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  1. Plat # 56 Coffee and Chill Finally a game down. I actually did enjoy this title alot. For the most part a good laid back VN. You could compare it to the other one where you are a bartender. This one may be easier though overall. You are in alternate Seattle, it has coffee in Seattle go figure. So anyways there are elves, orcs and the odd space alien. So as you serve drinks you learn about all your customers troubles and get to see the happy endings. There is a true ending by going back and replaying certain chapters. It gives you some funny bits of dialogue as you seem to know that things have already played out. You can do art on your lattes, not that i did it much. My art never came out good. There is a trophy for doing art for an hour, but that can be solved by letting it sit on the latte screen for the amount of time. Lastly there is challenge mode, where it gets harder to serve drinks under the time limit. The 50 drinks in one sitting took me a few more times. I was determined to get it done though. This mode is tough. There are 3 spikes in difficulty. First it tells you what ingredients you need, order does not matter. Then sort of the same but order does matter. Then it is a specific drink, but you can open the recipe book and if you are quick does not take off too much time. Lastly it goes off of flavor. There are four, warm, cool, sweet and bitter. There are also levels of none, little, just enough, more and extra. So you need to get the flavor profile right using the ingredients you have on hand and the level they want it. Those start off easy, say I want an extra bitter drink. Then as you near the 50 mark it may say, I want an warm, less sweet, extra cool, and non bitter drink. Those want me to pull out my hair. and as time is running out I had like two of those in a row with 45 sec left on the clock. Only way to get it was to pause the game, do the math on paper and then quickly put the order in. Other small updates: House Flipper: Now up to 8 houses done out of 50. Pray for no glitch. I seem to making some profit by cleaning and filling holes in the walls before just selling. No painting or big overhauls. Maybe ten mins spent per house, 20 tops. Run Sackboy Run: First Costume Gotten. It was the easiest though as 50,000 bubbles. The next one jumps up to 150,000.
  2. So I did end up beating MechaNika. It was way shorter than Agatha, which I enjoyed better I believe. Very simple point and click game. In you are girl too smart for her own good. So you decide to build a giant robot to destroy everything since everyone basically gives you shit for being so smart. The game is a giant collection quest to gather what you need to finish your robot. No real direction after the opening. You can collect it all in any order. Find it all, game over for all of humanity. Two other games are really close to completion as well. By coincidence both trophies involve 50. House Flipper. All I need to do is sell 50 houses. I actually did that already but it glitched so I have restarted and now past the intro. 1 house sold and 49 to clean, sell furniture and sell hopefully for a profit. Coffee Talk. All I have left here is the get 50 drinks correct in timed challenge mode. In the last few days I went back and cleaned out everything else. I let the game sit so I could get the hour spent doing latte art. I redid the chapters to get the true ending. This also unlocked the last artwork I needed and I got the 25 drinks in endless mode. This mode is tough. There are 3 spikes in difficulty. First it tells you what ingredients you need, order does not matter. Then sort of the same but order does matter. Then it is a specific drink, but you can open the recipe book and if you are quick does not take off too much time. Lastly it goes off of flavor. There are four, warm, cool, sweet and bitter. There are also levels of none, little, just enough, more and extra. So you need to get the flavor profile right using the ingredients you have on hand. It gets complicated. You start doing these at around 20 drinks into a run. My max drinks made so far is 30. Hopefully only a few more runs to get it down.
  3. Story Completed: What a trip of a game. I will not reveal too much since it is a short game and to talk too much about it would almost ruin everything. I will say it is cool and surreal at times as well. Only one spot had any difficulty and that was the pretend language. The solution did not make sense to me. It is a game to play for the story. I did a blind playthrough this time and just enjoyed it. Now I do have to redo it but it is so short that it does not really matter. I do have to say the ending made me tear up a bit. It was a bit of a gut punch when all said and done. Looking ahead now to #60. Not a big milestone but small steps right. Blackwood Crossing: 0---> 17/23 74% Collectables Run Coffee Talk: 18/24 66% ---> 22/24 90% Need 50 drinks served in Endless I can get to 30. Wizards of Brandel: 3/33 4% ---> 4/33 05% Working slowly on story House Flipper: 22/24 90% Restarted my game to get the 50 houses completed. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: 14/42 22% ----> 15/42 24% Finished all the side quests leading up to saga two, prepped and ready to start. Run Sackboy Run: 12/13 71% Not much change. I am about half way to getting the next costume.
  4. Yay, all tied up 1-1. Made some good progress on some titles. I could maybe get some plats this time of things line up and homework does not bog me down. I have a stiff competitor. This week too it seems.
  5. Plat # 55 Complete all Jigsaw Zen Trophies So the first game done from the extreme easy stack as I should call it. As I work on the played backlog games too, working on clearing the clutter. The extreme easy are those from 99-75% completion rates. I have like six that are not started. This was the first to be knocked off. Very similar list to Puzzle 4k which I completed what two years ago. I think this list is shorter and required less puzzles to be completed. The puzzles themselves are nice. It is an interesting grabbag of choices. Some surreal, others very realistic and some fantasy and anime choices. Some do though look very similar. It is interesting, this one gives you the option to rotate the pieces and with that on, you may not get the piece facing the right way. There is the option for 24 up to 500 pieces. But the game does not even require you to do the highest. The most challenged you may get is doing the 248 pieces in under a hour. As long as you find a puzzle that gives very distinct areas, should be no problem for most. The music though is nice. Which is where the zen part comes in. This game is supposed to be relaxing and the music reinforces that. If have ever went to get a massage at like a real spa, the music has the same vibe. That calming soothing effect as you play. Could lull you to sleep if you are not careful. A good game to play just because.
  6. I think one of them does not meet the 50 player threshhold for 6 hours. For Jigsaw Zen the 50th player is like 50 so not even close. If I am looking at the right spot. or is it a platinum itself has to meet that requirement to count to make points. I double checked the rules again, and yah Zen trophies dont count and its ok. its just fun to do some puzzles.
  7. I am happy with my progress for the first one. Even if one game does not count, it was fun. a nice zen gameto get the juices flowing for the later weeks. I should be in good spirits for @Wdjat Prinny Doods for the next fixture.
  8. I got the last upgrade so I am finally onto the last trophy for Sackboy. So there are 6 costumes left for me to get. Four of them require me to collect bubbles to pay for them. I need 750,000 to get all four. My average is about 1000 bubbles per run, so you can see where this is going. I need about 750 runs to get all four. I can do about 50 runs a day without it interfering too much on other activities. If I do nothing else maybe double that a day. So by my math that makes for 15 days to get those four costumes. Then I need to get more bulles to buy chests. And hope I get enough quickly to get the last two costumes. Also Still Working on side quests for Dragon Ball before I get moving on to Saga 2. I realized some of the trophies I was going to seek are not available yet, so oops. Run Sackboy Run: 11/13 61%---> 12/13 71% Own Ten Costumes I have 4 so Far. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: 8/42 12%-----> 14/42 22% Complete the Frieza Saga. Starting Soon.
  9. As I stated else where I got the motivation to start working big time on the played back log. I want to cut it by half. First game did not go well as the last trophy glitched, so to the bottom of the pile it goes as I have to delete my save and start over. I have Dragon Ball going, which I just finished up the Vegeta Saga and will spend some time knocking out a few trophies before moving onto Namek. My vita runs for Sackboy are going well too. I have only one upgrade to get one to max and then it is the long haul of costumes. Oh also I will start adding what should be the next focus of each. Run Sackboy Run: 9/13 52%---> 11/13 61% Fully Up Grade One Power up. Wizards of Brandel: 2/33 2% ---> 3/33 4% Get Third Party Member Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: 8/42 12% Receive a telepathic Communication Destroy a boulder Make a full course meal Get an instant Victory Build a machine part Complete a training Chalenge Coffee Talk: 18/24 66% Make one Hour of Latte Art
  10. I have neglected to do any book updates this year. This was something that alot of people had interest in before so I will get back to it. I have 24 books right now completed for they year. I will put them in order with a little description. Little Heaven by Nick Cutter Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett The Folding Knife by K. J. Parker 111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss Revised & Updated by Amy Bizzarri The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights by John Steinbeck The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip Zoo by James patterson The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King Truckers by Terry Pratchett Mr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett More to come soon.
  11. Ok, so none of the things I tried worked so far. Redownloading the game did not help, my save in the cloud was already updated so I could not go back to an earlier save point. The only option left I see is to completely delete my save and start from scratch. Which is the last thing I want to do. Spamming the 50 houses isnt long, it is mostly dealing with the long load times. I think I did 25 houses yesterday in about 45 mins while trying to get the 50 originally. It now goes a far ay down the pile. It should have been an easy plat to just get done yesterday. I should have known better. Now it is just taunting me.
  12. I will give this a try, if you do not mind letting me have one of the last spots.
  13. I have played a little and the controls are just ok, but it could just be me. I played a game like that on the WII and had a hard time. Could never get all my food to come out at the same time.
  14. Got some motivation to start some backlog again and the first game I decided to go with glitched...sigh. I spammed the 25 more houses to get the 50 houses sold for House Flipper and nothing. Now experimenting seeing how I can get it to unlock.
  15. Mine seems to the 50 houses sold. I am at 60 now and still nothing. I did spam the 1st office a few times so i went back and did more houses to make up for it. I have tried closing the application and starting back up again. When I did that I was short like 400,000 bucks. I will try changing a few settings to see if that helps. Or I may have to delete the game and re download. Sometimes that helps too.