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  1. Do weapon upgrades, stocks, etc. you buy in your play though, apply to the guns used in the shooting gallery?
  2. Solo, in its current state (years active/smaller community)? IMHO, no. If you want to jump into the series, I’d go play Rise.
  3. It’s subjective. If you play solely the base game and make the Defender armor set (controversial, I know), the grind lowers since you aren’t farming as many monsters for materials. Add Iceborne into the mix, I feel you could easily double that estimate as you grind for level requirement quests, the guiding lands, and gear for Tempered monsters. The RNG for crowns will still be a time sink.
  4. Still sucks, but there are plenty of guides that help you snipe crowns (missions, measurements, etc.). I felt it was easier to get the required crowns in the base game, but gave up on getting the plat for Iceborne. Tempered monsters are your friend, but they become an exhausting endeavor when running it solo.
  5. First off… congrats on your plat! I started running Flayer Jungle and Dungeon the other day and I’m seeing better returns IRT effort vs Pit. Terror zones have really helped with the end game grind.
  6. How would you compare your time vs exp gain to an area like The Pit? I just hit 96 and I’m getting ~1.4M per run in just under a few mins.
  7. Just completed my exploit test run. -Started impossible. -Died in tram maintenance. -Upon continuing with Hard, immediately lowered to Story. -Made no manual save until completing tram maintenance. -Used same save point entire run. -Raised difficulty to hard (right before final boss). No trophy.
  8. You can also destroy the lasers. Shoot the laser pad extended from the wall to destroy them.
  9. Looking to start this soon. Although some games with PS4/PS5 duel stacks/autopops are no different in graphics and performance, I’m curious how the two versions compare on the PS5. Should a player prioritize the PS5 version to best enjoy the experience or is there no true difference between the HFW versions when played on a PS5?
  10. My friend and I just 100% the game. Easy to solo for day-to-day content, while using the Destiny App to find parties when required. Grandmaster is a time sink to ensure you’re properly geared and pending when you come into a season, you might not complete that trophy within the same season (additionally some GMs are harder than others). Plenty of folks willing to help/boost/etc., and you get what you put into it. 100% is a little harder to get because it’s dependent on Forsaken NF’s to be in rotation. Overall it was an enjoyable looter/shooter.
  11. I’m so confused. Trophy data for Darkness Falls shows trophy being earned daily. How is this possible if Forsaken Nightfalls aren’t available?
  12. Congratulations! I’m interested in the recording.
  13. Just obtained the platinum via PS5. Graphical issues still problematical, but easy to live with. Only had one trophy glitch (Guardian Angel). Required a new game w/ fresh install (no DLC).
  14. How long are lvl 85 areas useful before switching to full time CS/Baal? Im lvl 93, still farming Pits with FOH. Do I stay there until 95 or switch to CS sooner?
  15. [Edit] I deleted v1.18 and re-downloaded v1.26. No issues with save. Confused on the next step. I have completed everything I need under v1.18 and trying to patch to v1.26. However, I can't get it to download that version and always reverts to v1.30. Trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong or if I'm required to delete and re-download the game on v1.26.