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  1. a modder auto popped the level trophies for u or u used a save file hide your game if you want to be on the leaderboards ☺️
  2. dude just let go already, I hate cheaters because they dont admit they cheated and they make a big deal out of it
  3. Can modders even auto pop trophies on red dead 1? 🤔 Does someone know
  4. Super Street Fighter IV
  5. I won’t do stacks unless it’s crossbuy Kevin u crazy 😛
  6. I hope they put the online back up this summer 😀.. or maybe they won’t lol
  7. Nathan Drake from uncharted, i loved those games and seeing Drakes new adventures, Crash Bandicoot is also my favorite because it's my favorite remaster for ps4 😀😎
  8. no ps3 and no ps vita games for free anymore 😐 hoping this month will be a good one, February ps plus games were great imo!
  9. Great game, rip Twisted Metal PS3
  10. yes go for it, if u have good boosting partners and they're online then yes
  11. i had that issue before and i dont have a solution for it, one guy i boosted with we couldn't connect at all, and the people im boosting with now we can connect to game just fine
  12. never stopping
  13. lol i decided im going to do this game this week, buying digital
  14. very good sale! i got slayaway camp, toybox turbos and god of war ascension!!!