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  1. Thank goodness! You absolutely sure?
  2. No one should be "ashamed of [their] actions" when it comes to games, unless they are cheating in public games as this affects other people's enjoyment and stats. This is a trophy website, a lot of people are going to be motivated to play specific games purely because of the trophies and that's perfectly fine.
  3. For me, this covers both Xbox One (primary system and PS4. As a preface, these are MY preferences. Gaming is a journey and part of that is learning what makes you happy. For some it is 100%, some it is quality > quantity, for some its stacks, for some its not trophies at all. You do you, this is just me. My Rules: - Always go for 100%, including DLC. I personally couldn't max out the base game and then just ignore DLC. On PS, I'm slightly more relaxed about waiting for a while because it still shows the platinum unlike Xbox (i.e. NG+ in Spiderman / HZD I didn't do until months after). However, I will always get 100% in the end. As an absolute failsafe, if I know I can't max a game out (which has happened, I'm 230/238 on Xbox One), I will always get as many as possible (75%+). - If I am not sure or can't 100% a game (e.g. MP only), I play it on a backup account (or Nintendo Switch). On said backup (my "sin" profile as I call it), I play without caring for achievements or trophies (for me, I have a backup where I play sports titles, GTA V, etc.) That way my main completionist profile is nice and tidy, and I don't miss out on any games due to my completionist OCD. If it ends up being easier than I originally thought, I'll just do it on main profile. - I virtually never do regional stacks. When I say stacks, I mean multiple versions of the same game. I've done quite a few "stacks" with current-gen ports of previous gen games I'd also done (e.g. BioShock Collection, L.A. Noire, etc.) However, I never do easy stacks. As the above link shows, the majority of my gaming (multi-platform especially) is on Xbox One, and regional stacks are considerably less common. On PS, the grand majority of my gaming consists of exclusive AAA's or indie games I loved on XB1 that I want to re-do on PS4. - No 70+ hour completions (unless I truly love a series). I will make exceptions on this pretty soft rule (e.g.Cyberpunk 2077), especially when DLC is involved, but typically my favourite games are either unique well-made indies, single-player FPS', or narrative action-adventure games. These usually take 10 - 50 hours, allow me to immerse myself, and then move on before overstaying their welcome. I like doing multiple completions in a month, wherever possible, so it takes a true darling to absorb ALL my time. In recent years, God of War was as perfect in length and difficulty for the platinum that I can use to describe my tastes. - No one can ever earn an achievement/trophy on my behalf or on my account unless it is completely by accident. In essence, if I can't do it myself, I don't want it. As much as I love completions, I need to be able to do it myself. If I can't do it, its frustrating, but it is what it is. The only time I'm cool with people earning achievements on my account is if its a co-op game (A Way Out I needed my fiancee, for example) or if you're playing a local match and one accidentally pops.
  4. This game can be completed in 2-3 hours, a few platinum walkthroughs on YT now. Hideous tile art for a game that has such a nice cover art on Xbox (basically the same as the theme), Gold/Silver/Bronze themed trophy set art is my pet peeve.
  5. This difficulty could be a 2/10, or 8/10. The online leagues will be the thing that sways it. Depends on if it is something you can create with X amount of friend, or whether it is based on matchmaking. Could be pretty difficult if its the latter. Otherwise incredibly easy. Is this based of a hunch, or knowledge off something the devs have said? This will probably be what defines the plat difficulty so would be super helpful to know
  6. I actually enjoyed Far Cry MP more in 5 than other FC instances, it at least had some interesting maps and modes. It is extremely inconsistent though. Can play 2-3 fun maps or play some utterly horrific user made maps. I personally believe that Far Cry shouldn’t have MP, overall, it’s always feel unnecessary.
  7. This is extremely handy, thank you. I did the entire trilogy 100% on Xbox One around 3 years ago, and it doesn't have such exploit... so I did it all legit. BioShock is in my top 5 of all time, and BioShock Infinite IS my favourite game of all time, so I'm tempted to go back and do those 2 on PS4 this summer. The thought of having to do Blue Ribbon Champ legit again was putting me off; as rewarding as it was to do it once, I'm glad it still works so I can avoid the hardest trophy in the game!
  8. It is text, but this TrueAchievements walkthrough is pretty perfect, and specifically orientated around achievement/trophy hunting. This is good as a general rule with any game you want to do, check TA for a guide. Also, you need 3 playthroughs to 100% this game, so Oxenfree probably doesn't lend to well to a video walkthrough kind of thing.
  9. Thanks for this. This article only became available today; at the time of my comment there was nothing credible to state that PSO2 was coming to anything but Xbox/PC in the west
  10. 1) PSO2 is currently only coming to Xbox One and PC. No credible sources seem to be confirming anything about a western PS4 release. 2) PSO2 is only coming to Xbox One and PC in NA initially. Release in Europe isn't out of the question, but isn't confirmed for now.
  11. Completely understand now I've had time to read it through more
  12. In principle, this is a great idea. My main query would be... why you don't push it further with more distinctions? I'm in work so I've only read through quickly, but it only appears to distinguish the two extremes; ultra rare and ultra common. Accounting for the full spectrum from 0.1 - 75% (or whatever that latter end is) would be cooler, IMO (also the word effort is ick). I'd personally propose the following: Ribbon of Completion (51 - 75%) Ribbon of Excellence (21 - 50%) Ribbon of Distinction (5 - 20%) Ribbon of Dominance (<5%) How its implemented etc. is absolutely fine as is. As I said, overall its a very decent idea, it just seems like it could be taken further and have more value.
  13. Did exactly this with HZD and Spiderman. Difference is, this game is 60+ hours to complete, and as you mention no NG+ means this will suck. I went from a maybe to a hard no on this game. I knew trophies were coming, but I presumed they'd be NG+.
  14. Yeh the prospect of them doing this but NOT adding NG+ seems super weird. If nothing else, this has made my mind up about this game (no thanks).
  15. Well within the context of MC it scales everything to 100, taking into account out of 10's, out of 5's, and percentages, so it is cross compatible to a degree (although not flawlessly so). To clarify, I didn't see 71% and think 'no purchase for me, then' straightaway, but it did admittedly give me indications that the game has problems. After reading 5-7 reviews I decided to wait. As someone who is saving, paying rent/bills, studying, working as I'm sure most do I do appreciate the support of critical reception to help inform whether something is a Day 1 or a wait for a sale type of thing (much like Amazon 😆) This is pretty much what I was trying to get at, but worded better.