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  1. Latest movie review: Gremlins 2 The New Batch. This movie fits in with watching Hocus Pocus and The Adams Family. It is more funny at times than actually scary and I actually prefer this one to the original. The idea of gremlins has pf course been around for many years. Devious creatures who stay out of site and cause chaos by breaking things. The idea came out of WW2 as to explain why things would go wring when nothing should. Not long after that you had bug bunny and William Shatner both trying to survive experiences with the creature. The latter was retold in a classic Simpson's episode. Years later, Gremlins 1 was released. The franchise went deeper into how and why these creatures exist. They also gave use one of the cutest characters ever in Gizmo. There are also the rules, no eating after midnight, no getting them wet and no bright lights. #1 I think of as more as a Christmas film since that is the season it is set but second film is good for any time. The banter and tone are much better in this film and has some fun cameos like the Hulkster. There are questions though since it leave the door open for a third film. There was one gremlin left in the end and she survives. For we know she is still out there making new ones. Latest Book Myth Inc. Link This is series that I have gotten into this year. It is an older series but has been pretty fun. This is book 8 in the series. I have not written on it before so it may help to give some background. So the series begins on Klad, which is a typical fantasy setting. Skeeve is an apprentice to a wizard. His master is in the middle of a summoning when he is assassinated. This introduces us to Aahz, who is considered a demon. Now demon really just means an inter-dimensional creature. So away from earth, we would be considered a demon by the beings of that universe. Aahz was also a wizard and his summoning was a bit of a practical joke. The wizard stripped him of his powers as he summoned him. It was meant to be good for a laugh, but became permanent upon said wizards death. Skeeve then becomes Aahz’z apprentice and later partner as they go on various travels and pick up an assortment of companions. They become so successful that they set up shop on Deva which is the plane of Deevils. Most call the devils because of thier appearance but really all they are are very good merchants. Think of any case where if you don’t read the fine print or are talked into a good deal but it is anything else. That is all Deevils are, good at making a deal. Skeeve has made a name for himself at this point and has his own company there. He contracts out his jobs to his adventuring companions and they all make money getting things done. This book is by the perspective of the various companions as they handle these jobs. It is a bridge novel from being all about Skeeve to what is coming next. New Game started Life is Strange True Colors. This is my first entry to this franchise. I have a few of them in the unplayed backlog but this one looked cool, so I bought it and started it. Ot part of my halloween list but I need to stop buying and then shelving it. If I buy it I need to play it until I atleast beat the story. Then it can go in the grind section to finish later. Having played some Telltale , the formula is familiar to me. It is just wrapped up in a better presentation. The music, graphics and acting in this one are top notch. It is a bummer there are so many missables but oh well. I am not using a guide but trying to be careful with my surroundings since many are very missable. But it is fun and maybe will convince me to play the others I own sooner.
  2. Real good progress with two games becoming story mode complete.


    Halloween Forever. 

    I started the game for a KYC a few years ago and it got lost in the backlog. The main idea is that you are a pumpkin man who can vomit candy corn who needs to stop the necromancer. It plays like most platformers with mid and end of level bosses. There are a bunch of hidden extra characters. Each character plays  different like when you get different guns in contra. The important thing to remember is that those rooms hold extra lives once you collect the hidden character. Those spots are the only extra lives in the game.I tried them all out and got pretty far with most of them.  My winning guy though had an infinite jump. That means he can go along the ceiling in some of those harder spots and bosses. I was already familiar with the patterns since I beat the game once in 99 live mode. That mode disables trophies though so I needed to do it again. Clean up for this game is having to beat the game with every character. 


    Chroma Quaternion


    This game is pretty standard Kemco stuff. That being said it is one of the better stories of the games I have played. Although it weird to have a fantasy setting and some characters desire to be pop stars. Roles are a large part of the game, like early final fantasy job system. It impacts the story though too. Roles are your talents and how you find enjoyment in life. It is something you are born with and it is up to you how to use it. I mostly enjoyed this one and now have to the normal arena, steps, chests, and side quests. 

  3. Attack on Titan 2: 07%. Hades: 15%—> 19% Mary Skelter: 4% Castlevania: 28%. Akiba’s Trip: Halloween Forever: 15%—>50% Bully:1% Dont Bite me bro: 14%: Zombi: 7% Persona 5 : 1%. Kingdom Hearts: 2% Well my birthday weekend last week was a blast. It was luau themed by way. Not what I was expecting but it was good. Got a couple switch games and some psn cards that I am still thinking on what to do with. After that was done my goal was to finally complete a Hades run and I did so. With the bow too, which is my least favorite weapon. What saved me was a duo boon that gives health regen during battles if you have no death defiance. With that it was just a real matter of patience. I was curious how the game would keep getting you to repeat the game after you escape the first time and it is really good. My plan is to move on to the next story mode and get all of those done and then mop up all the remaining trophies. In pretty good bites this week it has been Halloween Forever. Now I did start off with 99 live mode, which disables trophies, and beat the game. Now I am going back to beat it legit. Only one boss to go now. There is alot of cleanup with this game, mostly because you have to beat it with most of the optional characters. 1hp mode will be a beast when I get to it later. Tonight though is anime night and beer night, since I still have cases left from last weekend. Cheers everyone and good hunting.
  4. After about halfway through the plot begins to come together. For me it does not help that this is the first of the franchise I have played. I think does real well in breaking things down for a new audience who have never had the opportunity to play one of the games before and know who these people are and their backstories. I think any game where you are trying to bring in characters across different games or timelines is going to get weird. Jump Force is a good example. The fishing is good and a high point of the game. Getting all the fishing done is hard though as getting max and min sizes takes a long time for some varieties. This is one spot of many where there is little info on how to complete it or the best way to. That is why it is like a 1.5% rarity for maxing all fish. oh I dont know if you read this but if not this spot has some good info. Good luck and I will be keeping tabs on your progress.
  5. Summon Night Six was the last game that I have noticed to have a legit manual. Not a one page leaflet that is an ad for other games or your dlc codes. The manual was a good 30 pages long and had a bio for most of the cast as well as some good info for how to play the game. Before that FF13 had the mini walkthough guide in their case. Last good manuals I remember.
  6. Summon Night 6 is a great game but it is a grind to 100% plat. The person who go by Priere now is working on a guide for the game, he sent me the info a few months back and it is alot for after the first playthrough. You are pretty spot on for your impressions. Yes it can be disjointed but it ends being a fun rhythm. You do get alot of characters and by the end it starts getting hard on how they are related. Good luck and enjoy. It is one of the best games on the system I have played.
  7. Be ready for this song to be stuck in your head.
  8. Attack on Titan 2: 07%. Hades: 12% —> 15% Mary Skelter: 4% Castlevania: 28%. Akiba’s Trip: Halloween Forever: 9% —> 15% Bully:1% Dont Bite me bro: 14%: Zombi: 7% Persona 5 : 1%. Kingdom Hearts: 2% My 1st update is a bit early. Saturday I turn 40 and should be busy prepping the house for then. I am starting to get into a groove for Halloween forever and should be able get all the way through it soon. Hades is being a thorn in my side. I can make it all the way to the end boss and get him to his second phase but run out of health and lives before I finish him off. Partly I blame the world three bosses as they take alot out of you. The one time it did not was because I found the boon from Ares that does dash damage works really well for that stage.He was not balanced enough though to go all the way. Oh well another run will be soon.
  9. no worries, i used to be in the same position so I know how crazy it gets.
  10. @MidnightDragon same for me please.
  11. I had considered it, along with KingdomHearts. Both have pretty lengthy requirements. Well not much more than some of the other games on my list. I gues I will add them and see how it goes.
  12. Attack on Titan 2: 07%. Titans are just big zombies Hades: 12% Takes place in hell Mary Skelter: 4% creepy setting with lots of blood Castlevania: 28%. It has Dracula Akiba’s Trip: You strip Vampires to kill them Halloween Forever: 9% A pumpkin who vomits canycorn Bully:1% has a halloween special night Dont Bite me bro: 14%: survive the minecraft zombies Zombi: 7% Zombie shooter Persona 5 : 1%. Black cat sidekick Kingdom Hearts: 2% Halloween Town I think you can see the theme I am going with here. Just played backlog games, still trying to bring that completion up. I have more but the rest are over the requirements. If there is something else in there you think I should add, let me know and I will consider more but this is a good list.
  13. PlaystationTrophies says tomorrow release. Could be a timezone thing for me. weird. The site just changed. It did say 1 day, now says 0 days. Maybe it is live now.
  14. whats one more? It wont hurt any… at least thats what i tell myself.
  15. Even if the online still worked, the guitars are so expensive. I need a replacement because one button has gone out. I could maybe finish the offline grind if a controller wasnt as much as a vr headset.