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  1. It seams that the daily challenges doesn't count in the score for theses trophies. I have like 170k Score in Score General but arround 140k in Score Round (so trophy Eager Beaver locked for now)
  2. They added a correction to bo3 for zombie Gorod grovi After very long time ! Maybe they wait to see how many people do it or not before release some "easy" way to finish the map
  3. I had the same issue because (i think) i have too many quest started at once. So you must finish some quest to begin the others. Good luck
  4. I need only 3 more crown ! Kirin large Black diablos large Rathalos mini So i invoke the luck from this forum please! Edit : Kirin large OK !
  5. Thanks for this topic !! Will you do the same for next Event ? (The elder things)