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  1. After Bennett Foddy made QWOP, he made a cliff climbing browser game called GIRP. I looked at gameplay of this game and it seems very similar. The main differences I can tell are you can charge a jump in this game, you can use ropes to stop you from falling, and it's randomly generated each time you fall - roguelike style. Looks very interesting.
  2. It seems easier than the last few FIFA games for sure
  3. You can't unlock any trophies on DC Universe Online without buying a membership for it, idk if that counts though
  4. Once you realise that most people don't really care about the leaderboard it sets you free. On my old account Flipendo52 I used to be miserable constantly playing the easiest games multiple times and I hated it. Somehow the situation has gotten much worse since then, but I don't care anymore. I'm playing games I want to. Believe me, unlocking a trophy that you worked hard for feels much better than going up a leaderboard spot through getting 100 easy trophies, and it lasts forever too. If at any point you had to stop playing for an extended period you will just drop down the leaderboard anyway, it's a permanent grind for temporary bragging rights.
  5. For anyone still thinking about playing this game, this trophy can still glitch because the snowman will sometimes just completely disappear. If you turn him into a fruit ASAP he should stay in your game though. I nearly missed Platinum but had a save not that far back. Make sure you save at least once every time at the start of each chapter and make sure the snowman is still there BEFORE you save.
  6. It's because the platinum takes much longer than 15 hours in reality, I grinded this game for nearly a month and I only got about half of the trophies. I eventually gave up because of boredom.
  7. This game was a lot harder than I was expecting it to be, getting 150 stars was a pain. Other than that all of the trophies are pretty easy though
  8. Just posting here to confirm the beneficial glitch still works, so everyone that got it for 7p or 9c can get the trophy after beating the 4th pack
  9. I'm a Golden God trophy just unlocked for me after beating 7-17x, I already got all bandages and all A+ ranks I was just working through Cotton Alley Dark World. I guess I did some glitch levels but forgot about them? It's weird that you can unlock it without actually finishing Cotton Alley Dark World
  10. 1. FIFA 21 - 1.81% 2. Fall Guys - 2.95% 3. Quake - 3.60% 4. FIFA 22 - 3.70% 5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 - 3.82%
  11. Slipgate Pacifist won't unlock for me. edit: I tried deleting game data and doing it again and it unlocked the second time through
  12. I used a dex/faith rapier build with sunlight blade, flynn's ring, stone ring, ring of blades, old leo ring. Very powerful build
  13. Yeah mine did too, seems like a bug
  14. I don't think they've been set to private and I definitely didn't hide any trophies. I guess it must have been an error when syncing then.
  15. Sorry, I meant on the Flipendo64 account. This is the forum profile for my old account but I have trophy cards for both set as my signature