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  1. I thought as much. Really looking forward to Maquette, out March 2nd so the logic works!
  2. Wishlist: - Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part II PS5 release reveals - Horizon Forbidden West release date - Kena: Bridge of Spirits release date - Disco Elysium release date - *Insert Annupurna Interactive game here* release date (any of them, publisher releases gold all the time). - In-depth look at Ratchet & Clank Schedule that 'leaked' online look s**t, so hopefully that leak is wrong. This would be sick. Resistance was so amazing. I believe Insomniac said the series is pretty much done, though it wouldn't proclude a game in that vain by someone else.
  3. I think it's dreadful they included achievements and trophies for 2 older games in with Hitman 3. Forces people to purchase 3 games for 1 game's completion. Don't know why they couldn't have just released 2 and 3 on their own at the time. Matters less for people like me who will be doing the trilogy front to back, but it's pretty aggressive pricing strategy.
  4. I've heard some really conflicting things about this game. Some have said this is insanely hard, whilst others have said it's more trial and error but very doable. Be interested to see what sort of difficulty people would put this at. The achievement/trophy list doesn't look to bad if it's a moderate challenge. Any insights would be appreciated.
  5. Many thanks. Lets hope it is the former, not the latter...500 eridium an attempt is super high. Can't really back up saves on Xbox either.
  6. How hard are the invincible bosses, out of interest? Never done any before, I know they were in Borderlands 2 as well. I'm playing on Xbox and don't know anyone playing BL3 so I'm probably f****d 😂 I've currently got all achievements and only have 2K eridium, bought maybe 3-4 eridium weapons. Any good farming tips?
  7. 3 New Trophies/achievements coming with Directors Cut (or so it appears on Steam). Temporary names. Source: 1) Solve all murder mysteries for Ava's podcast. 2) Defeat Hemovorous the Invincible. 3) Destroy 50 mysterious Eridium piles. 2 looks like raid boss. Takes 500 eridium per attempt and could be pretty difficult (from a non veteran of the series).
  8. Black Ops Cold War has been on the backburner for me due to launch/early next-gen titles (Xbox Series X|S and PS5) keeping me busy. I love the Modern Warfare arc, but typically I'm indifferent to the rest of the series. However, I'm approaching a quiet spell and with the easier Dead Ops trophies after the Dead Ops Solo Advanced Start patch, I'd be interested in trying to go for this completion. Black Ops Cold War looks visually stunning and some solid FPS fun which I'm kind of craving. I'm getting the game anyway, but realistically, how possible would it be to do the non-Dead Ops related Zombies trophies solo? I've heard the Easter Eggs etc. are substantially easier in this COD than previous entries, and there are methods for doing them solo from the PowerPyx roadmap. I'm curious, though, as to how realistic this is for average skill-sets? Craftwork also looks semi-tricky. I would like a challenge, but I couldn't really rely on a team at the moment. Many thanks in advance!
  9. Game is a top-5 of the last generation, I love it, but ironically, I found the AWE DLC the most underwhelming personally. It's still a solid 7/10, but I much preferred the Foundation. From a narrative perspective it was very cool but I found the Investigations Sector boring and I didn't like the Hartman light mechanic.
  10. I'm going to re-word the title, I specifically mean achievements/trophies not pure 100%. My understanding is Level 20 mastery = about 85% of challenges for the map. Starting to get the impression 100 hours is possible. I've played 1 and 3 through before, not for Level 20 mastery, but I have a basic understanding of the levels/targets and story, so I could shave time there. Hitman 2 I'm clueless. Many thanks.
  11. Thank you to both of you. I haven't played either for achievement purposes, so would be completely from scratch. Not a hard no, but I may leave it until I'm really quiet or something. Have a few games on the bounce at the moment (Control, Little Nightmares II, Immortals) so not the best time for an 120-150 hour project 😂
  12. With the legacy lists for H1 & H2 being condensed to - basically - finishing levels and Level 20 mastery, how long would you suspect is the 1540G/Platinum + All DLC's for Hitman 3 would take, realistically? Not sure if it saves a lot of time by IO cutting all the fluff, or whether it makes little difference? I've played Hitman 1 and 3, played it with my fiancee so haven't really deep-dived myself. Hitman 3, in particular, is REALLY good. I appreciate this isn't a quick one. I am more than okay with a 80-ish hour completion (can do 3, then play something else, then come back to DLC), but much more than 100 hours is really unattractive for me. I get 15-20 hours per week max gaming time at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated! (P.S. cheapest way to get Hitman 2, please? Can see a £8.99 hitman 1 Legacy version, but nothing for Hitman 2....)
  13. Out of interest, for someone who hasn't started this, how possible will it now be to do this - and Zombies in general - without a team? Talking more for completion purposes than anything else. Not sure if you need a full team for easter eggs like in other COD's or not (not a series veteran, mainly play the Modern Warfare arc)
  14. Yeh, I'm using assists for the side bosses, if nothing else. I loved Control and obviously did it 'legit' the first time, and I loved it. However, I had issues with the Level 3 weapon achievement, requiring a full restart, and then subsequently issues with AWE which requried a restart from Level 8, so I've had to replay parts of the game 2-3 times just so I could complete them...kind of just want a leisurely re-visit through a game I love.
  15. Not really. 2 games that are Microsoft IP's have been ported over to Switch and you can unlock Xbox achievements on them as a seperate stack - these games are Minecraft and Ori and the Blind Forest (Definitive Edition). Think of it like a Windows 10 stack, but on Nintendo Switch. Generally speaking, there isn't a Nintendo achievement system. Some games have in-game challenges that emulate achievements/trophies - GRIS has 'challenges' identical to the PS trophy list, and Luigi's Mansion has it's own in-game achievements, but there is no uniform system like Xbox has with achievements and PS has with trophies. They are just localised to that game, a bit like a rewards/accomplishments page.