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  1. Hence why i said "But to fully delete them locally". It's just for OCD freaks. I guess the same applies to Vita by restoring it completely...
  2. Deleting zeroes can be done from the mobile app. But to fully delete them locally you'll need to delete your PS3 profile, at the cost of losing most (if not all) activations (you'll have to redownload or start redownloading all content)
  3. Please don't tell me you consider buying gear from third-party sellers for Diablo II as "microtransactions". Unless you mean the Chinese version of Diablo III which does indeed have microtransactions... and hopefully it'll stay there.
  4. Keep waiting forever then. I'm surprised this thread is still open. The FIFA14 one was closed months before the shutdown.
  5. H-hold on a sec, are you telling me there are movie cases similar to the PS3 cases? I thought the movie cases were blue and thinner (sorry: Europe) By the way old games had the bluray logo on the top left and "PlayStation 3" written at the top!
  6. Yes they are. Probably a desert though.
  7. Closing a company has nothing to do with closing the servers. ps: Red Alert 3 was shut down on PC.
  8. The Vita version of Child of Light is not cross-buy in any region (it even has a separate "Complete Edition"), only EU regions have the PS3/PS4 option.
  9. I wonder where's TC now. "Duhhh cancel all preorders"
  10. Yeah it's new for me too, probably added in the past few hours/days. At least it doesn't seem to force me to do silly captchas with never-ending streets, cars and other junk.
  11. Still patiently waiting for GOG versions of Disgaea 1 and 2
  12. Who are you quoting? All your quotes are empty.
  13. It was free on PS4 IIRC. Are you 100% sure you didn't buy it during a sale? Have you checked your purchase history?
  14. In a certain way, he did. Because it's the same old crap with timestamps like Sergen said, no need to post the exact trophies... they're staying flagged.
  15. Huh? He posted them... And i think they're gonna stay flagged anyway due to thousands of similar cases.