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  1. 0 1 2 3 4 Uno (5174) 5 6 Gris (10046) 7 8 9 It took three years but now Uno is done.
  2. You can now preorder on NA amazon store, release date of September 30th.
  3. This thread is brought out of retirement, since we are now back on. Let the PSNP games begin....
  4. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Gris (10046) 7 8 9 1st Game complete. More will be coming soon as I clear some more of my summer game list
  5. First Summer Game Complete: Last Update PCG 64.04 Current Update 64.14 Platinum # 85 Personal Growth This is a game that everyone needs to play. Not for the trophies but the artwork and score make this one very memorable. The game itself is quite easy but that is not the point. The game is an exploration of the stages of grief, and you really feel it though the levels as you play. Like Dear Esther, there are moments of just pure joy when the art and music just click in place just right. There are walkthroughs to get everything in one go, but the game is short enough, that do it blind the first time just for enjoyment and then like I did clean it up later. This game is an arbitrary 5/5. New Game started/ Story completed: I had some time to kill after finishing Gris, so I started this one. What a weird game. It is another walking sim, but this one does keep the creep factor up the entire time. You feel like something is right behind you the entire time. You look and nothing is there but it still feels like you are being watched. The sound and shadows do play on you alot. What I get of it is that this area is what is hit after a WWIII scenario and everyone is nuked. Other Summer Titles. Fall Guys.. Level 40 , I think I am at level 32 or 33 so very close. I made it to Level 35, so half way now with just over 30 days remaining to next season. Gris: Mementoes Fat Princess: 80% 555's Now almost at 85% Ni no Kuni 2: Chapter 3: made it through the forest section Little Nightmares: Im Losing You Word Search: Next Puzzle Group/ Interesting Words Now onto next group. In Rays of the Light: Reader/Secret
  6. It has been awhile since I have updated. As I stated elsewhere, it was a crazy month for May. Graduating, moving and job searching have kept me busy. All that is behind me now and I can get my summer games going in earnest. I do have a few updates from last month to go through as well. Last Update PCG 63.62 Current Update 64.04 100% Complete I completed this game as part of the Mental Health Awareness Event. In the game you play as a man who goes into the dream of another man to find out the root of his depression. Since it is a dream world, some are real memories, some are wishes of the life he wish he had and some are nightmares. In each level, you are a silhouette traversing across with some very simple puzzles and platforming involved. It is a sad tragic tale that at the end gives the message that just a bit of reaching out and not isolating can make all the difference. Platinum # 84 Breeder Homegrown Another game from the Something You sale. It is a semi horror game, the kind where the story only partly makes sense. Kind of like Claire or My Big Sister. These type of games are on a pause as I get into the summer games now. And now the Summer Games update: I now have four games that are on the last trophy. Flow, Stranger Things 3, The Little Acre, Uno. In Uno, I finally completed the Online trophies it is just a pain to get the right match type as any DLC games wins do not count towards this trophy. Gris: Eel is now done. Got it on the first try this time around. Must have been in a good zone as I got it right after getting all my online wins. Word Search. One more puzzle set complete. Fat Princess. Almost up to 75% of the 555's. I am sure I can bump it up to there today. Next Goals Fall Guys.. Level 40 , I think I am at level 32 or 33 so very close. Gris: Mementoes Fat Princess: 80% 555's No no Kuni 2: Chapter 3 Little Nightmares: Im Losing You Word Search: Next Puzzle Group
  7. The artwork for the badges is absolutely amazing. Great work @Ellie-nyan. @Beyondthegrave07, thank you for putting together a great event. Perhaps we should do more awareness campaigns in the future. All of those who donated, I applaud you as well. And of course all the gamers that took part, shared stories and made this event what it is.
  8. @kingofbattle8174Original Starting PCG: 61.19% May Earned Trophies: 79Goal PCG: 80% May Earned Platinums: 3May Starting PCG: 62.89% May Games Started: 4Current PCG: 63.93% May Games Completed: 5Month Increase: 1.04%Total Increase: 2.74% Games Completed: What a crazy month May was. I completed my undergraduate on May 2nd. There was still a month left of getting my kids to finish out the school year, which they did remotely this year. Also a lot of jobhunting and interviews. Oh and we were approved for this awesome veteran housing program and the time from getting notice we were accepted to getting keys in hand was a week. We moved in last Friday. Paid movers to take one truck full of the mostly heavy stuff and did the rest ourselves. We moved a whole 4 bed house in two days. My body is getting over most of the soreness now. It is done now though and everything is hooked back up and ready to go. I started off some time with Ni No Kuni 2 the last few days and will maybe stay with it for now along with my still planned summer games.
  9. Today was a bittersweet day. 


    In a town near by, yesterday they put up a wall of remembrance that is traveling from state to state. It memorializes those that gave their lives from Desert Storm to present day. I got to again see the faces of friends that I had not seen in many years and lay some flowers by their names. 

  10. My entry was Into a Dream. On the surface, it is very apparent what this game is about. You are put into the head of a man who has clinical depression and it is your job to find to the real root for his problems. This is a dream world though, so what is real, what is fantasy and what does he wish had happened. If you want to boil this game to one thing it is being open and able to communicate. Through out the game all the NPC’s want to help and listen, if only he would open himself enough to let them in. He judges himself so hard and he believes that is how everyone else would view him too if they knew the truth. Is the truth easy, no but it is better out than in. A greta game for this event and I wish everyone the best.
  11. 100% complete: The next game in my Something You spree. I knew nothing about the game going in and afterwards I still dont. This short point and click game is like a trip on LSD. What is going on makes no sense what so ever. Randomly point at things and you will unlock the game in 15 mins. In better news, Some Fall Guys reporting... Headturner is finally unlocked..... For those that have not tried the game, this trophy is for wearing one of each of the rarest costume pieces at the same time. I have had three, for a good while now and needed a pattern. I have been going on every day for weeks to score on from the store. Finally yesterday one appeared for 9000 coins and I snagged it up. 12 more levels to go to unlock the level 40 trophy. I am playing the game off and on as part of summer games. Since there are 50 some days left in the season, that should be easy. I am not sure if I will do the Infallible boost that is going around right now. New game started. My game for the Mental Health Event. It is not bad so far if not simple. There were some interesting analogies that I will get into when I review the game.
  12. Today, is one of those days. I 100% complete a game and get another gold trophy and still end up going down by .01 because of a new DLC drop for a game I tried once like over a year ago. 

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      Always hate that feeling. It’s like “Oh, now I have to go and play the game again”.

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      Any way to quickly get it done?


  13. Correct, a game started but with no trophies unlocked does not impact your PCG. Once you get that first trophy you will get the completion hit.
  14. Platinum# 83 Last Update PCG 63.49 Current Update 63.62 Guardian Summer in Mara is a farming sim game of the same grain of Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. This time without the cats. It still has a bright cheery color palate, that is set in a world like the Caribbean, you even have your own boat. The premise of the game goes like this. At a young age, you are left alone on your island after your grandmother passes. You come across this young strange creature, and you need to discover who she is and a larger mystery about saving your planet from pollution by aliens. Like other games of this type, it is about farming cooking and crafting. You complete requests from residents, and some areas and quests are blocked off until later in the game. Personally I enjoyed this game , but there is alot of backtracking involved. There is a fast travel system to save time, but the game actually charges you coins to use it, and the farther away, the more you pay. Dont use it, since there is a trophy for paying off a 10,000 coin debt. I did alot of farming thoughout the game so I had a stockpile at the end of the game. Most other trophies have to do with completing every questline, and a few weird random like having 99 oranges at one time. Nothing taxing, except the travel. This game is a rare gem, with under 100 completioners but it is a fun diversion. It does not have the depth of Star Dew or other larger titles. That is okay though as it does scratch that itch.
  15. Welcome to the fun club, where the stats matter but the only prize is your own pride of succeeding. You have some lofty goals, good luck with them. @Squirlruler manages the official stats and as far as I know we are not adding new people to it. Alot of people though post their own stats, and there are some good examples throughout. Prior PCG: 62.89 (1 May) Current PCG: 63.62 So with my last plat which is pretty fitting With this game now begins in fury, the summer game challenge. These are all the games that are over 50% complete. My goal is to finish them all off. The idea is to have as many as possible done by my birthday, Sept 4th. It really is a summer fest since it is just about memorial day to labor day. So far I have been bouncing from trophy to trophy in various games. Keeps me from getting burned out from too much grind if I do small goals.