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  1. Is there a way to track total zombies kills?
  2. The two trophies in the flying mission are really annoying
  3. You kind of need a mic for the concept of the game to work
  4. Remote play through PC
  5. Whats your play time? 1047 wins sounds like it would take forever
  6. PS4 games were £50 including tax though, so the price has still increased by a lot more
  7. Either say goodbye to a childhood franchise or pay double the price of the last game eh? Bit harsh. Unrelated but why do so many people in this thread think OP is talking about dollars? £70 is nearly $100, we got a much higher price hike here than in the US. You could argue the American price hike is justified but here PS4 games were £50 so £70 is a massive difference
  8. Because game expansions used to be something the developer started work on after they finished the game
  9. I afk'd the majority of my 1200 matches and didn't receive a single hate message, I feel like in any other game I would have had loads of them
  10. Meant plays, sorry. Would upvote but i ran out
  11. Is there a way to check how many wins you have with each character per game mode?
  12. There are two different physical versions; "Avicii Invector" and "Avicii Invector Encore Edition". The encore edition has the patch included on the disc so make sure to buy the original version if you want to do the rhythm savant exploit
  13. It seems to have been patched unfortunately
  14. Is it even possible for that to happen? I thought platinum trophies were awarded at the system level. I feel like that trophy for beating the game on the hardest difficulty is effectively just missing from the playstation version because if you unlock all of the other trophies the platinum would just unlock anyway, right?
  15. Tail Tag, with Fall Ball a close second