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  1. I really don't like speedrun trophies but had no real problems with finishing up all lists (trophies) on the switch. Most of those levels were done on the 1st or 2nd try! So for me, the plat would take about 4-8 hours and I'd give it a 3/10.
  2. The Patch is out since two days. Can anyone with a standard PS4 tell if it's better now?
  3. This! A friend of mine will probably get the german version and I want the international. It would be the worst and weirdest thing if we can't play together... it would also mean, all german customers who prefer the german version (because they can't speak english or already played all the other games in this altered style) won't be able to play with anyone outside of germany ...
  4. I guess there is only couch co-op? Does anyone know for sure?
  5. The Twitter account says "The next chapter will be read before the end of the month of February." Hopefully tomorrow ...
  6. It's too easy and therefore most people won't accept, that it can work, especially if they went the long way of grinding or egg duping? Either way: I just had someone nice give all the weapons to me in about 5-10 minutes, so it worked. The only thing that wouldn't work is the gatling gun because I can't choose Sheva as the Main Character at the start of the game (so my trading partner can't choose Chris, the only one able to Equip the Gatling Gun). I'm also not sure about the infinite Rocket Launcher. Other than that I've got all weapons fully upgraded at the beginning of the game. The road to the platinum trophy should be shortened by some hours now. If someone needs/wants to do the same: It works and makes the most sense when you just finished your first run through the game on veteran, i guess.
  7. This comes from the guide on this side by "X_senka_X": "Fastest way There is also a trick how to obtain all the weapons very fast. You just need a friend who already has all the weapons (also works with randoms but you can only get the weapons which they carry - that's why you can't choose the weapons which you will get). For this you need a 2nd controller. For this "trick" you have to be the host of the gaming session. Choose a chapter where you can use weapons from the start (like 1-2). Your friend should put weapons in all 9 slots (this way it doesn't take that long). And you don't choose any weapons/ items.When you are inside of the game quit the coop. After this the AI will have all weapons from your partner (but you can't give them to yourself). Now press "start" on your 2nd controller and the game will open the item management. At this point it seems like all weapons are gone but if you press ready on both controllers (doesn't have to be at the same time - just that the game continues split screen). Now you are back in the game. Now your AI-partner has all the weapons from your friend. Open the inventory of the 2nd Controller and give all weapons to your 1st Controller. After you have done that you quit the game and when you choose "Item Management" you will have all the weapons from your partner. Repeat this to get all the missing weapons. Note: if the player from whom you got the weapons already upgraded them to the maximum, you don't have to do it anymore - and get the trophy Take It to the Max as well." I've seen multiple videos of this working on youtube! It takes maybe about 5 minutes and cuts down hours of grinding. So: Anyone having all weapons (upgraded + the Infinite Rocket Launcher) and willing to share?
  8. I already have this game on PS3. I don't enjoy the grinding but playing the game itself. I didn't ask if it's necessary ...
  9. Would somebody be so kind to maybe gift all upgraded weapons ( in the best case also the infinite Rocket Launcher) to me? I would/could then gift the weapons to other people to negate unnecessary grinding through egg duping/licker farming and so on!
  10. I would be up for some races. Have to check how much I have left. Add me! ^^
  11. I've beaten 20 different people in Tetra Master already just in the beginning with Vivi (and you need only 100, not 1000). Ozma was annoyingly easy, when I remember it correctly. I've beaten him as a kid. 1000 jumps... yeah, no
  12. The Ultimate Trial will need some tries. It's definitely the hardest part so far. The 4 Gold Stars in one run could be hard too, but it depends on the time Star. On my first run on the Switch, getting 100% took me about 15 hours and 73 deaths. I died a lot more often than in the first one.
  13. These trophies seem pretty hard and grindy. At least two runs: One completionist and Level 99 and one 12 hour run (faster with boost I guess) for Excalibur II.
  14. Makes it easier for me to buy it on the Switch! ^^
  15. Any idea if Afterbirth + DLC will cost around as much as Afterbirth (10$)? Or is it maybe even a free update to the regular Afterbrith DLC?