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  1. It will most likely be a year before i get the next gen. It is not the priority of funds, i did just get the vr this year as well for a gift. So two big buys in a year is unlikely and trying to get ahold of one. So yah i have plenty to keep me busy.
  2. Yes i know it is a bit of a mess. Dont worry about it. I do tend to get distracted, try something else, say I am going back to it someday. I know I am guilty of forgetting some real good treasures in there. Persona was fun, what I played of it. Length does not matter. I used to play lots of longer games. I think my longest was Xenogears at like130 hours. Time dedicated to playing does matter though. I do not get alot of time, as if i play too much i get comments. Sometimes I find trying to decide how to trim it down staggering at times. I want to get all this stuff down, but i still have a decent sized un_played backlog and still buying new stuff occasionally but that last part has slowed down. I need to find a good plan to get it looking better and keep to it.
  3. Good list, the one's I have beaten I would all agree with. I did enjoy undertale somewhat, not sure if it is a # 1 though personally. Only ones I would add are a few I am working on now. Seasons after Fall and Untitled Goose Game. Seasons may not be higher on the metacritc but has that same art style like Gris. Untitled is just a lot of fun, has a high score, and is even gtting a new upate.
  4. Fall Playlist update Story Completed: Thank You for Playing Yes I started another game without finishing something else first, but as long as in the end I get my whole list done, I will be happy. This one is just a fun little title to blow off steam. To play all the way through only took a few hours but now I have all the cleanup of random things to do and one area to get the last chore, as some how the soap vanished and while trying to find it all the laundry goes back where it belongs. It doesn't help I stole the newspaper and put it in the shop so the guy is not distracted at all. I see that the multiplayer comes out tomorrow, so the speed runs should be simple since the game does not specify a single player. Other Updates Seasons After Fall 9/22 39%>>>> 12/22 48% Not much to write on here. Slowly making my way through this. Not a hard game but not keeping my interest for long at a time. I play maybe a hour at most at a time. ManEater 0%>>>> 5/33 08% This one is alot of fun. I have been holding of on getting it because of the price but for my Bday I got it with my PSn gift card. My first real kill was a unicorn floaty and it was so worth it. Crunching on unsuspecting humans never seems to gets old.
  5. Welcome to this small side of the forums. It is a really nice banner and start you have going on. I look forward to seeing your progress.
  6. I imagine two player will make the speed runs a breeze.
  7. Platinum # 67 Black Mirror Every Trophy Accomplished The most I can say about this game is that it give me an E for the A-Z plat name challenge as well as Game by Number. It is supposed to be a sort of creepy psychological horror mystery surrounding a scottish estate and a family curse. The game though is clunky as you move around only a bit better than an early RE game. Graphics, even for cut scenes felt for an older console and had weird texture issues. Like when there is blood on a person, it does not lay right. You can still see the body part underneath and that they have this overtop. Sloppy things like that are annoying, where it does not mesh right.
  8. 0: Poi (6290) 31 Aug 2020 1: Soma (3901) 07 July 2020 2: My Name is Mayo (5532) 02 Sept 2020 3: House Flipper (10383) 23 July 2020 4: 5: Run Sackboy Run (3475) 05 July 2020 6: Uncanny Valley (5336) 08 July 2020 7: Black Mirror (6957) 17 Sept 2020 8: Tales From the Borderlands (3188) 09 Aug 2020 9: Down to the last two, with a bit less than half a month left. Thank goodness for the extension. Black Mirror was just ok to me. it was very dated and clunky, as well as needed some polish in spots. but it is a good start for Fall season kickoff.
  9. This is a really good way to open up the availability for a day one purchase. There are usually not many options when a platform is released which is why I normally wait until later on and it is more established. The games that were chosen too are pretty top notch. Wide variety of genres and some of them are like 100 hour titles. While I do have a majority already that is ok, it is better than PS1 when you got a demo disc with the purchase.
  10. It always good to play something to get into the mood of the season. I did that too, by trying to finish up Black Mirror and starting Maneater. The creepy vibe and ghosts are good for the first and great gore satisfaction for the other. I enjoyed Soma too as I just finished up recently as well. my other picks off of my fall list Stranger Things 3: Midnight Sanctuary: Until Dawn: Bully: Lego Harry Potter Yrs 1-4 Doctor Who VR: Nightmares From the Deep 2: Until Dawn Rush of Blood: Batman VR Mary Skelter Seasons After Fall
  11. I agree, if you used it for a workout and did an hour a day, your talking almost half a year for one trophy and it is progressive so if you do not take enough time to play you miss out on like 5 off the list.
  12. Another VR game to add to your list, which the list just dropped yesterday, OhShape. I watched a video on it and it is interesting. Apparently you have to move your body to match the silhouettes as they come closer to the screen. It is based off of a Japanese game show.
  13. The game does not seem to have a leaderboard or anything so it would be interesting to see how long people can last playing this game. So in the spirit of the great arcade score boards, beat the score of the person above you. Why, well just because. Please leave photo evidence of your score. I will start off, not a great score but decent for beginning and it is over what is needed for the plat. The inspiration came from my daughters just playing this. Going back and forth trying to outdo each other. Good luck to whoever is next up. I am actually curious if the game timer runs out or there is a score limit as well. Edit: please do this legit--- no using the building hack. this score was from legit play. Also make sure you do not have the glitch that allows you to begin at with points already at the starting point. I noticed that with my daughters game.
  14. Platinum # 66 Road Bustle Platinum Deliveryman Consider this one an experiment on my part. The glitch that makes this game counter keep moving as you are on an obstacle may seem like an easy way to beat this game. Me I grew up on frogger. So I did this game both ways and while yes it really does work that way it actually is shorter to do it legitimate. So this one here I did for the plat using the "hack" as you can term it. A score of 16, 318 in 5:34. Not too bad. You only need to cross about three intersections to get to this restaurant and stay there. So the next time doing it legitimate, A higher score in less time. I did make use of any vehicle I could find as you can get across multiple roads easily before it expires. Do that, hop on the next one and it bumps you up really well. I do think they set the score bar way too low for this game. But for on sale at 60 cents a pop it gives a good initial cash flow what do you expect. this game may replace Mayo as the easiest game on the platform as you really have to not actually try to get this one since the bar is so low.