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  1. Another update: Days Gone is 100% completed (again) and now crossed off the list. As much as I love this game, I would be lying if I said I wasn't dreading a 3rd playthrough at least a little bit since I already did 2 full playthroughs (and that this game isn't exactly short either, but that's a good thing) not too long ago, around the time when the survival and challenge DLCs were first released earlier this year. But the story and narrative is so good that I still ended up watching all the cutscenes in their entirety and enjoyed it just as much as the last playthrough (nothing ever beats a 1st playthrough when everything is still a surprise). Though I did skip all side missions and focused only on the main missions that saved me a lot of time. My character was already beefed up from all the rewards you get from earning gold on all the challenges, and from all the items and upgrades that transfer into NG+. So that certainly helped on speeding up my Hard 2 difficulty NG+ run as well, along with the ability to fast travel on this difficulty. In the end, I earned the last set of DLC trophies that were left. I've had the pleasure of experiencing this underrated masterpiece and probably lands somewhere in the top 10 or 15 under my all time favorite games. Days Gone is my 2019 GOTY as of right now, at least until I start playing Death Stranding sometime next month hopefully, in order to make a more accurate final decision. Trials Fusion (0.11%) - 100% Wet (3.93%) - 0% Hollow Knight (NA) (3.96%) - 0% Furi (1.55%) - 0% VVVVVV (NA) (0.29%) - 0% Superbeat Xonic (PS4/NA) (2.59%) - 82%Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) - 0%Devil May Cry 4 (2.7%) - 0%Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) (3.36%) - 0%Surgeon Simulator (0.56%) - 0% The Banner Saga (3.89%) - 0%Bound (0.62%) - 0%Velocity 2X (1.51%/0.33%) - 0%Devil May Cry 5 (3.88%/2.8%) - 0% Days Gone (-----/0.63%) - 100%
  2. 2nd entry: The Service Weapon from Control...a single gun that can change into different forms that includes qualities similar to a pistol, shotgun, automatic rifle, sniper rifle and launcher all into one. Owning one of these would just be awesome.
  3. 38.36% As nice as it would be to keep this percentage low like somewhere between 20 and 30 percent, there's just too many good quality games out there that have trophy percentages that sit around or higher than the above mentioned range that I would have to miss out on and/or have to play much less of.
  4. A "Joy" pill from We Happy Few because I already have sex and rock 'n' roll covered
  5. I literally got this trophy just now, and even followed the order of the trophy description. I consumed raptidon meat, tripicale pasta pack, purpleberry punch, mo-ap fizzy tea, then purpleberry liqueur in that order. Trophy popped just fine on the first try.
  6. It's probably UR because of some of the performance issues the game has (long loading times, NPCs glitching through objects, possible crashes), which in my experience didn't find too bad, but was supposedly a lot worse when it was first released and probably owners never bothered to return playing it, but the dev's had made many improvements since then. At least it's still playable and that the platinum is attainable, especially compared to other games that are even a buggier mess and that their trophies were never fixed. Though, one of the collectible trophies is buggy (more like the game not revealing the last collectible for some reason), and you can get the last collectible shortly on a seperate playthrough. Other than that, the platinum is not difficult at all and leans more towards the "grindy" category. I think it is one of the most underrated games out there and if you can get past the performance issues and not get turned off by the whole taking "joy" thing, you may just find this game quite enjoyable. I found the story decent (I liked Ollie's story arc the most), and some of the character interactions pretty funny. Also, it probably helps if you're curious about or into the British 1960s setting with some dystopia.
  7. I'm going to start out my first update with a bang and announce that Trials Fusion is now 100% completed!!! 👍 Out of all the games in my current list, this may be the most difficult one, trophy wise, but we'll see. I was thinking about making an earlier update when I had managed to achieve THE big kahuna, 'Is There Anything You Can't Do?' trophy, but decided to just make my update at the end of my Trials journey since I only had one more trophy left anyway. This is one of my hardest and most proud 100%'s that I have achieved so far due to a really challenging trophy list and I am glad to be a part of the Trials Fusion club of 100% achievers. Here is a vid of my 'Top Roach' challenge successfully completed right before the 'Is There Anything You can't Do?' trophy popped (Really wish the PS4's internal DVR can record the actual trophy pop 😏): This took me several hours a day over the span of 5 days to get this one done. 'Top Roach' is the hardest challenge in this game, imo, due to the precision and timing of the jumps, angles and landings of your bike required to overcome the obstacles in this Extreme (the hardest kind of stage) stage...and without falling off your bike once. It looks like a simple task when you watch it, but the execution required is way, way harder than it looks. Despite how frustrating (but very rewarding!) some of these challenges/trophies were, I've had a lot of fun with Trials Fusion. Even if not going for trophies, there is still a lot of fun and humor to experience in this game with its beautiful environments. There's even a Terminator 2 movie reference when going for the squirrel collectibles that I found hilarious. It slipped my mind that Days Gone currently falls well under 5% when it comes to 100% completion and that I have this game incomplete still, so I'll go ahead and add this one to the list. I stated a list earlier that had my first 10, along with a backup list, but I'm gonna go ahead and just combine the two since we're not really "chained" down to a strict 10. Also, there's a good chance I'll want to prioritize other games that aren't on this list yet that I'm thinking about adding later. Here's my updated list: Trials Fusion (0.11%) - 100% Wet (3.93%) - 0% Hollow Knight (NA) (3.96%) - 0% Furi (1.55%) - 0% VVVVVV (NA) (0.29%) - 0% Superbeat Xonic (PS4/NA) (2.59%) - 82%Trackmania Turbo (0.61%) - 0%Devil May Cry 4 (2.7%) - 0%Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) (3.36%) - 0%Surgeon Simulator (0.56%) - 0% The Banner Saga (3.89%) - 0%Bound (0.62%) - 0%Velocity 2X (1.51%/0.33%) - 0%Devil May Cry 5 (3.88%/2.8%) - 0% Days Gone (-----/0.63%) - 90% Congrats on the really tough 100%! I still have memories of how my thumbs felt at the end of finishing stage 319... I was gonna ask you which platformer did you think was harder, VVVVVV or Cloudberry Kingdom, but then I saw your most current update and got my answer . I'll get to VVVVVV soon enough.
  8. This sounds like an awesome event. I'll join in: Trials Fusion - 0.11% Wet - 3.93% Hollow Knight (NA) - 3.96% Furi - 1.55% VVVVVV (NA) - 0.29% Superbeat Xonic (PS4/NA) - 2.59% Trackmania Turbo - 0.61% Devil May Cry 4 - 2.7% Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) - 3.36% Surgeon Simulator - 0.56% If I finish the first 10 early or want to swap for whatever reason, these will also be in the queue: The Banner Saga - 3.89% Bound - 0.62% Velocity 2X - 0.33% (100%) Devil May Cry 5 - 2.8% (100%) If there are any other UR games I come across later I'll add them here.
  9. I'd have to say online trophies as well. Mainly because these types of trophies have the chance of becoming unattainable at any time (and sometimes with no notice) due to server closure. Also, attaining trophies on my own is a more rewarding feeling too. With that being said, attaining MP trophies can be fun with the right people even though I prefer mostly SP myself.
  10. Bullets Do all main missions first or do all side missions first?
  11. Can you hurry up and take the picture while the wind is still blowing my hair dramatically behind me?
  12. I don't think not having MP is THAT much of a loss, even though I overall enjoyed Factions despite some grindiness, having difficulty setting up boosting sessions and the toxic messages sent through text and over the mic. In fact, if they spent more time focusing on improving and adding to the SP, and any possible future DLC that supplements the main story in place of the time that could have been spent in making another MP, then I would be more for that decision instead.
  13. Not sure if you watch the NFL but do you see the Detroit Lions bringing home their first Super Bowl win in the near future? What was your worst experience when it came to dealing with a customer(s) in retail?
  14. Thinking about pulling the trigger for 428: Shibuya Scramble, and maybe Windjammers for some nostalgia 🤔
  15. This challenge is probably the easiest one for me by far, if not the Reload Horde challenge. Here's my latest run: After picking up any supplies that I can (mainly the medkit and focus cocktail), I waited until the 1st wave crashed through the door and took half of them out by shooting the tank right by the door. After that, I just run straight upstairs to the 3rd floor, picking up more items on the way, grabbing the growler, camping and just start going to town on them. While the attractors can help group them together for more penetrative shots and give you more breathing room, I felt they weren't necessary since they trip and fall at the top of the stairs slowing themselves while being clustered in such a narrow space already. Having the Lionheart ring equipped before you start the challenge really helps here. Probably the hardest part of this challenge is rolling your way out free when surrounded by a bunch of them at once due to being in such an enclosed space, but other than that the challenge is overall not too bad that allows plenty of error and plenty of resources at your disposal. Now back to my regularly scheduled Wolfenstein grind. 😜
  16. A chocobo and a mog walked into a bar... Given only the use of 4 sentences, how would you finish the above story?
  17. This challenge was slightly annoying, but wasn't too bad. On my first successful run I barely managed to get gold with a score of 101,868. I wanted to record a better run so after several more attempts I attained gold again with 145,730 getting all golds in the sub-challenges. What makes this challenge significantly easier than Outride is that you can take all the time you need, as well as not having to put so much emphasis on the multiplier. As already mentioned, keeping your foot on the gas and using O to control speed and turns is key. The Outride bike challenge before the patch gave me flashbacks to the attempts for the Daredevil trophy. But at least Outride didn't have the amount of rng required like Daredevil did. As difficult as Outride was, at least it was based almost entirely on skill.
  18. #59: Shadows at Midnight Earned all other trophies I saw Yomawari: Midnight Shadows in the current August sale in the PS store for a good price, and after seeing numerous positive ratings, reading some positive reviews, seeing some of the gameplay and being a fan of horror, I'm curious to see how this game would fare for me and fortunately, it was a decent experience. Rarely will you ever see a game that's creepy, eerie, bizarre and still pull off a side of....cute 😄, due to the style of this game's artwork. Part of this adorableness is that the character you are playing as, Haru, is an elementary school student, and her being the innocent child that she is, it's somewhat common that she could be intrigued by the simplest of things (most of the collectibles, or "treasures", you find in this game are something really simple and ordinary, like a small candle or a rubber duck for example, and you can see some of these items laid out in her bedroom). Since Haru is still a little kid, but moreso it's not that kind of game, it's not surprising that you won't be shooting any guns or hacking away at any foes like in your typical survival horror, but instead you'll be avoiding enemies the whole time (because 1 hit, you're dead) while using items as distractions, with the exception of certain abilities like throwing salt at a spirit to get rid of it. The amount of collectibles isn't too bad imo. If you're doing a thorough job of exploring every corner of the map already, you should be able to get about a little more than half of the collectibles without too much effort. Other collectibles require specific actions that you would have to take that aren't so obvious, but thankfully there are text and video guides available that you can find. The story revolves around tragedy and loss, and while it is a story that have existed before in one way or another, it is still entertaining in the sense that it will leave you wanting to see it through to the end. If you're someone who likes horror and don't mind a pure text dialogue, I recommend giving this game a go.
  19. This was very fun indeed! The fixed number horde challenges seem to be my favorite My vid shows when I achieved gold a second time and got 110,777: Yes! 😁 The possibilities are endless it seems with what direction they could go with Kouri and his crew. I can actually imagine a side story with her with just pure stealth mechanics or something. Perhaps like a back and forth flashback between past events about Lisa and her mother and the present shortly after the freak fallout began. Kinda like what they did with TLOU's Left Behind.
  20. Giant ass zebras evolve beyond originality Amplify
  21. Yes Have you ever had to spit outside the car window while moving but then your saliva (or whatever was in your mouth) accidentally hit someone or something?
  22. Yup, and within 7 seconds from each other