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  1. Bonus question: Die Hard
  2. Change your account info just in case. I had my about me and language deleted and I heard it happened to others as well. I would say It's an error from PS servers.
  3. I like it, reminds me of ps3 trophy pop
  4. What's your point? He can't trophy hunt because he cheated once? He cheated one game (Fuel) back in 2010 and hasn't cheated since. The leaderboards don't matter.
  5. Yeah honestly, I seen someone say that somebody that has a lot of easy quick platinums is an insult to the trophy hunting community. So just because they trophy hunt easy games they are an insult? He's a part of the community and he hunts trophies lol. Everyone trophy hunts differently and everyone plays different games whether they are easy, hard, etc. I don't care about Unknown or Carlohaz quitting trophy hunting It's their decision. How does everyone else still feel about trophy hunting? Do you still love it as much as you always did or have you also lost some of the passion you used to have? Still love to trophy hunt. If so why is that? Is it the huge amount of 10-30 minute platinums released weekly you need to buy to stay on top of the leaderboard? Never cared about the leaderboards. Is it because you miss playing a game for fun in your own way without trophies dictating how to? I try to have fun with games and sometimes I play games not for trophies, I'll play Minecraft and Rocket League for fun, play on a different console, etc. Is it because you simply have other hobbies/interests/life in general that take up your time now and you no longer have as much time to trophy hunt? I have the time to trophy hunt.
  6. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  7. Guitar Hero Live, I was new to guitar games and the servers are down
  8. Crash 4 has probably the same difficulty as 1 2 and 3 if you don't go for the hard relics, you dont have to go for the platinum trophy. Crash 4 trophy list added platinum relics and new relics and I like that because I think Crash 1, 2 and 3 gold relics weren't hard and it adds more challenge to people who already played N Sane Trilogy.
  9. Glad to see Crash 4 being harder then the other games. I really enjoyed the other Crash games so i'm up for the challenge.
  10. PlayStation 2
  11. It was a good feature but it stopped working a year ago.
  12. Royal Fumble and Fall Mountain are the safest finals imo, hexagon is risky because if you fall into the slime and don't see the eliminated screen your kudos still might go up and then you lose your streak. Jump Showdown I would recommend quitting because platforms fall and it is luck based sometimes. For regular modes I would quit Jinxed, Roll out, slime climb, and Perfect Match if you don't know which platform to stand on. The rest of the modes see what happens and if you are failing then quit out. On a 4th streak atm hoping to get the 5th 😅
  13. If I exit and I fall into the slime on hexagon but my kudos did not rise up, does that mess up the streak?
  14. What happens if you get disconnected, does that ruin your streak? My kudos didn't go up
  15. I remember playing the DLC's years ago on my old account, though I can't find the account info lol.