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  1. I meant if there was a story DLC and required you to do it on a harder difficulty (ie End of Zoe)
  2. I really hope that it if it is something new it isn't something stupidly hard. Something story based would be very nice, even if its for finishing it on the hardest difficult. DLC in RE7 was difficult but largely fun. Ghosts Survivors was just boring and hard.
  3. Games should seperate their SP and MP more often. Crackdown 3 did so on XB1 (game was an utter pile of shit, but its a good idea to do this). Means that trophy hunters can explore either/or/both based on their tastes, be rewarded double even if they so wish. Personally, TLOU is one of the most defining SP experiences of my life, and if taking that to the next level means exclusively tackling the story, then so be it.
  4. So, I have the 1000G on Madden NFL 20 (done it 3 times to test things) and made the achievement walkthrough on another website, so I know that if you are efficient, the Platinum is quite achievable in 5 - 7 hours. The trial time-wise is plenty of time. Question trophies still unlock on the trial? Someone on reddit told me that it does, but also saw that Patch 1.04 caused issues. Can anyone confirm as of 12th November 2019 if trophies can be earned in EA Access trials? Thank you!
  5. Praying for the day someone miraculously finds a way to cut the grind to <30-40 hours aha. Will never happen. I'd consider a grind of that length, not 70-100 hours. Love the game, but feels like one best experienced when not going for the platinum (or spreading the grind over weeks).
  6. Apparently it's still a 70 hour grind for the play post-game even with a brilliant zipline network. I'm loving my time with it so far but am unlikely to play for the plat
  7. I went with the decision to just play this for the story, and I've really enjoyed my first 5 hours. I actually quite like the gameplay, too. I nearly always just go for any 1000G or platinum but with this I figured it was best to just enjoy the game as intended, and forgo the 70 hour (minimum) grind. Really just CBA for it. Story, 0 complaints so far, and it's no where near as convoluted as people make out. Very similar to MGS; lots going on, but its enjoyable and I don't feel confused, just haven't figured out the minor details yet.
  8. Damn. Playing on Xbox, so won't be able to recruit any help here, but thanks for the information. On the basis it's simply a case of getting through them, I'm hoping that with luck and perseverance it will be possible to do via matchmaking. I hear they have checkpoints, too, so we'll see.
  9. Stupid, the operations shouldn't be required, they got the description wrong in this case. Ah well, will do them tonight. How hard are the operations?
  10. PP told me that of you're very efficient 100-110 hours is possible (wiki about game length). Said this is the most positive outlook and you'd have to zipline and drive literally everywhere but that would be my intention. So split as whether to start this on my completionist account or just play it for 40 hours on a backup for the story. Thanks for your hard work on the PP site over the years, as well as Gage and Franci Not really. He got it in 3 and a bit weeks. Would be 6-7 hours a day, presuming it is 150 hours. Seems feasible to me.
  11. Love PP and the guides from you and Franci also, but I find it so interesting that two people who contribute to the same site, likely same Wiki (haven't read yet) have it on completely polarising ends of the spectrum - a GOTY contender for one, a mess for another. Really sums up how divisive it has been.
  12. I primarily use GAME for free pre-orders, do the others do the same? Thanks btw
  13. I'm from the UK and I never get games early (GAME) Is this the site? May change my pre-order strategy knowing this!
  14. Probably the most beautiful game tile art I've ever seen. Stunning artwork on this game.
  15. The list looks reasonably easy, I've heard people say its 150 - 300 hours. How so long? Story just crazy wrong, or a delivery grind??