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  1. B2 Play as an anti hero or bad guy: Metropolis Lux Obscura B3: Play as a female protagonist: Period Cube B4: Can be played in one sitting: Little Adventure on the Prairie B5: DLC Pack or Stand Alone DLC: Furmins Bonus World I2 Metroidvania : Devious Dungeon N4 : Arcade Rhythm or Puzzle: The Little Acre O5 For another PSNP event: Cosmic Star Heroine And I have my first BINGO with now the addition of B1: Beat a game with a number or punctuation. Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune VS. Zombies.
  2. @Squirlruler I appreciate it a lot. Thanks.
  3. usually but it actually comes out being the same since 2+2 and 2*2 are identical.
  4. Pretty good. That amout springs you up to third place.
  5. Walk up to it, press square. You should see the inventory screen and then slect what you want to add and drag it to the center. So trophy wise, this list is as simple and bare as the game. It is pretty shallow.
  6. Well I have now played for a bit and I have seen enough to give some advice maybe not to play it yet. 1. As stated before trophies are not yet available. 2. Total lack of content. This island is still an empty shell. After the very short tutorial, you have maybe one quest per character. 3. Even the item for sale are few and far between. The store has about 5 or 6 items, none of which are interesting. Each character sells things as well. But they all sell the same item. 4. Lack of character creator. You start as a lizard with just the abilty to name yourself. It appears you can purchase different skins but at launch only one is available. For 5000 coins. So either you are collecting alot of star fish or paying out of pocket. 5. Fishing game is one of the worst I have ever played. 6. Items glitch amd disappear when you use them. Wallpapers and paint will vanish when being used on your house without changing the appearance. So you are going to have to do it again. And you better do it then because if you come back later in the day that item may not be available for purchase.
  7. There are trophies but there seems to be a glitch. I unlocked like 5 after about an hour of playing but it will not show up on my trophy list.
  8. Fixed,
  9. There will be no update for March. I will see everyone again in April.
  10. I really hate doing this. I hate having to back of a contest that I just agreed to enter. My wife though asked me if I would give up gaming for lent. I think I will do so. There a number of things I can work on during this that I have not really neglected but could be doing better. So I wish everyone luck and I will see you all around soon.
  11. I will not be providing updates for the next 40 days as I will be taking a gaming break during Lent. During this time I will be taking some considerations into my priorities. I may end up closing some of these competitions. I wish everyone the best right now.
  12. I will not be providing updates for the next 40 days as I will be taking a gaming break during Lent. During this time I will be taking some considerations into my priorities. I may end up closing some of these competitions. I wish everyone the best right now.
  13. Monthly Roundup>>> Already a month in this challenge. Not one person has gotten too large of a lead yet with several people gunning for first place. So Lets see what everyone has completed and where they are going. @Dragon-Archon No completions yet but is one away from finishing Kingdom Hearts III for a huge points boost since it was a bonus points game as well as some grind away from Dream Drop Distance. Dragon did mention some set backs in that title. Lets see if the most popular person to take the crown can get on the board. @fabiansc83 Also very close to getting a bonus point game complete. Completing this game should get them into striking distance of the front runners. @jemmie About halfway through a bonus point game, but seems to have taken some detours. Which is fine in this year long event there is plenty of time. @Kevvik Swooped in with Skyrim and took the lead now after also grinding out the three houses build. KYC might delay his progress a bit so people have the opportunity to catch up. @kingofbattle8174 First on the board with points but has been slow on any more progress due to the slow speed of Summon Night 6. I have more to add personally at the bottom. @ladynadiad Currently has the most completions out of anyone else on the contest and I don't see them slowing down anytime soon. @Leon Castle Currently sitting in third place and has a few solid completions. Another Tales game to keep the beast mode bonus going seems to be in the near future. @sealightbreeze Seems to be closing in also on Kingdom Hearts III. @Warpedsavior Got on the board towards the end of the month. Now seems to making progress in Omega Quintet after a long break away. @xZoneHunter A couple of possibilities in the future but no points as of now. Scoreboard>>>>> Ladynadiad: 837.68 Kevvik: 698.76 Leon Castle: 289.71 Kingofbattle8174: 252.12 Warped Savior: 170.64 So just so everyone knows, I will taking a short break away for Lent. I will not be playing any games at all starting Wednesday. I am also cutting back on my forum usage. I will still be doing updates sporadically during this period.
  14. Paraiso Island is a free-to-play island life sim. Explore a cheerful tropical island, meet wacky animal residents, go fishing, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Features a real-time day/night cycle, special events, and more surprises! This is the only info available as it was mentioned on PS Blog. Sounds to me like a free to play animal crossing game which would be pretty cool. If it has trophy support even cooler but would probably be a hard one to get. It releases tuesday so we will see soon.
  15. @Gretchen27 When I read Blood, Sweat amd Pixels, Witcher 3 was one of the games. I believe they descibed it as having 3 times the content of skyrim If you can imagine that.