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  1. Mine is popped after 20+ crossbow kills. I mostly downed enemy with other than crossbow. Then killed with bow. My last trophy popped crossbow kill was on downed enemy with different gun. So seems It counts towards trophy. It just bugged It will pop when its feels like it. I am working on 1000 kills trophy now. I already reached 1200+ kills still not popped
  2. Yeah it is. My total kill 150+, Equipped that suit a lot times. Jumped from plane 200+ no trophy lol. I totally regret started playing this broken game
  3. Downwell What is the reason you flagged for? I saw your list first I couldn't find any issues but then I realized that you got a trophy "Ground Allergy Complete a level without landing" before "Time Never Stops Complete a level without visiting siderooms" which is impossible I think. Should pop same time if you got Ground Allergy trophy first. I did plat this game hadn't encounter any trophy glitch though but might be.
  4. I can confirm this method works! Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial. At last I got my trophy YEAH I didn't even discover the all the ocean biomes. After the first 2 ocean biomes trophy popped. Took me 10 minutes. I think my previous save files registered the most of the biomes so have to trigger the trophy
  5. I have been thinking is there any way to download the patch from my PC locally? using "MAP LOCAL" option? Because I have to reopen charles every 30 minutes and patch is so big. I can download the patch to my PC without issue then using charles PC TO PS4 local direct download would speed up the whole process if possible Sorry bad english
  6. Ok thank you I will try this method then tell you guys how its gonna go
  7. I tried so many hours for this trophy with recent update no luck Assuming If I downgrade how should I get this trophy. Try explore whole seas again? or is there any easy method with downgraded patch?
  8. Don't know about flag though maybe you will maybe you won't if you unlock all of these trophies same time its a risk. I suggest try unlock it legit doing delete save data and game data then play it from beginning co-op missions again
  9. When I was playing I did not encounter any bug or glitch. I played co-op in split screen. First 2 trophies unlocked right away when I finished first legend mission on nightmare difficulty(The Legend Begins..., A True Legend). I believe if u play normally they all can't be unlocked same time unless it's glitched on you. Did you try delete game data reinstall it? Sorry bad english
  10. Got the trophies. Thank you very much everyone who helped me
  11. Finally got it ^^
  12. Do you need to buy DLCs in order to earn DLC trophies? Some said you don't have to. Thank you
  13. Nex Incarnate ✌️