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    I seem to have a going theme of playing these for for my milestones. And why not they are enjoyable games that quench that RPG thrist. This one is even better than or even at the top of the Kemco game I have completed. There are some grinds, it actually took me about ten hours longer then the guide says it should. Most of that it money and xp grinding since you need a weapon all the way maxed and a post game boss that you need to be atleast level 750 to have a chance and you can finish the game around level 80. Story though was way better than some previous ones, I enjoyed the characters and even if the twist towards the end was not a shocker it was done well. I have a renewed sense of now getting after my completion PCG now that this is out of the way. For the last few day I have been making some strategy guides and printing them out at work. This uses less phone data and saves my battery. 


    Next up, I have Lego Batman 2, I need to just finish 4/5 of the challenges. Also A Short Hike. I started it the other day for fun and finished the story. Now it is collectable clean up time.