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  1. Not gonna lie, I was pretty underwhelmed by what they showed for this game, along with Watch Dogs Legion & Far Cry 6. The character models and textures in AC looked particularly rough. I definitely think I'm waiting for a sale on these games on PS5.
  2. As expected from a first party game from PlayStation, another very easy trophy list. I wish they start getting more creative with these lists instead of being just 'do all of this and that'. It doesn't even have to have a difficulty trophy. But regardless, playing this game day one. It's the game I'm looking forward to the most (even more than Cyberpunk actually). Pretty sure they said there's no honour system in this game. You start off as samurai then become the ghost.
  3. I get that they wanna stay blue for brand recognition (like green = xbox, red = nintendo) but a black or white case would have been more fitting in my opinion if they really wanted to go the two-toned route for everything. Still looks ok though.
  4. Easiest hands down: My Name is Mayo/Episodic games from Telltale Hardest : FFXIV (now it's very easy because you can just solo the entire series of Binding Coil raids and get the trophy in minutes, whereas I cleared the raid when it was still hard and required all 8 people in the party to not only know the mechanics of the fights but also for each member to be a competent player in terms of job usage). Kinda wish FFXIV gave trophies for each expansion since I've cleared pretty much everything in this game apart from Ultimates and it would have been nice to have trophies to show for those accomplishments apart from the existing in-game achievement system. Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Hunter World & Monster Hunter Iceborne were also hard for me, but more in terms of luck/RNG screwing me over costing me hours upon hours of pointless grinding.
  5. Australian games are already that price lmao. Sometimes they're 79.99 - it just depends if a retailer wants to do a discount on pre-orders/during the first few days of game release. Unless you're a nut for collector's editions there's really no reason to buy at EB Games who sell games for 99.95. I swear though if the Australian PSN bumps up the prices of their new games from 99.95 to 109.95 I'm just gonna laugh.
  6. Managed to be the ~40-45th person to get Red Dead 2 plat and about ~20-25th person to get FF7 Remake plat (although with this one it's really because the game came out a week early in Australia).
  7. Maybe I'll finally go for 100% with Rise lol. So many co-op trophies...
  8. That's not really surprising. The first game was beloved by millions plus put in the fact that it took 7 years for this to come out, of course it's gonna sell like hotcakes. I mean let's be honest, who honestly thought that all the screaming and outrage from the leaks would make a dent on the eventual sales of the game. The real test in my opinion is how well the next game (if there is any, and if it will still follow Ellie/Abby/Lev) will sell. A lot of people love this game, a lot of people hate it, and a lot of people are in between. I personally didn't love the game, it was more like 6 or 7/10 for me mainly because of the story and major pacing issues. Curious what ND's next project is gonna be after Crash 4.
  9. I really wanna get excited about this game but it just looks so 'meh'. I don't know what it is in particular but for starters, the character models look weird in my opinion. Definitely waiting for game impressions on this one first before even thinking about buying it.
  10. Oh it got fixed now. It wasn't showing Premium Member to me earlier lol.
  11. Hey guys, I'm posting in here because this might be a bug. I just realised that I'm just a 'Member' now and not a 'Premium Member' on the forums. It's really weird because when I visit my actual psnprofile page, it shows that I'm still a Premium Member because I can still display 10 trophies on the trophy cabinet, as well as have that orange P icon. I also noticed that my profile views went from 450 ish to now 1.1k ish in a single day. I had a name change on PSN so did the site just recently combine my old registered profile with my new profile? I became a Premium Member after I changed my PSN name, is that maybe why this happened?
  12. Where the hell is FF 2 in this poll? That is the only main line FF game I haven't built up the energy to finish. The progression system of leveling up your spells and abilities by using them over and over again is fucking horrible. It's funny because it's like what Skyrim has but I like Skyrim as a game overall. I guess mixing that kind of progression system with a turn based combat wasn't really wise. Good thing they abandoned it when 3 came out and gave us a fantastic job system instead.
  13. I honestly couldn't help but laugh when Joel and Tommy just gave their real names to Abby's group - a group that they don't fully know AND could also easily outnumber them should shit hit the fan, and it did lol. They were both street-smart, full of wit, alert and cunning but suddenly all of that just went down the drain. Nah man, this isn't the Joel everyone knows. Unless he's gone senile in 5 years after the first game there's absolutely no sense at all for him to have acted this way. Joel's entire character arc and journey have both literally been stomped to death and spat on by Neil Druckmann and whoever his co writer is. If you wanted to kill Joel to incite the revenge tale, at least make it seem he was still the competent survivor we all knew him to be in the first game. Man I'm just gonna finish this game and get the platinum. After that I'm most likely not touching this again. Characters from the first game making decisions that are so out of character for the sake of pushing a lame plot. Kinda giving me the same feelings I had when I sat through GOT Season 8 lmao.
  14. Was this really a post that needed to be made? lol Every new game is available first on the NZ PSN.
  15. So uh.... this was a disappointment lol. Well still hoping for an eventual port (maybe on PS5?).