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  1. Can confirm this method works as of Nov 29th. Just got both trophies for Legend 18 holes and Scramble. Thanks guys!
  2. I'd also say that not a lot of people who owns the PS5 has the game yet or plans on playing the game later, since the new launch games came out. I'm sure the percentage will increase later on. Glad to hear if you don't upgrade to ps5 you can continue with the PS4 save file and trophy list. So I'm assuming with the backwards compatibility mode it will run regular 4K 30fps or will it still have better loading due to SSD? Just without game boost and the better framerate and performance fidelity. Can anyone confirm with the PS4 backward compatibility version? Thanks
  3. You should be good bud, I was sure I had different audio logs for different characters. Then I entered the game today and it popped. Just in case though, have most of the logs on one character if you can. I think I had about 15 on the initial recruit, and the rest on my Anyways good luck.
  4. That must be it pal. I am in Canada and I bought the season pass separately. They must have screwed up in your region. You should contact Ubisoft about this, they should sort it out.
  5. Which edition of the game did you buy? Did you buy the season pass separately?
  6. Heres a video from Playstation explaining it. Just go to search once you get to library and type in watch dogs.
  7. It worked for me buddy. I was able to see the download button after I bought mine separately, I can confirm. If you don't see it in purchased, go to the Playstation store and type in Watch Dogs Complete. I can confirm that you can just download it instead of buying it. Its a bit messy but I hope this helps. If I find an easier way I'll let you know. Nevermind, literally 2 seconds after my previous post, I found it in purchased in your library, Just search for Watch dogs and you'll see it as Watch Dogs tm with 18 add ons. There you go. I can post a picture if you like. Should be easy though. All other DLC for Watch Dogs Legion will be available in game when its released. Cheers!
  8. There's definitely pop ins and occasion crashes. I'm sure theres a patch incoming though. Game is very fun, as fun I thought it would be. Love the character selection for occupations and their abilities.
  9. @Fanatico1981 When you buy the season pass, Watch Dogs Complete Edition is automatically added to your library to download anytime. You should have it
  10. Hi, does anyone know how to check battery life? Cuz I'm about to start raid for ghost of tsushima and don't want to get disconnected in the middle of the fight cuz coop you know
  11. Playstation just keep on winning. Next month's PS Plus is looking incredible as well. Great year to be a Sony Fan
  12. Thank you, Got my platinum yesterday. Still tho, the spawn rates are stupid...
  13. Update: I just caught the Bolzen boi... My in game time in 54 hours. Probably took at least 5 hours trying to catch this guy, definitely not 2 percent or just terrible luck. If it weren't for the roaming legendaries I'd give this game 9/10. But with the post game grind its a 8.5. Still not a bad game. Now to finish the Plat with Antarzen... For those of you looking for the last few legendaries Good luck! My time for Platinum is 54 hours and 30 minutes approx. Don't give up. Believe in your patience
  14. That is way better than PS4. There are virtually no lag at all for trophy pops. Compared to PS5, PS4 trophy pop is very generic and glitchy. It also a nice touch to upgrade the current picture of the trophy to a short clip of achieving it in the game. That jingle for the trophy pop too! 👌 This is very user friendly and another great feature the new UI has in store for us. This is awesome and so cool!
  15. Am I the only one having problems with this even with the latest patch boosting spawn rates? I'm trying to get my last two Nexomon, one Mega rare in Antarzen and Legendary in Bolzen. Actually Wth??? Is there an area I have to search for cuz I have searched everywhere, at least for Bolzen. I'm sure for Antarzen I'll get it soonish due to finding a reliable source. But this Bolzen fella, are you kiding me? 2 Percent chance to get him my ASS. Its more like way less than 1 percent. Been here for at least 300 encounters in multiple areas, the shack east of Cadium and lab area with puzzles. Absolutely nothing. This is so ridiculous. Anyone else share my pains? Or can give location references for their spawn, cuz I'm almost gonna give up... And watch since I posted this imma get Bolzen in the next 10 encounters.. or not... 😒