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  1. I don't know with absolute certainty but based on what the time estimate of platinum is (10-15 hours) and what other people have said I've heavily assumed that you only need to do it on one difficulty.
  2. There was just an update that has got the servers working again for me. Not even sure if that's how servers are supposed to work but you can get the online trophies again.
  3. I was normally having him win while I would come second but if you actually do a race yourself it seemed pretty common for him to do terribly and come outside the top 10 so you should only need to do a couple of races yourself to catch up to him.
  4. I've been using the Las Vegas track after selecting 450 class and using the longest race length. By the time the race finishes its a bit over 20 mins and you get about 10 miles of distance. If the servers come back you can search for a track with the number 300 and find a track with long straights to also rubberband on.