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  1. Hahah lol i see but it really happens on Vita!
  2. ... typical for Sony. Don't bother with the Vita store. Seriously, it doesn't even list certain Vita-compatible PSOne Classics.
  3. Yeah Knack 2 was free a year ago. Yakuza 5 probably even before. They're still playable for whoever has them. I didn't know that the "Doogle" bundle was a glitch. I remember about Resogun, Thomas Was Alone and few other games that became free by mistake.
  4. And what time does the US Store update? It's 1PM here, but it's GMT+1.
  5. When you turn on the game!
  6. It works but not all games are compatible.
  7. It's Monday, but the game is still not free in the US Store.
  8. Could someone post a site IN EUROPE where you can get legit PS3 controllers?
  9. You guys are scaring me with that fake controller thing. I need to get another DS3 because mine have problems like faulty d-pads or broken/oily analog stick caps. But they were overused by me and/or the previous owners lol.
  10. I've always used prepaid debit cards lol... my info was in the account when the whole 2011 thing happened, but nothing was stolen. I've always had it in the account. Now i just removed them because i stopped buying PSN stuff before Christmas. Maybe i'll put them again when i'll renew Plus, then remove them again. Like i said i had issues with my info not working but switching to PayPal solved the issue. I tried linking my PP account directly to my bank account but it just wasn't worth it. Even if they stole my account they cannot do anything as it requires a physical PIN generator to transfer money, and i always keep it empty when i don't buy anything.
  11. I'll never understand the issue with payments in the browser version of the Store. It's like the issue on the PS3 Store app that always kicks you out after a couple of seconds if you manually search for content. Maybe it's like the infamous issue with the download queue for PS3 and Vita content: something that does exist but they keep denying.
  12. Have you ever tried switching to PayPal? That solved the issue for me (dunno if it works now, last digital content i purchased there was in 2017)
  13. Who uses stores prepaid cards here? Just wondering.
  14. Probably just stickers, emblems and some customisation parts. Nobody bothered to make a full list.