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  1. I made the 5% goal with two months to spare. I know my overall goal was 80% but I can possibly get to 70% with the time remaining until the end of year. That seems a good intermediate goal.
  2. I actually like this line up. I have a vr so any additions to it are always welcome. It is Walking Dead as well. Amular I had on 360 and I remember good times with it. Maybe this time I will actually beat it too.
  3. I am lost on how to get the role for Side Quest 14, Nightmare Diver. I have looked around various forums and there is very little info about this. Any tips would be appreciated.
  4. It took me a minute to figure one for myself since that holiday is one of my squares. I chose Mary Skelter , since it has women be the front line fighters and the lone male is just a support role. The true meaning of the holiday is about women asking men for dates. So if want to go more literal there are plenty of VN that fit that bill.
  5. Sadie Hawkins day. So any game where gender roles are reversed somehow.
  6. In a quick update Pumpkin man was completed my next attempt. Only a 1hp run and no killing bats run left. Or maybe I should combine them but that would mean an extra headache trying to do both. Any thoughts?
  7. I am in, My game should be Mary Skelter Nightmares, which is pink for the lettering.
  8. Attack on Titan 2: 07%. Hades: 19% Mary Skelter: 4% Castlevania: 28%. Akiba’s Trip: Halloween Forever:75%---> 93% Bully:1% Dont Bite me bro: 14%: Zombi: 7% Persona 5 : 1%. Kingdom Hearts: 02% I managed to clear 3 character runs in 4 days. Pumpkin Man almost went down earlier but ran out of extra lives as I did make it to the end boss. One or two more goes and he should be done. Then it is just 1HP mode in my way.
  9. could be saying pick me first.
  10. only a small increase myself. Only started one new game and was able to get back out of the red before the end of the month. On a good note I have almost all the playthroughs completed for Halloween Forever. I did 3 over the last 4 days. Now only the pumpkin man is left. Oh and one hp mode, which means take one hit and you die. The new game is Life is Strange TC. Good game but been distracted by sports and Halloween shows to make any progress on it. That is what makes the Vita so great right now.
  11. For mean girls day, my thought is to complete Life is Strange 3. Both = teen drama.
  12. I have a plan partially in place. I think I am going to start with O3, which is Mean Girls Day. Didnt know that was a thing but I guess it is.
  13. Damn today’s episode gave me People Under the Stairs vibe. That is what I thought like 5 mins in and it was pretty close to that. Damn creepy episode.
  14. Next book roundup is ready. This week ended with me completing Joyland by Stephen King. This is part of the Hardcase crime series. It not his usual horror, although there are some supernatural elements involved. It is more an ode to carnivals. Which fits perfectly with the season. Fall is the time of year of fairs and carnival. Going on rides and getting funnel cakes while avoiding the fixed games. This tale takes place in the past as our hero Dev remembers his one year working at an amusement park. There is an unsolved mystery of a girl who was killed in the haunted house but that really does not get any real attention until the end of the book. King does really well at writing about being behind the scenes at the park. You know those click bait ads that you see like “ Disney employees have to follow these rules”and “ this is their secret language” . Well all of that is there, and some is real talk while some is made up but sounds legit. Through his eyes you feel how it is like to be young, broken hearted and working that one great summer you are 21. This is one of the best carnival genre novels out there. There are better, The Night Circus takes tops on that list. This may be second, with classic Ray Bradbury coming in third.
  15. Got my one in for now. Busy day so we will see what happens tonight.