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  1. Probably not if he decides to ascend 50 ft in the air to do a Blake Griffin power dunk on me with the celestial orb
  2. Sure, he could most likely wipeout the whole zombie race with his Gundam if he wanted to
  3. GD Parkour Instructor Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges at night Going for this trophy mildly reminded me of the Dunwall City Trials. Thankfully, it's pretty much all skill-based with RNG having only a minimal effect (with the Volatiles and zombie placement) on your runs.
  4. I generally find online trophies fine for the most part. Games with online trophies that are single player that simply require an internet connection without needing any interaction with other players like Lollipop Chainsaw's 'International Zombie Hunter', or Metal Gear Solid V's 'Deterrence' and 'Disarmament' are ok. I also find trophies that require co-op to be pretty fun most of the time. PvP, on the other hand, I usually don't enjoy it as much as co-op but I'll go through with it if a game's 100% requires it. But then even PvP turns into a "co-op" session if you decide to boost. With that said, what I don't like is that every online trophy has a countdown towards being unobtainable and I think that's the worst part, especially if you're a completionist. This also kinda "forces" me to have to prioritize these kinds games over others, which I feel I shouldn't have to for any kind of reason. I guess a bright side to this is that you're once obtainable now unobtainable online trophies become more "valuable" to have, like having that Michael Jordan rookie card that's no longer in print. One thing's for sure is that I won't avoid a game with online trophies that have potentially great single player, in particular story driven games, IF they're still attainable. Otherwise, I would consider using an alt account for games not started yet with unobtainable trophies since I try to avoid having unobtainables on my main account. I'd have to be really interested in the game though for me to deviate from my main account for a time.
  5. TLoU2 when it comes out. I don't ever remember having to spend anything over $100 USD on a single game (pre-ordered the Collector's Edition).
  6. I think "Wiggaz Wit Attitude" would be a more suitable name 👍
  7. The third beep, although the timing is pretty tight here too. I'd say somewhere around less than a second right after you hear the third beep is when you should press the burst button. There is the cut-in method too where you don't have to go off the beep timing, but instead "cut-in" to the enemy's burst when it's already fired. I never got this method down myself, but that's one you might find easier if you can manage to get the timing down for that.
  8. Oh man, if Gigantic Bite and/or Violent Ruler were part of the QUZ run, I can see the platinum reaching Necrodancer status when it comes to difficulty. But yeah, I agree with CS mode being way too long. If they cut the amount of stages to about half or a little more than half, then it wouldn't feel so much of a grind, or maybe not even at all. It's great you're enjoying it, good luck on the rest of your path to platinum
  9. Code Vein
  10. Vin Diesel ain't got nothin' on me!
  11. Yep, sure am. Wouldn't you feel extremely proud to attain a trophy that required you to beat a stage that's this ridiculous? @greenzsaber above me would know the struggle 😁
  12. No, but based off a quick Google search, it looks like something I could get into. Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit)
  13. Frau Engel from Wolfenstein 2. The feeling is 10x sweeter if you manage to off her on Mein Leben 😈 ⛏️ The mockery and torment she does to you a few times throughout the game is more than enough to make you wanna serve that nice, ice cold dish to her.