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  1. Seconding Town of Light, Yoku's Island Express and The Sexy Brutale. Kentucky Route Zero's now out on console but only has 318 owners so far. Really cool and gorgeous game with easy trophies. Return of the Obra Dinn was fantastic, such a neat and unique concept and a short game with easy trophies too. Gris is a beautiful puzzle game and I'm surprised it's had under 5k players. Ditto for The Gardens Between. Minit is a super fun pixel game where you die every minute but it is far more fun and less stressful than that sounds. Also the trophy glitch has been fixed now so it's a relatively easy plat. Finally, Tacoma was underrated and again, an easy plat for a good story.
  2. @xX_Pvt_Drake_Xx since you seem into ps3 games and shooters, how about Borderlands 1?