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  1. Are you using divine shield fate? It made this area a lot easier to complete.
  2. I can confirm trophy popped with just the 7 original maps, for anyone looking in the future.
  3. Season 4 is a lot more fun than seasons 2-3 especially with squads, I played constantly during season 1 and got everything except infallible. Lost interest after season 2 and just started playing again with the new update. Get a squad together with your mates hilarious.
  4. Got back to where I was, page is still showing as Haytham, so will just avoid any collectibles until I get to Connor and be careful with saves
  5. Yeah good idea thanks, sadly it’s uploaded my current up to date save to the cloud at the moment, but something to think about in future.
  6. Okay thanks for reply, got to end sequence 2 with Haytham so not too much to replay. Annoying glitch shouldn’t of went for that page haha
  7. Just started the game and have been reading about a lot of glitches for collectibles. Anyone got experience in things to watch out for. After the first mission in Boston when it introduced Almanac pages I saw one and collected it. But I have noticed I’m still on 0% in DNA for them. Read somewhere that you shouldn’t collect anything with Haytham and only with Connor, can anyone confirm?
  8. If you choose private match, solo advanced start, it will save your progress around every 4 waves, basically whenever you reach a new area on the red dotted map.
  9. Yeah I have the same luck, might be worth waiting for a playlist update like duos again.
  10. I can confirm when you do solo advanced on one console and complete it, on the other console you will start again round 61. You will continue back to the start after completing if you head into portal but this doesn’t affect the next game.
  11. There must be a high chance this playlist will come back or even trios at some stage, not in a rush for the plat, so will probably save more time by waiting.
  12. If you have six pack on one platform, all you have to do is go to the perk page on the other platform and it auto pops.
  13. It’s even easier than that now, if you have six pack on one platform, all you have to do is go to the perk page on the other platform and it auto pops. That’s correct for the one more with multiplayer trophies.
  14. Well it’s certainly a lot easier now, I have managed to complete it twice on PS5 and PS4. I was stuck at round 29-32 before this update, would always run out lives. It’s a lot more achievable to make it through every 3-4 round checkpoint. As someone previously mentioned I also used divine shield to get through 29-60 then used firepower for the final boss waves.
  15. Have they made a further update? Thought I’d give this another try after finding this post but always start with 4, 3, 3 and not the 5, 5, 5? EDIT: it seems the higher rounds you get you start off with more than previous rounds.