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  1. I don't think it is them being concerned about getting the virus in Boston,  I think its more to do with a potential PR fallout if they were to be the source of a sickness at the convention.  I imagine a lot of travel and staging personnel are at a greater risk of getting and then bringing it over.  Now add 60,000+ people in close proximity and then dispersing.  I may be way overthinking it but that is the angle that seems most plausible to me.  


  2. 8 hours ago, Goldfire said:

    I can confirm that the 1.02 patch breaks the 2500 lap trophy. After getting more than 2500 laps across all courses without a ding, I deleted the patch and went back to stock 1.00. I then did another race and finally dinged the 2500 lap trophy.


    So, thankfully it retains the stats and simply needs another race.


    Oddly though, during my campaign runs, it seems you can come in any place at the end of each tournament and still progress through the tiers, except for tier 11, you must come first for each tournament.

    So if you play with the un-patched game are all the trophies achievable? I am really wanting to get this game but the glitches are making me hold back. Love Combat racing.