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  1. @FilooGaroo could you find somebody? I need help too.
  2. can somebody write down please all Ratalaika games?
  3. If you kill your boosting partner and you quit from the game , your kill will be saved? Or you have to be killed?
  4. I got the trophy. I deleted the whole game. I downloaded again and downloaded only super fun pack (to increase my chance). I ticked all options (mic, camera, etc) and I got the game for the second time. At first I got 4 constellation , I focused on all and touch the right one. After this few other games came up but after I got constelattion mini game again with 8 constelattion. I run out of time but I focused on everything and I got the trophy, I hope it will help for somebody.
  5. Hello That is my last trophy for 100% and this game (Find the Constellation mini-game) doesnt pop up. I played 50 games and once !! pop up this game but not twice just once so I could not find all Constellation. What could be wrong? thank you in advance
  6. They released a patch and the stats was reseted. What do you think? We lost our kills or just can not see?
  7. Hello I read about glitched trofies in pubg but after they released a patch. I thought then I can start play and earn trofies but I have some issues. I killed a few people and after I watched my stat and few kills were missing. My brother has the same issue. What could be the problem? I don't would like to lose my 50 % of my kills. thank you in advance
  8. thank you, I hope it is true
  9. I made 5-6 community events in 2018 but now this events are dissapeared. Is it lost or just i can not see?
  10. @Hvalpen done please heart my levels and my profiles you too
  11. @MaxAxelSLo I hearted your levels and your profile. Please make this for me too. Thanks https://lbp.me/u/Rikorus_Boss/levels?p=1&l=12
  12. @SolveSoul @Iris Heart @[email protected] @CrimeT_ @Wuginator I hearted your level and your profile Please play and heart my level and my profile https://lbp.me/u/Rikorus_Boss/levels?p=1&l=12
  13. Also I need a lot of like on my profile and on my levels as well. Please help me and I will help too
  14. I hearted all of your level in lbp.me website. It is enough or I need to heart in the game for trophy?