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  1. Good luck! you've got this.
  2. I'm not a big fan of FPS games but I really enjoyed all Mass Effects. The shooting is not too strict and the game has an option for aim assist if necessary, though even with the default setting I've been able to clear insanity difficulties despite sucking ass at shooters. I found Mass Effects gameplay of shooting and weaving abilities and skills in between to actually be really fun.
  3. It's pretty easy too hit. Find any encounter with a bunch of small mobs. Misty Forest 1 is good for this, but most places have something similar. If you have trouble with AP, you can skip the first turn so you have full bar in the next round. I dunno what party comp your running so I'm just gonna assume everyone is their default class: Open with Storm Mages lvl 2 spell, the big AoE one. Let it hit a couple of times and then start alternating the combos. For example, you can do - Storm Mage (wait a few hits) > Fencer x3 > Taskmaster x1 > Fencer x3 > Taskmaster x1 > At this point, if you don't have 300 hits for some reason you can pop some greed attacks for a bunch of hits as well. and that should easily net you 300 hits if not more. You can replace Taskmaster with whatever, the same kind of principle applies for continuing chains. Gunner is very good for racking up hits as well. If you are end game you can just use Grim Reaper lvl5 and spam that for 300+ hits on a group easy.
  4. Heya. Not sure what the max level is, but it's definitely not necessary to hit it. Was able to beat all levels and speed-runs at level 160 or so. If you want to farm for cash, I stick to levels that have good mobs that I can kill and chain well for bonuses. I usually run Misty Forest 3 and farm there with Greed mode. The later dungeons are good but I've found the drops aren't as good as the packs are somewhat smaller sometimes. If it's just for the trophy you can try selling > buying > selling and whatnot to pop trophy and then reload. There's isn't really anything worth spending AMP on The best set up for a lot of the end-game bosses is Kanata as lvl.5 Grim Reaper (The last attack of this class is completely broken), and then 3 mages for buffs/debuffs and item usage. Ask away if you need any more help.