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  1. Hide the game and move on.
  2. FF7R is advertised as a full game so i guess each part will have a Platinum, being full games?
  3. Same here, i bought all FF13-2 add-ons but one of them cannot be added to the queue as It shows as not purchased. However it's not something that gets deleted or replaced, but the Store that doesn't work well and they are top idiotic to fix it. For example it's been months that you cannot pur bundles in the queue. Yup, this is normal. But the transaction history Is useless now.
  4. I was waiting for Crash Bandicoot Worlds, or Crash Bandicoot and the Mask of whatever it's called, it was a rumor, better luck next time i guess...
  5. Do you have access to your transaction history? However since it was a 2012 title, they've hidden the old history for undisclosed reasons. You'll have to contact the support and beg them to give you a complete Excel file with all your transactions up to a certain date. But it'll take months to get there, i went throught that a year ago. You could also try the PSDLE extension for your browser and manually search for the game.
  6. Bethesda probably doesn't even know there was a PS1 port lol... the original games collection was the s**t on that console anyway, it deserves more love. At least they're bringing a proper modern release of the long-forgotten Doom 64 next year...
  7. Looking at the issue... typical PR junk.
  8. Why would they do that? Literally all modern ports of the classic Doom games are based on the PC versions. You're getting 64 Final Doom levels across two games, and 9 Sigil levels.
  9. Because it's a thread about potentially problematic/erratic servers and online features, i.e. they announced a shutdown but it's already not working well. Is it too hard to understand? And i can confirm it's true, i got randomly disconnected several times in the middle of singleplayer races.
  10. If only you read the second line of his post...
  11. Then it's like i said, the guy should contact the support ASAP. I went through the same BS twice during the PS3 heydays.
  12. Cool, a new radio station...
  13. I have no idea about these two games, especially Specturm. Picotto Knights was apparently online-only, F2P, and a Japan exclusive anyway. I can't find a single source about the removal of the former. Maybe the "one owner" should contact the Sony customer service and report the issue, by giving them all account info and transaction history number.
  14. This is not true... if you exclude that damn P.T. of course. I never ever lost a single content.
  15. I meant from your own download history, if you ever purchased it before of course.