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  1. #1 is PT. I've never played anything more terrifying and haunting. Also, Resident Evil 7 in VR. Something about getting chased by Jack in VR is just utterly terrifying.
  2. I'm fine with a separate thread to focus specifically on Mafia 1 because talking about 3 different games in a single thread is difficult. We can merge later if needed.
  3. @Folkenio has the right idea. If the writer is unresponsive, message Dreggit and he will look into it when he has time.
  4. Last stage of Babel complete. Gave up on single mode and decided to try Axis Mundi on co-op with me using a controller... Literally did it on the second try! Why did I even bother with singles mode? I got down to the last 20 steps in single mode soooo many times and pairs mode was a joke. šŸ˜‘

  5. My dad and I always talk about going there after he retires and getting a "haunted" room. Haha. With you being a bookworm (I actually read as a hobby as well. It's a habit I got into to relax while studying for the CPA.), I don't see why you'd pass it up!
  6. Oooooh, if we are going to Colorado (after the pandemic of course), can we stay in the Stanley Hotel!?!? šŸ˜‚ Cool interview and glad to have these back @Dreggit! Thank you!
  7. Ouch. I didn't even attempt the multiplayer trophies and can still feel your pain. As for me, probably the most tedious would have to be Borderlands: TPS. I was on level 25-30-ish when I beat the game and completed all the side missions. I sat there for several hours lasering enemies during the pokeball mission (can't remember the name) just to get to lvl 50. It also didn't help that I already co-oped this game locally so I already did the lvl 50 grind once, but I had to do it again because the PS3 version didn't allow P2 to earn trophies.
  8. I hardly ever buy games new upon release, and I'll be waiting a while before jumping into the next gen so this is a non-issue for me. However, I think this bump will have a significant impact on choosing which games to pre-order/D1 purchase for a lot of people. Not everyone has the luxury to buy every game s/he wants day 1 or are cheapskates like me.
  9. I can help you out. If you add me to it today/tomorrow, I'll take care of it during my 3-day weekend.
  10. I think I got everything. Let me know if I missed anything (very possible). Thanks for your patience, guys. I've been extremely busy lately with work lately.
  11. This is probably an obvious response so I apologize in advance, but you could wait until your killer rank drops whenever the next reset is or toss matches to lower it. You're more likely to play people with less perks, items, and overall experience that way. It's the only way I'm able to get any adept killer trophies. Once I get to 15th rank, I get walled pretty hard by savvy survivors and good perks. Granted, matchmaking is kind of broken right now so you may still get paired up with decent players.
  12. We don't name and shame here btw. Go report the person yourself or PM a CRT member to look into it.
  13. Try using a boosting session. If you are having trouble there, then you can also try asking on Discord for help. Best of luck!
  14. Rise of the Tomb Raider is nice. I've been wanting to play that at some point anyways. Definitely won't play 2K20 rhough, but maybe I'll check out Erica. Overall, I'd say it was a decent month. However, for a 10th anniversary I'd expect them to pick a more nostalgic game like the Crash Bandicoot trilogy (but I guess TR and 2K are kind of nostalgic to some?).
  15. Ape Escape 3 Persona 3 FES Persona 4 Golden All 3 have been rumored to be released on the PS4, but none of them have come yet (C'MON SONY! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER).