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  1. It's because of the physical copy debacle.
  2. Need For Speed: Rivals Resistance 3 (local only, two controllers) SoulCalibur II HD SoulCalibur V
  3. Every site should have that feature.
  4. Ahah, no!
  5. The problem is only with PS3 and Vita content, apparently. There are reports of PS4 content working fine.
  6. There's a link in the first page, in the first post.
  7. Sorry, i only noticed this thread now. I was among the first to report this issue in several regions of the PlayStation Forums. (in Italian) It was also reported on Reddit and GameFAQs, among other sites (not by me though): Sony seemed to have aknowledged the issue at first, but then they started lying about getting the issue fixed: Any attempt at trying to contact Sony directly was a failure, they blame us, our consoles, and/or our connections. You contact them by mail, they must phone you, and repeat the same troubleshooting crap over and over again. They're just idiots who refuse to help us. They don't want to listen. ps: not only that, but now even the Search function in the web Store refuses to work.
  8. I can confirm that the search function is effed up, i tried both the Italian and UK Store. Those idiots at Sony can't even make the web Store fully functional for two weeks in a row. Protip for the next time: if a content is in the Wishlist it is not delisted.
  9. Well, let's start from that thread if they ever decide to accept the feature, the rest follows. The put a report button for games with unknown/changed server status. (i'm just suggesting, if the feature is refused, well... life continues lol)
  10. Are they idiots? If i buy a physical copy of a game i can do whatever i want with it. Including selling it. Now excuse me while i try to sell my used copy of Oblivion for PS3. Sue me, idiots.
  11. Protip: if you want to know if a server for a game is down, write "nameofthegame trophies" on Google. You'll end in another forum, if the boosting thread is locked and/or there's a notice about the servers being closed, the servers are closed. By the way, i already told you that EndWar is down... Mortal Kombat is fine and Starhawk is gone. Yeah we need something like this but for now the solution above is the only good one.
  12. I thought it was confirmed down months ago, it's even written here, no need to confirm it again.
  13. Huh... what link? What is this BS?