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  1. I am always using bow and arrow in the game Origins, it's very very very easy to use lol.. My suggestion; go train your bow and arrow skills.. It's a BIG part of this Assassin's Creed game..
  2. I want to start with Assassin's Creed games. This means all platinums & 100%'s including stacks. Is it too late? I know some games does have online trophies.
  3. Some easy platinums! Better than what I expected compared with previous months, nice
  4. Currently working on That's You! I think I need 10 games more to platinum this game, after that maybe it's time for Jazzpunk
  5. Easy trophy. I did use one iPad and two Androids. Other 3 with emulator Genymotion. I did following method: - Add 2 pictures to The Wild section - Add 1 picture and 1 question to School section - Add 2 questions to Travel section Don't add all questions and pictures on one phone/iPad/emulator! You need to add one picture or question EACH phone/iPad/Emulator. I did add all 6 pictures and questions to the game. I saw I got 8 rounds: Paint, Travel, Home Life, School, Time Travel and Wild. First, third and fifth chapters you need to select a random answers each phone, but for at second, fourth and sixth chapter I got my own question and/or picture (2 each chapter)! After my sixth chapter I got trophy and I closed the game, didn't finish te game.
  6. #15th platinum Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficultly: 1/10 A easy platinum. It's a visual novel game, just follow the guide at ps3imports and you can get a easy platinum within 5 hours. Just combine playing this game with watching your movies (I did watch Netflix). I could borrow the disc for PSVita from my friend. I also borrowed Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, so it's my next platinum I guess. On my way to next platinums!
  7. There's EU release but there's no seperate trophy lists. EU and NA does have same trophy list, but now you could do PSVita version too.
  8. Thanks for the video, I could get a platinum in one playthrough!
  9. Ah that's good to know, I've missed Film Trophy clue. Now I know I can get it back if I use chapter select 👌
  10. Yestarday I had a party and invited more than 10 people over here. Everyone wanted to play this game, so I got 6 player trophy immediately! I still need other 6 player trophy to achieve, I am thinking about to borrow some cell phones from friends.