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  1. Recommend me 5 PS4 games. Shoot, that's not a question... What are 5 PS4 games you'd recommend to almost everyone?
  2. I think that it's laughable if people are complaining that it's not a traditional fallout game or that they don't like it because it focuses on multiplayer rather than the story. Do you live under a rock? That's what this game advertised was a nontraditional fallout game that can be played with a friend. I don't quite understand this criticism. However, I do understand the glitch criticism. I have played through fallout 3 and NV (FO4 is still sitting on the shelf) and have never had a good experience with glitches in these games. I've had issues where my save function didn't work at all, seeing all sorts of hilarious BS with enemies stuck in walls or bodies sinking through the ground (or myself sometimes... Not so hilarious), issues with the character's models, or not being able to turn in missions. I've gone through my fair share of this and frankly, I'd be tired of it too which might be why people are hating on it so much. I wasn't planning on buying this one anyways because I don't like MP games only, but reading some of these issues just makes the decision easier. The reason why I haven't played 4 yet is because of my bad experiences with the other two. I play games I think I'll enjoy the most first. Hence why it's been sitting on my shelf for nearly 2 years... In the end @Sicho it comes down to expectations. Do you expect a fully polished game (from Bethesda) when it comes out or not? And how much is tolerable? Sounds like people are boiled over from frustration. Lol
  3. Yeah, I'm not saying that it should be UR (said that in my post), but I think it should be fine closer to 7-8% (very rare) than 11-12%. The shoes gives you the ability for a ridiculous long jump though (especially in 3) which just makes the platforming ridiculously easy. They make some of the hardest platforming a joke. That's what I mean by more "manageable." I realize that the time is adjusted to the shoes!
  4. Welcome, I enjoyed reading your introduction. Don't give up on being a paralegal though. I know from experience that a lot of jobs you get/don't get isn't about being the most qualified or most deserving of the job. Sometimes, it's simply who you know. I've experienced this first hand. On both ends, where I've been offered a job due to a relative/friend or where the interviewer already had someone in mind but wasted my time anyways. If you have any business cards of any people who work for those companies, send them an email and ask if you can get lunch with them sometime to learn more about their job and what they do. You'll be surprised what that would do for you. (Though, don't beg them for a job!)
  5. I didn't see anything, but I just looked at the Spec ops trophies as usually those are the cheated trophies.
  6. In particular, the graveyard, one of the gates (the one with the sword), and there was another place where you have to leave Yorda that's hard to explain. Pretty much any time you had to leave her alone for a period of time or where your success depended on how fast her responded to you calling for her. Any time I had AI issues, I had my roommate play as Yorda because I failed on my first attempt (by a mere minute) because I just accepted her stupidity and tried to push through it by going faster on other parts. Terrible, terrible idea.
  7. Other people call them "man caves." It's all the same thing. I know a few people who literally just have a room for entertainment/video games.
  8. I tried both. Lol. Road to Nowhere made me switch from analogue to dpad though! Granted I probably still died 100 times... I played a little of 1 and played through most of 2 and 3 as a kid. I sucked back then, and I think I'm even worse now. Though, platformers have always been hard for me because due to my eyesight. My depth perception is laughably bad. I literally fell though holes in the ground that I thought were shadows on the motorcycle levels in Crash Bandicoot Warped. No joke.
  9. Started Nier Automata yesterday and I now understand why I see a lot of 2B avatars on the site (though I still think yours is the coolest) :P

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Yeah, I found a ROM online that I use on my phone from an emulator. Granted, it's technically piracy, but if Nintendo isn't going to support their own game, why should I? If they think that's bad, they should see my cousin's jailbroken Wii... It has like every first party Mario game made all the way up to Mario Galaxy.

    3. Durandal


      I think piracy is tolerable if you keep it to a small group of people, heck I started like this back when I had my first computer. I had a few friends and we had all a lot of copies and we never sold them to anyone. But I agree Nintendo should support their own legacy. I mean there is still money to be made from even the oldest game. Just look how successful was back when it only sold good old PC games. But it should be more then just for financial reasons! Nintendo is one of the oldest game company still around and they shaped the gaming world as it is today. So they really should come up with their own emulator and give all of us the chance to replay these classics or experience them for the first time.

    4. Miriam


      Or he is the Original here ;)

      And his is the best.

  10. Ico: I still have no idea why people punished themselves to earn this platinum. It is over 6%, but it was way harder than a lot of other URs sitting under 5% such as CoD Back Ops or TLOU. Anyone who's done this legit would agree with me that this is UR difficulty. Crash Bandicoot 1: Okay, I can understand the second or 3rd game being "rare" as the running shoes make it manageable, but the first one is just awful. High Road and Road to Nowhere was the most frustrating thing I played this year no question. And I mean JUST BEATING THE LEVEL. How does this site have the game sit at 11%?!? Do that many people use shareplay? I'm not saying that it should be UR, but 1/10 people doing this is just seems way too high, IMO.
  11. The game has some of the best turn-based combat you'll ever play, but the "free time" makes you stronger so they are necessary to the game. Each day after school, you pretty much pick what you want to do for the day. Let's say for a 30-day month, you'll spend 23-25 of those days hanging out/fishing/doing laundry/playing video games/studying/etc and the rest of the 5-7 days fighting. Though, I spent roughly 80-90 hours on my first playthrough and I bet about half was actually fighting and half doing "other stuff."
  12. Wow, just bought the physical version of Nier Automata today using a extra money from a gift card from last Christmas after purchasing Spyro... I feel like a doofus. Lol! Supporting the devs I suppose
  13. Got Nier Automata today and wow. Played the first part with 9S and that was pretty epic. I'm excited to see what's next!

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    2. DamagingRob


      Cheaper at Best Buy on Black Friday. :ninja:

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      @DamagingRob I was going to just pick it up next weekend, but I had money left over from a few old best buy gift cards (from buying Spyro) and thought, "to hell with it" and just bought Nier Automata since I've been wanting to get it.

    4. DamagingRob


      Fair enough. I'm always looking for the best deal. Lol. 

  14. I'm going to go ahead and dash your hopes now and tell you, "no" on this one.
  15. Wow, that got dark quick. Honestly, I think it depends on the person. If you are looking for more of an open world game, then FFXII is perfect. If you are looking for a good turn-based combat, I think FFX is a great start. If you are looking for something in between, I'd say IX, but VII is fine if you don't mind the polygon graphics (personally, I love them, but no one seems to agree with me). All of this is IMO. As for Final Fantasy XIII-2 I don't think it's a good idea to start with this one. Why? These games are very story-heavy and hopping into the middle of the series is not a great idea. Out of the entire series, this isn't their best work, but this game is by no means a "bad game." I enjoyed it quite a bit actually, but not as much as FFXIII-3.