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  1. Thanks for this. This worked for me and I have been able to earn trophies in Fall Guys PS5 correctly. I don't really care to ever re-connect the old Epic account anyway but appreciate the instructions.
  2. How do you unlink your accounts?
  3. My understanding from reading is that there are 41 challenges total. I am very early on in the game and my Saint Book only has 30 challenges, 2 are showing as complete, and I am not even half way to a 3rd, but the summary for the Saint Book says "3/30 completed". Is it possible I have completed one of the 11 challenges that I haven't even unlocked yet?
  4. Trophy - "Achieve trophy" I'm guessing the requirements for some of these are available to view in some in-game menu?
  5. I completed the objective for “make someone take a bath” but I didn’t get the stamp for it. I think I paused the game at the exact wrong time immediately after completing the objective. Has anybody had any issues with these stamps unlocking? edit: my mistake, there is more to the objective- you end up seeing this character again later and that’s when it unlocks.
  6. I haven’t purchased 50 items in the store on this new launcher/PS5 version, not by any means, maybe 10 items at most but I just started playing today. I did play a lot of the older version of this title though on PS4. Anybody have a similar experience?
  7. I've been holding off buying cars until I have all/most of the "gift" cars so I don't accidentally waste credits on a car that I will later win. Can anybody confirm, for the Memento trophies "Memento from Le Mans" and "Memento from the Nurburgring", where you need to take photos of a BMW Gr.3 car, and an Audi R18 TDI, are these cars given to me at some point or should I just bite the bullet and purchase them to take these scapes?
  8. User Sicho above sent them a tweet. Does anybody know a better method to reach them?
  9. This is my thought on it as well, when it comes trophy descriptions they can be vague, or flat out wrong. With a trophy like the "Going the Distance Together", is it counting when I just go to the "meeting place" feature and free race with some randoms in a lobby, or is it only in the official MP + Sport sections? If I could see the tracking for myself I could confirm.
  10. I wish more developers would support this, really expected it from a game like this considering the mileage trophies are perfect for it. Does anybody know if there is a spot in the game to see how close we are for “Going the Distance Together”?
  11. Did this cause anybody else issues? I played the computer on "very hard" to get that trophy, lost, and chose to rematch. I completed the second match but this trophy didn't pop. Is this trophy for online play only, or perhaps only if you win and then rematch?
  12. I don't understand the logic that offering one on PS Now would lead to more sales of the Trilogy. If you can already play 1 of 3 you would be paying the price of all 3 to get the other 2.
  13. What kind of psychos shoot at an ambulance picking up people?
  14. Are there any missable trophies in the DLC?
  15. In case anybody else is wondering the answer here, you can.