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  1. The next day? If you insist it'll delete it in a couple of minutes. You have to repeat until it disappears for good. It doesn't catch and it's not "no biggie". It's not downloadable. It's not fixed.
  2. If it's like the previous Summer pack expect it to be removed from your download list after it expires. (why did they skip Chapter 4 by the way?)
  3. Were they in the Store itself? Or something else? Because i never ever saw them in the web-based Store (the PSM games), and that covers all platforms.
  4. And that person reobtained the rebranded game, or not? I can't find any news. It's not the same story anyway.
  5. They'll never do a PT, that was one of the veeeeeeeeeeery few exceptions, if not the only one. It wasn't even a proper game, after all.
  6. Nah he's probably too old to be him. But who knows, maybe he's still in the game somehow. I bet we'll see many other familiar faces. Hopefully a younger Landon Ricketts.
  7. Back in the PS3 days the people with more than 90% completion and tens of platinums were generally arrogant idiots lol.
  8. Wait, it was a real hack? I'm asking this because the Guinness World Record isn't probably aware of it lol...
  9. What's the problem? It's about a video, and he posted a video.
  10. Sacrificing the entire PS3 PSN (like there is a "PSN" just for the PS3) for PSN ID changes would be one of the most idiotic moves in the digital era. I wonder if anyone is aware of how many PS3/Vita items have been offered in the Store, how many game updates have been released in these years. The Beta is not going to solve the question for PS3/Vita savegames and other related things. It is true that they've shut down many games, but most were first-party, there are a lot more third-party games with working online features out there, from simple leaderboards to actual online play. Shutting down old-gen systems these days would mean erase a whole generation of games. Yeah, i know about Nintendo, but they're a**holes when it comes to digital preservation until a generation ago. EDIT: Also, what do you guys have against the PS3, exactly? PSP is older, but PSN is still active. Also, PS3, Vita and PSP content is stored on the same servers (it can be easily verified with PSDLE if you don't believe me: choose "pkg")
  11. Our anxieties come from the fact that they aren't going to update old-gen systems to fully support the PSN ID change. Firmware releases are made only to fix piracy-related exploits nowadays.
  12. Not sure how savegame resigning works (nor i'm interested in it), but i guess you have to change the PSN ID itself.
  13. Let's add another one: 3B. Compatibility with savegames on PS3 and Vita. What would happen to my old saves? Will the systems tell me that they belong to "someone else" (i.e. my previous ID)?
  14. Then it's not solved. Using PSDLE is not a solution if the problem is in the Store itself. We've always been able to add stuff. Downloading them is the problem.
  15. That video lists AM2R as C&D'd but the project continued and it's still active as of today (they literally released v1.4.3 a couple of days ago), it was continued by others though. Pokémon Uranium had the same fate. No Mario's Sky was reskinned to DMCA's Sky.