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  1. For me, games like Elden Ring kill the £69.99 RRP debate. If a game that dense and vast from a developer than critically acclaimed historically can continue to launch their new titles at £49.99 RRP, there is no justification for other games to cost £20+ more just because of their next-gen hardware exclusivity. This is a top-5 video game of all time for a huge fan, it was certainly worth it and couldn't resist a Day 1 purchase. However, being unbiased, it isn't worth £69.99. A nice graphical remaster, but it doesn't feel like a true remake as marketed, and a lot of that is that its only been 9 years. The mechanics aren't outdated, and it didn't feel improved for having better visuals. You're also getting less content than originally release. Removing MP is standard practise in remasters/remakes, but removing it AND increasing the price? Not sure that's right. Perhaps controversial, but I'd have preferred a free PS5 upgrade for Part II, I think. Feels weird that Part I is on PS5, but the newer game - Part II - is only PS4.
  2. Oh wow, that's a thought. I have the 1000/1000G on Xbox Series X/S. Would definitely consider waiting until this is on sale if there is auto-pop (wouldn't purchase full price again).
  3. I'm sort of glad this is easy. I love TLOU to death, but I never platinumed the original (Xbox main) even though 've played it 3-4 times for fun. Glad I can revisit it, do a completionist run for the Plat, but move on within a week. As an aside, I'm getting fed up on missing AAA trophy list reveals because of sheer number trophy list stacks dominating the home page. Wish there was a way PSNProfiles scanners would "bucket" stacks together (for example - "See Regions" - after the title) rather than listing each stack. Not the sites fault, obviously, blame Sony's policies.
  4. Once I have the Platinum, I'm trying to be a bit more chill with DLC/NG+ updates unless I love the game from now on. It's rarely worth it for the 2-3 trophies, and unlike Xbox - where you lose your 100% - you at least always have that Platinum trophy on PlayStation. I was disappointed by Kena a bit (had its moments, but I think it was vastly overrated - although the rot are adorable) and don't really have the interest to go back if there is a lot of title update content. Same for HFW. I felt it was a step back from HZD in a lot of ways, and whilst I don't regret my time with it, I have no interest into doing 2 playthroughs for 3 trophies.
  5. This is happening to people on Xbox too.
  6. The problem is the XP accelerates. I'm in the same boat, but only have 7K rep and you need 76K for level 30...
  7. Yeh I'm not familiar at all with avatar levels - is Avatar levelling exclusive to the yard only or can you do this in face of the franchise/player franchise? I typically get the 1000G and then rinse Franchise with various team-building exercises (big football fan). Less bothered about MUT, The Yard, etc.
  8. Yep, it was their first game, published by 505 though not Annapurna. I absolutely loved it, was one of my favourite indies from the Xbox One/PS4 era. I am all for games being ambitious and I liked the concept of the anthology getting intertwined, but the different storylines have vastly different qualities and levels of writing and the ending is....well, out there. Was enjoyable enough, though, if you've already started it its definitely not a bad time, just pales in comparison to Virginia.
  9. Last Stop was "fine", but a bit disappointing because I absolutely loved their first game, Virginia (not published by Annapurna). It was a love/hate game due to its delivery, but the people who liked it really liked it, and it was unique. Reviewed pretty well. Last Stop felt overambitious and was sloppy in its execution ultimately.
  10. The state of trophies and achievements is getting ridiculous. On Xbox, it's the 5000G worth of title updates for Xitilion games for menial tasks; on here, it's worse due to the amount of stacks. Jesus. Stack upon stack upon stack of reskinned garbage. It's been so bad in recent weeks that I completely missed the What Remains of Edith Finch and Stray trophy lists, they just got buried by shovelware. Every time I load this site, it's the same game 5 times. You do you, I've been guilty of playing shovelware in the past (stopped now) but this is another level. I'm so glad I've moved to 2-3 games a month. Easy games are fine, so long as they actually make an effort to be a video game.
  11. So far its probably my 3rd favourite game of the year behind Elden Ring and Citizen Sleeper, and I really enjoyed it - 8/10. I really liked what I've played of Neon White, too, but I haven't played enough of it to evaluate it fairly, so for now Stray takes the third spot. It roughly matched my expectations; didn't blow me away, but definitely was a good game with positives outweighing the negatives. Beyond the "omg cats" craze - which I'm all behind as a cat dad - I'm an utter sucker for Cyberpunk aesthetic, and Blue Twelve absolutely nailed it. I'm a big fan of Cyberpunk 2077, but my main criticism is that the world didn't feel Cyberpunk-y enough in certain spots. This neon dripped, Kowloon-esque world was pretty immersive and looks beautiful - my favourite Cyberpunk setting. I was surprised - in a good way - how dark the world is tonally. Although its not a horror game by any stretch, I'm glad they didn't go too cutesy; the atmosphere was quite unsettling and bleak, which I liked given the story's themes. I also really liked the fact that they integrated some verticality into the world design, suited the cat platforming mechanics. I felt the townships/villages/towns were actually very well done, and although you don't have extensive interaction with them, the robots and their ironic human-like fear of mortality was interesting. The world felt pretty human, even though humanity has somewhat left this place. Story-wise, there is little there to be truthful. Its a simple "quest for freedom" story which served its purpose - I liked certain characters (Momo, primarily) but Stray didn't really go anywhere unique, nor do anything special. Story isn't a selling point of the game, but is "fine" and not a detriment to the game neither. My main issue with the game is the combat encounters aren't fun, at all, and the Zurks seem sort of a weird "antagonist" choice. They feel more suited to being a unique single-level enemy variant, but are the threat throughout the whole game as the only threat. I'd have preferred something akin to a "good vs. bad AI" robot civil war scenario than the plague-like Zurks. They were visually and mechanically very dull. I also like stealth in games (chapter 10 was a favourite) but I did not like all the chase sequences that naturally derived from these antagonists. It's the main thing holding the game back, despite my overall positive "review".
  12. Honestly wasn't that bad. Didn't use any guides and got it in around 15 minutes. The best strategy I found was to go down the right hand path when you have the fork, as it's basically a clear path to the exiting stairs.
  13. I'm glad there is no auto-pop for this one. I forgot how marvellous this game is. I really hope they make another game soon, I've played this 3 times (PS4, Xbox One, PS5) and each time I fell in love with the game all over again. Really well crafted, even if it isn't a difficult game, it's a beautiful little puzzle game with outstanding visual design.
  14. I think the OG release of What Remains of Edith Finch was the first game they ever published, so I think that's why its a bit of an anomaly -- I think I'm right in saying every other game they've released on PS has a platinum trophy. Edith Finch was always a weird one with trophies. They actually had to add an achievement for the Xbox release (how I first played it) because you have to have a minimum of 10 achievement on Xbox; looks they've added one more trophy again if there are 12 (11 + Plat). Anyway, truly one of the best indie games ever made, can't wait to replay it.