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  1. Seems to be working now, but don't hold your breath.
  2. I can only find the DLC but not the game itself.
  3. Forgotten Sands was shut down last year. And no, they didn't announce a Uplay shutdown for this game.
  4. This is a d*ck move honestly, even if i don't own the game. It's like when they shut down the online in Wipeout HD and 2048, making cross-play unplayable, because they didn't make it playable locally, but only through the PSN, even with the systems in the same room. They should've patched out the online requirements like they did with Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 when they released a post-shutdown patch that removed all online errors prompts (although the game is castrated without online but whatever)
  5. In other words, it's the 360/PS3 game with higher resolution and speed buttons?
  6. They were gone like two weeks ago according to previous posts and apparently the situation hasn't changed.
  7. Can't you even read? Gibbo_0113 already fulfilled my request. Also some games got their servers shut down but the Platinum/100% is still obtainable. Where should these games go? For example Resistance 3.
  8. I'll never understand this "racism" with trophy-less games. There are several games with working/non-working servers, they're the same as games with trophies. I could help in eventually listing some of them. Darksiders II was shut down in 2016 and this list doesn't cover that year anymore...
  9. Probably too hard to understand for certain people.
  10. Thanks, but it has only games with trophies...
  11. ... anyway, do we have a updated list with all games already shut down years ago? This thread only covers part of 2017 and 2018, and one game from 2015...
  12. "Not" because it's not required bud. First-party PS3 games with online multiplayer don't need passes when bought digitally.
  13. That won't help if you're omitting the : anyway
  14. There are reports from years ago, but the issue went full-scale on that date!
  15. Last Christmas? My gosh, you're really unlucky. The problem started globally around May...