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  1. That is a bold statement, most people consider The Eye of Argon the worst thing ever written. For me it that one is up there. I included a link to it. Cline is not is the league of other writers but he is still not bad.
  2. I enjoyed that game too. The music gives it this real Zen experience like actually just relaxing back with a latte in an actual shop, something I miss lately. The extra dialog if you replay is a fun twist as you mess up your own lines. I did enjoy just making the coffee too. I think the only thing I did not was the latte art but that is because my art skills are nil. Cant wait to see what you finish next.
  3. Both Flow and Flower are motion only, it is better to play sitting up too so it senses the tilt. It is a chill game though until you get to the harder trophies like not eating anything or eating everything.
  4. So for the large number scammers, it is actually several people working together in a group. All combined it is about 3500 consoles for just this one UK group. This article is jst one of many I have found on the topic.
  5. This is where places like ebay come in handy, if you place the auction price just below retail, it will go way above by the time it is done.
  6. That is a nice nod to SAO and kind of makes sense. They did refer to smell in book one but was used more as a gimick. Hmm I though the point torwards the end was to people less enthralled in the virtual world not make it more realistic.
  7. So some articles that I have read lately have said that there are some dealers who using bots have collected up to 3,500 PS5's using bot software and it is a practice that I am tired of seeing. I know it was used alot over the summer to collect up Nintendo Switch's and it was so bad that you could not find one because they were being bought up by the bots before the consumer had a chance. Honestly I find the whole practice scummy. It is no better then the people who went to every store in the area at the beginning of the pandemic and bought every bottle of hand sanitizer to turn around and see it marked up. Now these PS5's are being turned around and sold for $850 to over $1000, which is ridiculous. At this time where people are losing their jobs and have lower income is not the time to take advantage of them. The only way for them to stop is for some to get stuck taking a loss and not being able to resell the product. Don't let these sellers take advantage of you. We can't reach everyone but this is a start.
  8. Spoken like a true Average Joe. As for the games, I got JC4 a few years ago as a gift and it is another good open world shooter that does not take itself to seriously. The gliding is alot of fun so it worth a look for those who did not pick it up already. Play the story, enjoy the game for what it is, if you dont want to get the DLC dont get it. The other two I do not know anything about but I will put them in the backlog as why pass it up if I am paying for the service.
  9. Two new completions done back to back I had been waiting for quite some time for the Dresden Saga to continue. Sure there have been some short stories but but has been a few years since the last full novel. Now we got two released within a few months of each other. Technically it is a two parter, with the first having some plot development but mostly is set up for part two: Battle Grounds. The book is one all out war of most of the Supernatural world against a remerging Titan and her allies. It was a real treat to read through these and I finished them both in a few days. New Games Started: Two new games that are both pretty fun that were started for KYC. Pathfinder is a pretty good game that plays really close to others of the same genre like Pillars of Eternity. It is a slow game though with the trophies with only one unlocked with close to ten hours of playtime. Planet Coaster I got my wife as a gift but I tried it out too. his is the Roller Coaster Tycoon for the system and it is good fun and A good challenge. Two slow cooking games to work through but will get done. The last is a VN that I started as well but I do not know when to get it done, it stinks to me and ended up being disappointed. Story Completed: A very interesting mix to me of VN and Point and click. The setting has that 80's cyber noir feel, it reminds me of the 8 man After Japanese movie. You have robots and cybernetic implants and questions about machine intelligence. I did the first playthrough and just need to do the endless Christmas portion before putting into the work on the other pile. I am lucky that I did not have any crashes so meaning next time I may get the Iron Rom on the first try unlike others. Good fun game though.
  10. 10 Games Guitar Hero Live: 1 UR, 9 VR, 1 R Summon Night 6: 2 UR, 3 VR Until Dawn Rush of Blood: 1 UR, 2 VR Star Wars Battlefront: 2 VR, 1R Run Sackboy Run: 1 VR Uncanny Valley: 4 VR, 1 R Tokyo Xanadu: 5 VR, 2R Akiba's Beat: 6 VR, 6R Onrush: 1 R Flower: 2R
  11. Overall Completion Beginning: 59.92% Current: 59.27% Trophies 9/39 14% D total time played 6 hours so far I know I was supposed to play Until Dawn but I got this for my wife and wanted to try it myself. It is a really fun game and is closest you will get to Roller Coaster Tycoon on PS4. Actually I think it is more in depth and has a great bright fun color scheme to go with it. I started off with the tutorial and like any other it hand walks you through the process and the second part is building a coaster from scrap. This gets tedious since it wants you to build one that does not induce too much nausea to pass. So it ends up being the most boring basic coaster. After this you start the career and the first few are really easy with the last one I am on being like a boss battle. You start off in the negative and have to build up a profitable park from scratch. Now I am halfway to the end goal of $4000 in a month profit. The trophies are really good for rewarding you at the beginning so it keeps you going unlike Pathfinder that gave me one in almost 10 hours of play. If you want to check out a good video of the game I would watch this one. He is one of the funniest ones I have come across. And it gives you a good sense of all that can be accomplished in the game.
  12. Final Impressions for Game 4 Pathfinder So not much change from the last session. I added about another three hours and still have not finished the first chapter. My competitor is finally revealed to be the spy so of course its up to me to hunt him down. I am running out of spots on the map that I can access to find him too. Once I own this place I am wondering how this will change. Side note, I went back to Little Nightmare for a bit today and pushed though the next chapter. Still really fun and a good head exercise. Next game is going to be Until Dawn. Played the VR game so now I can see the one that inspired it.
  13. For me doing the Vita version it took me like 120 Hrs. Then again I did it in three playthroughs instead of two. In the second go around I focused on everything else but Infinity and nightmare difficulty. Doing this way I was pretty much maxed out by the time the third go around began and had a way easier time. Only one dungeon gave me trouble torwards the end and it was a platforming section with some electrical hazards, not the actual enemies that were giving me grief. I loved this game though as I said in my review the characters and story reminded me of Bleach without actually calling it the franchise name.
  14. I want it at some point, but not at release. For one, with everything going on there is the whole very limited quantity thing. I mean maybe tomorrow when it goes on actual sale you can find it, but if it is like trying to find a Switch was this past spring/summer... good luck with that. Then you know there is the fact that another new console is not the priority. We are planning a move, so a PS5 would be selfish and there is also just making sure we have ends meet and that takes priority over everything.
  15. Game 4 Review Day One Overall Completion Beginning: 59.92% Current: 59.41% Trophies 1/43 1% E total time played 6-8 hours so far Well What a treat so far. I case you do not know, Pathfinder is a sort of child of the D&D franchise that was created after some were not happy about new rule adoptions in some of the newer editions. It plays and looks very similar to Pillars of Eternity and other games of that genre. Character Creation is just as in depth as making one for a table top game. You have the sames races, classes and such. You choose your stats and even feats. Feats are you special abilities that can give you a better edge and help make a certain build. So I chose a gnome and a weird subclass that makes him close to a psionicist. His name is Rumple Stilton. He has mad man voice, so he screams about wanting to see people's blood before charging into battle. The story is very deep, but short synopsis goes as such. You are one of two groups that need to clear this one land of bad guys. First guy to get it done gets to be the ruler of said land. You are also trying to prove that your competitor is the spy not you. Of course no one can tell the chaotic evil guy is the enemy. So, six or so hours in and I have only cleared the prologue and made some headway into the first chapter. The story of this game I think could be in the 75 hour range. So trophies in this game are hard to come by and the full game, which no one has completed yet, could take 200+ hours and two+ playthroughs. Part if the reason no one has finished it is that the deeper you get into the game, it seems to have some very destabilizing bugs that could wipe saves or corrupt the game, cause freezes. I experienced none of these early on but as areas get bigger it seems more of theses have the potential to happen. I would hate to be 50 hours in and lose everything. The game is fun though but it is fun at a snails pace. I put the game on Turn based so it plays more like a strategy game. I can plan out my move to get behind or to the side of foes or to make a good defensive posture. I could play this game for days but sign darn family and school getting in the way. I have to balance these things. The other thing I noticed is that this game gave me such a big hit to my overall PCG. I went down like .4%. Ouch that will take some work to recover from. Going back to finish Midnight Sanctuary to get those easy points will help offset it.