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  1. BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE Platinum Trophy Thanks to mojtaba333, SnowFleurz, and Fred-x5 for helping me boost Menz in the Hood because I couldn't be bothered to grind the game for that long.
  2. ROCKET LEAGUE Virtuoso I originally got this game off PS+ because I saw some Twitch streams of it and I thought it looked interesting. I wasn't really attempting for a platinum here but I got like 10 trophies in about half an hour and I just went with it. Trophy list was easy because you could pretty much boost everything in 1v1 no bots matches. Hardest part was rubberbanding my controller for a couple hours to get the glitched 500 kilometer trophy in about 56 kilometers. I spent most of my time online though because the game is pure refreshing fun. Hectic 5 minute matches with goals and saves galore. Even if you don't like sports games, you should give this game a try since it's free.
  3. ROCKET LEAGUE Stocked Collect all items Time to rubberband my controller! Only need the 500 km trophy now
  4. The first game I ever played on a Sony system was LocoRoco. This avatar is nostalgic for me as well as fun-looking.
  5. I need help with these trophies for the PS3 version: The End?, The End, and On A Rail PSN: true_biscuit Thanks!
  6. CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE The End of War I finally got this trophy. To be completely honest, the game was pretty easy to platinum. Story can be done in a day on Veteran difficulty if you're dedicated enough. Challenges and misc. trophies were not hard to complete/grind. Game plays like every other Call of Duty, except with bunnyhopping double jumps and lateral dashes. Hardest part was making it to round 50 on Exo Survival. Attempting it solo was near impossible but on my first attempt with a full group, I got it! (Thanks Scidillydocious, TiagoS, and Pmoneydaman!)
  7. GRAVITY RUSH It's all Relative I played this game for literally one day before giving up. I have no idea why but I did. This was like 3 years ago. I finally got bored enough to go through my backlog and finally finish the game. The story was quite interesting and I'd love it if they wrapped it up in a future sequel. Platinum was easy, hardest part was traveling everywhere to find the manholes/mysterious couple/rare Nevi/challenges to gold medal. The mechanics were meh, sometimes it was stupidly annoying to keep proper control of the gravity.
  8. 4 at once in a game of Pac-Man Championship DX. That's the best I can do...
  9. Can the music free him of ass?
  10. Since my platinum for Prototype 2 was #108, I had 107 trophies before getting my first platinum.
  11. Stealing Kids In Larry's Lair CREED
  12. Elephants Carving Snakes To Annihilate Shitty Youth Next word is JACK
  13. Don't worry, your English looks a lot better than the OP's (original poster's)
  14. I'll try and get as many platinums/100% as possible but if the game is just too hard or boring to go on, I'll quit even though I sometimes cringe when I don't see 100% next to each game.
  15. MW3's Back In the Fight Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty.