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  1. @zV13r026 NFS: Payback
  2. not at all, easy games on plus before could even get many ultra rare trophies and some hard games today rise its trophies rarities. so I'm comparing rarity between games, and not in a single game. it is more accurate if you are looking to just a single game and just if it was release after the auto update was disabled. ZOMBI was free on ps plus before and now its an ultra rare platinum while the trophies for call of duty modern warfare (which much harder and much more ppl play this game) just raised. I know "rarity" doesnt really mean hard and things like that, but I think this site should keep what it was before, so ALL games have the same affect on their trophies.
  3. @BlindMango @Sly Ripper Any news about this? We just want some response, if the auto updates are going to come back or not. just a single reply please. This is directly affecting games trophies rarity, before, free games on Ps Plus got trophies rarity really low, now, only active trophy hunters have their profiles updated and the rarity on these games just goes up. so we got some inaccurate rarities, at least in my opinion.
  4. @RZK300 God of War
  5. #21 Call of Duty: WW2 100% VE Enjoyment: 8 | 10 Difficulty to platinum: 7 | 10 Difficulty to 100%: 8 | 10 Time to platinum: ~40h Time to 100%: ~70h
  6. @Gray-Fox-44 Black ops 2 for sure, grats
  7. @BlackSnake1435 bloodborne @Baranov_925 Modern warfare remaster
  8. @Baranov_925 Need for speed Payback
  9. Thanks man, its a hard game with a beautiful platinum I was afraid of the online trophies but managed to get those @Berendsapje Dirt 4
  10. #18 Need for Speed: Shift 100% Platinum Trophy Enjoyment: 8 | 10 Difficulty to platinum: 5 | 10 Difficulty to 100%: 5 | 10 Time to platinum: ~30h Time to 100%: ~35h #19 God of War Ascension Champion of the Gods Enjoyment: 9 | 10 Difficulty to platinum: 6 | 10 Time to platinum: ~15h #20 Shadow of the Colossus PS3 Wander and the Colossus Enjoyment: 7 | 10 - Great game in the first run Enjoyment to platinum: 4 | 10 - The bad controls, the bad camera angles, multiple playthroughs and lucky based colossus movement were not enjoyable in the journey to the platinum... Difficulty to platinum: 7 | 10 Time to platinum: ~30h
  11. @DesmaBR modern warfare 3
  12. @Jamescush147 Control
  13. @Arraska modern warfare 2
  14. @Jamescush147 Assassins creed 3
  15. @JIVe_____ The Last Guardian