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  1. Every ninja drinks in nauseous glory Semantics
  2. Dragons Squares or rectangles?
  3. Go outside Play for 1000 hours Little Adventure on the Prairie
  4. Wish I had a more positive opinion of this game more than I currently do now, especially since it was one of my more anticipated games last year.
  5. Journey did nothing for me in terms of having an "emotional" experience. Call of Duty MW 2019 > Call of Duty MW1 Beyond Two Souls > Heavy Rain Bloodborne was a fun experience, however where I think it fails in comparison to its gameplay and atmosphere is its story and characters where it leaves a bunch of holes and unanswered questions. While Death Stranding's gameplay was oddly fun given how repetitive and how plain the open world is, after awhile the game does eventually get stale. I didn't think the story and characters were all that great either compared to Kojima's story and characters with the MGS franchise. Online co-op, in most cases, isn't nearly as bad as many trophy hunters make it out to be. In fact, it can be very enjoyable. Certain online trophies can be a pain in the ass though, like the mindless grindy tasks (achieving rank 50 in Max Payne 3), or requiring an online lobby (especially dead lobby) of numerous people being there at the same time with all the different time zones (The Division's Last Stand 50 wins that require 16 players), and glitched trophies due to lacking servers sucks too.
  6. All the online are done on all the PS3 games I own that have them so thankfully I don't have to worry about those trophies anymore. My PS3 backlog isn't huge (my PS4 one is though), but hopefully I can fit these in somehow and finish at least some of them: Max Payne 3 (0.72%/0.31%) - 73% Red Dead Redemption (3.37%/0.73%) - 47% Persona 4 Arena (0.37%) - 40% Infamous (11.27%) - 0% Infamous 2 (18%) - 0% Final Fantasy XIII-2 (21%) - 0% Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (17.78%) - 0% Remember Me (9.75%) - 0% The first 3 are from the UR Cleanup event too so if I can get those done it will be a double bonus for me. I haven't got into the JRPG mood in quite awhile so hopefully getting into this event will help somewhat change that with these FFXIII games.
  7. Most fun platinums: 1 - The Witcher 3 2 - The Last of Us Remastered 3 - Pyre Most grindy platinums: 1 - Star Ocean: TLH Remastered 2 - Grand Theft Auto IV 3 - White Day: A Labyrinth Named School Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Super Meat Boy 2 - I am Bread 3 - Super Street Fighter IV Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture 2 - Heavy Rain 3 - Erica I still have some hope for the following, but if I had to fill this list these would have the greatest chance of ending up here: Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Crypt of the Necrodancer 2 - Superbeat: Xonic 3 -
  8. I haven't had much time to game lately compared to before, but I'm still working on as much of the games that I can for this event. I did start 3 new UR games (and hopefully I can stop adding more, or at least finish more than what I add ) and finally finished another one since my last update: Added: Darkwood (4.78%) - 2% Crypt of the Necrodancer (0.04%/0.04%) - 54% Tom Clancy's The Division (-----/0.45%) - 75% Finished: Dying Light (-----/0.54%) - 100% Didn't take into consideration how limited my hard drive space was on my PS4's when making the plan to finish up all the online portion of my games first, so I'll have to hold off on both Black Ops and Dead by Daylight until I can finish up more of my installed games. I could probably get Trackmania Turbo's online portion done sooner though since the game's file size isn't that big, and being only 2 simple trophies. Dying Light was a fun experience. Nice first-person parkour gameplay with a mixture of both close quarters and long range combat. I love the "apocalyptic undead" setting so I already knew I was gonna like this. It's even more fun when you partner up with a random who drop OP weapons early on in your game. The story was ok even though I was hoping for something that would grasp me better. Some of the characters were memorable, most notably Kyle and Jade, and to a lesser extent Rahim, Dr. Zere, Rais and Troy. The online wasn't too bad either, except the 'Together till the end' trophy that requires being the last man standing after working together with another player(s) battling through numerous waves of enemies and parkour tests. The trophy glitched twice on me before it finally popped at the end of a third successful run, with each run taking anywhere on from 18-25 min on average. One of my coop partners had to do it about 5 or 6 times before it finally popped for him. So yeah, caution for anyone going for the 100% for Dying Light. That ending to its DLC "The Following" though...let's just say that the decision you have to make at the end was as fucked up as the decision you had to make at the end of Life is Strange...but I totally appreciate games that confront your beliefs/philosophies to make hard decisions like this. Looking forward to Dying Light 2 when that comes out. And yes I've also began the infamous Necrodancer...and no doubt it's one of the hardest games I've yet to experience alongside Superbeat Xonic, but at the same time it is very unique and fun too. Never played a rhythm game quite like it and am sure glad to have experienced it. Not sure how far I'll be able to get with this game, but I'll be taking my time with it though. Currently switching between The Division and another offline (or finished online) game, whether it's one on my list or not, since The Division eats up all my hotspot data pretty quickly. I plan to get GTAV's online done soon too. My 75th milestone is coming soon and I was debating whether to put another hard UR game for that milestone or TLoU2 (an amazing masterpiece despite all the negative shit it receives) and I've decided to go with the latter. I've never got the chance to assign the first TLoU to a milestone so I'll gladly do it with the sequel. 👍 My full current list: Trials Fusion (0.11%) - 100% Wet (3.93%) - 100% Hollow Knight (NA) (3.96%) - 0% Furi (1.55%) - 0% VVVVVV (NA) (0.29%) - 100% Superbeat Xonic (PS4/NA) (2.59%) - 82% Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) - 0% Devil May Cry 4 (2.7%) - 0% Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) (3.36%) - 0% Surgeon Simulator (0.56%) - 0% The Banner Saga (3.89%) - 0% Bound (0.62%) - 0% Velocity 2X (1.51%/0.33%) - 0% Devil May Cry 5 (3.88%/2.8%) - 0% Days Gone (-----/0.63%) - 100% The Forest (4.32%) - 26% Windjammers (0.97%) - 82% Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (4.51%) - 9% Super Street Fighter IV (PS4) (0.55%/0.42%) - 60% Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS4/NA) (0.11%) - 47% Persona 4: Arena (0.39%) - 40% Max Payne 3 (0.72%/0.31%) - 71% Dying Light (-----/0.54%) - 100% Red Dead Redemption (3.44%/0.74%) - 47% Red Dead Redemption 2 (2.01%) - 0% Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) (1.92%/0.13%) - 22% Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4) (0.77%/0.15%) - 0% Call of Duty: Black Ops IV (0.78%/0.32%) - 0% Dead by Daylight (1.62%/0.09%) - 0% *NEW* Darkwood (4.78%) - 2% Crypt of the Necrodancer (0.04%/0.04%) - 54% Tom Clancy's The Division (-----/0.45%) - 75%
  9. Probably not if he decides to ascend 50 ft in the air to do a Blake Griffin power dunk on me with the celestial orb
  10. Nope to both
  11. Sure, he could most likely wipeout the whole zombie race with his Gundam if he wanted to
  12. GD Parkour Instructor Complete all Parkour Fever Challenges at night Going for this trophy mildly reminded me of the Dunwall City Trials. Thankfully, it's pretty much all skill-based with RNG having only a minimal effect (with the Volatiles and zombie placement) on your runs.
  13. I generally find online trophies fine for the most part. Games with online trophies that are single player that simply require an internet connection without needing any interaction with other players like Lollipop Chainsaw's 'International Zombie Hunter', or Metal Gear Solid V's 'Deterrence' and 'Disarmament' are ok. I also find trophies that require co-op to be pretty fun most of the time. PvP, on the other hand, I usually don't enjoy it as much as co-op but I'll go through with it if a game's 100% requires it. But then even PvP turns into a "co-op" session if you decide to boost. With that said, what I don't like is that every online trophy has a countdown towards being unobtainable and I think that's the worst part, especially if you're a completionist. This also kinda "forces" me to have to prioritize these kinds games over others, which I feel I shouldn't have to for any kind of reason. I guess a bright side to this is that you're once obtainable now unobtainable online trophies become more "valuable" to have, like having that Michael Jordan rookie card that's no longer in print. One thing's for sure is that I won't avoid a game with online trophies that have potentially great single player, in particular story driven games, IF they're still attainable. Otherwise, I would consider using an alt account for games not started yet with unobtainable trophies since I try to avoid having unobtainables on my main account. I'd have to be really interested in the game though for me to deviate from my main account for a time.
  14. TLoU2 when it comes out. I don't ever remember having to spend anything over $100 USD on a single game (pre-ordered the Collector's Edition).
  15. I think "Wiggaz Wit Attitude" would be a more suitable name 👍