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  1. I completely agree. Criticise Xbox all you want, but they've given a clear time and date for pre-orders and it's largely universal and that is exactly how it should be done. PlayStation falsely said they would do the same, which wasn't the case. For the PS5 retailers are independently deciding when to open pre-orders over a 1-2 day span and it's so messy as I was finding out the times through industry people rather than the retailers themselves. The worst was GAME in the UK, who just opened online pre-orders overnight after the virtual event with little warning, which seems unfair. I missed out because I was visiting family in ICU and had to watch the conference an hour late. The tweet worded that "online pre-orders today and in store at 8AM", which isn't very clear IMO Fortunately I managed to get an Amazon pre-order, but this was also an issue for people. In conclusion, a mess 😂
  2. I believe lists will be shared for upgradable games. If you can buy a game on PS4 and then buy it seperately on PS5, then seperate lists would be sense, but for upgradable titles I don't understand how this would be possible without insane trophy inflation. This is based on my own 'logic' (...) rather than any information, so I'm not seperate lists isn't possible For example, if there were 2 seperate lists for PS4 and PS5 list for Immortals Fenyx Rising (a game with a confirmed free upgrade), what happens if you upgrade to PS5 after you've Platinumed on PS4? Would you autopop the entire PS5 Platinum via shared progress? Or would you have to delete you progress and start again if they don't autopop? Logical thing is if they just share a list. This is more prevelant on Xbox where they are supporting a Smart Delivery system for more games with shared progress and purchasing rights both ways. Would madly inflate achievements and trophies if this is the case, as for the first 1-2 years you could essentially platinum tons of games twice.
  3. Very interesting, thanks for responding. I always felt the concept of filing my own taxes very intimidating if the UK was to ever change their system. Unless you're a PAYE contractor then in the UK that isn't really a thing.
  4. Yes, in UK, this is also the case. The price you see is the price you pay because tax is included without exception in stores. I love the US but I always find weird adjusting to the "tax isn't included in retail price" thing whenever I visit. I don't know why retailers and stores don't just account for state tax (other taxes?) in their prices, it seems really archaic. Appreciate it's harder because each state has its own tax %'s.
  5. Ghost of Tsushima was brilliant IMO, but one thing I was very disappointed in were the visuals. I thought the graphics were pretty mediocre for a title so close to the end of the generation. Also don't like the look of the new mode, but I'll judge when it comes.
  6. From Maka91 on twitter "An update to this. Just looked again, and it seems that (at least) 14 achievements worth 275 gamerscore are currently glitched and unobtainable. MMustbe some kind of record. Really hope tracking is retroactive if fixed. @PlayAvengers @CrystalDynamics" This is on Xbox, apparently the PS4 doesn't have as many broken trophies (still too many). Regardless, it is absolutely insane for a AAA launch title to have that many broken achievements.One or two bugged achievements on launch? Okay, it happens, just sort it in a patch. 14 is 28% of all the achievements in the game
  7. I'm having another issue - isn't letting me complete that mission! Haha. It puts me straight into Expedition mode.
  8. Got the completion, I found spamming A as soon as you finish the game fixes it. Issue is that it flights the options and they then immediately disappear.
  9. It was a UI issue. On Xbox, at least, can be an issue where the prompt to continue or not removes itself almost immediately. Spamming A (or X on PS) the MOMENT you finish the game should rectify the issue. Weird problem.
  10. Achievement/trophy affected: Already-in-Progress. After selecting a Play Now Live pre-season game, it isn't letting me create a franchise after. It did the first time, but it bugged and booted me to menu. Now, after trying 5-6 different Play Now live games, it never gives me the option at all. It goes straight to menu. It auto-creates the franchise for me when I check, but this doesn't credit the achievement. Tried wiping my save but even if you don't sync it still remembers your EA account. Anyone have ANY ideas?
  11. In recent years they've been earnable in 20-30 minutes, so really, those playing MUT haven't done so for achievements since Madden NFL 16.
  12. I've done the achievement walkthroughs on TrueAchievements since '18 and I can confirm that this should be very easy. '21 is practically identical to '20 trophy list wise. I got the Madden 20 completion, without any guides (creating them myself, as I went, and an Xbox 99 OVR roster for the site) exclusively in the trial in 7 hours on XB1. '21 looks easier again, as the things that are different are some of the 'trickier' ones. However, '21 will potentially be longer, due to the Face of the Franchise achievements/trophies unless you can edit your character to max stats. Not necessarily a bad thing if you can't, as I found '20 was TOO quick for me. Notes: - No Legacy trophies in Franchise Mode for the first time in many, many years. - No MUT trophies. Recent entries have had 4 participatory ones, but even they are omitted from here. You never even have to touch MUT if you don't want to. - No The Yard trophies. - Online trophies will 100% be boostable and take 10 minutes. They are identical to '20. Get a 99 OVR roster, win your week 1 matchup against a friend (1 min Quarters are fine) for "Head to Head". Then, your friend needs to leave their team in their league, but can leave the boosting session. Simulate to the Super Bowl, play the kick off, Super Sim to the end for "Bragging Rights" (you should win with a 99 OVR roster) Even playing against a dummy account on a 2nd PS4 would work (no split-screen). - Franchise trophies are identical to '20, and there appears to be fewer. They will take 30 mins-1 hours, with a 99 OVR roster. - Play Now trophies are almost identical, save from "Untouchable" and "Primetime" which replace "Triple Crown". Both look easier, and nothing that will challenge anyone. - Face of the Franchise Mode could take up most of your time. If you can't push custom stats for your player and get hm to 99 OVR then sim, then it looks like you need to legit play through several season, and could take a while. However, this mode is the one I'm most looking forward to, personally. Will report back on this one. Even if you can't, just a case of winning constantly - which shouldn't be difficult on Rookie - and having a solid stat line, year after year. Play as a QB or RB, WR can be harder if you're not into Madden.
  13. I'm purely talking about my own preferences, so chill. No "propaganda" intended.
  14. Meh. I liked Ghost of Tsushima mostly (great game, slightly disappointed by performance and visuals) but this feels tacked on and I hate co-op by and large, so I'll probably pass. Presuming this update gets trophies this has kind of pushed me to something I've been considering for a long time - chilling the f**k out with DLC trophies/achievement patches.
  15. Big tip - you don't need to jump onto the 1st ones. Means you can focus purely on the 2nd jump to the sole balance beam. Sounds minor, but helped me a lot. The 1st ones look raised but you can walk straight onto them. Overall, I hate Slime Climb. I'm either top 5 ( even gotten 2 race wins), or I get eliminated, and it's because of the balance beams or 'bullies' right at the end. This is the main 'bully' course where people wait at the end just push people off. Can be really hard to avoid, and the devs should put the finish line RIGHT after the jawdropper pendulums IMO because unlike other courses falling off = instant elimination.