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  1. I agree with OP if we are talking about the general release of "marquee" AAA experiences (and yes, of course, the Ratalaika frenzy), although I don't think it's a bad thing necessarily. I don't necessarily think that there fewer difficult PS4 games than PS3 games, I just think that the average standard of completions for AAA games seems much easier than the previous-gen on the whole. Maybe we've all just gotten better, idk! For myself, I personally feel that 4-5/10 and 40-60 hours (using traditional trophy guide and roadmap scaling for a broad reference) is the perfect level of difficulty and time. Resident Evil 7, God of War, DOOM, games like that. This isn't hard and fast by any means, as I often deviate, but I feel with this baseline standard I get my money's worth and fulfill my completionist tendencies whilst feeling the game is giving me a challenge, yet not demanding complete mastery. This way, if the game is really good I can enjoy it, complete the 1000G/platinum, experience the majority of its content, and move on within 1-2 weeks. I'm around 1/3 through Borderlands 3 right now, which is a very good example of what I'm talking about. Overall, I think it depends quite widely by the studio, but I feel as an industry trend most games are getting easier and more straightforward to complete. I imagine this is to do with a) the increasing popularity in trophy hunting as a reason for purchasing games, and ii) increasing stringency in trophy requirements (as much as gamers might complain, achievements/trophies seem undoubtedly more "reasonable" for the most part in my eyes). I find that difficult completions that do exist are also more often than not for suitably difficult games by their nature (Souls, Hollow Night, Binding of Isaac, etc.) In the previous generation, I'd find that games in general, which tons of people could get through story-wise, had challenging or down-right awkward optional achievement/trophy requirements for hunters - this seems much less the case these days. By and large, the difficulty of the game itself is the difficulty of the completion, and lots of games with higher difficulty options don't have corresponding achievements/trophies, making the completion easier even if the game itself CAN be difficult (I hope this makes sense in writing as much as it does in my own head). I also think that even though some games require 100% completion, others are easing off the "collect absolutely everything" cliche. For me, I welcome the slightly easier (or if not easier, more "user-friendly") approach to achievements and trophies most companies seem to take. I work full-time, am studying a masters degree part-time, am getting married, etc., so my gaming time at the age of 25 is much more limited than it was a few years ago. This kind of range (with easy games padding it in between) gives me a nice balance of having a variety of games I have completed and making sure I get to play all the AAA's I want to play. If people love challenging completions, they exist and they are good to go for them, if they play games after completing them, and they have harder difficulties or challenges, they should do them. I don't think the general lower-difficulty of your average game's platinum should have any interference with that. Finally (if a bit random), I find Sony exclusives on PS4 on average far easier to max out than Microsoft exclusives on XB1, which on average often have A LOT of achievements and have reasonably difficult or long (or both) completions. Obviously, in both cases, there are deviations from this pattern.
  2. In no particular order... Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Little Nightmares RiME 11-11 Memories Retold Celeste Firewatch Oxenfree INSIDE Forgotton Anne SOMA AER: Memories of Old Virginia Planet Alpha
  3. DId you follow OP steps in your new playthrough? My understanding is that the patch has only given you the option to upgrade to Level 3 w/ Pierce, as with the other weapons. It hasn't resolved this pertinent issue which is you can get locked out of Level 3 form upgrades. I think ALL level 3 upgrades are linked to Untapped Potential, and that you have to get to Level 2 before finding some.
  4. Oh god, that's a new one. Ouch.
  5. You should be good with 1 at Level 2. If you want to play it safe have 2-3 like I did, but it shouldn’t matter... 1 should be fine (don’t forget you can’t upgrade Pierce). I had Grip and Shatter at Level 2 and the Level 3 schematics unlocked for them both immediately after doing this method. I think I had at Level 3 schematic for Spin unlocked too, can’t 100% remember which the 3rd form was though.
  6. If you have only done side missions not listed in OP (i.e. What a Mess or Ability side-missions), you should be fine. If not, I cannot categorically confirm whether the glitch will happen, but I imagine it would. For every one that it did happen to I found that was because we all found the material Untapped Potential from the OP list of side missions (which would trigger the Level 3 schematic) whilst we were on Level 1 still, and before we upgraded weapon forms the Level 2 schematic. When Level 3 was the "next schematic" we needed for our Level 2 weapons, the Level 3 schematics unlocked fine upon first receiving Untapped Potential. I can't remember if all of those side missions reward Untapped Potential, but Fridge Duty and The Enemy Within definitely do, and the others are very similar so the reward will likely be the same (the only other non-area related material is Hidden Trend, which from experience comes from named enemy types). For further context, Upgrades and Constructs become available in Astral Constructs when you find the 1st of all required materials for the first time (i.e. for Grip Level 2, the first time you find 1 Hidden Trend, 1 House Memory, and 1 Undefined Reading). If you haven't had many Level 2 upgrades, you may not have explored enough. This will vary player to player based on exploration. If you're going back on a 2nd playthrough be sure to kill named enemies whenever possible for Hidden Trend, either through a mission or a Bureau Alert. I'll add this to the OP, I should have probably mentioned this. I found Shatter Level 2 didn't require me to go out of my way at all. If you have done one of the OP lists of side missions, and you never get the option to get to Level 3, this will probably be why you aren't getting upgrades. In this instance, just do a new playthrough with the OP steps, it took me 2-3 hours and once you're familiar with the game it is considerably easier/quicker than your first "completionist" run. Do all other trophies first, of course. You can try chapter select, but for me, that glitched the game and didn't let me pick up certain materials, so I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. I am almost certain you need Untapped Potential for Level 3 upgrades, a few people have verified it. I definitely got Untapped Potential from most (possibly all) of these missions, Fridge Duty and The Enemy Within are absolute definites, the others are very similar missions so I imagine they would have the same reward or a similar rare material. Corroborating this is that someone on TA stated that ALL Level 3 required Untapped Potential (TA Solution), which I think is true because any weapons I had at Level 2 all had their Level 3 schematics unlocked the first time I did one of the listed side missions on my second playthroughs. I had a nasty bug in my mop-up where I couldn't obtain any of certain materials, this is the only thing I can think of that may be stopping you from receiving Untapped Potential. This only happened after trying chapter select, though. In conclusion, Control is buggy AF...
  8. Xbox, but December 2018 I won 426 achievements. I use PS4 more for exclusives so my profile isn't very impressive.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's a bug, if you go in the Menu it appears as if there are 2 more "unlock-able" slots, I could never personally unlock them. I've heard this bug doesn't exist on PC but I'm not certain. No problem! Glad it worked for you, I wouldn't want anyone struggling to the length myself and others did haha.
  10. People recommended for me the "What You Need to Do" (those credited). This basically just explains why, I didn't quite understand the logic.
  11. I think I've figured the bug out with A LOT of help from bboysunny93, cirifionas, Mystica_Link, Valkirie22, xI KaZaR Ix (TrueAchievements) and baazfury (TrueAchievements). Would appreciate as many people as possible verifying this works for them, too. During my original run, I completed all main missions, all side missions, all upgrades, and every other achievement. I never got the opportunity to complete any Level 3 weapon forms. This was because, in essense, the bug originates from the timing you receive the material "untapped potential" (a side-boss related material reward). You must upgrade at least one weapon form to Level 2 before doing a side mission (or Mission 9: Polaris) rewarding Untapped Potential, or you'll be locked out of Level 3 upgrades (missions you earn Untapped Potential are as follows Fridge Duty, The Enemy Within, Old Growth, Self-Reflection, Mr. Tommasi). If you are still on Level 1 for all Weapon forms but earn untapped potential, you will get locked out of receiving Level 3 upgrades, as this is the material which triggers Level 3 schematics. For some reason, it doesn't bank until after you've done Level 2, it has to be done when Level 3 is the "next" upgrade you need for those weapons (hope that makes sense). Don't do any of these side missions for now until you've at least 1 (I had 3) Level 2 weapons. Once you earn Untapped Potential going in with weapon forms at Level 2, it'll unlock the schematic for those weapons. Just did it now, worked first time. Various people have advised to do the Grip schematic, which is probably the easiest to upgrade. Pierce is bugged for everyone and can't be upgraded beyond Level 1. Added Note: Should have probably mentioned originally (sorry) that if you're going for Grip Level 3, the Level 2 schematic requires Hidden Trend, which drop from named enemies (i.e. as well as heaving a clearance level they also have a name, these enemies are somewhat rare). If you're doing Bureau Alerts you'll likely get this automatically during a "Major Personnel" alert, if not, you I personally got mine towards the end of Mission 7 in... In summary, what you need to do is...: - Complete Main Mission 1 - 6 - Complete A Good Defense, A Captive Audience, and a Merry Chase side missions (all are quick and easy) - Have at least 1 Weapon Form at Level 2. I personally had both Grip and Shatter at Level 2. Pierce can't be upgraded past Level 1. - Finally, complete Fridge Duty. DO NOT DO THIS BEFORE THE OTHER STEPS. - You should then get the Level 3 schematic for any weapons you had at Level 2 before Fridge Duty.
  12. Don't have it yet, but some light at the end of s**t creek. At this point, the evidence seems to suggest that the bug originates from the timing you receive untapped potential (a side-boss related material reward). If you are on Level 1 after getting untapped potential, it would seem that you will get locked out of receiving the Level 3 upgrade as that is the material which triggers Level 3 schematics. Current information suggests you must upgrade to Level 2 before doing a side mission rewarding Untapped Potential (Fridge Duty, The Enemy Within, Old Growth, Self-Reflection, Mr. Tommasi - not 100% ALL give Untapped Potential, but some definitely do). Don't do any of these side missions for now until you've got some Level 2 weapons. I'll hopefully confirm this tonight/tomorrow, as I have the Level 2 Shatter and I know what I need to trigger the Level 2 Grip schematic (I don't have Hidden Trend as I've been blitzing through and ignoring Bureau Alerts, for Hidden Trend, beat named enemies through Bureau Alerts). Thanks to bboysunny93, cirifionas, Mystica_Link, Valkirie22, xI KaZaR Ix (TrueAchievements) and baazfury (TrueAchievements) for the help p.s. I can confirm that constructs and upgrades are tied to finding materials. They only unlock after you find the first of each required material.
  13. I actually really like it, but yes, the bugginess hampers my enjoyment somewhat.
  14. Update: Think I'm bugged out of this for good. Advice from bboysunny93 didn't work (for me personally). I have started a new playthrough, wiping my old saves, and have been constructing forms IMMEDIATELY as they become available (i.e. I drop everything and farm for materials before moving on). I am at Mission 5, and I haven't even had a Level 2 schematic yet (I have nothing in there for now). Apparently, I should have had Grip Level 2 by now. Been told you also need to upgrade to Level 2 in your given weapon form before Fridge Duty by someone who got it, and that side mission SHOULD give you a Level 3 schematic upon completion. Thus far, I have had no such luck. No idea what to do now. 😡 Only thing I can verify for certain is that weapon forms do become available after picking up a needed material for the very first time. Happened every time.
  15. Good strategy. However, I personally found esseJ and Mold-1's final phases significantly more difficult until I learned of the cheese to just hide upstairs. You only really need to worry about minions, did it around 4th or 5th attempt. Upgrade your shield, use pierce form and use the top walkway to avoid the specter towards the end and you should be good.