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  1. For note. I got the decide trophy from killing a ice beetle queen on stage 2 first loop with two shrine of the mountains active.
  2. Even before the update I couldnt get the stupid trophy. I even have the in game achievement for having 3 of every faction so idk wtf is up
  3. Unlocking 5 at one did nothing. I did unlock the in game achievements for having 3 of every faction. Im going to try and buy the syndicates next and see if that does anything
  4. Im going to try and get from crafting and not the reward book. Im saving up materials to buy 5 of them in one sitting. The qwent site telling you to restart the ps4 is just plain stupid.
  5. Im having this problem too, and i started playing last week. I unlocked one from each from the reward book. and one from each from crafting. Im going to try and win a match with all and see if that does anything
  6. Its no longer on the psn play store
  7. Such a shame.
  8. I had no problem getting 100%
  9. Yeah I saw they had a key and let them do their thing
  10. Can confirm. Just got it from letting a group escape. The stress has been lifted!
  11. Can confirm the new game + broken sword method still works at patch 1.03. It says "shortcut!" which makes me think it is not a glitch.
  12. After platinuming this great game I have some thoughts. Boss rush: Prioritize hull and regen over harpoon charges. Going into the final boss with one or two higher regen than hull and zero points in harpoon. No upgrade create run: Skip the parasite boss Also skip the chain gang you can get the upper harpoon open the door and leave. Man do i wish i had known that. Because your health will regen in this mode the only really difficult boss is The Experiment because he has an absurd amount of health. The trick is like dark souls, stay under his tail and he cant aim at you with his turret. That fight will take forever. The final boss is all about dodging. Hardcore run. The hardest boss for me was the octopus and the final boss. The hardest part of hardcore is getting to the triple harpoon upgrade. After that you can shred every other boss in under 20 seconds. I did it in this order: The Worm, The Fathers, The False Light, The Chain Gang skip, the Defiler, The Tranquil, The Parasite, The Forgotten One, The Heart of The City, The Experiment, The Devs, Final Boss part 1 and 2 If there is any more questions I did stream 99% of this on twitch under the same name. But I can always answer more here too
  13. Im with Zondares! There has been no mention of a ps4 version. So much hype!