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  1. [Edit] I deleted v1.18 and re-downloaded v1.26. No issues with save. Confused on the next step. I have completed everything I need under v1.18 and trying to patch to v1.26. However, I can't get it to download that version and always reverts to v1.30. Trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong or if I'm required to delete and re-download the game on v1.26.
  2. Sweet, thanks!
  3. Awesome guide @Golden Devil Gamer. I was able to get everything downloaded this morning (v1.18), but it keeps trying to download the v1.30 patch every time I launch the game. If I take my system offline while obtaining the trophies, can I assume they'll sink to my account when it comes back online?
  4. I’m in the same boat. Any luck figuring it out?
  5. I got my plat a few weeks ago. Online including coop still works. Suggest a boosting partner for some of the MP trophies.
  6. When I played Mafia 3, I had bought the base game and DLC separate. I had already obtained the plat before the recent Mafia 3 DE came out. Wonder if it’s more the version and not really the overall game.
  7. I had no issues with crashes or glitched trophies. Digital owner.
  8. Currently working on hammer leveling, but I’m barely making a dent with the Laser. I farm the ammo from Lab X and then run the zeppelin mission for kills. However, my laser ammo only last for a few mobs and as I level my other hammer weapons past mastery level 5, I’m still stuck on level 1. It can’t be this slow, can it?
  9. Death Stranding is an underrated game, but it’s zip lines mechanics ruined the story and simplified gameplay. The Last of Us 2 was an appropriate sequel with a beautifully weaved storyline with realistic character development in post apocalyptic environment. Recent iterations of Assassins Creed has ruined the franchise and is a simplified money grab that has nothing to do with what people once liked about the series. Releasing the same game on three different generations of consoles shows that game development is no longer your companies business model.
  10. Thank you! It was an exhausting journey, but felt really good when I finally completed it.
  11. Well I finally broke through that NO roadblock last night and finally transitioned into Venus. I’ve been cutting down the number of runs each day and taking breaks in between. Advice has been helpful. Thanks!
  12. I typically always die at the end. No matter how cautious I am in the hotel, there is always some random event that is destined to end my run. Don’t have the same issues on the IADI practice runs. I feel that if I am able to get past that area, I won’t have much opposition until the last level. Issue I’m having is the burnout/frustration towards always failing my multi-daily runs. I don’t want to give up, trying to make this my 100th platinum.
  13. Looking for recommendations to help with burnout. Been at it for 3 weeks now and I am consistently getting past the courthouse, but haven’t been able to make it past New Orleans. It’s exhausting and just looking for any pointers to help my push my way to Platinum.