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  1. Any update? I'm on the fence to buy the physical edition but ONLY if all game data is on the disc, even the DLC episodes.
  2. I wasn't aware of that collection, pretty sweet! Too bad it's a US-only release, I think. I've looked up our local game stores' website and can't find anything about it.
  3. I've had this game on my wishlist for a while and I noticed I can't find it in the PS store anymore... Neither in US or EU. On it also says the game has been withdrawn from the store: It's sad to see these digital only games get lost, unless it's a temporary thing...
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I've created a HK PSN and was able to add the DLC to my account. If I have access to my PS3 I'll see if I can download and play it (which I assume should be no problem). EDIT: It seems to work perfectly fine!
  5. So how exactly does this work? I make a PSN for the HK region I add the DLC to the HK account via PS store I login with my HK account on my PS3 I download the DLC I added to my HK account I log out of my HK account and login with my regular account and I'm good to go? Is this correct? I've never made another account for another region.
  6. I think one of the main reasons the servers are still online is because you can play this game via PS Now.
  7. Someone achieved an online trophy in 2018, so what's up with that?