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  1. @aCCzTaurin Destiny
  2. @ObsiEez Resident Evil
  3. @crucare Dishonored 2
  4. @ObsiEez Lords of the Fallen
  5. @Baranov_925 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  6. @DesmaBR God of War
  7. @Whitelightnin683 Monster hunter World
  8. @jonads_ Assassin's creed Syndicate
  9. Was about to start this game, I'm going to wait until it is fixed, hopefully. at least, didn't started it yet.
  10. @aCCzTaurin Shadow of the Colossus ps3
  11. Well, I just hope it doesn´t come up with trophies, if so, I realy hope for easy ones like playing 10 matches or cumulative kills. Black ops 4 blackout trophies were a pain, that's enough for me lol Despite that, I'm anxious to play it.
  12. @BadRep24 Horizon: Zero Dawn
  13. @Whitelightnin683 Monster Hunter World