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  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you know what the legal justification for not allowing game rentals in Netherlands? You probably wouldn't believe it but those Video Rental Stores are still alive in some states on the countryside.
  2. Logan's Run / Mulholland Drive
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience for anyone might experience the same issue.
  4. I remember doing many online tower battles to get this trophy. It popped naturally in the process.
  5. I don't think he is trying to be mean, he is just stating the facts. As of December 2019 there are about 103 million monthly active users (Trophy hunters and all included). On PSN Profiles there are over 4 million subscribers. Let's double that number in favor of Trophy Hunters and assume there are 9 million hunters. Now all we have to do is to decide if 9 million in 100 million is a minority or not.
  6. So the bottom line is people are fed up with E3 and I don't blame them.
  7. THX 1138
  8. Platinum #13 Mortal Kombat X
  9. Forget about the consoles and focus on the games you want to play.
  10. Driveclub - Power Curve (Segal Remix)
  11. Looking at last couple Invasions, it has been every six days. However, it has always been either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. It resets 1AM EST.
  12. I have 250+ hours in this game. I have never experienced what you are describing. I wonder if you tried to locate the trigger point. There must be a reference point/location to the trigger.
  13. Just in case I treated the New Year Tower as if it's a Valentine's Day with no luck. You would think New Year Tower would deserve a secret fight. The name Sergen reminds me of Beşiktaş FC but that is off-topic.
  14. Pay attention to the icon next to each order. Those icons tell you which category the order falls into. Pay attention not to do the same order that you already have S rank on. It will tell you if already have done the order. You can take a look at your Legend of Legends stats under Bridge Links as well.