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  1. That text-to-speech tip is very helpful, thank you
  2. On top of your ball clearly going in first, how tf did someone get the final W in a team game?? lmao
  3. I'm just annoyed because it's another set of "DLC" trophies where you just replay the game again. I'm sorry for venting.
  4. Thanks for the help
  5. My bad.
  6. Are you trying to say you should never attempt annoying trophies?
  7. I started my permadeath playthrough, I'm at the part where you get captured and have to use the glass to cut the rope. I died here twice and now for some reason the game is permanently in slow motion, I looked at the settings to see if I turned it on by accident or something but I can't turn it on because I'm playing permadeath. Has anyone else ran into this glitch and if so, does anyone have a fix? Edit: for some reason slow motion seems to be turned on even though it says it's locked in the pause menu? I just turned it off by swiping on the touchpad by accident (even though on the pause menu slow motion says its disabled because I'm playing on per chapter permadeath). Maybe this glitch could be used to enable cheats on grounded? Not sure.
  8. For the plat you already had to do 2 playthroughs, playing the same game over and over gets boring. It's reminding me of how many playthroughs I had to do for diamond Knack
  9. Bro you got issues
  10. So just because the new TLOU2 trophies are annoying you suggest to quit being a completionist? Hell no. I was just expressing frustration.
  11. 100% agree. Sony is not helping the platinums being worthless situation when they don't even require the hardest trophies for plat.
  12. Mein Leben is different, the trophy is in the base game so you know before playing if it's for you or not. What Sony has been doing with first party games recently feels a little bit like clickbait, people start the game thinking they are going to have a relaxing and enjoyable time then they patch in trophies that are much harder than the base game later on. I didn't even enjoy replaying this game the first time for the upgrades, replaying it two more times sounds very boring. If it was actually new content I wouldn't even be annoyed, its just the same content but completionists have to replay it again. Your first sentence doesn't even make any sense. Even if you aren't active in the forums, if you have played TLOU2 and disliked it (as many people did) and are a completionist then of course adding new trophies for basically doing the same thing over again is going to annoy you. The only difference is some people are active in the forum, so of course in a trophy thoughts thread we will express our trophy thoughts.
  13. New visual novel, very positive rated on steam. The music seems nice, could be relaxing to play
  14. If you wouldn't call people who keep 100% account completionists what else would you call them? It does seem like permadeath is potentially much easier though, it's weird to call it permadeath if it only resets you back to the start of the chapter