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  1. That's because you're at the Scenario tab for Trusts. Go to the Avatars tab to see what lvl your Trusts actually are.
  2. Not entirely out of the picture that future expansions can have updated Triple Triad trophies which is what annoys me but it's still not that bad. Now if they add a trophy for catching every fish... I mean I'll still persevere but like I pointed out earlier some fish only spawn after a few days IRL (which on top of that, may or may not be locked behind a certain weather) and when they do spawn you only have like 5 minutes or something to catch them. Easily gonna be the rarest trophy in this game, even if they add Ultimate trophies since more and more people are doing them (which is fantastic!) due to increased engagement on Ultimate content on Twitch. I mean I usually enjoy fishing in RPGs but MMO fishing is a whole other level of patience for me lol. One lesson this trophy list taught me though is that SE can be quite creative in terms of which in game achievements it chooses to convert to trophies. The long wait between the final patch and the next expansion can be filled in by doing whatever else you haven't done in the game. Whether it's collecting all tank mounts, getting Blue Mage raids done, crafting and gathering every item, getting all DoH/DoL relics, it's all fair game now and I think that's wonderful. I certainly will be chipping away at my fishing log throughout 6.x that's for sure...
  3. Dude some of the NPCs are absolute cheaters lol. When you think you have it they pull some bullshit on you in the end and you lose. Doesn't help the fact that some of the drop rates of cards from NPCs are abysmal. Also, some cards are drops from the relic bosses in Eureka (Pazuzu in Anemos, Louhi in Pagos, Penthesilea in Pyros and Provenance Watcher in Hydatos then you have 2 more cards from other NMs). Barely anyone runs Eureka these days so if you haven't gotten those cards it's gonna be challenging to do unless you can get some group going.
  4. The first month or so of an expansion the hunt linkshells are in full force. So as long as you do hunt trains daily you'll get this done in a relatively 'short' amount of time. I got my trusts to Lvl 74 even after the big exp buff to them and I just never got around getting them all to 80. Trusts are so bad, you look at Ryne doing piss damage using single target combos in a 8+ mob trash pull. Like girl, you need to learn how to play rogue/ninja lol. I don't think the world boss trophies are gonna be that bad. I mean odin/coeurlregina/ixion/archaeotania were fun but they were never that hard. The initial difficulty lies in figuring out HOW to spawn them. The key to this is join a discord server for your datacenter focused on hunts and fates. I'm guessing it's gonna be clear Pandaemonium Normal, clear Pandaemonium Savage, then possibly the new treasure dungeon Excitatron 6000. Definitely weird to see unreleased trophies already up though lol
  5. Damn it, I should've gotten my trusts to lvl 80 but I got lazy lol. Getting all Triple Triad cards is definitely gonna be the biggest grind for completionists. If you haven't bothered learning the ins and outs of Triple Triad you're gonna be in for a bad time against the NPC players. I'm missing all the open tournament cards since I never bothered with them. Boosting sessions for cards incoming?? 👀 I'm also quite lucky that I pretty much got every card from duties already. One of the rarest cards is from E12 / E12S. I've read some people went on to 80+ runs without getting it. Granted unsynced will make things faster but we can pretty much expect Pandaemonium Normal/Savage to have rare cards as well. What I am not so keen on is the fact because this trophy was added, if you really care about 100% completion in this game then you have to be on your A game and stay on top of collecting Triple Triad cards. If they added this trophy to Endwalker there's a pretty good chance they'll add an updated equivalent trophy in 7.0 and future expansions as well. That I'm not too keen on because they can make some Triple Triad cards locked behind the most tedious of things. Imagine having a Triple Triad for catching ALL fishes. That would probably be game over for me since some fishes literally take a couple of IRL days to spawn. And you only have a couple minutes of window when you can catch them. (Please don't read this Square Enix) I'd rather they decide to add a clear Thordan Ultimate trophy in 6.1. Or better yet, a trophy requiring all 4 Ultimates so far to be cleared. That has to be a gold trophy though lol. I just realised with the triple triad cards it's not as horribly bad as it seems. I mean the trophy is for collecting 344 unique cards. It doesn't say ALL cards (although at 6.0 launch 344 might be all the cards there is). But eventually it's gonna be easier to get this done since the game constantly adds new Triple Triad cards with each patch. Some of which are easy to get. The question however is how long this would take you if you decide to just wait for new cards to be added in the game to reach the 344 unique cards requirement. Well you will get it done...eventually....until 7.0 comes in and they add a new Triple Triad trophy and so another long journey begins lol.
  6. My first orange game completed: Street Fighter X Tekken ! This was quite challenging for me due to some of the missions being dependent on the AI being dumb but I'm proud to have this finally done.
  7. Woot I finally got it! Thank god I have the plat now. Spent two and a half days on this mission alone. Was able to do it with Yoshimitsu + Ryu. Yoshimitsu's HCB sucks in opponents and you can charge it for a super art conversion. I discovered it while playing around in Training mode. Ryu on the other hand I did a JHK + CMP x 2 + then either CMK into his HCF kick or just a straight up leg sweep using CHK. I literally defeated Akuma with like 10% health. I'm glad I'm done with this bullshit lol. Never even gonna bother with UMVC3 which is way harder and because I was an idiot, I played it on Vita (again) years ago...
  8. I think I'm just gonna give up on Mission 19. It's the last one I need but I've tried all day and got close 4-5 times but Akuma just keeps spamming Misogi and I always die from chip damage. Why did I bother coming back to this game lol. Playing on Vita is absolute sht, I wish I can use an arcade stick so I can be more comfortable.
  9. Was thinking of working on my Vita backlog completion but I also got hit with this error the moment I try to open PS store. It's strange because I can sign in and out of PSN but when it comes to accessing PS Store it tells me that error and asks me to sign in to PSN when I already am signed in. This is headache inducing I might just leave my Vita for now. I ordered a 2nd vita on Ebay (for easier solo boosting with some of my games) and I'm just hoping I don't get this error on that one too. Idk if it's worth mentioning but I'm experiencing this error on a Vita from Region 3 but I'm playing on Region 4. I'm not sure if differing regions can cause this error. Although I've just read now that only EU (region 2 and 4) seem to be affected by this error. I hope this gets resolved soon but I doubt Sony cares what happens to Vita users at this point...
  10. I'm glad I'm playing these trilogy editions on my other account lol. I wasn't sure if I was up for platting the remastered trilogy so soon after platting the original trilogy. I'll definitely get back to the remastered trilogy in the future, hopefully by then these bugs are patched out. I mean playing casually on my other account, GTA 3 and VC have both crashed multiple times already.
  11. Probably not due to licensing issues. I'm not even asking for a remaster of those games, I just want ports lol. I want to plat LCS and VCS, they're so underrated. Throw in Chinatown Wars there too.
  12. He's still there, I think what they did in each game was to make color swaps of each NPCs as well as making new models of NPCs by removing a hat or whatnot. I think they wanted the NPCs to feel less repetitive.
  13. There is actually! There's 3 options for control schemes. Modern, Modern Alt, and Classic. I personally went along with Modern because I'm hoping that some of the more annoying missions like RC helicopter for example in VC will be easier with the new controls.
  14. Just so its out there, you still drown in GTA 3 and VC lol. I tried the glitch to go to the 2nd island early as well and it seems like it doesn't work anymore. Tried for 10 mins. The gate seems to be bugged since it's now open (no grills) but the boundary is still there. Really weird. I hope I'm just doing the glitch wrong because if it's actually patched then Take the Cannoli will be ridiculous without the sea sparrow method. You also can't use cheats so it's not like vehicle explosion cheat is an alternative. Never mind it worked! Just as I posted this I tried again and I got through the gate.
  15. For real, those trophies for getting busted were my last trophies for both 3 and San Andreas lol. I doubt anyone can get 20 or 50 busted naturally...