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  1. 0: (6320)Tokyo Xanadu 1: (4291) Firewatch 2: 3: 4: (5564) Demetrios 5: (8115) Jack n Jill DX 6: (4976) South Park The Stick of Truth 7: 8: 9 Updated list. Finished my 4 yesterday. It was a fun great vita game.
  2. I'm in. I have been wanting to try my hands at one of these.
  3. The original rpg maker was pretty easy to use on consol. The second one was not. I am hoping that this one will be easy to navigate. I guess I will start drawing out my ideas.
  4. Yonder was a good game, simple and a little clunky perhaps but I loved the art style. There is also so much else to do around the island. There is just enough depth in side content like cooking, crafting, fishing, farming and those are a big part of the trophies as well. Along with one insanely annoying quest to find 55 cats.
  5. Bonus game #1 Marvels Spiderman Trophies 3/60 3% Beginning PCG 50.00% Last PCG 48.83% Current PCG: 48.03% I have heard all thr hype surrounding this game. So as a free library rental, I have the long weekend to really see how it goes. So far not to bad. Every detail lets you know you are in spiders world. Even the entertaining JJJ radio spots that you listen to. Graphically it is a beautiful game and flows really well between actual game play and cut scenes. It plays alot like the batman games and remimds me of the openness of Arkham City. I was suprised though to see how much hard drive space this game takes. At over 60gb, it is a big chunk of data. Will this be a buy someday? Who knows maybe Santa will be nice this year. Along with a extra storage the way going. I also downloaded the free yakuza game and now I think I am back to almost full.
  6. @Arctic Cress Welcome Aboard. That is a good list. How do plan to tackle it? I use my vita alot as well and will continue to for quite awhile. Darn these 24 hr shifts😢. @DarkSoleride yes I will count it. All completions are good here. @Kevvik Another victim to the mighty sudoku. That dog will not get another dollar out of me. Well atleast not for that game.
  7. Since this game drops in a few days, I have been waiting for the list. And it is quite a haul. Seven different endings, collectables, and the 34 seperate misc trophies aside from complete the chapters. Some may be bummed that there are not alot of golds here. Does not bother me much. The question is how long is one playthrough. Can you chapter select to change certain decisions or will it be from scratch each time.
  8. Another 24 hour shift and another Vita game. This time I am going short and sweet. I may also have enough time to do a bonus game tonight if time allows. Today’s game: Demetrios Starting PCG: 50.00% Last PCG: 49.01% Current PCG: 48.29% Trophies 2/38 02% So this is point and click game with some light puzzles and story. Where the bread and butter of this game is though is its humor. The game has three levels of humor, you have to use the top toilet humor though or you will be prevented from taking certain actions , as such locking you out of the platinum in one playthrough. Nothing is missable since it has a chapter select and a good tracking system for your collectables, which are your deaths and cookies. Dying in this game is hilarious as it is things such as sticking your finger in a socket while also having a hand under water. The retry screen gives you a unique epitaph for each individual death and are equally funny. Each screen also has three hidden cookies to find and as a fat slob you need to find them all. There are also other funny things that you can do such as photocopying your butt in the police station. Which gets you arrested by the way and nets you a trophy. This is an entertaining way to spend a good chunk of time tonight. I need to clear some harddrive space to get this months ps plus’s. I also want some time for another game that was not on my radar for KYC. My library has the new Spiderman game yesterday and I snagged it up. So it is mine for the next few weeks. I will find time to put my thoughts here as I start up a few hours.
  9. Attack on Titan Day 2 5/40 7% Last PCG: 49.61% Current PCG: 49.01% Playtime 4 hours Let the gore fest continue. Now that I have gotten down how to properly use the combat system, I can reign death from above. Crafting is also a major component. Make better blades, sheaths, and ODM gear to make your self into a complete boss in the field. It is the only way to get those S ratings for each mission. You can also build based for different needs. Be it just a general resupply for gas and blades, mining for better materials, or my personal favorite Controllable Artillery stikes😀. Nothing is more satisfying than shooting a titan in the face with a cannon. Also environments are destructible, so collateral damage be damned. Shoot through the building to kill it. This game requires patience. As after 4 hours I have only completed the first chapter which ends at the end of Trost. I wonder though now that season three is out, will they make a DLC or is there a game three in the future. If its the later, I think people are going to get bored quickly of going through everything from the beginning another time. It is great for nee comers, but veterans will begin to gripe.
  10. Game 2 :Attack on Titan 2 1/40 1% Last PCG: 49.61% Current PCG: 48.88% (-.73%) Playtime 45mins I am an awsome father, lol. I introduced my stepdaughtet to anime at an early age, and she is still hooked. For her 18th birthday in Aug, I got her this game. I had the first one for a few years now and she loved it. I never got around to playing it but watched a few times. She has been begging me to try this one out. And I have finally made good on my promise. The story in this version is slightly altered. While in the first one you followed the anime almost exactly. This one differs because you create you own character and your story flows alongside the normal one. The character creation is good enough. Mine is a bad ass with a cowboy hat, blonde hair and blue eyes. Goes by Cloud Strife. My favorite part right now is zooming around in the ODM gear. It is a blast to do. I have yet to get a real firm grip for the combat system. So since I never played the first, I missed out in the chance to get the trophy for getting first place during the training mission. Looking at the guide though, you can unlock it later to return to it. Something else to do once you buy better gear. And that is the crux of the game. It not a game that can be done quickly. It is a good sized story and then sized missions. Going back getting an S rank in everything and you can only unlock the best stuff by beating the hardest difficulty. I think the guide gave it a 5/10 and abouy 100 hours to 100%. Well just about one down and many gory ones to go.
  11. Once my wife decides she is done skyrimimg today, Day one of Attack on Titan 2 will begin. A side question. Is anyone here going to try the 11-11 game being released this coming week. In remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI.
  12. Next year some time there is going to be a sequal. It is going to be co-op and have a much larger map. It involves the dog empire I believe.
  13. I am in this time. Games to be determined after KYC is about finished. I think I will start off with ten games. Over the next year I really want to drop down the games played and completed ratio.
  14. This will be my day two review for Doctor Who. For most of the remainder of the day once I am off I will be down for the count. Trophies: 16/48 24% Starting PCG: 50% Current PCG: 49.61% (-.39%) Well lets start off with some positive. I actually do like the voices and acting. If they are not the real deal, they are close enough to get it right. The story is starting to somewhat pull together into an understandable narrative. But you know with all things timey wimey there will be a great deal of confusion. Trophies as you can see to start with are not too hard to come by. Only a few hours in and a good chuck completed, without going out of my way to get anything. That includes collectables. For one set I am just short of halfway getting them without really trying. Ok now the other stuff. Hmm more glitches like elevators that dont line up with the floors so you can not get out. The mini games and puzzles are very ehh. The only one I find a neat idea is matching the frequencies when using your sonic device to open doors and what not. Also once in a game screen, everything else is still going on around you. So take just too long and you will die. There is no way to see how much more time you have and backing out means starting over. I am still bugged about this type of game. While yes I did think there would be a fair bit of running around. I thought it would be something much different. I think it is because if you know the Doctor. He does not push crates, wall and pipe climb, etc etc. His only tool is a harmless sonic device. Sneak, hide, run, pray is all you can do. Oh and Rivers pistol is about useless. Does this really sound like the character you need for this type of game style.
  15. Remember, you can always manually change the date. So you dont have to wait the whole year to get the trophy for calander man. Well at least for the 360 version that worked. I have not attempted it on ps4 yet. Yes it has alot of DLC and I myself am not that good at clearing the fighting levels and getting all golds. The stealth I can do easily.