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  1. Working on the final numbers, but just as a teaser... We destroyed the record. 🤣
  2. We can probably post one with the stats if everyone is interested. I was planning on revealing the total tomorrow with the top 10 hunters and anyone with over 100 trophies. Though, we may be able to get an interesting graph or table together to show individual totals for everyone. What do you think @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko? Up for the challenge? EDIT: I'll post the extract tomorrow.
  3. Ggs everyone. If I didn't suck at 8-bit Celeste, maybe I could've squeezed out one more. I'm going to give the rest of the weekend to sync, verify a few counts and hopefully, have the final numbers on Monday. I was really blown away by the effort today. I'm surprised so many people really challenged themselves and just went for the kill. Lol. I think these challenges are good for trophy hunters and hope that everyone had fun with their trophy purge. I don't even need to see the final numbers, but I know it's a new record, undoubtedly.
  4. That's what I thought, but there are some major inconsistencies across the board. Probably due to a lack of knowledge. We thought it would be better to get the opinion of what others think though because we get a lot of back and forth on how it should be handled.
  5. Just hit the 100 mark! I think I'm good now. I may get a few last-minute trophies on the PS4 later, but I'm tapped out on PS3 and don't feel like installing a new game to maybe earn another 2 or 3. C'mon, I thought it'd be nice for you to show it off yourself! Haha.
  6. Okay, I gotta ask... What trophy? 🤣
  7. Not really my call. I wouldn't have a problem with it though. I think there's plenty of capable people on the site who could be trusted with it.
  8. If anyone is curious, I'm still planning on tackling this slowly. I've just been busy with other stuff lately and haven't had time.
  9. Yeah, well said! I mentioned in the OP that I'd like to keep this a judge-free zone. People can play whatever they want and do as they please. No one is forcing you to play EZPZs and that's why I don't make this a competition. Instead, I make it a mass cooperation. To me, that's the beauty of the event.
  10. Made some progress this morning: 11 - SFV 12 - Celeste 1 - Resonance of Fate 12 - Sonic the Fighters 55 - Soundshapes So uh, 91 I think? Shooting for 9 more in the next 12 hours!
  11. Calling it a night, but I was able to get 23: 11 from SFV 12 from Celeste I already have a good feeling about this year. I feel like we're really going to crush it!
  12. Pretty meh sale. Was thinking it'd be more like the old-fashioned flash sales. Lol.
  13. I live in central time as well so I always get a head start right as it hits 11 PM for me and play for a couple of hours before going to bed. Either that, or I go to bed early, set my alarm for 5 AM, and hammer away early in the morning. Both valid strats imo. That's the plan! 😎
  14. The event will start in roughly 4 hours from when this is posted: @Xylobe @maiathewinners @Crazy @pot1414 @kingofbattle8174 @Vampirehunter145 @ladynadiad @Kittet3 @ChimJiminie @Sword @GTA_Darren @Dr_Mayus @SlipingJimmy @butteryknees @Redbeard-Rik @PermaFox @BlackSquirrell1 @shadowhood1111 @sephiroth4424 @Klart @Mesopithecus @Kittykat-san @grifteskymfning @WillyWamBam @OverHypedG @W571WE @Alex_Hedgehog @Sardavanua @CJUGames @YllZI @Starrk_01 @Lorajet @ShogunCroCop @HondaHoe @Deceptrox @DrEvilGuapo @blu3st4rdust305 @DO_or_DIE_312 @N7_Wesker @Helyx @Kishnabe @DoctorDrPepper @dark_moon689 @unculturedwyvern @starcrunch061 @Crabby-san @Celestial_Lily @AvengedEvil @Dav9834 @GSW_Solidkarma @Smzthy @monkeydluffy512 @ScarecrowsFate @Froopy the Pogfish @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko @SurvivAah @ZitMeatloaf @Squirlruler @Dzware @Stand_User3 @bsdude0 @THEULTRAMEMELORD @moderenwarfare12 @Slugger_VII @Yuna4353 @CJ-Olly6 @mrsoy89 @OverlordOfRacing @Jello @DPRKJeff @hsn963 @Scarlet4Titania @Berendsapje @AffectatiousDonk @Static_Rook @Arctic Cress @AuroraHistoire @funboy1246 @Panasbananas @DamagingRob @microsamm @Mr-ttaM @Dreggit @Xensid02 @platinumplayer12 @Vrisnem @LeoGoesGir @Gray-Fox-44 @emzynitro__ @ragtag7 @martinibeibi1 @VigilantCrow Hopefully the ping helps because it's kind of a pain in the ass to do. The reason why I split people up is not because I'm crazy, but this is a mental note to who still needs to be added to the counting bot on discord that Mr. Pogfish is graciously spending his time updating to help me personally with this event. I hope everyone has fun, doesn't burn themselves out too hard, and uses this time to remember that we are a community here and should uh... spend time away from each other, letting loose earning trophies, have fun, and come back together and discuss trophy hunting with each other? Well, I guess having fun is the important part there. Haha. Anyways, feel free to post updates during the day/night on how you're doing (good or bad) and share your experience.
  15. I had someone else test it too and it looked fine.