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  1. For those who have a VR and have played this, what are some of the dumbest or craziest things you did in this game? There's a lot of stupid things you can do that the robots just accept which just makes this game so great. I'll start: Personally, I was a fantastic chef who put the roaches in the blender along with a bottle of wine (including the glass), tomatoes (in spite of the kid who didn't like tomato), along with moldy food, and raw steak for that protein. I fed it to the food critic and as many people as possible. I also would put the fire extinguisher where the bell was, and it would shoot up in the air when food was ready and automatically hit the bell. Classic. I also would launch food into the aquarium in the restaurant and watched the fish demolish it quick. Pretty entertaining, but hard to do. I also played flappy bird on the computer while vomiting in the office job. Definitely employee of the month material. Also hired and fired people on the same day. They didn't suck up enough in their 10 minutes of employment. Lastly, someone comes to the mechanic shop in a stolen getaway vehicle, and I made sure it was missing multiple wheels when it left. Citizen's hero right here.
  2. Maybe instead of going to the movies with friends on Saturday nights, I should just grab a bag of popcorn and read some disputes on this site. Same entertainment value.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      OMG, amazing! Why did I not think of this!?! xD

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      Drinking Game Version: 


      Every time you see a dispute about Call of Duty Black Ops II, drink. 

      Every time you see a post that has multiple pages, drink for each other page.

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      might I recommend premium membership?...all the entertainment ad free...dirt cheap too...basically pays itself off in weeks...

  3. I think he could be a lot stricter on the requirements and just say no plats over 50% or no VNs. Heh, though his point is to reward people who don't just play games for trophies. How is this really any different from not being in a competition for not having enough UR plats or trophies on this site? Isn't that more elitist than this? Is it the fact that you don't get a 1% chance at free money? It's his giveaway. He can do whatever he wants as long as it abides with the rules of the site. If he said no VNs, I'd be like "Oh well, I'm SOL" instead of "How dare you!" Jeez.
  4. Talk to @Platisfaction about it. I think he saw it first hand when my guide was under review and was sent back with a few minor flaws. I agree with @optimusmart that the editor is easy to use, but man, my guide had like 15 sections and I had to rename it every time I edited the section. I had to go back and fix a few things in each section so it got REALLY annoying after a while. Lol.
  5. I'd give it a 2/10 and say it takes 10-12 hours if you do one playthrough. Great game BTW. Probably in my top 5 PS4 games.
  6. I did move a few, but it was only on one occasion. Afterwards, it reverted the name back for all of them each time I try to edit them, except for the last one which was never flipped-flopped with anything, so I could see that being the cause if that's a known glitch.
  7. Congrats on the guide. I think the team does a great job with good feedback and offer help when needed. Guide of the year is also very generous of the staff to do and you can tell that they like what they do and appreciate the contribution. Side note, I was able to crank out a "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" gameplay guide over the weekend. Also, I was wondering, does anyone have issues with the title of sections reverting back to "Add Title to section?" I had to constantly go back and rename each part because it did it to me while editing. I never had this issue before and was wondering if it was specific to me.
  8. I think you are looking way too much into this. This is only meant to be a simple example, lol. Not wanting to play with someone with a bad kill/death ratio because they are not good enough to play with you = you not wanting to play with someone because you think their profile is trash and are not good enough to play with you. What's so hard to understand about that?!? BTW, I know you've been asking about the signature and no one has replied to you, but up to the right-hand part of your screen and press on the drop down box and go to account settings, then the last option on the left says "signature." Copy the image into the space shown and it should show up and Voila! Signature! Hope that helps!
  9. Ah, you got me there. Still, I guess we can hold on to hope? I got so excited when P3 FES randomly showed up on the PSN store, but said "Unable to download." I think the opportunity is too profitable for Atlus to NEVER take advantage of IMO.
  10. Ape Escape was leaked in fall of 2016 and we have yet to see it. Ugh. That's one of the games I'd like to see the most... Atlus has brought the King of Fighters games to PS4 so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
  11. I think you are misunderstanding me or are not getting my point. I mean on YOUR team or in your party so your team always wins or dominates... You can definitely control that. It's a mindset saying that you don't want certain people to play on with you because they're not good enough. That's comparable to this.
  12. I think it will eventually happen. Maybe not the golden version, but as a PS2 to PS4 if Sony ever picks that project up again... Jeez. So many classics I'd like to replay with trophies, but only a handful have made it to the PS4.
  13. Welcome to the site. Good luck finding like-minded people. I've never played a game solely for the platinum, but I have lots of easy plats. I think @Sergen is upset for 2 reasons; one for calling easy plats "junk" and for looking down on those who play them. I'm sure it probably wasn't your intention to come across this way, but it's like saying, I don't want to play with anyone on Call of Duty if their kill to death ratio is lower than 1. You aren't in their face about it and telling them that they suck and aren't good enough to play with you, but the fact is assumed nevertheless. Same applies here. You come across as someone who is "too good" to play with someone else.
  14. The Playroom VR is amazing. Very underrated and all PSVR owners should give it a try! :)

    1. Raido


      So far I've only completed Monster Escape definitely need to get back on soon!

  15. Why yes! I love arcade fighters. Hmm. How about...