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  1. Ask for a refund ASAP.
  2. Will it blend? THAT is the question...
  3. I saw "blank" local PS4 saves a couple of months ago but i don't remember how it went away...
  4. Probably a US exclusive for the time being.
  5. Rest Mode should be forbidden for games. Been a problem since the PSP days with both modded and unmodded consoles.
  6. Thanks for existing, Streisand Effect.
  7. Yeah i'm still not seeing it in the ITA region.
  8. Nope, they just won't bother.
  9. There's already DLC. Just minor stuff like pet summons and useless armors/accessories available from now-expired food promotions. I'd like a Boss Rush VR challenge with all the storyline bosses though.
  10. Ok, downloaded the Plus version and the PS4 icon changed to the Definitive Edition. I guess everyone gets that version one way or another. Oh well, i was expecting to "overwrite" the Plus license with a non-Plus one better than nothing! Also the D.E. Content Pack is no longer not buyable, i'm eligible to download it as i finally have all five DLCs (although it's useless with the current Store bug on bundles)
  11. Fixed in the Italian Store as well. However, no free upgrade to the Definitive Edition, but at least i have a complete version of the game, one way or another.
  12. It could mean anything. Even games like Raiden IV and V have that thing, but have no DLC.
  13. And the Season Pass is no longer on sale. This is totally idiotic.
  14. 4 years later and they're already removing songs? Lmao.