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  1. My friend was stuck on the Mojang logo earlier, he deleted his profile/settings save data and that fixed it for him so maybe try that
  2. Well theoretically, if someone were to 100% Minecraft before the next major update, and never wanted to play the game again, they wouldn't have to worry about new trophies being added to their profile because they'll need to open the game for the new trophy list to be added (because a list can only hold 128 and for the next update they'll likely push any new trophies to a new list)
  3. PlayStation Home - I was an avid player on my old PSN account so I'd love to be able to rep my love for the old game with the trophies
  4. I've made a guild for any and all to join! I've been kinda grinding out this game a bit lately and figured why not start a guild for all the other PSNP players who might wanna help each other out Feel free to leave you invite code below (or you can message it to me on PSN if you'd like). No level requirements, just try to stay active and help everyone out!