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  1. They changed a game to another region because ANOTHER game had unrelated glitches? Precursor Legacy didn't have a savefile glitch AFAIK.
  2. I don't even remember when i got the game. Yeah i think that version is F2P but with the usual truckload of content locked behind paywalls.
  3. Does not compute (unless we're talking about the same old games like COD or AC... yeah i'm from Europe too). There are other deals for PS3 games, i.e. the Summer sales, Halloween, or that Big in Japan sale. But it's been 5 years since i bought a PS3 and certain titles never ever saw a single discount... Christmas now is just an excuse for "Buy a PS4! Buy PS4 games! LULZ!"
  4. Well duh PAL games had more languages (or one language for each country... *sigh*), US games only had English, sometimes French and Spanish, too. Hopefully things have changed with the generation(s) after that in most cases. I've even found US games with EFIGS languages, if not more.
  5. Are you getting any error message? Because there was a problem with the Quest rewards but it was discovered that there's a limit of 10 redemptions every 24 hours.
  6. I hope this doesn't become like that drama with Army of Two 40th Day and the infamous mask trophy where the guy tried everything to fool us, including fake videos uploaded "exclusively for us" and for just a couple of minutes/hours, lol. One of the most ridiculous things i've seen this year.
  7. Again? So, that site is working like crap or both this guy and Valtiel_Terra are lying?
  8. Huh, that third-party program i used was a lot faster to work with.
  9. I also use it for screenshots sometimes lol. I just don't want to use third-party programs, unless i need to take screenshots for full Skype convos, and i only needed it once, hopefully...
  10. Huh well i think they're different persons, the other guy has "lone wolf97" as the username in that other forum.
  11. And he called me "smartass". Jesus Christ i don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  12. Oh well, that's not Italian, it's Spanish.
  13. I smell lies.
  14. Another "sad story" with the mask trophy, huh?