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  1. Can someone explain the 'rewind' to me - is it like The Lion King/Aladdin re-master? If so, these could be pretty easy completions trophy wise...
  2. Insanely specific question/OCD question, but I wonder if they'll have the cubed trophy art like PS5, or the rectangular trophy art like PS4....hope its like PS5
  3. 6th try! Not bad!
  4. Loved this game on release; lost interest after 15-20 hours, but some great fun.
  5. I quite liked the S-ranks for the I variation of maps, some of the II variations were pretty hard. Factory II was ridiculous, took me about 41 hours to 1000G RE Village, and 10 hours would have just been that one map. You need to do basically a perfect run or you're fucked.
  6. I'm going to make a mental note of this for later. I have just started the game, and I noticed I couldn't get these during the story section, and wondered if I had to be back. Early impressions of the game are actually very positive, I'm really enjoying it. However, nervous for this trophy.
  7. I hope the DLC is story-based, and not some horde mode, quirky mode, or Mercs-like mode. I actually liked Mercs in Village outside of Factory II (ew) but for my mental health, no more S-ranks. Please. Something like End of Zoe would be perfect.
  8. Sifu is on my to do list in the next couple of months. If you don't mind, a question, just so I'm clear. Does it essentially 'bank' your chapter progress - for example, if I finished Chapters 1 - 3 aged 24, but messed up Chapter 4, I could reload Chapter 4 and 'restart' at my "best age" of 24 instead of starting from scratch again? That was how I interpreted the save system to work from some research.
  9. Respectfully, I don't understand why anyone has an issue with more people being able to enjoy a game. Accessibility is a part of gaming, and can be understood both from disability accessibility and from commercial accessibility -- candidly, giving people the opportunity to appreciate or get into something they couldn't. I can't imagine anyone having any issues with disability accessibility, so moving onwards, surely if you've enjoyed a gaming experience you'd want it to do well, and being more commercially accessible allows games - especially indie ones - to do that? It indeed becomes a problem when it impacts the core experience to "pander", but I don't see that being the case here? It just gives more options. Onto the AAA-industry comments, I believe the main problem with the current state of the AAA-industry (obviously, not all game) isn't a pandering to commercial accessibility, rather that they prioritise more content (literally in terms of the quantity of game things) over the content itself. I have never felt that the "standard" AAA-experiences are getting easier to get into; if anything, I think hard games have become more trendy in the past 5 years (this is very subjective, though). I definitely feel the bloat and repetition in many AAA's now compared to 5-10 years ago, though, even the Ubisoft-type games. This content issue can either manifest by (a) the amount of collectibles, amount of hours, amount of missions which artificially (and superficially) bloats games, or (b) can be with unfinished, thin products which are actually quicker to play but release more often and has less originality between releases, thus having more franchise content overall. Sometimes, its a mixture of both (Ubisoft have been guilty of this recently). I don't think AAA's are trying to become more "accessible" a lot of the time, and if they are, it's more from a disability accessibility perspective rather than commercial accessibility. For me, the crux of the issue is that I feel they are prioritising their longevity of the experience and its financial reward rather than the depth and quality of the game. Such games focus on the quantity of the tasks they give you, the size of the map, and the amount of $$$ they can take from your wallet. None of my most profound, emotion-inducing gaming experiences have been based on any of these factors. Ultimately, AAA-games care more about money. They are multi-million/billion $ organisations, so it isn't a surprise. I come back from my rambling conjecture to the point that 'your' experience can remain completely intact in this game, unless I'm missing something. You don't ever have to touch any added features, which doesn't change a thing for you if you're so convicted about playing the game as it was Day 1. I don't understand how it "dilutes" the experience, beyond more people seeing the credit screen, and that's more feeling part of an elite club that probably never really existed.
  10. Note to thread: not many care about Platinum % It's all to do with YOUR experience. Did you play or beat or platinum the game the way YOU feel is right? Great. Don't worry about what other people do. So many games have easy modes, or accidentally glitches, or cheeses. Some people make 'normal' game stupidly difficult with survival mods or challenges, e.g. Fallout 4. My understanding is that the core experience hasn't changed or watered down, they've just added "more" ways to play through difficulty options. I don't see how that makes a difference to players wanting the 'authentic' experience. Just go by your own rules. There are also many pros to easy modes/accessibility. They help disabled people complete games that have more physical/cognitive skill their disabilities impede. They help indie developers generate more funds to continue making games, broadening out from a more niche fanbase to players more willing to try the game. They encourage people to try the game, many of whom may end up going back and doing the game in whatever way you determine "the right way" anyway because they buy into the experience they've had. In single player games where the actions of others do not impede your experience, just let people do what they want to do, and do what you want to do. Have as "authentic" an experience as you want. I understand things like PVP glitches in Elden Ring or MP exploits, as this directly impacts YOUR experience. Otherwise, just be happy with the experience you've had and stop worrying about what other people do or don't do. For example, I am a complete FromSoftware beginner who managed to complete Elden Ring 100%. I am not good at the game, but the game essentially has difficulty options through its class structure and ability to overlevel to a hilarious extent. I strongly believe anyone who is willing to 'prep' enough can cheese their way through that game. I don't see a massive difference here. My two cents - giving people MORE ways to play is never a bad thing. Puts the game in more people's hands, and as long as it doesn't change what fans originally loved (e.g. an "intended" experience or level of difficulty not impacted by patches or difficulty updates) then I can't comprehend the problem. Gate-keeping platinum's is warped logic, in my opinion.
  11. I was also a bit disappointed. I would give it a 7.5/10 probably. I actually liked the story quite a bit, and the graphics are unreal. However, much like the first game, I find Horizon is a bit of a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. In fact, whereas I felt Zero Dawn had no fatal flaws, I think Forbidden West does - its controls. I felt the combat and traversal was actually pretty weak and the greater focus on combos sort of sucked. I don't remember having that same feeling with Zero Dawn, but I thought traversal was borderline bad and combat was pretty flawed in certain spots (dodging counters, speed vs. AI speed, etc.) Also did not enjoy the mission structure itself typically, felt a bit bloated - even if I enjoyed the narrative interspersed between. Game definitely is still good, but it currently is at 89 on OpenCritic and it isn't close to being that good IMO. I also have a bit of a moral issue with games charging £69.99, I don't think its defendable at this point in game development. Inevitably this game will get a major expansion DLC and NG+. NG+ could be harder this time around without an equivalent to the Shieldweaver Armor, but we'll see. I did actually quite like the Horizon Forbidden West open world, but in general, I agree with Elden Ring. I feel Elden Ring is going to fundamentally change how games develop open world structures, or at least it should. It's something to have a varied, sprawling open world with plenty of things to do, but Elden Ring puts places to explore in every nook and cranny on top of its sheer scale. It's both big and deep, it's insane what they achieved. This is coming from a complete new-comer to the FromSoftware style of game. The evergaols, cave and catacombs may have similar structures but within each has enough diversity where they don't get repetitive. After 70 hours I'm still finding brand new things and genuinely not knowing there was somewhere just a few meters from an area I thought I'd already explored. The game gently directs you on where to go without demanding you do a whole checklist of things to do to inflate your time in each spot, and truly gives you freedom without it being a marketing gimmick. It's not perfect, but its handling of open world design - much like Hyrule in BOTW - should be the standard.
  12. Continuing to give Blue Box a platform at this point is just encouraging their bullshit. Complete farce.
  13. I tried this and it didn't go that well. Maybe was doing it wrong, or because I was using the meteor staff? Not sure. It did some damage but not to the extent of Swarm of Flies. Black Knife Tiche fucking sucks, forgot about that fight. I ended up drawing it to the rocks on the west side. It makes the fight quite a bit easier. Some can freeze-cheese it; I never could, but it's general attack patterns are slower there and I found it would take 3-4 rock sling hits in a row if I got it to the right position.
  14. Elden Ring is my first FromSoftware experience, and I got the 1000G on Xbox this weekend. It's now my favourite game in several years (since Resident Evil 2 RM). I'm not sure if there are harder bosses in other games, but is amongst the hardest bosses I have ever fought, with the possible exception of The Valkyrie Queen (Sigrun) in God of War (which I'm convinced is harder than all other ER bosses, after becoming an Elden Ring fan). She is so difficult, although has one of my favourite boss designs of all of the Shardbearers. The only way I could beat her was to get my Fallingstar Beast Jaw to +10 and only have the Swarm of Flies incantation memorised (NO other spells) with a Mimic Tear +10. With a maxed mimic, you both spam the Beast Jaw weapon art, over, and over in the 1st phase. Stuns her for most of the fight, and doesn't consume much FP if you mind is 40+. In the 2nd phase, run straight ahead the SECOND you spawn back in. until you're touching the roots. Once she's recovering from AOE, get pretty close and spam Swarm of Flies with a cursed seal as your left hand armament/shield. If your Mimic still has 50% health, that spell can stun-lock her and take half her health bar off at the start of the 2nd phase. The distance is the tricky thing -- to close, she'll come for you. Too far away, she'll get too much health back from whaling on your mimic. You need to be at an "intermediate" distance where both of your Swarms hit her whilst she's more aggro. Still took me 8-10 attempts, but I got her to <30% health every single time. I used the bog-standard cursed seal, I'm sure I could have made this easier with a better seal. Mimic Tear +10 and Wing of Astel +10 helped me immensely the twice I've gone through this game, I even made a thread about how stuck I was on here, but this fight isn't too bad with this set-up. Helps I was 90+ intelligence. Wing of Astel is an insanely underrated weapon (I think, haven't seen much on it). It's weapon art at +10 is very, very powerful and it's a pretty easy weapon to find, too. If you can stay close whilst it focuses on your +10 Mimic Tear Ashes you should get through it pretty easily. Tend to either get demolished or do it in 60-90 seconds, with little in between, but it's much faster overall than other methods. If you can get a good 5-10 seconds where the Beast is distracted by your Mimic, the fight is yours.
  15. The devs on the official Quake discord said this would be patched "in the next update" Link However, this was in February, so there has been over a month of radio silence.