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  1. 4 flagged games and he's disputing this one?
  2. I think it's just DOOM 3 BFG Edition without multiplayer trophies and the two first games.
  3. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get a new EU sale, the old one is expiring...
  4. Sounds like a ridiculous excuse. You were probably reported by a troll... the fastest Platinum achievers took less than 1-2 days to finish it!
  5. They'll just pretend the previous handhelds never happened.
  6. Post the actual reason please. Also, paying for Premium means nothing, there were many hackers in the past who paid for it.
  7. Same here lol. I'm forced to contact all the followers one by one, some don't even listen, others don't even know how to unfollow people, and/or they'll just block you. And some don't even own a PS4 (you could manage your friends on the "My PlayStation" page in ANY browser anyway), in some cases they changed their privacy settings and can't even be contacted by normal means (i.e. you have to resend a friend request, hope that they'll accept them, and then tell them to unfollow you LOL), i don't like to block anyone just to see a "0" in my followers list.
  8. Yup, and Doom is only 3 years old. Also Eternal is still far from release and won't have as many multiplayer modes as the 2016 game anyway.
  9. 10 years ago? There are third-party games still active after more than 13-14 years! The same on PS3. For every server shutdown announcement there are 10 games with working online capabilities out there (not necessarily multiplayer heh)
  10. That's actually the opposite of what i've said.
  11. You won't be banned. But you'll be flagged if you're purposely asking for help with that trophy. However i would stay away away from that version, you could get other hacked trophies.
  12. Well, but that has nothing to do with any shutdown. It there's nothing it was delisted.
  13. DLC was probably delisted, couldn't find it in the Italian Store page. Also what do you mean with "in-game downloadable content function"? The DLC must be downloaded from the Download List on your PS3 (if you own it)
  14. "Thinking" is not teasing. Clickbaity article.
  15. The aforementioned download queue issue seems to happen with PS4 content as well. Please go on the Store and try to put any bundle you own in the queue, i.e. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and things like that. For that example (FFXV) it only puts the Royal Raiment Outfit DLC in the queue. I've also tried the Need for Speed Rivals Complete Edition and it only put the base game.