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  1. First Story Mode complete after changing everything around. The retro style of this game really fits it well. There isn't too much bad that I can say about it. It is a fun beat em up type game, with an actual world you can explore, only one set of collectibles, very few side quests and only one possible miss able character. If you are a fan of the show, I would say play it but only if you have completed the third season. The story only covers that portion of the show, so there would be spoilers if you have not seen it yet. but for fan, seeing certain things in 16 bit form is really entertaining. Never Ending Story anyone? So what story is next? hmm I was thinking of Kingdom Hearts 3. Unless someone else has another suggestion.
  2. ok So I changed things around again. Yikes looking at things as they stand, I have 40 games where I need to finish the story mode and the rest are at clean up stage. So it is time to get to work lol. I did try a new game last night, Outward. The few trophies are very easy at the beginning. But the load times are just horrible. Also there is something that you rarely see at the beginning of the game. A timer for the main quest. If I don't pay off my debt in five days I lose my house... I mean what the heck is that. Half the time I spent lost because there is no map. Now I seem to be captured by an enemy camp and I have no idea how I will get back in time to keep my place with only a day and a half left. It goes now to the get to again in a bit pile. I now have to figure out which story to clear first. It will probably be Stranger Things as I am near the end I believe. Clean up will be Word Searches I think. Either one does not take alot of thought which I do not have right now anyways.
  3. I just started reading your trophy list. Welcome from one retired to another current. I really understand the time constraints thing. Especially now that I am out, I have even less time. I will definitely be watching your progress.
  4. Wow it has been a long time since I have posted anything. My life has been very busy and hectic lately going back a few months. It has been such a change that for the most part gaming in general and especially trophy hunting. I have left my career behind and returned to school. I moved my family back to my home state. So lots of changes and trying to settle into a new life. Going to school full time takes up alot of time and energy. But it is really interesting. My english class which is entitled, Language Literacy and Cognition. It is a hard class but really fascinating. I also have Quantitative Reasoning and Intro to Management. It is down the home stretch as we are now in the last month before winter break. So as the holidays approach we will see if time clears up. So going back I only have one Platinum that I have not accounted for. #45 Nurse Love Addiction. I got this in sale and well it is done that is all I can say. Like any other VN it takes a while to get through each story line. I do not think VN are my thing after doing a few. I feel that after a few story lines they get too repetitive. I do use the option to skip text that I have seen before but I would feel bad to spam through all the stories just to finish it faster. Yes if you did that these are easy games to finish for that. As I have grown though, I have changed from playing easy games just to get through them. I still play easy games. I can compare it to reading. Not every one needs to be a great work of literature, sometimes a quick fun thing you really do not have to use alot of brain power to just kick back for a bit. But i wouldnt skim a book just to say I read it to put it on a list some person may read. So it seems silly anymore to do the same in a game. Anyways enough of that. So what am I going to work on moving forward? Honestly I have no idea. I have been playing around with alot of different games lately not really settling on a certain one for very long. There are a couple of ways to go. 1. I could go for plats one at a time. I am close to # 50 and could close on it quite quickly. 2. I could storm though a bunch of my played games and finish the stories. This would increase my overall percentage by quite a large sum. I know I will never get to 100% and I am ok with that. But if i could get it up to 80-90% i think I could be happy staying in that area. 3. Or as I did above a few posts, list a handful of games, have a goal of a trophy in mind and clear off one at a time and then do it again until the games are finished. With that in mind I am open to feedback. oh and for those that have been participating in any of the events that I started I apologize for my absence.
  5. I have 5 completed games for July. Lara Croft Go Devious Dungeon 2 Full Throttle Remastered Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies Day of the Tentacle By the end of this weekend I will have two more done. Broken Sword 5 Ep 2 Furmins
  6. Serious update time. PLATS Completed... #40 Lara Croft Go #41 Devious Dungeon 2 #42 Full Throttle Rematered #43 Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies #44 Day of the Tentacle Working on:
  7. I do not see a list yet, but with all the new modes and stuff I am sure it will have some. I wonder what they will be.
  8. Even with KYC, I can not seem to want to focus on one game, I am working on my vita backlog still but I think I am going to go 1 or two trophies at a time per game in a set, once I have those all done rinse and repeat. Caligua Effect: complete chapter 1. Complete Amnesia Memories: Good ending Heart World Just starting this game and getting a feel for it, so this is completing the first play through. Devious Dungeon 2: Defeat the Cave Troll Now complete Cyberian: Reach the 2nd Boss: I was close the last time I played. Lara Croft Go: Vases and Relics. Two worlds complete so far. Megatagmension: Kill one of each enemy type. I need to get on the ad hoc and kill all the enemies in the daily matches. Also a few high level bosses left. Frane Dragon Odyssey: Clear Bandit Hideout Next area in story. Uncanny Valley: Kill an android and find all VHS tapes. These are all I have left to do for the first play through. Furmins: Level 3 3 stars Complete.
  9. Caligula Effect update # 2. So not much more to update. Some things I have noticed are not game ending but irritating. The enemies detection abilities are not very good. Even if they are right next to each other, you don't seem to be able very often to draw more than one at a time into battle. When you are trying to grind, it would help things along. Speaking of grind, I can see where some get irritated, there seem to be very rare drops of some abilities that you need later on in the game. I have gone through a floor like 4 times to get it and nothing so far. Those rare drops are grrr. But it seems you can go back at any time later on to revisit most places. There are some enemies torwards the end of the chapter that are well above your level, and the secret areas that you can access by finding hidden codes. The codes are also extremely rare drops in the game, but they are all public online so those I don't have to worry about. I got tangled up with an enemy only a few levels above mine and after 10 minutes of battle I noticed that I still had not moved his health bar, so I rebooted, I lost maybe a few mins but it almost the end of the first chapter after almost 5 hours, that is with trying to find that ability for a good portion. Oh I did start a side game as well and I will give my thoughts. I was going to play Amnesia, memories last KYC but it didn't happen so I booted it up this morning. So far nothing really different from when I played Period Cube.
  10. Game #1 Day 1 The Caligula Effect Starting PCG 53.57% Current 53.12% Trophies 3/46. 4% Have you ever wanted to go back and redo high school? There are so many who see those times as their prime and never want it to end. So imagine being trapped in a VR simulation of your school that forever loops. Once you graduate, you respawn as a freshman and begin again. Most are oblivious to what is going on or want to escape from reality so come to accept things as they stand. Escapism is is a common theme in game now days and is in front row center here. Your classmates and understanding them are a key part of this game. There are over 500 students, each with their own surface and deep issues. Becoming friends with them to unlock their inner demons is a part of how you gain new skills. There s a very complex grid system for every grade and class. If you played The Stick of Truth, you might be familiar with the Facebook friend system. Some you couldn't acquire until you met certain prerequisites. Same things sort of apply here but in a very complex grid. You also need it because each class has it's own side quest that you can only solve by unlocking its members. These are by far the hardest part of the game it seems. There are 21 classes each with own side quest and trophy associated with it. And each is a UR in the 2-3% range. There are also other traits that are closer to being a Persona type game. Your weapon is unique because of your individual heart and a lot of mumbo jumbo that does not make any sense. Combat is based on your ability to make combos to stagger your enemies and then take advantage. You are able to strategize because there is a holo sim that shows how the moves will play out before you confirm. While this can slow things down some, it helps you make more informed decisions because it also shows enemy actions. So what are my gripes. Well there are times I think a lack of substance. Let me give you an example. The game starts at a sort of graduation and incoming students assembly. Class leaders are giving speeches. Except there is no dialogue. It goes here is this student, student mimics talking for two seconds and moves on to next one. It just seems lazy in a way. It does the same thing as you talk with the students in the hallways. There is a generic intro statement, there seem to be only a handful of them. It mimics like you have a conversation, and closes with another generic statement. I have also read that you need to daily upload your save to the cloud. There is the possibility of your save becoming corrupted at certain save points and losing everything. Woe to those that it happened to as they were going for the grind of getting to level 100 and then getting this bug. Even an with the faults, the game has a lot going for it. What surprises me is the huge drop off at the beginning of this game. 85% of people complete the prologue but only then 38% complete the first boss. That is a huge drop. As I play a bit more perhaps I will see why.
  11. I played this for 360 back when it was released. Much like the telltale game you do not actually need to know the full story since it is a side story that supposedly happens during the same time frame. What I remember of was just ok at best. Let's see tomorrow what you think of it.
  12. I just upgraded my vita to the 32g today. I have been rocking the 8g since I bought my vita. I have been finding that too limiting for some time so today I decided to make the change. As as usual the day before stats. I do not believe I will get anything else. I may read and relax before tomorrow. I am actually up from the start of last KYC, not by much though. Games played: 117 Games completed: 55 Trophies earned: 1,970 Umearned trophies: 2,021 Completion PCG: 53.57 First game up is The Caligula Effect.
  13. Almost that time again. I started way too many games this past month and not enough time to get a good distance in them, so now I am down right now about .4 down from last month. And that is with me gaining like crazy the last few days, it's was like over a whole percent. I have tonight and all of tomorrow to maybe tie it back up to where it was possibly. The first begins the next KYC which I am participating. I am also doing the Games by Numbers and I do have a few games close to completion to keep from diving too much.
  14. Well welcome back to the threads. I am glad you like the changes. Consider your self added and good luck.