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  1. Ok consider yourself added
  2. I look forward to seeing how thos thread unfolds. Also are you still starting that anime related event?
  3. I have three. Batman Game of Thrones The Wolf Among Us I own a bunch more of these as well so I should move up the rankings.
  4. Got my badge the other day for Gaming by numbers. Only came up one short in the end as there was just not enough time on the last day to get through half of the word searches to complete the list. Thank you though @eigen-space again and @BigHonkingOne for the image. Second read of the year was short library read. Most people don't associate King with novella's but that is what this is. Good enough. with a great message behind it. I only wish it actually did answer why it al started to begin with. It remains a mystery. Game wise it is good progress, just not where I was expecting. I experienced some burn out playing Period Cube, the alternating paths and more story for the characters can be interesting, but by my fourth playthrough now the sameness is getting to me. so I went to back to Emerald Shores to see if I can make some progress since I got stuck early on and never went back. In the level I was stuck I found a hidden power up and after that I have breezed through a good portion of game since. Still working a good progress on Devious Dungeon, with only two bosses to go and I can move on to something else.
  5. If not that at least bimonthly. It is a long haul this time around.
  6. Looking good, mine will go in my op for my trophy list alongside spring fling.
  7. Finished my Ezpz game this morning. Little Adventure on the Prairie. I had to start over from scratch. I guess the game doesnt save data. Another strike against a crappy game. @eigen-space oh also I noticed a few errors on the excel sheet. My MP game should now be Uno and the metacritic category is the midnight sanctuary.
  8. It is go time. Good luck to everyone that has already signed up. I will have a spread sheet up soon, so everyone can track and see how everyone is doing. @xEl_Cidx @Psy-Tychist You are both added. Good luck to you.
  9. My first finished read of 2019. A lesser known work by Wells but a pretty good one. The basics are two scientists create a growth substance that makes things grow to stupid level big of anything that takes it in be it plant, animal or human. It starts out on a contained farm, but the workers are sloppy so it gets out into the countryside and now you have giant wasps and rats. around the same time one of the scientists gives some to his infant son making him the first of a giant breed of humans. Normal people try to suppress it, and contain the outbreaks but it is out there and spreads. The giants are forced to the point where they fight to be treated in a humane way. Some of the language can be hard to read being a book written over 100 years ago, but the content is very good. Plat # 28 Little Adventure on the Prairie: Big Adventurer Technically this will be done tomorrow, as it is part of the 10 things I hate about games event. Since it starts at midnight, I have this ready to go except the last level. I will not be on then so I am doing it now. This was not a fun game. easy yes, fun no. I mean if the only way to win is to find the hidden little ledge above each enemy and strike as for most enemies sitting here makes you unhittable. it feels clumsy and awkward though, and your jump is about useless and you are as slow as a sloth. If not for this event, and even with it, I feel bad beating this game. It feels cheap and not worth the plat.
  10. Well my first game, is ready to go. It is my Ezpz title: Little adventure on the prairie. Coming in at a whopping 97.88 percent. I left the last level for after tomorrow noon. And I now need a shower from dirtying myself from this crap game. Easy yes but stupid horrible controls.
  11. CJ, I will get back to you later in pm.
  12. @Caju_94 @ladynadiad Even if the 100 percent is unobtainable, you are both good competitors, so I am sure you will rise to go as far as you can. @Sofa King @Ampplaca @Squirlruler @Lagoon Aris Welcome Aboard. As for myself. I sit about 50% range. My goal is maybe hit the 75ish area. It sounds like a big jump but doing the math if I complete say 20-25 games out of my played backlog I think I will get there. My first step is to finish all my open vita games. Thats about 12 right there. None of them are undoable. Some of the platformers maybe hard but I think doable in a year. Oh I will also fix the date thing since it is throwing so many people off.
  13. You have a good few RPG'S remaining but your remaining list seems doable in a year. You could possibly hit the full 100. It's really close.
  14. Good to hear, just need @Caju_94 againas well. What is your goal this time?
  15. Military time... my bad. I forget at times people dont do a 24 hr clock.