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  1. can they remove the div 4 trophy already there's no way I can get this plat now unless I get gud which I don't think is happening it's just annoying. At least I'll eventually be able to self boost div 4 I guess but they can have a more creative trophy that's not a complete platinum blocker for most people.
  2. wow nice : ) glad I helped (I think)
  3. I only hold r1 when I jump from grinds and I release before landing maybe just spam tricks like me or add in a double kickflip on high jumps but I never needed to, prob repeated the same moves a lot too but most of my focus was spinning. that was my revelation really, I got really stuck at titan sky amateur challenges when I first went through the game and I've just never had any problems with points since then, they always ended up being the easiest challenges for me afterwards. if youre not getting them after spinning and stuff maybe just get perfects more? I dont really know what to say.
  4. scoring is pretty easy when you figure out how to do it. all you have to do is spam random moves, do some grind switches, get mostly perfects, and the huge thing just spin any chance you get it works for every level in the game, you might need to retry a few times for more perfects but trust me it works (I did the platinum 5 times). I maybe did complicated tricks but I literally just spammed random shit on the right stick. spinning is the secret like no joke just get combo as high as possible. you definitely dont need to do manual reverts.
  5. dlc trophies, usually I don't mind too much buying dlc but it's just that I have to buy it and a lot of ps3 dlcs are expensive and will never go on sale (nfs most wanted, all cods, battlefield bc2, etc). makes me appreciate games that don't have dlc trophies even more. I understand that if you like a game you'll wanna buy the dlc maybe but after multiple years dlc should just be free.
  6. I mean I just see it as being able to get 2 plats (depending on how hard the list is) but could end up being the same list because UT syncs between both consoles and they would have to work that out getting trophies to pop next time you load the other console up