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  1. Everyone is complaining about the Vita issue but this one is far worse.
  2. ESPECIALLY on PS3. I can't download anything anymore. Same thing, just a different error code. This the only discussion here:
  3. Does the code redemption have to happen on Vita even if you have other systems or just want to use the PlayStation Store website? Also, why Vita if the problem also happens on PS3?
  4. Lmao how is this censorship? They're moaning because it's phallic, and it's still phallic after being censored. LOL.
  5. It's been weeks since the opening of this thread, and the start of several Reddit discussions and not a single gaming news site moved a finger?
  6. Censored sexy sign? Lmao that's just a bad camera angle in both trailers. We still don't know how/if it's censored.
  7. He didn't even have the t-shirt in GTA3 anyway, he probably self-censored himself two decades ago both IRL and in-game lmao.
  8. Probably both, it does say PS5, but read the actual description...
  9. Really? I wasn't aware of that. I thought it was a console-exclusive feature.
  10. Guess what's the million dollar question they've never answered yet.
  11. Well if you say that renewing the subscription is enough to fix the issue, i'll try to get a 1-year subscription soon. I was planning to do it anyway. The email support hasn't been helpful so far.
  12. No, NISA has another batch of games planned for 2022. It's just Disgaea that abandoned PlayStation at this point.
  13. I have the issue and i think i've only bought the PS+ subscription from the PlayStation Store once, years ago. Never ever used auto-renew. Never had my membership lapse since late 2012 because i used monthly memberships that were given away on Facebook at that time. I'm using 12-months memberships since February 2013, bought from GameStop, and then from thirtd-party sellers. I renew the membership every November/December, even if it expires on February.
  14. Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition has been announced just a couple of minutes ago. I smell a delisting/replacement for the vanilla version. EDIT: it's a free update/upgrade anyway.