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  1. Noctis, the Shield Bash thing worked like a charm for me...
  2. I'm new to Tekken. I don't understand those lows and highs and all that other stuck. But it don't matter anyway. I just got the platinum. All I had to do was spam online for those trophies and the offline ones were surprisingly more easygoing than I thought
  3. Nope. I already quit not too long ago. I'm a JRPG guy so I decided to just stay in my lane. But thanks anyways 👍
  4. So what are the odds that there are other new Tekken players like myself that are still playing the Tournament mode...? Somehow I got 1% of the trophies, so there's no turning back for me now...
  5. Has anyone figured out what it was yet? I've been trying to see what it was for about an hour and keep getting the "You may incur a penalty". I first got this message after a laggy match didn't end properly so I switch over to a sub account to purposefully incur this penalty to see what it actually does but it's taking so long to actually happen. Anyone know what it is?
  6. I got it earlier today, at level 247 ( the irony of complaining and then 6 levels later I get it is kinda embarrassing...) and that was the last trophy I needed so now I have the Platinum
  7. Also, there has to be a faster way of getting the "They're Free! What an Offer!" trophy beside Core Battle, I'm level 241 doing Core Battle Crystal Difficulty non stop and I'm ready to give up. I heard that from level 1-30 you get 2 treasure per level up, if that's true then it should've stood that way til at least 50, because if there isn't any special reward for getting to 300 treasures then it's basically just pointless grinding for for no real reason besides a trophy....
  8. I personally used Firion because his neutral ground combo has a small pull in effect, but you can do ot with any character, but it's like escarodasoul said, you need to save your allies from attacks 5 times, each save is worth 12 points so you need 60 points.
  9. Game time wise, about 180 hours. doing Crystal difficulty Core Battle. I usually get about 10,000 EXP per run. I only got that high because I was working on getting 50 titles so I was trying to get all characters to C.Lv 10 for their titles.
  10. I just unlocked In The Nick Of Time and can confirm that you infact do NOT need to win to unlock this But now that I unlocked In the Nick of Time, the only one I need to worry about is "They're Free! What An Offer!". I'm just wonder what the max P.Lv is since you have to open up 300 treasures, and I can't do the Story Trials on Hard, I'm hoping that the P.Lv is 300, and I'm at P.Lv 164.
  11. I think I found a good way of getting this trophy, I'm gonna tested it now. But basically, by using 2 TV's, 2 PS4's and a Vita for remote play, using 3 accounts and joining them in a party and the method sepheroithisgod mentioned to get into battles with AI, get into a match with the AI, line up the 2 dummy accounts together in a corner so the AI will also line up, and attack them as their attacking the dummy accounts. Here goes somethin'...
  12. So basically it's saving allies? If that's the case then r.i.p platinum lol. I have bad timing when I try to save someone, so I was just gonna stand in place and spam Knight, which I manage to land at least 70%of the time. I guess I gotta keep trying.
  13. So... Is it possible to use Bartz Knight HP Attack to get this trophy? Does anyone know if it counts as interrupting an enemy attack....? I've played over 200 matches and still haven't unlocked it...