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  1. Funnily enough, you can actually have one of 8-10 dynamic backgrounds now as well on Xbox (just Series X|S, I think). It's not on the level of themes, but its a nice feature.
  2. Hard agree. I also have that "comfort food" feeling with Dirt 5. It's pretty average, but good enough where checking in every now and then for an extra DLC is a nice change of pace. New time trials were fun.
  3. I can't remember exactly, but it essentially becomes redundant because you need the grand majority of all the lanterns to get 10 flaps anyway. You definately have more than you need for these trophies, don't even worry about it.
  4. The PS5 UI has grown on me a lot, but I really miss the ability to have themes for your UI. I'm wondering if anyone else misses PS4 themes and really hopes they add them to the PS5 at some point? I am a bit of a nerd for UI, trophy icons, tile art etc... but I always thought the PS4 themes were a brilliant feature. I always looked forward to the game-related themes that would come with any pre-orders I made, and they made my PS4 feel a bit more 'me', more unique. The free offerings were always very generous, and the themes I did buy (Xposed) I had for months at a time because they looked and sounded so pretty. I unfortunately don't think they will bring back themes - I feel like the current home page UI design aims to almost have a pre-set theme for each game you hover over. I don't love this design philosophy, personally, I'd much prefer the option to have an overall UI theme that I choose and its reliant on developers putting some effort into it. It feels a really odd design decision to me to have an entirely uncustomisable user interface after having the option for both the PS3 and PS4.
  5. Same here, minus the drone. I did use that liberally before reading up about the glitch.
  6. On Xbox I Finished with 97/99 - no achievement. Obviously should have it given the 50% requirement. I missed Scholarship Letter and A Note from Angel somehow, which I’m reading are missable. FYI you can’t get back into Jackson’s Apartment. Hope they patch this, really don’t want to have to restart the whole DLC. Will probably wait until August 1 and if not patched by then will bite the bullet and focus on a streamlined story run, hoping it unlocks!
  7. This issue is happening on Xbox and Stadia too, it's definately glitchy even if not outright unobtainable. I've seen people with 52, 57, 65 and 66 get the achievement. Seen others not get it after getting 70+ on two seperate runs, with and without the drone/spiderbot. I am currently on 74, and nothing, although I used the spiderbot drone quite a lot before reading forums. 50% should unlock around the 48-50 mark (depending on who you ask, there are 97 or 98 total data drives) so there is clearly a problem. I've also made an in-depth ticket here
  8. This is sad. Titanfall 2 was one of the best games of the last generation for me; the SP campaign was absolutely awesome. Even if the game plays second fiddle to Apex Legends its a huge shame Respawn Entertainment aren't more on top of this.
  9. Whilst I think the game is a 9/10 (my 2nd favourite game of the year so far) I agree it feels a bit glitchier than what I'm used to with PS exclusive title. I think 'glitchy mess of a game' is an exaggeration, but there are some noticable glitches. - On Blizar Prime, I had a glitch where one of the Blizon Crystals - when hit - white-screened my game. It happened three times, only way to rectify it was to re-start an earlier checkpoint. Only lost 5 mins, so not a big deal, but was a scary glitch. - Had 2 crashes (no databuild problems, it just froze and couldn't use my controller for anything - power button didn't help when I turned console back on, still froze - so had no choice but to turn off by plug). I think I've only had 1 other PS5 crash, and ironically, it was another INnsomniac game (Miles Morales) - One of the more prevalent glitches I encountered I haven't seen from anyone else, but happened at least 5 times was my weapon wheel wouldn't select new weapons properly. Weapons also de-select sometimes which I found it really annoying in some fights - Spinnergeiser could use some energising glitch, like others have mentioned. - Issues with entering pocket dimensions, like other mentions. - Technically not a glitch, but I accidentally turned the language to Croatian and think its far too easy to accidentally set this (its the one next to subtitles on/off). For anyone wondering, Ratchet & Clank has a specific Croatian language setting because the PS5 OS supports most European languages, but not Croatian. The issue was hilarious in hindsight, in my NG+ run for the final weapons (10-15 mins) I switched to Croatian instead of enabling subs whilst doing the prologue bit on the float. I then had to try and learn make-shift google translate Croatian to rectify the issue, which eventually worked after 30 mins. Funny, but IMO the setting shouldn't be near the subtitle setting which is probably one of the more common menu choices people would ever select.
  10. If you want it really fast, 100m/Hammer Throw are very quick events you can just repeat. The most fun/natural way is to try and gold medal everything whilst doing the 'win 1 of X' and 'tried them all' trophies/achievements because you need to do play them all anyway (although, you only need to win a qualifier in 1 of each technically). Even if you just get 6-7, you don't have to keep doing the same event over and over that way! List of Easy, Medium and Hard Gold Medals (In My Opinion). Very Easy - 100m, Hammer Throw, Rugby Sevens Easy - Football, Basketball, Tennis (Doubles), Table Tennis (Doubles), Beach Volleyball, Judo Medium - 200m Medley, Baseball, BMX Hard (Don't Bother) - Sport Climbing, Boxing, 4x100m Relay, Long Jump
  11. Thanks! Sorry, it's probably very obvious but I haven't had a chance to read the whole forum, and I missed the State of Play yesterday! Speaking selfishly (as a PS5 owner and trophy completionist) this is great news for me - I don't have to worry about my PS4 100%, nor doing the same DLC twice, and if there is auto-popping attached to the PS4 > PS5 save transfer (I'd be very surprised if there wasn't) then it'll be like Spider-man Remastered, where you can just mop up the PS5-exclusive stuff (hopefully there is quite a bit to do). Obviously not great for PS4 players who won't get this content.
  12. I'm confused. Is the Death Stranding Director's Cut content only coming to PS5?! Didn't appreciate that - think I'm getting myself mixed up between this and Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut, as that is getting it on both I believe. (II haven't gone through the whole thread). Also I don't realise Intergrade was PS5 only!
  13. I feel the same. I liked it, it was a very decent game. However, it didn't connect with me that much - even as a lover of the aesthetic - and it didn't have any killer characteristic for me that made it this GOTY-contender most believe it to be. Kind of feel the same with Horizon Zero Dawn (I think HZD has a better story, and Tsushima has better core gameplay). Both are very solid, enjoyable games I wasn't even disappointed with, but equally I don't consider either that great and definately not groundbreaking. Does everything well, but nothing tremendously. Wasn't in the GOTY debate for me in 2020 as a result. I was also semi-disappointed with the visuals, mainly thought the character models were a bit 'meh' and the appearance a bit grainy (the design of the world was beautiful, though). I have an OLED TV now, though (LG C1), so on PS5 think the game will look incredible.
  14. Preach, pretty much word for word agree (I think RE2 was my GOTY - although Death Stranding is my 2nd favourite PS exclusive period). As a side note, pretty nervous how trophies will work if it's "integrated into the game". New list (very much hope so)? Or new DLC for PS4 AND PS5 like Tsuhima (very much hope it isn't)? If so, if save transfer is PS4 > PS5 only, it would either require doing it twice, or to play on PS4 rather than enhanced hardware. As its integrated, I can see it requiring a NG+ playthrough as well. I kind of hope its a standalone release with safe transfer. That way, I can just transfer my save from PS4 > PS5 and enjoy all the new content on PS5 without having to worry about doing things twice (i.e. like Spider-man). Think new trophies would be more involved as there is some reasonably significant game-play revisions, possibly a NG+. Having to re-do on PS4 for save transfer would suck, as I wouldn't be able to play the enhanced PS5 version without having to do it all twice. If this is the case, I have every single road, and ziplines to every single west/central facility without compromise. Could help a lot of folks!
  15. Wonder how they'll handle save transfer. Does anyone know if this will be PS4 > PS5 save sync only, or vice versa too? From the wording in the PS blog...: If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, you’ll be able to transfer your save to PS5 to pick up where you left off (no mention of vice versa). Rant warning - If it is only PS4 > PS5 feel like the Director's Cut is a perfect example of how flawed PlayStation's double lists for PS4/5 games are, and why Xbox's achievement lists between Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is a much better system (in 90% of cases, anyway, some third-party developers do double lists - e.g. Control - but its nearly always shared). Appreciate you don't get as many stacks, so it would take longer to accumulate gamerscore/trophies, but you don't have to worry about not playing your content on the best hardware or else doing things twice. I'll rescind my comments if its both ways, but it typically feels like most save transfers are old to new and I haven't seen any mention of it being two ways. I know this technically applies for any DLC for X-gen games now, but these Director's Cuts have sort of re-opened my eyes to the issue. It does partly depend on the circumstance. On Spiderman - for example - it was fine because the Remastered content was only on PS5, so the one-way save made sense because you didn't have to repeat content, you just had to do the new stuff (<30 mins, I know) on the new hardware. However, I'm pretty sure in this case DLC will get put onto both PS4/5 . This is right from a consumer/content perspective, but if there is only one way save transfer, it's really messy trophy wise - people are going to need to do it on PS4 and thus not get the enhanced PS5 experience, or do it twice, which seems stupid. Think its different if you're buying two stacks on two systems with no cross-save or upgrading involved (i.e. a 'clean new purchase' like a re-release) it makes a bit more sense; e.g. Metro Exodus, I know you're essentially starting from scratch; but in circumstances like this it just seems obtuse. Thanks for bearing with me on this rant. Out of interest does anyone know why PS are doing seperate lists for PS4 and PS5, as opposed to shared lists like Xbox? Someone on another forum said there was a technical reason, although I didn't understand it. Going to be even worse for Death Stranding's Director's Cut (if there are new trophies) as there seems to be reasonably significant content updates.