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  1. As criminal as it is, I am behind this season or so. I have alot on my dvr still from new years. Yah know the only time of year bbc shows more than 6 episodes. By that I mean thoughout they show about 6 to 10 of the same episodes all year long. It drives me crazy. Well I have lots of issues with bbc anymore but it is the same with just about any channel on cable that they no longer show what should be in that channel. Bbc now is star trek, nature documentaries, and random American movies. I know the parent company is now amc but the programing seems lost. I heard the Tennet rumors but I took them with a grain of salt. As cool as it would be, I think they will keep moving in new directions. He is the most popular Doctor though which is why he was added to the vr sequel. I am interested to see how the new season goes. I havnt looked into the big special though. I will have to look it up.
  2. There are three games in the series. Both Agatha and MechaNika are pretty sweet point and clicks. Art style is on point, cool easter eggs and yah the trophy images are nice too. Game three changes it up, it is this challenging side scroll action game. Dont look at it until you play the other two first though. I am always down for some Doctor Who talk. First and fore most are you ready for another new doctor?
  3. I think I remember that cut scene. In all it was a forgettable experience. Speaking of the transition times, I remember times that the game would have you facing back towards the exit as you entered an area, so you will exit by accident, meaning another load screen, to turn around again to get back to where you were going, meaning another load screen. Agatha Knife is a funny game. You play as Agatha, who works in a butcher shop. You don't want the animals to fear you though, so you decide to make a new religion call Carnivorism, which teaches them not to fear death.
  4. I have a question for you. Is the titan your played backlog and as much as you try to conquer it, it remains out of reach. Too many games not enough time. Sound familiar. Well here we try to bring down the titan one leg at a time and help each other along the way. This in now year five for AOC. I actually am still amazed at the support for this event. I want to give a shout out to my partner @Squirlruler, who's programming has kept me from having to tally this manually the last few seasons. This season we return a bit more to the competitive roots that spawned this event. You do not need to do these in order to participate but it may give some the extra motivation to really tackle these backlogs. So tell me more? Ok so here we are working on completion PCG. As long as you are looking to increase that you can sign up. The goal is by year end to at least gain a 5% in your completion percentage. For some it may be more and that is encouraged. My motto last year was go big. But do what you can do. For those that are over 90 % that applies as well, set a reasonable goal for where you want to be. So I am looking for a good say 25 players or more. Say you would like to join, give your starting pcg and what your goal percentage is. After that is up to you how you raise your score. Do you go on one game until you earn 100%. Do you complete story modes or maybe just chip away at random trophies. There are endless possibilities. and this year there are monthly challenges to up the ante. So what are the rules? No cheating, shouldn't need to say it but you have to. Also the point is to play your games so games that allow you to skip playing it such as Jak and Daxter should be avoided unless done legit. Stacking is ok, but please no Autopopping. Same theory as above. Auto pops do not count for points for the monthly challenges. No hiding games you have started once the competition begins. Monthly Challenges Below will be list of goals that can be claimed during a month. These are extra options to find ways to increase your completion percentage. You can get complete more than one goal in a month but you do not get points for completing the same goal twice. For instance, one goal could be to complete a new game that you added to your profile that month. You cannot use that goal twice in one month, you can though get points for say also completing a game in another community event. You also cannot use the same game for various goals. The next month you can again gain the points from any goal. For a game to count for a goal it must be from atleast the month prior Scoring Each individual goal is 1 point 10 points will be awarded when you hit the 5% goal or short term goal if you were over 90% to begin with. hit that longer term goal and 25 points is yours. get points from every category, it will net you 50 points. Monthly goals: Complete the game with the most common rarity on your profile. . Complete the plat with the most rarity on your profile. Complete all the multiplayer trophies in a game. Complete a free game. Complete a nonplatinum game Complete a game for another community event Complete the game with the highest completion percentage on your profile. For example, on my profile, Halloween forever sits at I believe 95% complete. This gives the motivation to finish those games that have those hard trophies. Must be from 2021 or before. Complete a story mode from a game that you have not played in a year or more. Complete the oldest game on your profile. Complete a PS Plus game. Snag 100 Trophies Hit a PSNP milestone on your profile. Finish a DLC for a game you have already completed. Move 5 games up in rank :IE( e-d, d-c, c-b, b-a, a-complete) One of each. Complete a new game added to your profile that month. Get a UR trophy. Game must be atleast two months old. Raise your score by a whole PCG point. If there are more goals I am open to adding them. Get a trophy from every platform you own ( PS3/PS4/Vita/VR/PS5) If you do not own the game/ system anymore or it is unobtainable, move on to the next one in that order that could be allowed for that specific goal. These goals are not mandatory. You can as always just have fun, push up that completion and inspire each other to finish those games that have been left behind because there are too many games and not enough time. Begins Jan 1st 0001 Ends DEC 31st. I look forward to seeing some new faces and return players that may not have gotten all the way to their goal. Participants:
  5. I was not impressed at all by Black Mirror. It felt like the weirdness of Silent Hill with the clunky controls of an early RE game. A good Point and Click series that is more light hearted, Agatha Knife
  6. What a Monday, and I actually mean that in a good way.


    In Squares I am now level 30/9- so about 1/3 complete now, which is great. I knock out a few at a time and take a break before going back at it. 


    Personally, it was a wild time. So we had an all staff meeting online. During the meeting, I got a call that we are now approved to close on our house. After years of stressing and working for it, the end is in sight. Now also during that meeting we were told that in the new fiscal year we can expect a good pay raise to keep up with inflation. These are my blessings of the day. I hope that tomorrow, it will be another persons turn and that something you need is in sight. 

    1. Lordguwa


      congratulations. getting a house is one of the best things ever.

    2. kingofbattle8174


      I cant wait, especially to get things back unpacked and in order. 

  7. No takers for ManEater to save the Great Whites?
  8. It has been some time since I updated this. Recent Completions: G3: Sci-fi Theme I5: In Game Weather Effects I2: Strategy or Simulation O1: Side Scrolling Bingo O1-O5 !!!!! N3: Snacks That Heal You B5: Female Protagonist Other Completions: B2: Retro Rerelease: B4- That I Have Been Meaning to Get To: I1: Anthropomorphized Animals A Short Hike G1- That Can be Beat in One Sitting: O2- No Jump Button: O3- No Platinum: O4- Adventure: O5: Arcade, Rhythm, or Puzzle Unpacking
  9. That is one hell of spreadsheet, I am thoroughly impressed. Does it come with Pivot tables though?
  10. Thanks, hope to see you around some more.
  11. I have too many games and not enough time to 100% them all. With a staggering backlog of over 400 titles, and that is just unplayed, it is time to make a change. I am getting older and need to spend my time better. So my goal is now to play and beat every game I own. I paid money for them so this exercise will help me clear it out some. It was originally going to be several lists but I decided for simplicity to collapse it all into one list. Unplayed and started games but did not finish the story are organized by completion time. I used the rating on How long to beat for this. The games where the story is now completed will be compiled together to go after another day. You might think ok that means we will see a bunch of trash games first. There might be some but there are also some gems and UR games that have a lower score. Some of them are quite challenging. No guides or walkthroughs either. All blind as I am want to experience then better. How will this make my completion PCG look, not sure yet. I believe it will balance out. As I beat games that I already started it will improve my overall score. As of today I have only reorganized my spreadsheet maybe an 1/8th of the way. The game that I thought was the shortest is no longer it. So lets start this off. Starting PCG: 65.37 Before Starting Game: 65.37 Current PCG: 65.66 Working On: Squares A Kings Tale FF XV Speed time under 7 mins/ Astro Bot
  12. Delivered Us the Moon My first story completed off of PS Plus. I would classify this as a half 3rd person adventure and half 1st person walking sim game, since there are sections of each throughout the game. More online with how a walking sim is story wise with some comparisons to Soma and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. It takes place in the near future with an Earth near death and out of resources. Our last hope was to mine Helium 3 from the moon and transmit it back to Earth like a signal that can be used as energy. ( Not sure how that works). One day the moon goes off line and there is no contact as well. Years pass before a person can be sent up to investigate and bring the colony back online. Failure would be the last opportunity for the last humans on Earth. A pretty dire scenario like the end of the world in Soma. You get up there and it is abandoned. There are not signs of life. By reading left behind files and watching small recording of scenes that play out like Rapture, you get a sense of what happened to the colonists. So that is what it was about but how does it play. The answer not bad for a game of this type. Good responsiveness overall except for the 0 grav near the beginning which had me sideways or upside-down at times. It was a pain to right myself again. It is a good game to look at as well. Not impressive by any means though, as I was awed by Astro so it seems blander. But being a grey moon scape could be part of the problem. There is no real difficulty, only a few sections have hazards that may make you reset once or twice to figure out how to do it. If you follow a guide you could maybe do it in one go, but there is a chapter select clean up should not be a problem. Rating, give it a try if you have the time.
  13. I started squares for the Vita this afternoon. 15 levels in and already the pace of this game is just over the top. A good challenge but damn.

    1. kingofbattle8174


      On a separate note. Today is a first. Getting a congrats from Sony for beating all the levels of Astro. Do they do that for othwr games or is it just this one since it is the demo for the system. 

  14. Deliver us to the moon added a ps5 version today as well.
  15. It has been a good couple of days. Last night I completed 2 more games and I followed up with a third today. One I have working on for a bit and have mentioned it. The others are some Vita stinkers. First up: End of the Tale I was so sad when they ended the Vita support. So when I saw that a few more games were dropped after, this one looked like the best of the bunch. It may be but that is still not saying much. For a simple platformer it has its problems. One it is super short. Only four levels with one being just a save point and the last boss. The only boss as matter of fact. More on him later. Like other Sometimes you games, there are translation errors but not as bad as others games released by this company. The story though, was just dumb and made no sense. It is so bad that the ending is just 4th wall breaking scene where they cop out to admitting the story sucks but hope you had a good time anyways. Like seriously, WTF. There are plenty of glitches as well. The most famous being that if you die gems do not reset unless you exit out of the game completely. In a game where you will die a handful of times, it will get irritating. I also came across a glitch many times that you get stuck running in place. Again by exiting out, it resets the glitch. Lastly the boss was semi annoying. Mostly because of the exploding mushrooms. They have ranges where even if you look safe, you take damage. Rolling negates damage any other time in the game, not with mushrooms. In each instance there is usually only one safe spot, maybe on the opposite side of the screen, or lots if times there is no safe spot and you lose health. Now if like me, you got through the game with out any additional powerups, that means two hits and it is try again. A crappy annoying boss for a poor title, where there is clean up of getting powerups and buying from the store. Oh and collecting 500 gems, you know those things that dont reset when you die. So on to clunker # 2. Casual Ending This is the last game I have from the sale right before the Vita support went away. Lets just say it is not saving the best for last. So in the game you play as a clerk in a grocery store scanning items. I like to think of it as the bastard illegitimate clone of Papers Please. and as great as that game is, this one falls flat. @DrBloodmoney pointed out how great the challange was in Papers, and even if it was work made a great experience. In this game, you are in a crappy store and it feels like work. After a few days, I began to memorize produce stock codes, and that is not cool. I don't need to know the codes for imaginary bananas. That and the whole packet thing is weird. So each customer gets asked if they want a packet and give them one if they do. If you do not you earn a demerits. Three demerits and it comes out of your pay. I mean I get stores have KPI's but not giving a customer smoke who wants one? That what you penalize me for? Other than that it does not even utilize the touch screen, the game is so bare bones. There is still a regular mode to get through which through cloud saves you can save time and do in one go from what I have read. At least I have one good game to review on. The Winter Wolf Now besides Astro, this game has been all I have been doing for some time. I wasn't sure what it was when I bought it, even when I loaded it up I went in blind. The prologue introduced me to what others call a Digital Strategy Board game. and that is fitting. Armello is a fantasy strategy game, like Risk, GOT and Grimm Fairy tales all blended together. There are four players and the king in the center of the map. The other 3 players and the king along with all other enemies are all AI controlled. There used to be a PVP it looks like but no way to access. Luckily all the trophies can be completed in single player. So anyways, like a tabletop game, you move around the board, each space is even hexagonal like most games of this type. You can complete quests, kill the other players and other actions while trying to win the game in 9 days. The whole game takes 9 days because the kind is infected with a corrupting disease and get crazier on each day and loses a HP point as well. There are four ways to win, the easiest being the one to complete the most quests and kill other players, while not losing points as well. That is really the bare bones version. There is alot that goes in to it. I actually went to Youtube University to really get a good handle on all the rules and how to win. Even after the intro, I did not have a good grasp of it. I learned some good tips to get me off on a better foot to start games. Luckily though since each one is only 9 days long, if things are not going your way, restarting does not feel like a chore. You are going to be playing this game alot anyways going for 100% It involves beating the game as each character, and each win type along with some other RNG dependent goals. The game though is fun to play and for a early PS4 title still looks good. You can see the level of care that went into the game. They even animated the status cards, and did a great job of it. It you like a good strategy game, this would fit the bill. It also is on sale quite a bit often. I think I picked it up for 3.99. It was well worth it though. Next up will be dependent. I am near my data cap limit so it will be what I have on my hard drive until the turn of the month.
  16. Good morning everyone: Time for my first update. I have been behind since I started playing my backlog. I think 6 games down or so since I started with two more last night. A Plague Tale: 31% Marvel Spiderman: 22% RPGolf Legends: 16% A Street Cat Tale: 7%—29% Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: 10%— 13% Oh I am also adding Astro’s Playroom 0– 46%. I am trying to make this my next completion.
  17. Story Completed: Play has No Limits What a weekend. It was packed with stuff. It think I need a weekend from my weekend to be honest. Saturday, went to a carnival then hung out with family. Sunday, Father's day, got spoiled with an awesome gift, and time to get used to the new system. I do like that all I had to do was plug in my external hard drive and my games are ready to go. I transferred a few of my saves so far via cloud and now I am ready to go. Now they all want to argue on what happens to the old system. Monday, in the morning we used our annual membership to walk around the zoo, had lunch and then my wife asked for some couple time ,so she wanted to see the new Top Gun. Which was awesome in the theater. I finished off the night by completing the last levels of this nice intro game to the PS5. Astro has a cool history. Started off as a tech demo for the VR, got so popular they made a full game for him. Which that game is one of the best on the VR to be honest. Now he is both a tech demo and a full game for PS5. This game lives up to the games before and then some. The game is just as bright and colorful as the earlier games and still has the same charm. If you have played the earlier games then most of the game should now be too taxing as the strategies are about the same. In each level though is a new minigame, that uses the remote in a new way. In one you use the touch pad to move your self in a ball, another as a monkey and each trigger controls a different arm. Triggers are feedback sensitive so how hard or long you press them could change what happens on screen. The feedback from the remote is also changes with the environments, which is a nice touch. What is really cool though is all the Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. All over the place are other robots acting out as video game icons. Some are easy to recognize, others I had no clue but were fun to see. There was Crash, Fat Princess, Dante, along with Kratos and his son to name a few. Now that the levels are done, like other Astro games it is all about collectables, which in this case it is mostly fun, not too much grind. There are not that many per level, but there is also the claw machine like previous games. Not sure yet how much extra coins will be needed to get everything from there. There are few randoms too but you need some of the collectables to perform the actions. So what is next? Well I am still working on Armello. I got through the prologue and was just about through the game as the winner when it froze and I had to restart. I may be able to pull out a win, if not games are short. I had to do some youtube university to really get a handle on how to play. Now that I get it better. I may get this in a game or two, luck dependent.
  18. I got my PS5 today. My wife said now I dont have to hear about it anymore. My response, what I wasn't that bad. Well i spoiled her with a get away for mothers day so this is her return the favor. So now my backlog goes up by two games, the Astro game and Kena. I completed two world so far, all the easter eggs are great. 

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      It came from my awesome wife, who bought it online from Walmart.

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      Doctor Completion

      Hope you enjoy it!

  19. Ahh Planet Coaster. What a great game. Not as over the top as Thrillville could be but still gets pretty crazy. I got stuck in the campaign for some time until I found the tool for the best pricing. That matters so much by the Pirate levels. I did get slightly addicted to this game after watching Lets game it out. He gets his so over the top. Congrats on finishing it up. I need to keep mine going now as I work on my backlog.
  20. I do agree with that advise. I started Armello, and was just not feeling it. Right now just knocking out random trophies for now.
  21. Ok , it is time to shine , a Dr who discussion. Lets go. I have to say I am surprised that almost all of the modern doctors are at the bottom. My bottom choice would be Doctor #8 that had one appearance, a god awful Terminator ripoff that I despise. While #13 is not tops, there were some really good episodes. The Rosa Parks one is perhaps one of the strongest. Matt Smith I would also put in the middle of the pack. I did like Hurt as the war doctor, I also read the book that they published for his character. I actually would rank #12 lower than 11 or 13. I never enjoyed him or his companions. Oh and that cheesy Superhero Christmas special, bottom one for any that have been produced. The War Doctor Novel. A decent story for the character.
  22. I think most of mine were between 12 and 16.
  23. I figured it was just vita. But all in mint makes it even more impressive. Congrats on the nice set.
  24. That would be an awesome collection to see. I am starting to consider collecting some.
  25. Story Completed: A Street Cat's Tale What we have today is a Simulation experience where you play as a young kitten on the streets of an urban area. Your mom has been run over by car and now you are on your own. You need to make it through the 12 days, at which I guess you are old or experienced enough to live on your own. You have a hunger and heath bar. The hunger bar goes down rapidly and you need to eat consistently. Don't eat for too long and you lose health. You can also lose health by eating the wrong things, like glass or bones. You can also get run over which as you can guess puts real big dents in your health. You have a home base of sorts as well and by resting to move onto the next day it does replenish some health and hunger. By upgrading the house, this amount goes up as well as having a greater amount of health and hunger. That covers the sim side. There is also a relationship side to is as well. There about 8 or 9 NPC's to talk to. Some are other animals, and some are humans. They have quests to perform, but only after you raise the affection level for them, by bringing them objects they like as gifts. By maxing out a characters quest line and then surviving the 12 days is how you get the various endings. There is also one for dying and surviving the 12 days without maxing out an NPC. If you plan it out right, you can do maybe two characters in one 12 day run. Each character is different and maybe one only talks to you in the morning or is only present at all after dark. Some give items that are useful to other characters. The 12 days are short though and after you max out a quest line you can just rest continuously until the 12 days are up, so even if you just go one character a run it should not take long. If you re a big cat game player and are waiting for Stray to it the market, this may fill the void until then. A good filler game, nothing too strenuous. Game 1: Life is Strange. Booted it up the other day, I will keep going through the story Game 2: Ape Escape. I upgraded my PS + and this is the first game I am going to play. Game 3: next Backlog game Armello.