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  1. Ok, i got this trophy a couple of hours ago, but i have some questions... basically, during the campaign i finished all but two challenges, one for killing 8 demons with a single shot (Lazarus Labs), and another for killing 3 demons with a frag grenade (VEGA Central Processing. I replayed the levels and the challenges appeared as COMPLETE, and the trophy eventually popped. However, while i was replaying Lazarus Labs to "grind" some of the remaining weapon mastery challenges, i noticed that the missing challenges re-appeared as greyed-out. Same for the other one. Is this intentional because i didn't complete them during the campaign? Or is it a visual glitch?
  2. I just got all the trophies that were supposed to be glitched, without issues.
  3. Horizon! HORIZON! ... Chase Turbo
  4. So, the day has come, does the digital version of the game still work?
  5. You could unlock the Card skill from Quetzal and then "kill" all foes (excluding bosses) by using that. The bosses don't give EXP, too.
  6. I think that dialogue is in Cloud's mind.
  7. I thought the Network Pass didn't come with the digital version? It wasn't necessary, having the game was an entitlement to play it online.
  9. This is why i hate disputes...
  10. It is not already available?
  11. Welcome to PlayStation Support, the same that told me to format a PS4 in order to fix a PS3-related issue.
  12. I'm still waiting for FF1 and FF2 on PC though
  13. I hope the PS1 music will properly work in all departments this time, even the latest revision of RaW couldn't fix anything.
  14. "The items you could only get from it will be available through Rinoa’s special ability." Oh Jesus Christ, BOOOORING.
  15. It's the first one. I hope he means he can't get the Gold metal, otherwise... lol...