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  1. I need to work  on my dopamine issues. I can see that it is more of an issue than I really thought. I want to just enjoy games and part of me still craves to 100% games. Why because my account and what I have worked on and I really have been addicted to hunting since I bought my 360. I want to bring myself more balance though, and read more, and do other hobbies. Things I put aside because I need to feed my habit. 


    So as of now, no more hunting. I made an account just for stories and fun. It has none of the pressure though that I was placing on myself. One game and story at a time. No rush because I will not be putting it online. I even named my account Allstory_noplat. 


    I will also be on a social media break. 30 days, no PSNP, Youtube, Linked in, Starting after this post. 


    It has been a fun ride and I have slowly been weaning myself off of what I have been but I need to go further. 


    I wish everyone the best until I am back around. 



    1. Jeanoltt


      I realized I didn't try a lot of games just because I don't want them hanging around at 1% on my profile. I made another account with the same purpose and I enjoy playing there too, so it's a good idea!

  2. Next Story completed: What a great game as I make my way through my backlog. I have had this game for ages. I knew it was well received, even for a semi common completion. I can see why after playing it. The premise is simple enough, the pair of brothers need to go up the mountain to get a mystical water to cure their father. It has a very fairy tale vibe to it with strange creatures, encounters with wolves and lots more. Which would make sense since it looks like it supposed to be pre-dark ages Germany. It is a puzzle platformer where you control each brother moving both at once, each one on a separate thumb stick. This is where the challenge is, trying to move both characters is using different parts of the brain at the same time. Sometimes the wires get crossed, the wrong brothers moves or lets go of a platform, which means you fall to your death. The hardest for me was a chase near the end as I would get stuck around objects you do not have enough reaction time to get your brain to get the right one moving in the right direction. It is all not platofrming though, and not one type is overused. There is a hand glider which was a fun mechanic, and some great sections like the land of giants. Spoilers ahead on my thoughts on certain sections. I will say that the game is another lately where the end is not what you expect. That is twice now in a few weeks I have had that type of game. No more meloncholoy, which is why I moved on to Jak and Daxter. A replay for me, since I beat it for PS2 but it has been too long. I did also start up my first Atelier game, Sophie 2. I will make some progress on it soon too.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Fall of the Porcupine? There has been a an empty demo for about a week in the store. Meaning you click on the demo and it says sorry there os nothing here at this time. You think after a day if it was not going to launch they would take the listing down. 

  4. Story for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons now finished.


    What a great game, but man that dual stick control was tough at times, especially the late stage chase scene.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. kingofbattle8174


      Next up, Jak and Daxter. I havnt played it since ps2 days. 

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      That was a good game, except for the dually joysticks!  I kept switching the brothers and trying to run them off a cliff.  Nice gameplay and graphics, highly recommend it!

    4. kingofbattle8174


      @BlackSquirrell1 You almost have to fight your own brain as it is true multitasking.

  5. People must be playing this version again somehow. Infallible has gone from almost a very rare to back to the 3% UR range. It has been slowly moving for the past few weeks by .01 each time.
  6. My first Aletier game starts tonight. So far looks kinds nice. I like the music too.

    1. kingofbattle8174


      Edit: Atelier

    2. Sendai-Horatio


      Which Atelier game are you starting?

    3. kingofbattle8174


      Sophie 2: from what I researched it seems to be a good starting point for new players

  7. Today’s vocabulary lesson of words that rhyme with jump.


    Nump: The act of taking a nap while taking a dump. Or if you hide out at work by taking a nap in the bathroom stall. 


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AK-1138


      Looking forward to Gump Jump



    3. LukeTheGooner


      Donald Trump Jump

    4. kingofbattle8174




      That is already out.

      Gump by the way mean a non masculine male. If anyone want ti know 



      Do you go to jail if you dont pass the game?

  8. Spiderman update:


    3/9 districts now completed. It is going pretty smooth now that I am back in the swing of things. 

    Next district has all the Tombstone and university missions and the lab puzzles. So will get a small bump. 

    1. LukeTheGooner


      Miles Morales or Spiderman from 2018?

    2. kingofbattle8174


      2018. I may need to drop my ps +. 

  9. Gone Home: The first game I 100% completed and had a speed run that I hated Run Sackboy Run: Fun game but Grindy
  10. For Marvel Spiderman, 


    Do you prefer to go after one set of collectables or complete a whole region at a time, Which is more time efficient?

    1. Raveniteh


      The way I did it second my second time through I usually grabbed whatever was along the way to my next objective and then cleanup region by region. 

    2. PlutoRico


      Region by region is the most efficient imo, start all the way up and make your way down 

  11. Watching the gameplay, it reminds me of Wet, which is not a bad thing. It also gives me those late 80 to 90's anime vibe with the animation, color palate, and how the enemies look. It may be a cool one to try out. I see there is a free trial so I may do that first.
  12. You learn something new everyday.


    I have a pretty good vocabulary but I had no idea what a Tump was. 

    At first I misread it and thought it said Trump

    A tump is a clump of trees by the way. So i guess it means the game is forest themed. The trees jumping would make no sense.  


    1. LukeTheGooner


      guess something good has finally come out of one of the jumping games

    2. AK-1138


      If they're getting so desperate as to use uncommon arboreal terms and concepts as games, I hope they do have the good sense to stay away from making one called [email protected] Fly

    3. MidnightDragon


      I thought the same thing. Don't feel bad. xD 

  13. One of my family members strikes again, as often as I say dont use my account if you are paying multiplayer now I have another game I didnt want on there yet. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      I have a separate account for when the kids want to play, so do that. 

    3. AK-1138


      I applaud your family member's fully embracing their rights as a worker

    4. kingofbattle8174


      I have separate accounts for family members, and i completely log off before I let them play but had a friend over and mine was selected for the second controller. Oh well, at least it is not a bad game. 

  14. Very easy: Gris: This category is harder since I have alot of story driven narratives, but this is one of my favorites. Easy: Astro's Playroom. Anyone who has played this game knows just how much fun it is. Moderate: South Park The Stick of Truth. One of my top games and such fun to play. A guide is needed for some of the possible missables, so you dont need a second playthrough. Hard: Tokyo Xanadu. The length is what makes it a hard game. Almost 150 hours for three playthroughs, which is the better way to go so you are not struggling to complete the harder difficultiy requirements. Very Hard. Diablo 3: Doing it the legit way, makes it a long grind and hard core required. Doing it the optimal way will make it go down the list to moderate.
  15. A Diofield Chronicle demo is out today. I hope it is good. Already downloaded to try later.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. I'll do that real quick.