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  1. Will try this first off. Many thanks! I'm only on my 2nd campaign playthrough, so still a ways off but I was dreading the final 4 stages.
  2. 5-6/10 is perfect. I can deal with some frustration, as long as it's doable with trial and error
  3. If you've been playing for PowerPyx, can you disclose if Mercs as hard as people think it may be?
  4. Well, shit. Hope PowerPyx roadmap comes out tomorrow. Completed 2, 3 and 7 and 7 was my Game of the XB1/PS4 generation so I'd be gutted if it was brutally difficult.
  5. We don't know how hard it's going to be. My guess is 6/10 rather than 10/10. Mercenaries is probably small challenges which are hard but quickly repeatable? We shall see
  6. Having the same issue with RTTS.
  7. How easy are these to do vs. AI usually? Never done a The Show game before? I know you can't do split screen for most.
  8. Yes, the idea to do a blind run first, thank you. I suspected as much given the type of game it is, but the trophy descriptions are really vague. I can't understand the Disco Reader tool at all on the Steam handbook. Looks like an amazing resource for general information, tactics and tips, but from glimpsing at the achievement section I just can't get a good grip on what you need to do. Didn't look too long to not get anything spoiled for me. Will probably wait for more of a typical roadmap before jumping in completion wise.
  9. Hey all, Getting this game anyway when I get paid, whether I platinum it or not, as I've been keeping a keen eye on this one. Would love to go for the Platinum in this if I can, though. I've seen the detective handbook resource linked below, but without much context of the game (trying not to ruin it for myself) and the vague achievements/trophy descriptions, I have a weak gauge on how difficult/long this platinum would be. I know it's currently unobtainable (as of 12 April 2021, although a patch is due to land) but ignoring the affected trophies, I'd appreciate any insight anyone can give.
  10. Regarding the 3 you mention, it isn't close for me - Fenyx Rising is by far the best. Regarding Legion, it was very disappointing. This is a shame, as I loved Watch Dogs 2 (didn't play 1). Legion bad voice acting, inconsistent tone, weird bugs/glitches, bad story, boring activities - this game-breaking glitch which forced a 2nd playthrough didn't help - It's a game-breaking bug affecting hundreds on Xbox for several months since launch, I can't believe they haven't fixed it yet. Regarding Valhalla, my fiancee and I played it for 60 hours - finishing main quest line and taking turns over that time. I liked it, best AC of the "new generation" of AC games. I have the least mileage with Valhalla of all 3 games you mention, because I basically just played every now and then on her account when she was stuck or when it was side-quest related stuff, but I saw or played every moment of the main story and a lot of side stuff. It's great, but I rate Fenyx much higher. Fenyx has so much going for it. Visually it is absolutely stunning, gameplay is fun, has a nice balance of side activities that are fun and engaging, great puzzle mechanics and a nice balance of humour (something I was concerned about during promo). The DLC isn't good, but the base game is absolutely fantastic. Really hope they do a 2nd game. On this note, I'd go as far as to say it's the 2nd best Ubisoft IP... period. I'm a huge Far Cry fan, so personally I don't think it's better than 3 - 5 (although others may disagree). However Immortals blew me away, so I'd say it's up there for the best open-world games they've made full stop.
  11. No complaints with the 1st season pass. 4 story expansions, felt reasonably priced, was decent if not as good as base game. 2nd season pass is such a cash grab with token achievements/trophies. Arms Race was just terrible. Director's Cut provides a BIT more, but £12? Don't think so. Not suprised, unfortunately, that 2K are being greedy.
  12. Edited - ignore my question, being stupid 😂
  13. I imagine these will be very easy, just a mild grind to complete all the events.
  14. This made me laugh 😂 For real - It's a great game IMO. CDPR fucked up the XB1/PS4 launch and deserved the criticism for that, but on the new consoles its great.
  15. They are unlocked via 3 gore nests - one per level - but these fights are substantially easier than Slayer Gates or Secret Encounters. You only need to complete 1 of 2 waves, the latter is for non-trophy related cosmetics. In general, Part Two was susbtantially easier and shorter than Part One, in my opinion.