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  1. ah ok
  2. is it a tick box or something?
  3. Tetris Effect is the trippiest game I have ever played, and I f***ing loved it
  4. Top 3 games: 1. Overwatch / 540 hours 2. Grand Theft Auto V / 358 hours 3. Fallout 76 / 233 hours Days played: 332 days played at 3879 hours clocked. Longest streak was 24 hours. Trophies earned: Total: 4854 Trophies earned Platinum: 155 Gold: 1165 Silver: 1257 Bronze: 2277 I got Action Hero
  5. I got all of the achievements on Skyrim on Xbox 360, replayed it on PS4 and got the platinum trophy. I have never played this game with mods and imo they arent needed at all. sure you can use them to customise the game to how you like it but the actual game is one of the best open world RPGs of all time
  6. ah ok. i think i probably will wait for a sale then, i have a lot of games in my backlog anyway
  7. this game looks really interesting
  8. i honestly nearly gave up on the plat because of it. took a break and when i tried it again the day after i did it on my 3rd or 4th try. it is so finicky though. i literally got pulled into the sun over 50 times
  9. I sure did not expect the owner of the site to reply So does that mean they dont correlate?
  10. Say my completion rating is 70%. If I start a new game and get it over 70% but less than 100% how does that affect my overall completion percentage? does it increase because its higher than my average or does it decrease because its another game that isnt 100% complete? I realise that this is probably going to make me look stupid because I am fairly certain this is just a maths question. I am bad at maths.
  11. you can turn multiplayer off though, it still doesnt pause
  12. How can they remove such a fundamental feature?
  13. Realms isnt on the PS4 version yet and the guide on trueachievements basically just says join this world that has it set up for you.
  14. i think this is a different collection that also includes fallout 4 goty edition. either way im pretty sure its not coming to PS4.
  15. yep, i just popped my second plat. i love this game