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  1. I did it on my 4th attempt. Your handgun is MVP pretty much until wave 50-60. Take it slow. If you ever have barrels on the ground, consider yourself ahead. I used shotgun to get free space (legs) and used the uzi on purple mobs in the beginning. Once you get rocket launcher save it in your inventory as a "oh fck im getting corned button". The big MVP towards the end is the spark gun. I watched streamers do it after i did it, and they never abused the fact you can walk forwards and backwards while you're shocking a zombie (works extremely well if you know you have a zombie behind you). That's about it, its trial and error like all games. Manage your inventory wise and it shouldn't be too bad.
  2. @eigen-space awesome event again, thanks
  3. I would wait until wow classic, comes out this summer. Every expansion just gets worse and worse, but that's my opinion.
  4. Thanks bud. Your vid got me mine.
  5. Just got mine done, thank you to everyone who contributed
  6. Every list i saw is different, what is the complete list of missables from the island if someone can link, now that we know it. Thanks!
  7. I'm pretty sure im half way through chapter 4, so i can't say much. If this is how tedious it must be to plat, imma pass lol. Good luck to you guys though IF this is the only way for the animal compendium.
  8. My overall question for friends for benefits is, if you miss them, it doesnt effect your 100% playthrough right? I have no problem starting a game up again and getting these.
  9. It appears only at gamestop: https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2018/10/22/release-date-gamestop-will-be-selling-red-dead-redemption-2-early/#3fe44f0e3b9e Seems like an actual appropriate time now instead of the norm midnight releases. This time around its probably better to get a physical copy if you wanna play asap.
  10. Well that was a fun ride, got all my games completed! I was opting to get all the telltales games outta the way (r.i.p) and most of the arcade games i had in my backlog. Either way was a fun event and thanks for @eigen-space for hosting it. Here was my list that i done: 0. squareboy vs bullies 1. tetra's escape 2. donut county (fun game) 3. black the fall 4. devious dungeon 5. jack n' jill dx 6. guardians of the galaxy (snoozefest) 7. the wolf among us 8. perils of baking 9. dead synchronicity Definitely looking for more events in the future and this time with AAA titles lol.
  11. Looks good. Can kill some time to get the plat before resident evil 2 remake in january.
  12. Ready your engines, we're live bros.
  13. I'm ready. Got some easy games to play lol, no shame.
  14. Overthinking here. But i do have a question for when this goes live on the 15th. Do you start with game zero? Or do you start with game 1, or 9? Or does it matter?
  15. Doesn't surprise me in the least that you're from Ohio lol. I respect the hustle though.