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  1. Yes Have you ever travelled outside your country?
  2. Hell yes! My favorite series in fact Fantastic Children
  3. I blame you for not raising cattle instead
  4. Banned for not being a fan of origami
  5. No, but I had an awesome time with the first 3 Sonics, as well as the one with Knuckles
  6. When is the next Anime's Next Top Model audition?
  7. Are they both home?
  8. I like chicken.
  9. Thinks eggplants are the greatest things to ever exist
  10. Arrested for suggesting Pocket Fighter instead of Street Fighter
  11. dose of wondrous
  12. Granted, my last corrupt post was busting a Solid Snake and waiting in stealth mode, then jumped ship to this post to do a surprise attack on you (but really I just forgot to add it when editing lol) I wish we had flying cars
  13. Ready to unleash the beast on Johnathan994
  14. No, looks like I could get into it after watching all of Prince of Tennis Yakitate!! Japan
  15. Daft Punk