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  1. Spent the weekend playing this game. Simply put, this game delivers a great immersive experience. Truly enjoying the rich content, the attention to detail, and the mechanics that abide by the rules of the realm and the story created. Most unpleasant reviewers don't seem to like the genre (!), but had to produce a review since it's a trending topic and meet their deadline. The collaboration this game has created were never a mention in many. You may not like the genre. I don't see a problem there. I just don't understand the superficial, unfounded statements in an aid to wipe out the whole game without recognizing many other disciplines it exercises. Beats me. If you are on the fence, and do like adventure games, I would advise scoring a rental or share-play. Watching a gameplay or a review won't replace the actual experience or do any justice.
  2. I purchased this game day one. I haven't read any of the reviews good or bad (not even on this thread with the exception of voting). I am looking forward to playing this game tonight and catch up with all the media people does put out and match my impressions with the theirs.