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  1. Thanks that worked perfect
  2. Can anyone help , i have managed to defeat Bahamut but can't seem to get the save sphere or the track down to get onto the tree . What do i need to do .
  3. I have just completed the "Obel lake secret " quest and received the Three stars and the trophy has not unlocked , have i missed anything ????
  4. That map is Amazing , i will defo use it thanks .
  5. Great idea i will have a look.
  6. I think your right , but i have found some hidden ones in locations on the map
  7. Will give it a go thanks everyone
  8. either way it can't hurt to use it i suppose
  9. Many Thanks for the help , i will give it a try .
  10. Either way it has been taken care of , I just didn't want to be seen as a cheater when i hadn't .
  11. Hi , I seem to have been removed from the leader boards and don't know why ! , i don't play online so i can't of been hacked . could someone explain or is this a site malfunction .
  12. Thanks for the info , I remember it happening and didn't think anything of it at the time . In future if that happens i might report it to the site so i have some form of explenation if it get's flagged .

  13. Thanks i thought it was weird as i have not even earned the platinum .
  14. Carlos_Phairos Final Fantasy X-2 HD i dont understand what you mean by impossible ordering , I have never cheated in my life and don't intend to start now it's not even like i got all the trophies .
  15. I now know what the issue is , A random battle has caused the "defeating an old friend trophy to pop before it should , i have massaged this to a member of the removal team and await there response . thank you for the help.
  16. Final Fantasy x-2 which i can only think might be because i played Final Fantasy x on my vita about a year previous.
  17. This is fantastic just one question I am trying to do a guide and can't workout how to post a YouTube video into my guide
  18. I would like to see the console and have some questions answered like can we use used games can we transfer our original profiles and trophies , release date, also I would love to see some Arkham origins and Metal gear game play and dead space 4 reveal .
  19. What an awful looking console , it looks like an old VCR lol
  20. I plan to purchase it in april when there are some games for it
  21. I watched Hang over I and II last night ready for Part three next week.
  22. My top 10 would have to be -: Metal gear solid 3 Metal gear solid 2 Resident evil code veronica Resident evil 4 Final fantasy x The matrix Silent hill 3 Gta 3 Need for speed most wanted Mortal kombat shaolin monks
  23. Darkness 2 couple of days ago
  24. Is it "The Texas chainsaw massacre "