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  1. Yah I may have been overly ambitious on my timeline as well. Diabo is going to take alot longer than I thought. I am getting to my stuff as I feel like it right now. Just enjoying playing differant games.
  2. I will be ready. My vita is fully loaded. Seriously I have no more hard drive space in it. I wont have access to my ps4 for a week since while initially recovering. No stairs for me again once I get help upstairs tomorrow.
  3. @DragonQuest238 Well good luck with all that. There is no rush. I know I am just playing what I want right now. On a side note surgery went well. I will hopefully go home today if the meds wear off in time so I can attempt to walk. I have my vita if I have to stay the night.
  4. Welcome back!!
  5. Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. A very decent and mostly easy title excluding the cat hunt. But it has only 313 people to complete it. I found it in a discount bin at game stop and loved the art style so picked it up. It can give you that Rune Factory style of game fix.
  6. Getting ready to go under the knife tomorrow. I added a few games in the mean time to have a nice pleasant recovery time. Also snagged a vita game from the library. Along with my massive book stack to tackle to keep busy when not doing therapy. Games Added Old Man’s Journey Word Search Virginia Dead Cells Brothers Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens (Rental).
  7. If im not too late im in. I will be only two days post op for my knee but I have my Vita pretty loaded right now with stuff. I also just picked up an easy lego game for vita as well.
  8. Hmm Could also be possible is got an update as well to be added to the PS Classic lineup. But I do love SOFN and would get it for PS4.
  9. I told my wife this is at the top of my Christmas wish list. Games that are available look good so far. A Parasite eve game would be awesome but unlikely. Some Games I see as a possibility. Castlevania SOTN Twisted Metal a platformer such as Crash, or Spyro Grand Theft Auto 1 or 2 Tomb Raider Tony Hawk Silent Hill Hot Shots Golf Syphon Filter One
  10. My Next Update; Started Dragon Quest 11 over the weekend. I used my giftcard from my birthday and snagged it up. A really good game so far. I love the artwork and the backgrounds. I have a few throughts though. Gemma's accent really annoyed me through the beginning. and going onto the topic of speech, why doesn't the main character talk? Are we back in the PS2 days. I thought after GTA 3 developers realized that people wanted more from the main character than head nods to show they can communicate. Finished my current book as well. Noir by Christopher Moore. Madcap, zany noir set on the mean streets of post-World War II San Francisco. Sammy "Two Toes" Tiffin is the bartender in a scruffy gin joint, with street connections that make him the go-to guy for just about everything. When one of his schemes goes south and his lady vanishes, Sammy follows a tortuous trail from Chinatown to Telegraph Hill to a hidden forest enclave in a desperate search to find his girl. Meanwhile, a suspicious flying object has been spotted by the Pacific Coast near Mount Rainer, followed by a mysterious plane crash in Roswell, New Mexico ... but the real weirdness is happening in the City by the Bay I also retooled the opening post. I have a surgery coming up and while on the mend I will be diving into my reading more. I want to restart my Stand Alone Fantasy list. This is considered the best of the best. I read some of them and own others that I have not gotten to yet. Well yesterday I went to the library and they had a few off the list so I picked them up to help me be prepared. Check out the list, there are some real gems in there. Of course I will include my own thoughts as I go.
  11. I had some extra time today, so I looked around and scrubbed the list. So how am I doing. Well primarily when I have time, I whittle away at GOT, with only now two chapters to go. I did some good work on Uno a few days ago, to bring it up about half way. since I will be stuck at home recovering in about a week I think I am going to be able knock out a few of these. When I am not playing Dragon Quest which I am picking up today. Ultra Rare: Diablo 3 04% Very Rare: Tokyo Xanadu 94% Uno 42% Rare: Yonder 100% Furmins 11% Lego Marvel 1 100% Uncommon/Common: Murdered Soul Suspect 100% Lost Sphear 50% Adventures of Mana 05% Game of Thrones 63%
  12. I have not updated in awhile for myself. Completed Letter Quest Remastered Persona 4 Dancing All Night Started Hitman Go Added to Backlog Sparkle 2 Another World Foul Play Frobisher Says Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
  13. @DoctorDrPepper I have been watching this event from the sidelines and I think you have been doing good so far. Everyone is having fun and that is what is the most important. But don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Each feedback you get can only make future events even better. It is something I always try to keep in mind myself.
  14. Maybe Parzival when I buy it. It has a nice ring to it.