, we don't even have simple stuff like FOLDERS to put games in to organize our collection or any streaming capabilities built in like twitch. It feels half-assed already and now Nintendo wants to charge us more to get access to older games that anyone could emulate on their phone or PC and games they know would sell like crazy $20 a pop. It's just disappointing to see tbh. I'm not outraged about all of this like others, but I definitely understand why others are. Like I said, I'll get the discounted one for my remaining sub most likely and judge from there, but I don't think anyone should be praising Nintendo for this. PSN and XBL/gamepass are way better than this imo.
  4. I expected it to roughly double and leave itself open for a 3rd expansion that pretty much included everything before the switch, but $50 is pretty bonkers for just N64 and Sega Genesis games being added. At least give us larger store discounts, dlc for pac man/Tetris 99, and other stuff that people have been begging for since online started. I should be able to get a discounted amount and will probably sub into the new plan until I run out if it's like $10 (5 months remaining), but after that, idk. I'll have to see how much we actually play the games if that's the case. Gut feeling tells me it won't be worth it and will stick with the $20. Honestly though, I'd rather just pay $20 a piece to keep them permanently than $50 a year. I feel like you're pretty spot on here with them getting greedy. Virtual console was 10x better than this. Wish it'd come back.
  5. There's quite a few older people here. I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. I'm quite the sports fan myself... Any particular teams you root for?
  6. Looks pretty pink to me. 👍
  7. No worries! We'll try and let you know if there are any changes.
  8. France was in the list. @HusKy, there's only 20. We used to have a WW for worldwide, but was removed because "no tag" was essentially the same thing.
  9. Until Dawn counts, but I'm not going to count Fallen order as it looks brown to me and I don't think I'm not going to count Detroit either as I have to really squint at the picture to even see what you're talking about. I think it's too much of a stretch.
  10. This counts. You can see pink in the eyes of the guy on the left and the pink hue on the thumbnail.
  11. I made some good progress on Metroid Dread over the weekend and here are my overall thoughts.. + The boss battles are absolutely amazing. I'm not a big fan of the QTEs in them, but they are all pretty epic, creative, and are challenging but not frustrating. + All of the power-ups are super cool. There hasn't been a single one that I haven't been giddy to use. + The map is pretty cool. I like the different environments, but it doesn't feel very cohesive. Still very pretty. + Overall moving around is fantastic. There's so much freedom of movement that were really lacking in older games. - However, I'm not a big fan of the EMMI encounters. The AI is smart so that's not my issue; my problem with it is the one hit deaths. It's really frustrating when they just lurk around the exit you need, and you have to either have to sit there and eat gobs of health to sneak past or lure them away and wing it. It's not a big deal early on, but some of the EMMIs are just assholes towards the end to the point where I dread going through it (hence the name of the game?). Really, the EMMI encounters are my only real complaint. I feel like I have gathered a ton of "cheap" deaths and sometimes, it comes down to luck or forced trial and error with little flexibility. Kind of ironic that this was the selling point, and I find it the worst part of the game.
  12. Yeah, this counts, there's pink in a few places. You'll need to report back after you finish the game though for it to count.
  13. This^ I'm going to lock this though to avoid a circus. PM us the details on PSNP.
  14. What color do you want to use it for?
  15. All of them count except the one you already did (GoW PS4). Have at it!