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  1. Yes you can.
  2. The only way to earn this trophy now is by buying the DLC or, if you have a disc copy, deleting and reinstalling the game without installing the updates.
  3. I quoted the wrong person. I'm sorry, I'm well aware of your support and I really appreciate it.
  4. That Reddit thread was to help a guy who wanted a special variant of a car that doesn't regularly spawn in game. The only means it can be spawned is by having one of your own. They fact you pulled up something like this shows a lack of knowledge on the subject. Literally search DUBSTA2 spawn on youtube I'm sorry but as you can tell, I don't use the forums... This is the first time I had ever used them...
  5. I'm sorry but I'm not being dishonest, it's common knowledge that you could still earn the trophy if you had an existing bounty on you. That's the whole reason I came back to the game! Because it was possible to finish a now unobtainable from scratch plat. There is discussion about this on the GTAV forums on this website. I was referencing the auto popped level trophies to begin with because they are the only one that someone would attempt to flag
  6. As Sergen has already said, there is no conclusive evidence to prove I had earned run like the wind illigitimately, I earned off the plane well before the removal of the system so there's no reason to conclude it is illegitimate
  7. I didn't hide them in the first place, they were open to crew members and friends by default. I opened them up because I want this resolved!! No proof to say I spent that time in game. I could taken breaks inbetween, that's a poor argument
  8. I cannot view these as I am signed into social club. Why would I hide my stats when this guy was trying to HELP ME, I just visited the social club and none of my settings were private. View whatever you like. Why is that relevant? I have several The stat tracking in GTA Online doesn't work correctly. I have placed several bounties on other players on another account and it still registers as zero.
  9. What? My stats are on full display as shown by a previous user
  10. Surely the protocol should be innocent until proven guilty as there is no evidence TO PROVE that I did it intentionally. Your also wrong about RDR. Having platted that game there ARE ways to avoid hacked sessions yet everybody still cheats. The "unobttainable" trophy isnt necessarily unobtainable. If I had a bounty placed on me before R* removed the system I could still unlock the trophy. As I completed the tutorial BEFORE said events there's no categorical evidence that it is in fact illegitimate.
  11. No, every other lobby has a modder in it. I killed some random player who was trying to kill me and boom. Ranked up 250 levels. So theres no conclusive evidence to suggest that I personally asked for it. There's also several dozen people who have earned these trophies in the same fashion who still are not leaderboard banned dating back several months. I'm not going to drop it because it's unfair.
  12. Logic and reason don't exist here? Well what's the point in having a dispute option at all? The inconsistency with what is considered cheating is ridiculous. I ain't hiding anything because there's nothing to hide.
  13. Ahxiis Grand Theft Auto V Trophies unlocked against my will by a modder, nothing I could do to prevent this. Also in games like Red Dead redemption, you are allowed to exploit a XP method implemented by MODDERS yet it's actively encouraged by this website.