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  1. This boss is annoying and is barely possible to an average player without semi cheese, i cant even imagine doing it without mimic, but I hate Elden Beast more, the whole battle just isn't fun in any way to me and I already don't even feel like beating the game because of this awful boss. I can feel the end just right there but I don't even want to fight this boss.
  2. You have to buy the previous DLC before buying the next
  3. by far the easiest fifa platinum since like fifa 14/15 and this doesnt have a platinum breaker like fifa 15 with scoring from the ground trophy. if you have trouble getting win streaks there is a trophy for winning I believe it's 2 games in a row so it's honestly not bad and you'll surely get it going for 200 club appearances. I'm like a division 7 or 8 player and nothing on this list looks very hard to me 👍
  4. rayman origins please dont say a trophy whore game or minecraft!
  5. Yes, you need to keep manualing throughout the entire level and try to land those manuals with perfects as well because that's also a large chunk of points. This can get you the points and combos all the way throughout every level so yeah. Also your questions aren't dumb, the game needs some getting used to but it becomes more and more just muscle memory and the game ends up feeling really smooth to play if you know what I mean.
  6. well I would be jumping and getting a few spins in, i mean there isn't very many just long stretches in the game but getting in a few spins is helpful. in reference to the second thing I mean doing a random move to start the jump and spinning after I'm in the air, also in that comment I meant if spinning isn't working add a few tricks, but I see what you mean I think, I'm fairly confident that the spins alone will probably be enough to get you enough points though as long as you maintain a combo throughout the level (or 2 in the few levels that make you break up the combo). I mean u just kind of need to practice on whatever level you're stuck on until you get it. The idea is that each spin adds to your combo so you're getting a lot of points from that.
  7. Yep ok I was able to get into the online, I just had to spam x for like 10 minutes.
  8. I heard that it works you just have to spam x to get into the multiplayer
  9. I wouldn't lose hope like that, people were getting trophies yesterday, just seems like the servers go up and down so can't be too sure but currently it's down.
  10. can they remove the div 4 trophy already there's no way I can get this plat now unless I get gud which I don't think is happening it's just annoying. At least I'll eventually be able to self boost div 4 I guess but they can have a more creative trophy that's not a complete platinum blocker for most people.
  11. wow nice : ) glad I helped (I think)
  12. I only hold r1 when I jump from grinds and I release before landing maybe just spam tricks like me or add in a double kickflip on high jumps but I never needed to, prob repeated the same moves a lot too but most of my focus was spinning. that was my revelation really, I got really stuck at titan sky amateur challenges when I first went through the game and I've just never had any problems with points since then, they always ended up being the easiest challenges for me afterwards. if youre not getting them after spinning and stuff maybe just get perfects more? I dont really know what to say.
  13. scoring is pretty easy when you figure out how to do it. all you have to do is spam random moves, do some grind switches, get mostly perfects, and the huge thing just spin any chance you get it works for every level in the game, you might need to retry a few times for more perfects but trust me it works (I did the platinum 5 times). I maybe did complicated tricks but I literally just spammed random shit on the right stick. spinning is the secret like no joke just get combo as high as possible. you definitely dont need to do manual reverts.
  14. dlc trophies, usually I don't mind too much buying dlc but it's just that I have to buy it and a lot of ps3 dlcs are expensive and will never go on sale (nfs most wanted, all cods, battlefield bc2, etc). makes me appreciate games that don't have dlc trophies even more. I understand that if you like a game you'll wanna buy the dlc maybe but after multiple years dlc should just be free.