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  1. @DragonQuest238 I made it so people have enough time to get through all ten games including one UR without feeling rushed. This ends on OCT 31st but you don't have to complete everything on that day. The cartoons are actually made by an old comrade. HE used to just draw them on the white board at work but after awhile he started up a Facebook page for them under Alpha Gators. They are all military related, so if you have that background you will definatly get the humor and even if you don't most of them are relatable to everyone else. This one he just made a few days ago and easily fits the Halloween theme as well.
  2. Welcome, and yes one copy of a game, no stacking.
  3. Not sure about completing them all either, but i am going to give it my all. It is by Halloween, this is not a plat rain event. Although seeing people complete their UR's on the 31st would be pretty awesome.
  4. @Sardavanua Great list. I love Reckoning. I have up there with Skyrim and Fable 2 as some of the great rpg's of the 360. Ofcourse considering who authored the story it is not suprising.
  5. Op and backlog is finally remodeled. Took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to organize it this time. Not much on the gaming front to report. I have been taking a bit time off and going a bit slower as I get back to work this week after my vacation. I will pick things up again shortly, especially since I have two pyramids to complete.
  6. Yes you can do both, That is why i made it a seperate event, so you arnt breaking the rules of the other. I don't mind if they do. I have games that go across many events. Yes I think that is a good category as well. I just got back into reading Dresden again, and so makes sense to me.
  7. My List is as follows Tier 1: Slender The Arrival Tier 2: Beyond Two Souls Weeping Doll Tier 3: Letter Quest Hotel Transylvaina 3 Uncanny Valley Tier 4: Bully Goosebumps The Town of Light Whispering Willows
  8. I introduced the idea back when I started the backlog edition not so long ago. well it is finally here. The Halloween edition. All your games have to be Halloween related. I know I wanted to be apart of an event this year as fall is my favorite season. So what are you doing? Picking 10 games to complete, they can either platinum or non plat. DLC counts too. So that game with DLC will be completed 100% to count. Every Pyramid will consist of 10 games. The pyramids structure here is mildly different from the normal one. I want some challenge but not so much that few people will be able to complete it. So there is a tier system. You need to have one of each rarity in your pyramid after that it is all up to you as long as it is related to Halloween. Tier 1 is your Ultra Rare. Tier 2 is one Very Rare and one of any Rarity. Tier 3 is one Rare and the two of any rarity. Tier 4 is four games of any rarity. What kind of games count for this event. These are just examples to get you started. 1) Any games that directly references Halloween. Bully, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, Yonder 2). Any Game that has fall as the time of year or rotates through the seasons. 3) Any Horror Game. 4) Any game that has a classic Monster such as vampire, mummy, ghost, zombie somehow tied into the game. 5). The game could just have a creepy setting. You get the idea. Event will start August the 1st and run through OCT 31st. Signups will end SEPT 1st. That gives you enough time to complete the event. My Digital art skills are not the best so if someone else wants to do the badges, I will leave that up to you. This for now is for the pride of completing it. Participants: @kingofbattle8174 @Kristycism @Sardavanua @Kittet3 @Willreaper41 @cjshaitan
  9. The Halloween Pyramid OP will be up shortly, look for it soon.
  10. @Kent Added and that is a pretty good list. I see we are both about the same point on Mana. I had to leave to get more picks for the Medusa Temple and havnt gone back to the game since. After I finish Xanadu probably. @BlazzingWind Congrats. That is a pretty darn good completion to have in the books. Over four years, I bet it feels great to have that one done.
  11. I also look forward to seeing to what you bring to the table.
  12. You know im in as I continue the long climb to slowly drag my completion rate out of the dregs. It was pretty bad, i started off at under 20%. My goal was to get to 50% by the end of the year, I am not far off from that now. By next year I don't think the high 70's is impossible. I do need to start knocking out some of these more difficult or time consuming titles though. This event will be a good start. 1: Diablo III 1% 1st trophy: 22 AUG 2015 I know I did say I wasn't going to do my pyramid games but this game will be a proud achievement when I knock it off the list. It was a library game to begin with. I now finally bought it from Gamestop a few weeks ago to get it complete. It is an amazing game just time consuming or life consuming not sure which. 2. Mad Max : 11% 1st Trophy 9 NOV 2015 A really good game just huge. I want to go back and get it all done. 3: Bully: 1% 1st Trophy: March 26 2016 One of my all time favorite games. I 100% it on 360 some years ago. It is time to go back to school. 4: Star Wars Battlefront: 37% 1st Trophy: 11 DEC 2015 I do not play a lot of multiplayer. Just not my skill range but for Star Wars I made an exception. I have slowly over time whittled away at it. I have neglected it for some time now. I know I need to get back into it before the community dries up. 5. Neverwinter::1% 1st Trophy: July 16 2016 I plan to start from scratch on this game on the 1st of 2019 and be complete by the end of the year. I know it is a tall order. I hope I can get mostly there with my sanity and marriage intact.
  13. I added this months PS Plus to my backlog. Not sure when I will get to them. My Vita log is going the opposite direction for now. @Kevvik @Kishnabe @Edunstar84 You are all updated. Keep those completions coming in. @cr1s Added and welcome, you even have your first completion in Rayman Origins
  14. Brief Cases by Jim Butcher As I await the next Dresden novel, I guess I will have to settle for a short story collection. If you are a fan of the series, you probably have already read the majority of the stories, which does incude all three bigfoot stories. There is one new novel, but it was far from the best of the collection. Not a must read but a fun one in any case.
  15. Welcome, you are all good the more the merrier. And I can dig the rpg theme. I have a theme of played backlog. After that is done I am going to all vita games.