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  1. No. Below is a populated thread with a spreadsheet which tracks which games have autopop and which don't. Sadly, Ubisoft games don't seem to have auto-pop functionality.
  2. Was interested to see what someone said. I am a very avid gamer but I'm primarily Xbox (see footer), so I only really use PlayStation for exclusives (however, there are so many, that I still get a reasonable amount of platinums a year!)
  3. That they are still playing a lot of PS3 games, which is quite cool, and are pretty skilled as they have the Ninja Gaiden plat
  4. In my head I read "stuck" in the context of "What, the remake of Demon's Souls is so difficult people can't even start the game?" 😂
  5. Interesting to know this. Xbox must be running off the same API then if they are shared?
  6. Do you need PS Plus to utilise this?
  7. For your general info, all cross-gen games (i.e. on PS4 and PS5) have 2 seperate lists if you upgrade or re purchase. For example of you play Watch Dogs Legion on PS4, get a PS5, and then upgrade it to the PS5 version you'll have 2 Trophy Lists/stacks (this is without exception). Auto-popping seems to be on a case by case basis. On the contrary, Xbox shares lists between One and Series in all upgradable instances (free or paid), only exception is if the game forces you repurchase entirely (i.e. NBA 2K21, or next gen only remastered like Overcooked AYCE and Observer SR). This forum explains all (including which games auto pop) but regarding Watch Dogs, there are no auto pops so you need to earn from scratch (think this will be the case with all Ubisoft games, as AC doesn't either).
  8. Game of the Year: The Last of Us Part II (Ori & The Will of the Wisps a VERY close 2nd) Platinum of the Year: Death Stranding Backlog Game of the Year: Manifold Garden
  9. It's not 100% accurate. For example, it's saying it took me 11 hours to Platinum and 100% Spiderman...closer to 30-40 hours. Detroit Become Human is also saying it took me 7 hours, but I have that Platinum too. Other games like Death Stranding, God of War and TLOU 2 seem about right at 80, 40 and 55 hours a piece. So it seems to be only semi-reliable.
  10. My PS5 came yesterday, but I'm holding it back as a joint present between myself and my partner for Christmas as we're moving into our new house the week after (also primarily Xbox). I don't have any numerical backing to this but the PS5 seems to have had significantly more issues that the Xbox Series X (can't comment on X) both in terms of hardware and crashing/save date/rest mode issues. Really hope my PS5 works ok... This is a very fair point, though.
  11. My two cents is that the whole set up of "auto-popping trophies" between PS4 > PS5 games is a terrible idea for a plethora of reasons: 1) In relevant cases, auto-popping encourages the trophy community to play the PS4 versions of games they haven't gotten around to yet rather than the new, enhanced PS5 version, so they can Platinum the game on PS4 legitimately before upgrading on the PS5 and auto-popping the same platinum a 2nd time with zero effort (or very minimal effort in the case of partial auto-pops). It's baffling Sony would be ok with this, which is why I'm surprised any developers are able to enable auto-popping. I appreciate this is mitigated for people who don't care about trophies, but a lot of people who go project-by-project through their games so they can play (and Platinum) as many games as possible before swiftly moving on. I imagine many would likely pick a slightly downgraded version but 2 Platinums at no extra cost rather than a single PS5 platinum (not that they should be criticised for doing so, it's the developers decision). It evens seems like some Sony games might adopt auto-popping (Spiderman Miles Morales does, and Spiderman Remastered very likely will once cross-gen saves are patched in) so the PS5 launch exclusives can be auto-popped on the PS4...meaning some won't bother playing them on the PS5 for anywhere near as long, or at all. 2) As much as people go on about Ratalaika/Xitilon/etc. games which require 5-30 minutes of your time for £5 (something I've largely moved away from), that's sort of just rewarding you for what the game is, even if its easy and/or low quality. Surely earning a AAA platinum a 2nd time for doing nothing deflates the value of Platinums exponentially more? 3) For games that don't auto-pop, what is the point of the cross-saves unless you don't care at all about trophies? If the decision to make a new list and not enable auto-popping is to encourage people to earn the trophies again on their upgrade, then I prefer this, but this is a decision that likely took into consideration consumers who like trophies, even if just in part. So for these consumers, the cross-save function becomes practically redundant and pointless. To re-iterate, I believe everyone should go about their own business. If you want to auto-pop, do so. If you don't, then don't do so. No-one should cast judgement on gamers because you're just working with the tools developers have allowed you to use. My comments are just on how fundamentally flawed the system is. Xbox Series X|S shares its list with Xbox One games unless they are re-selling the entire game (i.e. NBA2K21 and some next-gen exclusive re-releases currently). It is so much tidier, and although you don't get any new achievements as a result, your save data, completion time vs. reward and version compatibility is much clearer. Wish PS adopted this strategy.
  12. If you're talking about BL3, you can't make manual saves.
  13. This is the only truly missable achievement in the game. You unlock 21/24 trophies automatically during your 'regular' playthrough, and 2/24 during your 0% playthrough. You will need to do this during your main playthrough of the game, which will require you to place 7 "god" cubes and sprout their respective trees. After placing the 7th and final god cube (Rainbow) you will see the Rainbow Tree sprout. Make a save (just incase). Now, you will need to back track to the map/mandala room, the location of which is in the above video I made (a visual reference is much easier than a text/descriptive one). It's not a difficult path at all, but due to the infinite symmetric Escher-esque nature of this game it can become disorientating quickly. Enter, select any map to return to a previous level, and you will earn this trophy. Note: For this trophy you do need to return to the final map room in the game. There is one after every god cube technically, but I believe you need all god cubes to be able to actually be able fast travel between them. If you aren't getting the option to select a level when you find a map room, this is likely why.
  14. Compared to the Xbox Series X, the I've seen a lot of PS5 early adopters with issues. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. Ditto