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  1. I would like to join. Looking at my backlog, ill start off with these for double points. Journey / Unplayed Mad Max/ 8 out of 50 Grim Fandango/ 12 out of 48
  2. Another book complete. Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith. This is the author behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In this novel he takes another classic story and twists it into something new. It is the story of christmas amd the wise men. What he creates is a story of a group of thieves on the run who stumble across the manger. They scoff amd ridicule mary's story and flee. Something makes them come back though to rescue the family from certain death as soldiers desend into the town to kill all the boys under two. It is now a race to flee to Egypt. It makes for quite the adventure story.
  3. Made it a little more forward in Battlefront by completing the last achievement for the Outer Rim DLC as well as a few other random trophies as well. That takes it to just about 50% complete overall.
  4. Good luck with that. Sometimes getting that last one is more frustrating than all the rest combined. What I remember of The Last of Us was great. One of the games that made me fall in love with the system. I need to go back to it myself someday. Yikes on those you are doing now. Those are some long ones to try to tackle all at once.
  5. I would like to be signed up for this please. Any extra motivation to get through my backlog is great.
  6. Another James Patterson book complete. This one is a young adult novel called Expelled. A group of teens are expelled from highschool after they are nlamed for a indecent picture that went virul from a students secret twitter account. Drama unfolds and secrets are revealed as they try to uncover the truth and clear thier names.
  7. I got it, had to go look after seeing this post. I may even change still even though the holidays are over.
  8. Reading takes up a big portion of my time so I thought it would be a good way to stand out from the crowd. Yes I am in the army. I have been in for almost 18 years. Favorites are a hard one. Right now I would say my top series is The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron. An epic gritty fantasy series that I almost at times prefer to Game of Thrones. At least this series is completed. The authors I like are too numerous but Gaiman I think is my top pick right now. Right now I am working on another James Patterson. I have some easy reads lined up before I tackle some more off my shelf again.
  9. Yesterday was my 11 year anniversary. Wife knows me so well, got me a psn gift card and I selected six new games to add to the backlog. Some easy, some not but they each look interesting. Added to backlog: Broken Age Rainbow Moon Among the Sleep Bastion Dear Esther Firewatch
  10. Still im working on two easy games and havnt gotten the time yet to finish either one. There are like five games or so on my backlog. Abzu Grim Fandango South park The Wolf among us Batman (Working on)
  11. 20 in a year is pretty impressive and to have one completed this far into the new year is equally so. Some of them are ones I want to complete in the coming year.
  12. Deadpool is another example. I think my favorite though is from the simspons game. Just press start to play, achievement unlocks.
  13. Quick read for today. The Store by James Patterson. This is a book that gives you pause to think. So much surveillance and research now days. If is was combined it makes a scary world as this book demonstrated. It is worth a look.
  14. Great job to knock out two platinums so quickly. Good luck on kingdom hearts and happy new years
  15. Well I just finished it today. I was in the holiday mood and scooped up some christmas novels from the library. It is The twelve doctors of christmas. A collection of short stories with each of the incarnations of the doctor. I really liked some of the twists done with certain well known plots and characters. I have read a handful of books and have a good collection on my shelf to get through. I also really enjoy the david tennant audio books as he plays himself. Also happy new years to you all. My gamimg goal is to get a 50% completion rate. I will also try for 15 platinums and/or 100%'s. In books, less from the library and more off my shelves. I'd say 50 off my shelves is a good number. I also added one new game today to my backlog : Forma.8 and tomorrow I will add four more as the ps plus changes over. Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Batman The Telltale series, Pyscho-Pass and Uncanny Valley.