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  1. This is extremely handy, thank you. I did the entire trilogy 100% on Xbox One around 3 years ago, and it doesn't have such exploit... so I did it all legit. BioShock is in my top 5 of all time, and BioShock Infinite IS my favourite game of all time, so I'm tempted to go back and do those 2 on PS4 this summer. The thought of having to do Blue Ribbon Champ legit again was putting me off; as rewarding as it was to do it once, I'm glad it still works so I can avoid the hardest trophy in the game!
  2. It is text, but this TrueAchievements walkthrough is pretty perfect, and specifically orientated around achievement/trophy hunting. This is good as a general rule with any game you want to do, check TA for a guide. Also, you need 3 playthroughs to 100% this game, so Oxenfree probably doesn't lend to well to a video walkthrough kind of thing.
  3. Thanks for this. This article only became available today; at the time of my comment there was nothing credible to state that PSO2 was coming to anything but Xbox/PC in the west
  4. 1) PSO2 is currently only coming to Xbox One and PC. No credible sources seem to be confirming anything about a western PS4 release. 2) PSO2 is only coming to Xbox One and PC in NA initially. Release in Europe isn't out of the question, but isn't confirmed for now.
  5. Completely understand now I've had time to read it through more
  6. In principle, this is a great idea. My main query would be... why you don't push it further with more distinctions? I'm in work so I've only read through quickly, but it only appears to distinguish the two extremes; ultra rare and ultra common. Accounting for the full spectrum from 0.1 - 75% (or whatever that latter end is) would be cooler, IMO (also the word effort is ick). I'd personally propose the following: Ribbon of Completion (51 - 75%) Ribbon of Excellence (21 - 50%) Ribbon of Distinction (5 - 20%) Ribbon of Dominance (<5%) How its implemented etc. is absolutely fine as is. As I said, overall its a very decent idea, it just seems like it could be taken further and have more value.
  7. Did exactly this with HZD and Spiderman. Difference is, this game is 60+ hours to complete, and as you mention no NG+ means this will suck. I went from a maybe to a hard no on this game. I knew trophies were coming, but I presumed they'd be NG+.
  8. Yeh the prospect of them doing this but NOT adding NG+ seems super weird. If nothing else, this has made my mind up about this game (no thanks).
  9. Well within the context of MC it scales everything to 100, taking into account out of 10's, out of 5's, and percentages, so it is cross compatible to a degree (although not flawlessly so). To clarify, I didn't see 71% and think 'no purchase for me, then' straightaway, but it did admittedly give me indications that the game has problems. After reading 5-7 reviews I decided to wait. As someone who is saving, paying rent/bills, studying, working as I'm sure most do I do appreciate the support of critical reception to help inform whether something is a Day 1 or a wait for a sale type of thing (much like Amazon 😆) This is pretty much what I was trying to get at, but worded better.
  10. I don't necessarily disagree with this in principle. Commentary and critique is the most important. For example, ACG is my favourite source for reviews as its really in depth and it assesses its game on value at the point of original purchase > arbitrary scores. In reality, though, reviews do need be substantiated by some form of scale, in my opinion, as it provides a quick contextualization against other competing games. For it to be given a number is the conventional that most industries go against, not just gaming. If we were to go really philosophical, a review site free of scores that collates salient points > aggregation would be wonderful, IMO.
  11. Hi Guys, Whilst I don't invest all my decision making into review scores by any means, I did use it as a deciding factor as to whether to get MK11 or Days Gone with my pay as the commentary going alongside a lot of the reviews greatly concerned me. I went with MK11, enjoyed it, and maxed out. Since then RAGE 2 and A Plague Tale: Innocence have come out, but I've also finished those, too. With nothing to really play for at least the month, is Days Gone worth it? It's currently sitting at 71% on MC, which seems highly disappointing for a 1st party title (but not greatly unexpected). Looks buggy and very generic, and whilst I would have thrown caution to the wind if it was a 30-40 hours platinum, 70-hours is a long time to play a mediocre game. What's your opinion on Days Gone? What works? What doesn't work? Did the reviews get it wrong?
  12. I did this on twitter a few days ago, so I'll list everything I want by conference. Sorry for the Xbox & Nintendo inclusions. Xbox: Halo Infinite, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Dying Light 2*, Metro: Exodus (DLC)*, Fable 4 (The worst kept secret in gaming that Playground Games are working on this), The Last Night, Gears 5 (Almost certainly September 5th, as other leaks re: Gears 5 have proven correct), New Ninja Theory IP * = non-exclusive, own marketing rights Bethesda: Doom Eternal (hyped because DOOM (2016) is my 3rd favourite game of this generation), Fallout PSVR (Would motivate me to buy PSVR, 100%. Currently only on PC), Dishonored 3, NEW IP's. BONUS ROUND: A massive apology from Machine Games, on stage, with their trousers around their ankles and a pie in the face, for how much they've f**ked up the sequel to one of the best FPS games in recent years (Wolfenstein: The New Order) with the woeful Wolfenstein II. Youngblood looks just as bad, if not worse. (Rant over). Devolver: GRIS (PS4/XB1 Release) x ∞ (Favourite indie game of this generation, only available on Nintendo/PC atm. The "Challenges" and Steam achievements were super easy, too, so would be an easy completion/platinum) Ubisoft: Watch_Dogs 3 (this has already happened, although its called Watch_Dogs Legion), New Splinter Cell (Announcement, personally don't trust the rumours), Subscription Service (announcement), New Indie IP's similar to Child of Light/Valiant Hearts (Announcement). Square Enix: Final Fantasy VII (specifically for it not to be split into 2 parts, although its pretty widely reported now that is what is happening) Nintendo: Animal Crossing, Daemon X Machina (looks wicked), Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid Prime 4 (just some form of update as to how the new development cycle is going)
  13. I haven’t done anything brutally hard, but on Xbox the 100% for RE2 and RE7. Specifically the 100%, original achievements weren’t too bad but some of the DLC got pretty darn difficult. Doing BioShock Infinite 100% legit without the Clash in the Clouds glitch and Little Nightmares 100% without the save glitch were pretty cool too. All of of these are 6/10 but games I love and would have hated not completing.
  14. TLOU Remastered. Looks like you've already done OG TLOU. FYI I have nothing to complete on my profile, so someone just give me a PS exclusive that isn't crazy difficult!
  15. There is a bit of leather in the Ch. 16 (around 5-6) so you have a chance. I was in a similar position. Check literally everywhere. I would tell you where, but spoilers. If you thoroughly search the castle in Ch. 15 before anything happens I found a bunch of leather and fabric there, too.