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  1. Well now it keeps happening here... well i'm glad that all PS4 saves, unlike PS3, can be moved to a USB drive.
  2. Got a similar error last night while uploading NMS savegames but disabling/re-enabling the network connection solved the issue. My PS4 somehow hates to stay online for more than few minutes/hours during gaming sessions.
  3. Have you guys read the trophy list? Hahah they made the ONLY things i hated about the original as missable trophies... and looks like you'll need at least THREE playthroughs for the Platinum.
  4. No? It costs 60 euros. Are you sure it's not a demo/trial?
  5. I mean the whole part after the "FTC" thing. They're basically saying that A is inferior to B, and B replies "no, WE are inferior to A!" (and vice-versa) F**k them. I'm seriosly considering to quit gaming once FF7 Remake Part 3 is released.
  6. It's because you're doing naming and shaming which is against the rules. Deal with it.
  7. This whole thing has degenerated a lot today... have you guys read the latest news?
  8. I think i've never ever subscribed to threads unless it was done automatically by a site.
  9. They're still putting Ubisoft Connect-exclusive crap in recent re-releases?
  10. Reminds me of all the "sunset" BS for old Origin/EA app games when you ask for help but the subject is "too complicated" for the support.
  11. So, what's the verdict? Can i use all the easiest options AND permadeath and get the permadeath trophy?
  12. They made more Jumping games? Jesus Christ.
  13. No...
  14. The idiots have already removed the Remote Play campaign (which didn't even unlock properly) weeks before its conclusion lol. This thing is doomed.