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  1. So it requires 500,000 XP in total, but i still haven’t unlocked the trophy yet, any tips/ideas?
  2. Just can’t find Diego’s pulp magazine that’s the only character left for zombies
  3. Leave the party as in close application? Or quit game?
  4. So it’s better done in normal blackout mode then. So just to make it clear i need to have that item during ‘no more deployment pending’?
  5. So if i complete a Character mission, say for Bruno and if i die after completing the challenge and i respawn later in the game will it count as "complete the match with this in the inventory"?
  6. Can you send the Twitter link where he posted this?
  7. will the royal edition include DLC season 2 or not?
  8. does the level 50 trophy pop up now? after the patch
  9. what about leveling up? that'll still be a grind ?
  10. New update coming on 21st March with new progression system, let's hope they fix the trophy issue..
  11. That's the best thing they can do before losing the rights for star wars 😂
  12. They're going to change the progression system soon in march, maybe they'll patch it after that?
  13. I'm at level 47 and this is the only trophy i want for platinum. Wtf should i do now? -.-
  14. Call of duty: black ops 3
  15. Hey, can someone help me with the meat wall trophy? We can search for the casual multiplayer together and hope we get in the same lobby lol psn- vikrantmehta7