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  1. I guess you had the Ultimate Box? Or whatever it was called on console. On PC, it had everything before the paid car packs.
  2. I guess we'll see gay/lesbian kisses but not sex scenes... or maybe not. I can't wait to see the s**tstorm if they remove the lesbian kiss from that game lol.
  3. And the petition itself bombed hard, anyway.
  4. 1 and 2* Resistance 1 was necessary because the server shutdown removed game updates (not the same system as 99.9% of PS3 games) and DLC maps were totally playable offline in splitscreen... the digital version is fully updated to support rumble and screenshot capture, too. And thankfully the savegames are still compatible. I wonder why they never did the same with the digital version of MGS4 or MotorStorm 1 (this one is still online game updates-wise and no digital, though)
  5. Not only i don't understand what this thread is about, but the title it's misleading. It sounds like a "news" to me, like Sony announced equal treatment for PS3 trophies or something.
  6. Seriously? The average PlayStation owner doesn't even give a damn about this ****. The sky didn't fall when God of War 2018 didn't get the sex minigame.
  7. I understand that ResetEra is cancer and everything, but this time it has nothing to do with this rumor. It comes from emails sent to german players, apparently. Duh... i left the page open for minutes before posting, and yours wasn't there. No need for that.
  8. Same here. I've even finished it on PC back in 2009. The online was full of idiots, anyway. You would need a decent group, or it'll take a lot more than "an evening or a day". EDIT: and by "finishing" i mean getting all Freeburn challenges and unlockable vehicles, too. Oh, yeah, two vehicles will become unplayable because of the shutdown... at least one has a "offline" counterpart thanks to Big Surf Island, though.
  9. I've already finished it years ago anyway. But do you have a source please?
  10. For real? Are you really that... huh? Jesus Christ.
  11. Are apps accepted in this thread? Because TuneIn Radio for PS3 and Vita stopped working a long time ago, apparently, and it required a internet connection. Same for the Vevo app, again for PS3.
  12. No it's not:
  13. All non-Gamespy games that have been tested do not work at all, it's a waste of time.