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  1. I agree Valhalla is way too long. I really liked it, too. My non-trophy hunter fiancée spent 60-70 hours doing the story, and we did the whole thing together start to finish on her account. She only did a minimal amount of side content so she didn't get decimated in higher level areas. Best AC in a long-time, and I liked the individual saga-style story telling (a bit like RDR2's chapters), but a big flaw was the length. It felt bloated and they could have almost halved the amount of main quests and I don't think many people would have complained. We were truly shocked by how long it was. Far Cry doesn't feel like it is filled with much filler at all, to me, although I'm a big fan (it's the only Ubisoft series I truly adore, although I'll be trending that way with Immortals if they make a sequel because that game was shit-hot). I'm at 30 hours with 5 achievements left, but I've idled for 3-5 hours too and wasn't overly efficient as I got distracted by all the shiny things early on. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. The story is decent but a (slight) step back from 3-5 for me (on El Este, then the finishing missions) but the gameplay is truly awesome. The shooting, weapon variety, supremos, they really nailed the combat loop. Gunplay is miles ahead of 4 and 5.
  2. I essentially did this. I have 5 achievements left on Xbox, and 3 of them are story-related. I tend to do all side-stuff first, and then end 'with a bang' by doing the story. I did it with Watch Dogs Legion - a game I didn't enjoy - but I am doing it again with Far Cry 6 and I'm glad I did. I feel I've immersed myself more into the world of Yara by doing all the side activities first, and I've also gotten a better build.
  3. No, I think its about right. It asks you to do more than a few previous Far Cry's, actually. You need most collectibles, but not all - all of some times, half of othres, i'd say 60-70% total. From memory you needed barely any in 4 and 5, well under half. I also think the DLC will more than make up for it. I think it may be tricky, as the 3 paid villain expansions look like they incorporate rouge-like elements (although they may be over-baking it) and I think they'll do NG+ on top like they did it for 5.
  4. You need to be home. It worked first time at home, and that was the missing link. I tried playing as the road team (host starts with a boost, so thought I’d be quicker to set up) but it doesn’t swing the needle enough. Tried 8 times, didn’t work. At home, first time I returned an INT for a 107-yard TD it popped, and noticed it swung momentum more than on the road.
  5. You need to boost the entire time. Never not boost, ever, even in turns if you can help it. I usually turn whilst boosting by letting go of R2, rather than letting go of boost an/or braking, and rarely crashed. You can handbrake with circle on turns with the orange 'drift' text if you think its too tight. If you're still struggling, let go of boost in the corners and immediately re-engage when you feel its safe to do so. It's better to be slightly slower in corners than crash, as it takes an absurd amount of time to get back on the track. Also, the long versions are easier than the short versions - you get more time for error, and IMO the turns are easier. Just keep at it. You'll get it, its only 4 races you need to do. I don't think a single track every took me more than 2-3 attempts, and I never failed the long versions, only the short, which don't have tons of room for error.
  6. I remember playing this at age 11-12 (far too young, really...) and absolutely raging at the 3 RC missions, only to realise that - at the time - they weren't mandatory for story progression. I've completed San Andreas 5-7 times but I never went for pure 100% completion, so it'll be nice to go back and do that. I am usually adverse to 50+ hour completions, but San Andreas is absolutely an exception. Still to this day one of the greatest video games of all time. The graphics haven't aged that well but the open world design and immersion has seldom been beaten in 17 years since the game came out. A masterpiece. Playing on Xbox, hope the lists are split there so I can focus on the games in the order I want to complete them, rather than one massive list (its usually the latter, but occasionally isn't).
  7. I have done this 4 times and nothing. I did a 109 yard INT return with full momentum swing for Player 2 so no idea what I’m doing wrong.
  8. As of right now, I would put it as 4 > 5 > 6 > 2 > 3 in the mainline series.. This is very provisional, as I have basically done all side stuff first (save for FND outposts) and have only done around 1/4 of the story. I did it with Watch Dogs Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising, and its come to be my favourite way to play Ubisoft games - finish with the story. 6's world design and gameplay is great, some of the best in the series. Yara is beautifully designed, like Hope County was, and I think the FPS gameplay feels noticeably more polished. The supremoes are really cool, and I quite liked the Special Ops. My main criticism currently is the story feels a bit underwhelming as of right now, but again, I'm very early on and its more that it's very light rather than bad. I've only seen 3 cutscenes with Anton and Diego thus far, so I have to expect the story evolves a bit moving forward. Anything from here on is my rambling about the series in general.
  9. Could only try this for 10-15 mins before work this morning. Under Control unlocked 1st time. I had a 97-yard pick six, and nothing. So it does need to be endzone, and potentially deep. I also tried a 108/109 KO return for a TD, and it didn't unlock either. Any playbook recommendations would be appreciate. Perhaps a 99 roster on defense and max sliders could also help. I'm a huge NFL fan, and let me tell you, I'm tempted to be done with Madden. They used to be the best sports games with significant effort, but that hasn't been the case for a long (long) time.
  10. Almost certainly, they added with 4 and 5. Expect the DLC's to be reasonably tricky, too, unless they are over-emphasising the 'die and retry' nature of the DLC's.
  11. Roadmap is out, looks very doable. All Spec Ops can be done solo, you just need to BE online. Only 1 co-op trophy actually requires a partner. Far Cry 6 Trophy Guide & Roadmap ( Note, one trophy requires you to wait 2 further real-time weeks because you only get one Insurgent Leader a week. On PS5 you can time-jump, but I'm going to be playing on Xbox so I'll probably need to wait 2 in-game weeks from the launch insurgent.
  12. Death Stranding Director's Cut New Stuff - Page 4 - DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT - PSNProfiles This link should help you if you need the completion. Don't forget to upgrade the new structures too for Trail-Blazer.
  13. I absolutely love Far Cry, it's one of my favourite franchises of all time. I'm slightly concerned with 6, though. Hope I'm wrong. I typed messages about my concern for Deathloop, and that ended up being great, so maybe I'll "jinx" myself in a positive way! There is no huge red flag, it's just a few minor things that all make me a bit uneasy. Firstly, I didn't like the character models nor facial animations in some of the most recent promo all. Facial expressions seemed wooden and jarring against the stellar environmental graphics. Secondly, I'm also not drawn to Antón Castillo from the promos either (as much as I like Giancarlo Esposito as an actor) - the character seems a bit one-dimensional. I hope he isn't just a strong-man dictator who is either 'right for a reason you can't comprehend yet' or power-drunk, which are my suspicions. I actually prefer Diego's character from the early going, who looks conflicted and could be a more interesting character to follow. Finally, the DLC roadmap concerns me. Not a fan of the rogue-like DLC's at all. Aside from achievement/trophy purposes, I also hate that style of gameplay. All subjective, though, and may all be refuted by the full game. Here's to hoping! One additional thing I think New Dawn did well I'd be interested to know about whether it is in 6 (or not) was Rank I-III outposts. It was an underrated feature, I think - I really enjoyed doing the same outposts again, but utilising my knowledge with different enemy layouts and ranks the 2nd/3rd time. I'll end on a couple of good things. Firstly, I absolutely adored 5, but I'm glad that there is a more focused protagonist again. The lack of voice or personality from the player character meant very little emotional investment in what you - the player - were doing. 3rd person cut-scenes are also welcomed, and now PvP MP is a huge bonus. It has never suited Far Cry, I don't know why they tried to force it for so long.
  14. Blood Dragon is coming out in December, according to this roadmap.
  15. All looks standard, although I hope the Special Ops doesn’t require too much co-ordination. Can’t see anything too bad here though.