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  1. Hey there, I tried to get this trophy in multiple attempts, but it wont unlock for me. Tried it in Cinematic-Mode and shared co-op. The description on this site is definitely wrong. I did exactly what I'm supposed to do, but no trophy. The description also says, that Julia has to reject Alex' proposal, but in the only video on the internet I could find about this trophy, Julia accepted his request. It seems like there is no working method to find on the internet to unlock it, even though so many people already earned it. Can somebody tell me a waterproof way to get this trophy? Tried at least 5 times until now just for this. PS: I don't have the curators cut.
  2. At least the Weapon Master Trophy is buggy. Just bought the last weapon and nothing happened. Triple checked it, equipped every weapon and restarted the game. Still nothing. So the platinum is possibky unobtainable.
  3. Thanks for the Info
  4. So did you had the 150k XP before? I'm a bit concerned that you can't get the platinum if you already overpass the point for the trophies.
  5. I fixed it this way. I deleted my saves and profile after I got all the other trophies and started a new game. When I had enogh skill points to unlock three profiles, I tried switching between them again and this time it worked. Took me about an hour.
  6. It seems like I'm the only one who got problems with the "Jack of all trades" trophy. Got access to all seven profiles and switched between them countless times, but the trophy won't pop. I'm really clueless what to do now.
  7. Got it. It seems like the trophy is buggy. Had a savegame right before turning in the last companion quest. Played without patch and the trophy didnt pop up. After installing the patch and turning in the quest again, the best friend trophy was mine.
  8. I've beaten the game two times but the achievement wont unlock. On my first run, i missed the quest for David Ward so it was my bad. But I'm sure I did all the companion quests in the second run. Jeffrey Hunter: Find the spy David Ward: Get him back from the bar Scott Seeker: "Professors Worries", saved him from that technomancer guy, saved him from Niesha: Escort her, help her friend, entering the vory storage, take her with me during the patience mission and find gloria. Phobos: Make him bodyguard, delivered the stone to his mother, failed weapon deal, find his brother Andrew: Spy on him, get his technomancer gear, did his initiation Amelia: explorers father, went to the archives, found the rover. I really dont know whats missing. Can anyone please help me? Its the last achivement thats missing.
  9. Hi everyone, the last Trophy I need for Platinum is the "Create" Trophy. I already hearted the authors of the last few sites in this topic via and will heart their levels tomorrow when I'm back on my PS3. It would be great if you could heart me too. PSN-Name: The-Kalk Levels: kalk1, heart me please, cheese land Thanks in advance