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  1. My discs are still fine... the first Xbox 360 version was known for doing that, though...
  2. Firmware updates have nothing to do with server shutdowns, it's probably a sad coincidence.
  3. Jesus Christ i think i got cancer just by reading "ResetERA".
  4. I thought they were going to be free? Except the old Deluxe Edition-whatever content.
  5. LOL, this is far more idiotic than the No Man's Sky multiplayer debacle in 2016.
  6. I've installed it a couple of hours ago, no issues. Nothing really important, it fixes the usual piracy-related exploits. Until the next firmware update, of course, lol.
  7. So they put a complete idiot as CEO. Not surprised.
  8. Good old Black Ops II. Hide your game and move on.
  9. 2+ hours and no likes? Pitiful people.
  10. People do look at and care about reputation in this site?
  11. Just because you didn't like the game it doesn't mean you're authorized to do whatever you want with it and avoid paying consequences. Hide your game and move on.
  12. And nothing of great value was lost.
  13. Now they changed the timeline from 3-1-4-2-5 to 3-1-2-4-5... Capcom suddenly remembered what they were known for... for being idiots.
  14. Good old Black Ops II.