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  1. For v3 it's probably low player base (at least on here) + passionate fanbase. I probably wouldn't have bothered with the plat if I didn't like the series so much. And the lower player base/more niche games will almost always have more common trophies relative to difficulty/grind.
  2. Goat Simulator South Park Stick of Truth Rime
  3. Pretty much the entire Danganronpa OST, but especially this:
  4. #30 Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Gameplay wasn't the most complex, but it was always gonna be an uphill battle on that front. But thematically and aesthetically this is Danganronpa through and though, which was enough to make me enjoy it quite a bit, even it not as much as the 3 main series games. Trophy wise it was also the least grindy of them all, even counting 1 and 2 separately. The game has a hell of a lot of collectibles, I only bothered to find them because I really like any Danganronpa lore/additional conversations. Contrast with something like Murdered: Soul Suspect which had a similar boatload of collectibles but I didn't feel compelled to find them. Really a lot of my motivation with these games was "because Danganronpa is cool", with UDG especially I wouldn't have even played it period if it was the same gameplay with a different coat of paint. #31 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Now this one was a doozy. I'm not necessarily as motivated as a lot of this site to complete games, so this is probably my most time spent on a single completion (I've played games longer than this beyond 100%, but in regards to a plat this may be my longest). Again it comes back to me just really enjoying the franchise and thus wanting to see everything. The general sentiment is common I think, see how games like Spiderman, GoW and Horizon Zero Dawn have higher plat % on this site than many worse games have basic story completion %. Enjoyment is the best motivator, and I doubt I'd have done have the side stuff in this game if I didn't like the series so much. Replaying long trials, picking up collectibles, playing some RNG influenced minigames, grinding out all events, beating the RPG mode and then then running through the same thing like 50 times. This was one of the most content heavy games I've played, and they had a trophy attached to pretty much every last bit of it. But a lot of it was fun, and even the less fun stuff was at least fairly relaxing and stress free (same as D1/2, easy to chip away at while listening to a podcast). That's the 4 games done, looking forward to what comes out of the collab between the Danganronpa and Zero Escape guys. In the meantime I'd strongly rec all 4 Danganronpa games to pretty much everyone.
  5. Trophy, no. But I vaguely recall doing some glitch thing for a Fifa 10 achievement during my 360 days. I can't remember what it was exactly.
  6. #29 Danganronpa 1・2 Reload First of all, really fun games. I wasn't really planning to go for trophies here, and didn't even look at what was required until beating the first game. I like to keep my first playthroughs natural, it's especially important with story heavy/spoiler heavy games like this. But once I learned not only was nothing missable, but it had an extremely flexible save system, I decided to take the plunge. Seriously, this game's save system should be industry standard. No matter what chapter or game mode you save in, it keeps your total progress in all relevant statistics. So you never really had to keep track of anything, if you just kept plugging away everything would get done eventually. So that allowed me to enjoy both stories normally, and then just worry about any cleaning up after. Just a really good quality of life feature, there are some other games I didn't bother with trophies that I might have done if they had nice features like this. The game was still a grind, but I'm more likely to grind in games I really like. Plus it was the kind of grind that once you get used to you can just autopilot it while listening to a podcast or something. Looking forward to UDG and D3 now.
  7. NFS Most Wanted. I first played it in my PS3 days in 2014 but for some reason didn't even finish the campaign, then 4 years later returned to at least finish that much. Didn't really go for plat as I wanted to play other things, but it would be a nice one to have. I didn't go for trophies in my PS3 days (so that's where most of my low% games are from), but I was surprised I didn't even finish the base game.
  8. #28 Tekken 7 A bit late to the party, finally got the game last week. Tekken 3-6 were a fairly big part of my youth, I never got hardcore into the competitive scene but I enjoyed them all for different reasons. Tekken 6 I played on 360 and got all achievements there, I'd say this was a bit easier. Neither game had anything too crazy, like dreadful combo challenges; but this one was especially simple. I thought I might need to boost one of the online ones due to it being hard to find a game, especially in Aus. But I powered through a laggy tournament match for the trophy, and once the online ones were out of the way the SP was very simple. I do wish the game had more single player content, but Treasure mode is pretty fun. It's a buffed up version of the ghost battle which I played a ton back in Tekken 5 which I liked. Story was ok but a bit short, and while the character stories had the odd funny moment they weren't as good as the old arcade openings/endings.
  9. Old School Beat 10 Warpzones Rarity - 2.93% I'd say it was probably easier than the main story, which is a more common trophy. I'm not insane enough to even attempt plat for this game, but I might knock out a couple others before moving on.
  10. #26 Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Golf games for me have always been the ultimate example of something that's more fun in practice than on paper. Of course in general a lot more things are the opposite. A lot of crazy awesome over the top sounding things can just fail to grab your attention and interest when you get down to it (a big example for me is mecha anime/games, but I digress). So I've always enjoyed how this ended up the opposite. Don't play them that often, but enjoyed Wii Sports Golf, a couple of Mario Golf games and Tiger Woods 10 before this. The gameplay is pretty damn solid. I read they rebuilt the courses from the ground up for next gen consoles, so they all play differently rather than just being palette swaps basically. This meant there were less courses at the start, but by the time I jumped it it was $10 for like 20 full 18 hole courses and everything else so I more than got my money's worth. And I appreciate the more realistic gameplay. I know for some that makes this sound even more boring, but I like my sports games to hit either extreme. As close to realistic as possible or completely arcade (Like Mario sports games). Not big on wishy washy games that sorta try and fail to be realistic, all you're left with is a pretty frustrating and bland experience. Anyways I should stop banging on about realism, as this game actually has a mode even more arcadey than Wii Sports and Mario Golf. I really liked the Night Club Challenge and its slick neon aesthetic. Kinda reminded me of Blur if anyone remembers that, it basically was to Mario Golf what Blur was to Mario Kart. 170 over the top challenges where you use a bunch of power ups to try and ace a certain task. It had angry birds 1-3 star scoring system, and to get 3 stars you generally needed to be near perfect. I think this mode put a lot of people off, I even saw some golf purists complaining on the trailer for it that it was bringing the sport into disrepute or something lol. And the trophies for it did seem rarer than you would expect. If the game required you to 3 star every challenge that would be tricky, but the platinum offered quite a bit of leeway. I got the required stars before I even finished the challenges. The gameplay takes some getting used to but due to the leeway given I'd say it's a 5/10 difficulty game at most. It's something I could see myself going back to every now and then after platinum. #27 The Sexy Brutale Quite a different game from the above to say the least, though I guess this game has a decent amount of rich white people; so maybe they play golf off screen. Picked this up on sale like most of my games, was definitely worth the price of admission. I wasn't 100% on board with some of the story elements, but it worked for what they wanted to do. And the whole "go back in time to prevent a murder without being discovered" core concept is a pretty easy sell. The gameplay aspect was very well thought out, and plays quite unlike anything else I've played. As far as the platinum goes I'll give a big props to whoever wrote the collectibles guide on this site. I often cbf with collectibles but whoever wrote that guide somehow mapped it out so you could get all 61 in one run. I dunno what advanced quantum physics they used to make that work but A+. I accidentally picked up a few during the story which can always muddle post game clean ups, especially in games like this that pull the dick move of not telling you which ones you have. But I still followed the guide which assumed you had 0 and it worked out fine. Each time I didn't see it I double checked, and if I didn't see it still I assumed it was one of the handful I got in story. You're always playing a dangerous game making assumptions like that, but thankfully it worked out. Might have actually gave up if I ended up 1 or 2 short, because there would be no real way to know. And I'm a born quitter. 😬
  11. Berseria and Tekken 7 would be great, maybe not super realistic tho. I agree with the people who said it's also nice to be surprised each month, to try new things you would not have even thought of or knew existed. I generally end up playing 1 of the 2 PS4 games each month, though I think there was one month where I played both and a couple where I played none. There's been games I either outright didn't know existed or was only vaguely aware of that I've enjoyed, Trackmania and Trials probably being the main 2.
  12. #24 Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F The destroyer of hands, thumbs, wrists and everything in between. Well, most songs are ok. But the super fast ones on hard (or extreme if you're literally insane) can destroy you. I had this game for quite a while without starting it, and when I did I struggled big time at the start. I felt like I had never been worse at a video game than at this specifically (I was even failing songs on normal). Part of the challenge is not being distracted by the background events, I hadn't really played a rhythm game before with an element like that. But once I found settled on my ideal set up (strangely I preferred TV speakers to headphones to follow the songs) and control scheme I improved quickly. The main issue at the start was all the indecisiveness more than anything. Once you're settled it's a fairly simple ride, with the exception of a couple of songs on hard. NegaPosi is Satan, I just beat it with one of the help items and moved on with my life. I have no idea how long I'd be there destroying my thumb and wrist if I wanted to beat it normally lol. There's also quite a lot of side stuff, I basically ignored it until I had beaten all the songs on normal/hard, but it was all cute enough. There's a handful of RNG trophies, most are ok but the worst one (and my last before platinum) was for seeing all the loading screen art in the game. Since it's (supposedly) random you could get it naturally or have to grind it out at the end like me. Strangely it's not even close to the rarest trophy in the game, even though it was the last one a friend and I both got. So there's quite a few people who just got it naturally and didn't platinum the game. Meanwhile I was stuck on getting the last loading screen art for like an hour... Anyways it was a fun enough platinum. I'm always up for 100%ing games menu challenge based games without missable collectibles, multiple playthroughs and all that noise. Before getting plat in this I didn't plat Murdered: Soul Suspect which by all accounts is a much faster and easier one. But 200+ missable collectibles is a no for me. I always like to play games without a guide at least once, then if possible maybe cleanup after. But there I would have had to either play with a guide or do a 2nd playthrough, none of which appealed to me. So I moved onto this which looked more fun, and stuck it out to the end. I'll probably still go back every now and then to play my fav songs, but I doubt I'll ever become a God at it (like those people who perfect songs on the hardest difficulty). Such is the life of many of us on this site who constantly bounce between games, we're destined to be a jack of all trades but master of none. But hey variety is the spice of life.
  13. With Flying Colours Complete the game Cute little puzzle platformer with unique mechanics. Surprised the base game has such a low completion % (<30% on here, around 10% online), some levels are a tad tricky but nothing the average idiot like me can't think their way through. Not a very long game either. Probably won't go for the beakers as collectibles aint my jam, but it was a fun game and def worth the $4 or whatever price I got it for in a sale.
  14. #22 Burnout Paradise Remastered. 2nd time after Stick of Truth I platinum'd a game I didn't on PS3, redemption if you will. I got SoT for free and this pretty cheap (probably for cheaper than the DLC for the PS3 game alone would have costed), and it was nice to have even more of a reason to return to these 2 games I really liked. Really like Big Surf Island and the DLC cars, especially the boost ones. Also 2nd plat in a row after Rocket League where I might not get all DLC trophies for them. Both games I still enjoy playing after plat but they have some annoying online ones that don't really come "naturally". Certified item stuff for RL and really all non freeburn online ones for Burnout (since that's what people are generally doing by default). Could potentially boost them but I like to avoid that where I can, don't even like using a mic online really. Might consider it in the future but for now base plat is fine.
  15. Generally I like to at least finish the story or whatever "main mode" of the game, but especially recently I've becoming more open to dropping games part way. Generally some BS moment has to happen like me losing save progress and thinking "cbf with this". More likely now than in the past due to how many games I have, constantly picking up crazy cheap games + the odd free/loaned one means I have a lot of choices and don't have to really play something for the sake of it.