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  1. It ain't gonna happen anyway because the 4th one bombed hard on sales.
  2. I think some in-game achievements had their requirements changed between vanilla and ROS, becoming a lot easier/harder. IIRC some were even retired.
  3. I saw a Most Wanted thread bumped after months and then new posts here, i had a heart attack lol. I mean, i have 100%'d the PS3 version years ago, but i'd like to play the Vita one someday (got it for free when EA offered one free game for each console some years ago, they also gave Mirror's Edge and PvZ:GW)
  4. I lost a couple of friends while playing Ragnarok Online back in 2003 because they became obsessed with it and i couldn't become "elitist" like them.
  5. Because the devs/publishers ask for that?
  6. "The of ELEA"? What stupid game name is this?
  7. Hispanic female protagonist... i feel sorry for all Trump supporters i hope the game won't have many MTXs, but it's a wishful thinking. I'll probably wait 1-2 years before getting it cheaper from the PlayStation Store.
  8. Who the hell cares, it's available worldwide on PC anyway. It doesn't even seem to be one of those games to die for.
  9. It's not about "butthurt people" or "elitism", it's about being realistic.
  10. Came here to say this. This "P2P" thing is a false myth at this point, many games that were supposed to be P2P were permanently shut down and that's it. The only game that will always be available after server shutdown is probably Sacred 2 on PS3 and few others.
  11. Nope, not officially.
  12. Officially, but it's still playable unofficially. Search for SaveMGO, you could even still download all DLC for the main game (warning: it only works with the physical edition)
  13. Excuse me but don't you americans get similar things maybe 2-3 times every year? I think the last time we europeans have seen discount codes was years ago...
  14. It's either that or microtransactions, bruh.
  15. I've received no email because apparently it was for people for haven't bought stuff for a while. I bought stuff last Sunday. What an crystal ball-less imbecile i am.