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  1. Great game, rip Twisted Metal PS3
  2. yes go for it, if u have good boosting partners and they're online then yes
  3. i had that issue before and i dont have a solution for it, one guy i boosted with we couldn't connect at all, and the people im boosting with now we can connect to game just fine
  4. never stopping
  5. lol i decided im going to do this game this week, buying digital
  6. very good sale! i got slayaway camp, toybox turbos and god of war ascension!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies! decided I’m not going to play the game
  8. i have some questions 1. does digital version give you online pass even though the online pass is removed from the store? 2. how hard is the campaign if i do it legit 3. how hard is the online 4. do i need the physical version? 5. is it worth going for this platinum?🤔 I can only play on the weekends and the games servers are shutting down on January 31st
  9. IM EXCITED! will buy the game day 1
  10. this game is a masterpiece and worth the $1. 10/10 racing game
  11. im having trouble with "Secured the Resources" trophy. cant find anyone playing that mode
  12. I bought dead space 1 and 2
  13. 😎Thats cool
  14. The trophies look easy