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  1. Never played Omega Collection yet, but my favourite team in Pulse and HD/Fury was Piranha.
  2. Wait, now i need to watch the collectibles, too? Jeez i'm already 18 hours into the game (just managed to build the Scrap Crew thing in Jeet's stronghold and still exploring that territory lol), i've only checked that Reddit page for the 190/191 thing like twice.
  3. Oh, ok. I thought the DLC hood ornaments were only the ones already unlocked.
  4. I've found two hood ornaments but the counter in the stats screen says 0. Is this another bug?
  5. I always forget about those idiots having their HQs in California. That's probably the same reason for the lack of a Western release of Disgaea 6 on PS4.
  6. Waiting for "TimeTraveler's Dispute"
  7. Can i die during the storyline and before completing scavenging locations? My gosh this is ridiculous.
  8. Having to use a guide to learn how to keep track of stats is absolutely retarded. Stupid devs.
  9. Case by case basis? Ok... Elder Scrolls and Fallout were buggy on PlayStation systems, let's keep them on Xbox. Wolfenstein and Doom remain multiplatform.
  10. #30: Just Cause 4 (2018) - Rico was Here My 30th Platinum! And the second one for a JC game, after i completed JC3 more than a year ago. I played the Complete Edition so i had to wait until the completion of all three DLCs in order to get the final Supply Drop-related trophy. Not really difficult, certain parts were a little frustrating but nothing impossible. Having the Skystriker Weaponized Wingsuit helped a lot, even it if telt a little like cheating in some parts (i.e. the entirety of Los Demonios lol).
  11. It's inevitable, the next EA games are this remaster and Mass Effect Trilogy. Too many clues.
  12. What is with the trophies what, exactly? They will never suddenly discontinue anything that was already released. Hopefully new IPs only. DOOM has been multiplatform for decades, the next entries in the franchise will probably have a 6-12 months exclusivity window and that's it.
  13. I'll gladly replay a PS5 enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII Remake.
  14. Apparently the games will still be multiplatform but on Xbox and PC they will be on Game Pass from D1. The Wasteland 3 devs are owned by Microsoft but the game is also on PS4.
  15. So that's their attitude? We're the only people to discuss the matter and we're considered liars and manipulators? What other option do we have? ResetEra? BBB? Gaming journalists?