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  1. He seems like he has a good head on his shoulders and someone you can turn to for advice.
  2. urinating all over
  3. Has the balls to go for that Star Ocean 4 stack
  4. Fawk. Yeah!!! I finally pulled this son of a bitch of a stage off! Definitely one of the most annoying challenges I had to do in a game so far. Even though most of my runs failed during my jump to the lilypad or the jump from the lilypad to the concrete, the most annoying screw up was whenever I couldn't make it on top of the damn garbage can, or jumping from the garbage can to the plant. This was probably because of failing a run from a "simpler" task right after getting through the hardest part that made it really annoying. Btw, do NOT do what I do at 1:52 and jump straight to the pole...you will NOT be able to stick and probably bounce somewhere you shouldn't...I got lucky that I didn't end up somewhere I couldn't recover. Aim for the brick wall like you'll see in other vids...not sure what I was thinking there. 😰 Also if you can, try grabbing (not collecting) the cheese on the car if you're in position or able to do so before jumping off of it. You can shave off a few seconds or more by gliding towards the last cheese than if you were to just jump off the car and travel regularly on the ground as this could give you some leeway on time at the end when you start climbing the boxes to the last cheese. Good luck to anyone else attempting this stage. At first you'll probably feel that mostly luck will be needed in order to A++ this, but you'll notice that you'll start getting better with your technique and making less and less mistakes and start feeling that this IS indeed possible, and a lucky enough run will start to feel inevitable. This took me probably around 200-300 tries (maybe even more) before I hit success, so a huge amount of practice and patience is required.
  5. Days Gone and A Plague Tale: Innocence can both be platted in one playthrough and they're both quite good, easy and fairly new too.
  6. Never knew either until I start reading up some of the reviews of this game. Is that right? I'll have to see these other games as well. I used to love watching her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the day, as well as in Wrong Turn.
  7. Tarantino/Kill Bill style action with Eliza Dushku as the main character's voice actress? Yeah, this certainly got me interested.
  8. If that's Rick Grimes from the back wearing a Sheriff hat, then sure
  9. Yes, gotta love that "special" reward after conquering Babel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Alrighty, the only thing I need left to A++ is Cheese Hunt Garden...I guess where the REAL fun begins. So far the stage that's been the biggest pain in the ass was Cheese Hunt garage. I had to sleep on that one after many retries until I could go back at it the next day again, but I did manage to pull through. Here's my first ever set of videos that I recorded (kinda regret not doing this for SMB and others) on the A++ Cheese Hunts so far, except for the kitchen stage since I did that one already earlier before I decided to start recording. Not the best performances on some of these, but they got the job done:
  11. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Outlast 2
  12. pieces of dysfunctional
  13. Do I eat this or what?
  14. Nope