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  1. It will. Only Disgaea D2 and Disgaea 3 are missing. And i wouldn't be surprised if they decide to port the two Prinny games after the Switch re-release.
  2. PC version it is then. But is he/she an insider or something?
  3. A Nokia 3.2 i got with supermarket points lmao. I think the last time i bought a new cellphone was in early 2007. Got two phones previously owned by my sister after that.
  4. I used to temporarily hide ALL my trophies because of gaming breaks, but now i just hide the games i didn't really play.
  5. Why didn't they do that to Mad Max, too?
  6. Stupid question: since the old Store website was resurrected a couple of weeks ago, is it possible to implement the data from the old site? Especially all themes, apps and anything that wasn't brought to the new Store website.
  7. I basically cheated the Los Demonios DLC by using the Skystriker wingsuit. All i did was shooting stuff from a safe distance lmao.
  8. NO! You bastard!
  9. The rules say "don't be an ***", and you were an ***. Move on and stop with your worthless crusade. Please lock this thread.
  10. Still wondering why they never released more patches on the Steam version... even to just add the speed boost cheat, which is available on the Windows 10 Edition.
  11. Yes you can buy DLC and play them with PS+ games. The Definitive Edition is probably the base game and all DLCs in a single purchase.
  12. I've just discovered that PSDLE 3.x has been updated to fully support PS5 content. Previously the PS5 content was labeled as "PS4". Cool, i wasn't expecting it to happen after the closure and return of the old web Store, and after RePod started to work on the new website.
  13. Subject of this thread = Indie and Western Games you've listed = Not Indie and not Western It's really that simple
  14. I was a noob back in the day, couldn't defeat the final form of the final boss even with the Ultimate Armor lol. Or maybe i finished only once, i don't remember anything maybe one day i'll buy the X Legacy Collection and play them again.
  15. X4 garbage? Lmao this thread never ceases to amaze me. I thought it was considered one of the best X chapters back in the day.