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  1. Looks like the Plus stuff is a free update for the owners of the original digital version. Fair enough.
  2. Of course the other letters at the bottom are A C I N G but if it's not Sonic All Stars or Sonic R then what the hell is it?
  3. I hope they release the new content on PC separately as a free update or a paid DLC.
  4. MW2 Remastered: now with 100% less No Russian. Thanks Donald.
  5. They probably wanted a Uncharted game every month. Anyway the Plus games will stay for everyone as long as they renew their subscriptions.
  6. Never said that. I wrote that they complained like this: "Blah, PSP games! We want real Vita games!"
  7. And when the PSP titles briefly returned a year or two ago people complained because they were PSP games lol. But i can't complain, thanks to Ghost of Sparta i had access to a DLC for GOW3 that wasn't unobtainable otherwise.
  8. Outrun will never ever come to current-gen systems in any form or chapter because they've been bit***s with Ferrari. Anyway i'm fine with the Steam games and the PS3 collection.
  9. Ok in that case get all your PSN account info including the transaction history number and you'll be fine with the support. Just remember that it takes some time to get the issue fixed, but it WILL, trust me.
  10. They helped me TWICE. It takes at least a full month or so. They also need all your info, like the transaction history number... @Taliesin_2943 the excuse they gave you it's ridiculous, you should've tried again. Last week they helped me with an issue i tried reporting at least twice in three years, the EU version of a PSOne Classic was advertised as working on Vita, but it wasn't downloadable on that system. They simply made one of the versions (it cames in multiple downloads, one for each language of the manual) compatible with Vita, by enabling the "Download" button. They're trying to fix a problem with a couple of missing DLCs for another Vita game, too. Also they seem to reply in English most of the times even if you're from a different country.
  11. For things like that you'll have to contact the support, they'll give it back to you. If you're lucky it'll be untied from Plus.
  12. Everything seems to be fine here. Maybe it's a temporary issue, being able to download it from the Store and not from the Download List is NOT a normal behaviour.
  13. It's a really funny class to play.
  14. Maybe it's too late for some of you guys, but if you want some easy money, you should try the 600PP Expert race at Red Bull Ring from the Seasonal Events. Just use a Toyota TS030 Hybrid '12 with PP limiter and max speed set to 260km/h and you'll easily get 554.000 credits (1.108.000 with 200% login bonus) every 7:30 minutes.
  15. Just confirmed that the game is coming to Switch, PC and Xbox One on July 10.