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  1. On Xbox One, there are still NO DLC achievements. It's been almost 2 weeks, so I imagine this is more likely to not be an error (or they just cba to sort it out). DLC is playable, just no achievements tied to it like PS4/Steam versions. Not complaining though!
  2. Thanks both. Think I'm just going to go for it. The Last of Us: Part II is coming out June 19 so I'll take a break to finish that, which will split my time a bit, and make the end-game feel more fresh!
  3. Oh wow, well done, and thanks anyway! It isn't the entire platinum length it's just best beloved and growth of a legend specifically I want to do as quick as possible. The 40-50 hours for the story is no problem as I loved it. I'm not a great grinder so would look to be hyper efficient end-game.
  4. Thank you. My only other question, I guess, is how many deliveries (or alternatively how many hours) roughly did the most troublesome facility take you to get to Level 5? I've read you're better doing 1 massive delivery for 100's of likes than 5 smaller ones, for example, but little on how many deliveries the bigger/more demanding facilities take - appreciate this can't be exact. Also, were you anywhere close to Best Beloved around the time you had completed Growth of a Legend, or still way off?
  5. Background: On launch, the platinum was touted as 120-200 hours by most roadmaps/content creators so I played it at my leisure on a backup account to just play the story. I usually like the 20-60 hour range for an 100% completion unless I am utterly obsessed with a game (i.e. Forza Horizon 4 on XB1) and like to complete as many AAA's as possible; I also was nervous due to the polarised launch reception. I ended up loving DS, however, it was my 3rd favourite game of 2019. What's more, the platinum is now re-estimated at 70-80 hours if you're efficient, so at some point this summer (probably after Ghost of Tsushima), I'm going to go replay DS for the platinum. I've not played much PlayStation in the past 18 months on this account due to Xbox completions, so a last hurrah before next gen this Summer/utumn would be nice. I'll be getting Series X on launch, and PS5 some months after that for exclusives, so I'll be archiving my XB1 and PS4. Query: The 70-80 hour range (~40-45 hours story, 25 hours endgame) some have earned this Platinum is what I'm aiming for. I'm not rushing the story, but after that, I want to get through the end-game grind quickly and efficiently. I'm mainly nervous about running out of Chrial Bandwidth whilst maxing all ECA connections (5*), and losing dozens of hours due to inefficiency. How do I best set up my zipline network in the central region? I've read chrial bandwidth can be a problem, so would a general strategy of moving east to west be the best port of call? Also, is there anything I need to really consider with the 80 Premium Deliveries??
  6. 2/10 on OP boring scale, 9/10 in terms of quality. I loved RDR2. Slower pacing doesn't equate to boring, at all, and I think its size, scope, pacing and narrative direction are all amazing. Each chapter give you more than most games give you through it's entire narrative. The game's biggest 'criticism' is its lack of mission variety, at least in my opinion, but it's a minor qualm. It's not boring at all for me, and I don't even like huge games normally. The only part of the game I really didn't like was It felt forced, boring, and on the rails. It only lasts for 2-3 hours, though, so no biggie. If God of War hadn't come out, it would have been my GOTY no question. I am ashamed to say I didn't get around to playing it until this year, but is my favourite Rockstar game nostalgia aside and it isn't close.
  7. I adored Death Stranding, played it on a backup not focusing on trophies (still got 65% from just playing the game). The post-game grind is what is putting me off. 70 hours sure seems more palatable than 100-150, though... Main thing I find confusing is the zipline advise from various sources. This helps provide some clarity on this though, so thank you. I'm primarily an XB1 player but may do a 'bigger' project as a final goodbye before next-gen, or if I end up getting furloughed (not saying I won't play XB1 or PS4 anymore, but obvioulsy much less). I might make it Death Stranding.
  8. Nope. I love Mafia II but the 360/PS3 version is BETTER than the definitive edition. Technical issues galore and virtually no improvements. On the XB1 version we fortunately don't need to worry about this so far. No DLC achievements have been revealed, and it released a week today. For us, just the standard 1000G list (although Enforcer is also bugged on there). I have no doubt it's just late and that they'll add it, but it has been a week now so I'm hoping for the unlikely and that they won't add on Xbox One.
  9. After some back and forth, I think they are looking into it Most recent ticket reply Already got a response - they are looking into it --------- Thank you very much for providing us with all of this detailed information. This report along with all the information you have provided will now be escalated to the proper department for investigation. If you come across any other issues please let us know, we will more than happy to assist. ----------
  10. Ticket Update: So...2K want me to film or screenshot this not working? 😂 I guess I'll send the 0.00% on XB1 and PS4 and all the comments.... ------------ Thank you for letting us know the Enforcer Achievement is not working properly. I'll do my best to help! No product is perfect so we appreciate you contacting us to inform us of this issue you have encountered with the game. I'm going to ask you to fill out the following bug report so that I may relay this information to the appropriate department: BUG REPORT Your Gamertag ID: - Detailed Description of the Issue: Steps to Reproduce: 1 - Launch Game 2 - From Main Menu, go to... 3 - ⬛Please provide the next steps⬛ 4 - 5 - ...etc. To escalate this report I will also require video and/or screenshots. I apologize for any inconvenience this may pose. Once I've received this information, I can take a look into the issue and get back to you. Again, thank you for bringing this up and I appreciate your patience! --------------
  11. I must concur, unfortunately, that this remaster is a bit of a mess. I love Mafia II, it was one of my favourite games for the Xbox 360 and PS3, so no issues there. However I'm only on Ch. 4 (been trying to get as many misc. out of the way early so I can blitz the story this weekend) and I have already had a plethora of issues/criticisms: - Infinite saving and loading, causing me to restart Ch. 2 AND 3. - Bug where I was stuck in Derek's office during Ch. 3 after beating up the workers for barber money - 3 crashes/freezes causing a complete re-start - Melee attacks are borderline broken. They either delayed to what the character model is actually doing, doesn't do the prompts, or failing a finishing move resets the fight completely. - Enforcer achievement/trophy is unobtainable. - Might just be me and lack of memory, but sprint camera SO much worse than in the OG game? I know it was always a bit of a weak point, but the head bob is nauseating. - I think the world of Empire Bay looks noticably better, but character models look about the same. This isn't a huge deal for me, but I would have expected more polish even if it wasn't a fully re-rendered remaster. Ultimately, there is no benefit to playing this ovver the 360 version. I will perservere as I wouldn't like leaving the game on 20% due to my OCD, but I kind of wish I hadn't started it. The story is so good that I'm sure I'll get back into it shortly. One issue I'm glad I'm having on XB1 is that as of writing (3 days after launch), they have still only included the base list for 1000G. There are no achievements yet for Jimmy's Vendetta or Joe's Adventure, even though both DLC's are playable in their entirely. I'd be suprised if this wasn't addressed, but here is to hoping the forgot the XB1 DLC achievements - will save me 40 hours 😆
  12. I'm pretty sure all the posters are in 'the world' (i.e. not in buildings) but I can't remember. If so, no, you can do them whenever I'm sure there will be a guide to the 30 extra ones in a few days.
  13. It'll probably be purchasable outfits or something, which doesn't concern me personally.
  14. Yep, same. Weird how it's not showing the DLC achievements on Xbox is all.
  15. Issued a ticket to 2K and tweeted the official Mafia twitter.