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  1. Even if it's a minor update, i hate when this happens. That's why i was forced to buy the US version of 3D Dot Game Heroes. I was tempted to buy the US version of Armored Core 4, too (because apparently the EU version didn't get the Regulation updates)
  2. Changing the DNS worked for me, too. Been getting many errors today. Also had to disable 2FA. Still cannot transfer games from Vita to PS3 though. Sheesh...
  3. Oh, so that's why i couldn't download anything on PS3 or transfer stuff from PS3 to Vita. I've had to disable 2FA and now i can download stuff on my PS3. However, i didn't need to disable 2FA on my secondary US account, for whatever reason. I still have to test PS3-Vita transfer after deactivating 2FA though..
  4. #36: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (2017) - Champion of Ivalice 14 years later, it's still one of the hugest JRPGs i've ever played. Trophies were a breeze, except maybe for that damn Quickening-related one... even getting all items was easier compared to the original, thanks to the quadruple speed, new treasures, and some exploits here and there. When i was overleveled in the main story, i used inferior equipment on purpose to artificially balance the difficulty lmao. It took me around 200-ish hours even with increased speed, in the original i think i spent 350 hours but across several months due to real life. Enjoyment: 10/10
  5. It's not that different after all, both consoles don't download at full speed anyway. I have a 100Mbps connection, on PS4 it downloads at 12MB/s which is maximum possible speed, on PS3 it goes at 3-4 maximum, even wired. That's archaic hardware to you.
  6. True. EU copy here.
  7. No Oblivion patch here, unless the Platinum disc is pre-patched.
  8. Yes like i said the patches were for something unrelated to trophies or fixes.
  9. No the MS updates were restored some time after the multiplayer closure. They were working as of last summer but not anymore. If someone wants the R1 updates they should buy the EU digital edition before the closure. GT5 Prologue had the same issue but Platinum discs have the Spec III update. Well EXCUSE ME for not wanting to read through several walls of text and for simply trying to help someone. Some digital games come pre-patched AFAIK, i.e. their downloads are already v1.0x or whatever.
  10. No only GOW1 and 2 but it was only for Remote Play on PSP/Vita, IIRC...
  11. Good. Could someone please try the first MotorStorm game? Although it used a more archaic updating method.
  12. Same here. How about GT5 guys?
  13. I've probably already asked this some time ago, but why certain regions are slower to show new content in your site? For example Italy still shows the latest content from more than a week ago. Your site is useful to check for new free content as the official Store website is crap and doesn't have a section for new free stuff, you have to manually search for everything, and because of this, i think i've missed a couple of things available for a limited time.
  14. Oblivion GOTY has an update? Are you sure about that? I have an EU copy and it never ever received an update.
  15. Yeah i've seen it too but it was vBulletin and a couple of years ago.