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  1. That's normal. They don't even discount DLCs anymore for discounted games.
  2. Yes..... even Sonic 3 will be made by Whitehead.
  3. Yeah it is (i mean P.T.), the files are still on the servers, it's like the system searches for the wrong address or something, but there are ways to redownload it, but it's a PITA and probably won't work for everyone. You need a PC and to have originally downloaded the thing when it was available. We were probably close to have another "precedent" with Minecraft Story Mode but AFAIK it was eventually sorted out, or the whole thing was misinterpreted.
  4. I am shoked because the more i replay that game, the more i complete it lol. I never truly finished the singleplayer part. Now i'm 100% done with the RSGP and have completed the first 15 all UFRA challenges with very few tries.
  5. Only if they bring back the PS4 themes to the webstore.
  6. Ridge Racer 7 (PS3) will celebrate its 15th (FIFTEENTH) anniversary later this year. The servers are still working. Ridge Racer 6 (X360) is a year older than RR7 and guess what, the servers are still working for that game, too, lmao.
  7. The latest PC patch is still in Public Beta since..... half March? This franchise didn't exactly end in good hands lmao..... too bad because it was a nice addition to my Steam library. Now it's completely broken and there's no way to go back.
  8. 50 online battles can be done solo.
  9. This is ridiculous, they should've found the game in your transaction hist- oh no, wait, they deliberately "deleted" all entries from that year for everyone, among others. Better luck trying to beg them for a full transaction history spreadsheet.
  10. Yeah same here, i've just checked both the web and the PS4 Store and there's only one entry for the game, no way to purchase it anymore. I guess that the only solution is to kindly ask the PlayStation Support (lmao good luck with that) to remove it from your Library.
  11. Rashford it the new Zaza from Euro 2016 at the end of Germany-Italy
  12. Ma dice proprio "chiedete SCUDO ai rossoneri!" la prima volta AHAHAHAH
  13. Why that image though lol, Milan was losing 5-0 and he's a huge Milan supporter
  14. Why that thing with the medals, England players..... why?😥
  15. Online trophies aren't meant to be obtained as a birthright. In most cases, the window is limited, even if it's a decade, it's still limited. Also, support for this game is long over.