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  1. Are you sure they're talking about cards, and not actual discounted subscriptions from the Store itself?
  2. Please sue them, instead of talking. Let's see what happens, don't be a vocal minority
  3. Funny, i was discussing about this a day or two ago in another forum, we were talking about copyright issues concerning hypothetical re-releases of Onimusha 2 and the main character having the likeness of some late Japanese actor...
  4. I don't even take a look at my screenshots. Used to have them loaded on PlayMemories Online but eventually deleted them.
  5. Funny, it was delisted in 2010 when Sega decided to remove from sale all the "below average" (according to Metacritic) games from that era.
  6. Well technically it's not 2FA on these systems.
  7. That was already done. It's the reason you must add funds exclusively from the webstore now.
  8. I don't understand how they're "forcing people from using old platforms" if all you need to do is to change a password.
  9. That's weird, i remember to have always authorised payments myself. But that was more than a year ago. Now i just buy discounted pre-paid cards from sites.
  10. You never truly stay logged in on PayPal with 2FA activated. You are always logged out after the end of a session, even if you save the browser you're currently using. At least that's what happens to me. And i'm not using some outdated browser, it's always the latest version of Chrome on both PC and mobile.
  11. If you use PayPal to pay stuff from PS4/PS5/webstore it's not a big deal, you'll always be requested other security stuff from that site. Also you can always recover your account with your legit date of birth which cannot be changed after creating the account. Also keeping old transactions emails helps a lot.
  12. Lmao they don't even remove auctions from people selling accounts with Plus subscriptions...
  13. I occasionally activated/deactivated it, because i was too lazy to use the authenticator codes when moving between accounts (due to OCD i've collected every single free game/app/theme/avatar from Europe, USA and Japan and i'm still doing it lol) That said, i already have multiple layers of protection, including a robust password, the PIN, my phone number, my real date of birth and the secret question/answer.