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  1. Yep, me too. My changed (new) PSN ID shows the correct trophy history, but has not synced with the previous ID (this psnprofiles account) re: forum posts, reputation, premium benefits etc. All trophies are also removed from the previous ID (this psnprofiles account), as if I made it private. It's only been just over a week, so I'll be patient.
  2. Some of the games are not terrible. Metagal is a serviceable Megaman style game, and Shadow of Loot Box was quite funny. As others have mentioned, trophy lists can usually be earned <1 hour, but the games themselves are usually a fair bit longer. For platinum hunters you only normally need to do the first few levels.
  3. PSNID: PhantomFear94 PS System(s): PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: For the most part. Say you're from PSNP and I'll definitely accept. PSN Region: UK Time Zone: GMT I am primarily a single-player gamer, and use my PS4 for I) exclusive titles II) to replay some indies I really like (Xbox is my main system). 100% completions is my priority on this profile. My time on PS4 is very polarised; I have barely played PS in the last 6 months, but between April - September last year I played a tonne on the bounce (God of War, Detroit, Spiderman, Uncharted: TLL). I don't play TOO many easy titles but have indulged on here (2K Preludes, Slyde, POWGI).
  4. Thanks! It's saying my account "went private" yesterday, but I checked my new ID on here and all my trophies are fine. I'll wait a week or two and it should hopefully all sync up.
  5. I changed my PSN online ID from phantomfear9494 to PhantomFear94 (just thought it looked tidier and fits my NoHeroes94 format on Xbox). Change went through fine on my PS4, but on psnprofiles, its still reading as phantomfear9494 after updating it twice. I individually searched for PhantomFear94, and it does come up. Appreciate this news probably just sprung up on psnprofiles, but are they going to be addressing name changes to profiles? Will be a massive pain if I have to make a new profile on here.
  6. I personally don't think its terrible. My god it was overpriced, though. £31.99 on Xbox before!
  7. Update: Never mind, it is on the store. Can anyone confirm what weapons are included? It just says "weapon" (singular) in the store. Is this PS exclusive content? Can't find anything on Xbox.
  8. I have noticed an increasing trend recently of single-player open world/linear action-adventures adding NG+ trophies/achievements as free updates with tougher difficulties. For completionists, I think I speak for most when I say it's incredibly annoying. Recent games to have done this (omitting God of War, as it didn't add trophies): Horizon Zero Dawn (NG+ and Ultra Hard Difficulty) Far Cry 5 (NG+ and Infamous Difficulty) Spiderman (NG+ and Ultimate Difficulty) Metro Exodus (NG+ and Iron Mode) (Most forgivable, as the update added modifiers to change the experience and the only one with two true endings) My argument: To start with, I think that if you're going to do NG+, it should be a feature on launch. It surely can't be that difficult to implement. For me, my gripe is less with the difficulty (this can be fun), but rather that NG+ adds nothing to these games whatsoever. If these were Souls games or RPG's, I get it - you experience the game in different ways with different challenges, bosses, endings, etc. each time. Keeping things to start that journey again is welcomed. However, the above examples are all very linear experiences re: their narrative; all have one ending (except Metro, FC5 only has one true ending) and typically one way of experiencing them, even if they are open/semi-open world in places. Additionally, "skills" you can earn are in the form of accumulated perks that is highly possible to max out in one playthrough (some even require it) so most people with a Platinum will have virtually everything heading into NG+ anyway, rendering it largely unnecessary IMO. Forcing you to experience the SAME thing months later just to add replay value feels pretty hollow, and the added difficulty is largely negated by entering OP from your original run anyway. All these games had DLC, so they had a reason to entice gamers back. Personally speaking, when I'm in the midst of my next game and suddenly have to go back to mop up a couple of bronze trophies for 10+ hours of work (usually on harder difficulties) to retain my 100%, it seems to be a cheap way of adding replay value to games that just don't suit NG+. For me, these games were ALL brilliant (especially Metro, which was also the most forgivable of the above due to its two endings), but part of their appeal was that they were contained experiences that you play, enjoy, and move on from. Having to go through them again for no reason left a bit of a sour taste, as it didn't add to my experience, only repeated it. What's your opinion? Do you agree? Am I crazy?
  9. As a "completionist" (i.e. platinum / 1000G/ 100% every game I play) I always find it interesting to think about the few games I would play on my main account, and also accept that I just will never get the platinum/1000G for it. These days, I'm kinda OCD about it - on my main profile I max everything, and so I don't miss out on tougher games I make backup "sin" accounts and just ignore trophies/achievements (Overwatch, RDR2, etc.) On my Xbox One profile (main system), I am at 204 / 212 completions. Of those 8, put MKX, older Maddens, and Halo 5 on my profile regardless, because I loved the games, could get reasonably high %'s, and knew that my completion rate was ok. On PS, it has been harder to break that mold, as I am at 25 / 25 completions. I use the system mainly for PS exclusives I'd otherwise miss out on, and as such have kind of just completed everything. The only 2 trophies I'm missing on my profile are from Spiderman NG+, which I've left undone due to laziness (will probably revisit after Days Gone). In this ilk, the only games I think I would put on my main profile irrespective of their difficulty is The Last of Us II and Death Stranding. Possibly Dreams too. Those games look so good that when they come out, I will at least consider putting them on my main profile.
  10. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - My hate of this game is well documented on here in other threads, and no it isn't because of Mein Leben (although I'll always be in the camp that thinks that such a trophy is a terrible idea). This was truly the most disappointing game of the generation for me. I wouldn't go as far to say its an awful game, but its a sub-par AAA shooter IMO and how it got 88% on Metacritic I'll never know, because Wolfenstein: The New Order only got high 70's and it was MUCH better. TNO was my favorite game of the generation until DOOM game out; I thought it was brilliant. Surprisingly engaging story that mixed humour with serious themes nicely, superb linear level design, fun difficulty variations, awesome weapons, wacky gameplay that combined feeling like a bad-ass but not TOO much like a bad-ass that you couldn't be killed, I could go on. I loved it. So naturally, I was intensely excited for II. Let me down in virtually every regard. The gun mechanics and visualswere pretty wonderful, I'll confess. Problem is, everything was sacrificed to make the guns feel cool. I mean everything, nothing is focused or refined enough for a modern AAA shooter IMO. The difficulty is completely skewed, they clearly want to gear for a hardcore audience...which in my opinion isn't what ID-originated IP's are meant to do. They are supposed to add a degree of challenge in order to keep you on your toes, both otherwise equip you with set-pieces, awesome weapons and enemies a plenty to destroy to re-enforce the protagonist's sense of insane bad-assery. DOOM (2016) does this well, Wolfenstein II does not. Whenever you get swarmed by enemies, your only real way of surviving on anything normal or above is to hide around a corner and peep out which...well, doesn't feel very Wolfenstein to me, and gets old reaaally fast. The level design was broken too. Which for Mein Leben runs is probably appreciated, but so much of the game can be skipped, glitched, it just seems weird to me. For a game that takes you to (no spoilers) many different locations, every level felt very similar design-wise as well. The story was lackluster and, unlike TNO/TOB, had no tact or nuance with its tone or pacing. BJ is quite introspective and reflective in TNO/TOB, but its done to a cheesy extent Max-Payney extend in II. I could go on, but to summarise, II seemingly sacrificed everything to make its guns feel cool IMO. Undertale - I don't want to trash this one too much because one guy made it, and in that sense its an admirable effort but for me, I don't understand why this is considered a generation corner-stone because it just isn't to me. I very rarely disagree with highly reviewed games' quality (this and the above are probably the only circumstances). I accept and understand how some people would like it, I just don't. It's pretty funny in places, and the concept of avoiding combat at all costs being the combat system is a brilliant idea. I just think its really poorly executed, and most of the characters get really annoying. I found the intro section to be one of the worst introductions I've ever played, its pretty confusing and random, and the only bit I'd consider remotely fun is the puzzle section after with Papyrus. Also a lot of the fan-base are awful, too (I'm sure none of you guys are). Dead by Daylight / Friday the 13th - These didn't review well, but a lot of people seem to really love these games. I think they are abysmal. Just lack any sort of fun or fairness.
  11. Rules was just to provide scope, not hamper creativity so sorry for that. Understand your comments on PC, if they were released exclusively on PC and then ported over I kind of get that argument. I'm not a PC gamer, but I suppose they kind of exist outside generations, although in a scenario where a PC game came out pre-2013 and only now got ported to PS4 I would argue that was last-gen. I respectfully disagree with remakes. Resi 2 possibly aside (even then, probably not different enough) the majority of remakes (e.g. Crash/Spyro/SotC). are all still fundamentally the same game as was released years ago, just updated to the modern standard re: graphics and gameplay tweaks. They are ultimately new renditions of old work, and not current generation games IMO. Non-PS4 games was purely because this is a PS community, and it feels weird to include games you can't play on PS in a PS forum. I imposed that rule upon myself; Ori and the Blind Forest would have probably been runner up. Not a criticism, as you game like what you like and good on you, but I never thought I'd see that game in a games of the generation list I'll be honest 😂
  12. Although nothing is confirmed, all the stars seem to align with the following hypothesis - this generation of gaming coming to an end. Aside from the fact that the last 2 generations have both lasted 7-8 years (PS2/Xbox 2000 - 2007; Xbox 360/PS3 2005 - 2013), it would appear likely that Xbox is planning to unveil the next generation of consoles at this year's E3, with a prospective release of 2020. In fact, I'd be stunned if they didn't with all the reports. I'm primarily an Xbox gamer, but I love PS too, and after the fiasco of releasing the PS3 a whole year after the Xbox 360 I hope (and doubt) Sony will make that mistake again. They will also release the PS5 in late 2020/early 2021 most likely. This has made me reflect on what my favorite games of the generation have been. What are yours? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rules: - Obvious, but the game must be available on PS4. Exclusive or X-Platform, doesn't matter. - Must have launched on PS4, so no remasters, collections or remakes of previous-generation launch games (i.e. BioShock Collection, Borderlands Handsome Collection). - Games that launched on PS4, but also came out on PS3 (i.e. Persona 5), are allowed. As long as they LAUNCHED on PS4 in the first instance. - Entire remakes (i..e Resident Evil 2) aren't allowed. Even though they complete revamp or even change the game, the source material is still directly from a previous generation IMO. - Reboots are fine. These are still original games, just from established IP's. - Keep it to a game a series. Will be boring otherwise. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honourable mentions - Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014), Fallout 4 (2015), Bloodborne (2015), Oxenfree (2016), INSIDE (2016), Virginia (2016), Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (2017), Far Cry 5 (2018) and Detroit Become Human (2018), Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) (please don't @ me on this one, as a completionist I jus. Games not on PS that would have been in the conversation - Ori and the Blind Forest (2015), The Legend of Zelda: BOTW (2017), Super Mario's Odyssey (2017), GRIS (2018), Forza Horizon 4 (2018) Where is RDR2? - As a completionist, full-time worker and part-time masters student, time is precious and I simply haven't got around to finishing it yet. I have really enjoyed what I've played so far (mid-way). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5) NieR: Automata (2017) I never thought I'd fall in love with this game, but I did. I'm not a huge RPG guy, I'm even less of a JRPG guy (I know this isn't a pure JRPG, don't @ me). What NieR: Automata delivers is a wonderfully wacky and innovative gaming experience which synthesizes the best of many genres into one unique package. You're only really done after 3 playthroughs, experiencing the world in different ways and seeing the conclusion of many side-stories you really start to care about. Gameplay is fluid, the bosses are brilliant, and the soundtrack is probably the best ever made. Also thought the difficulty options were incredibly catering, from a plethora of assists to an ultra hard mode where one hit = death, was a great inclusivity tool. Trying to get as many endings as possible also became super addictive. Minor caveats are very mixed quality side quests and some questionable graphics at times, but a great game to start the list. 4) Doom (2016) If the gameplay and sheer fun factor alone were the determinant factors, this would have been my game of the generation. I personally thought that DOOM was the perfect FPS title. Its gameplay married old-school FPS with modern conventions and visuals PERFECTLY. It nailed the balance of challenge, arcade gameplay, ludicrousy and quality level design that would make old and new fans happy. Honestly, I can't wrap my head around how they did this so well. It was easily the best game of 2016 for me, nothing else came close. I think criticisms of the game being a bit repetitive are somewhat valid, and the MP is very average, but the level design and challenges stop this from becoming anything other than a very minor caveat in an otherwise wonderful game. Even at three years old, it also puts 2019 games to shame regarding performance and graphical fidelity, too. 3) Metro Exodus (2019) I personally think some may view the other titles in this list are technically better games; however, this is a personal list and Metro is probably my third favorite series of all time (behind BioShock and Half-Life) so I admittedly am biased. Despite a couple of imperfections, it delivered the perfect end to the trilogy. Visually stunning, vastly improved gunplay, well paced and an engaging narrative, this game was made for the fans. Its USP, though, is its atmospheric world design. Very few developers make more immersive worlds than 4A have with Metro, it's one of the few games where you feel a part of the world. The lore seeps out of every corner, there is a complete commitment to the aesthetic, and it is totally captivating. I also like that it demands you to have played 2033 and Last Light (KHIII does this well too); a pet peeve of mine is when games pander sequels to everybody with a simple "previously on X" (looking at you, Wolfenstein II). This may sound elitist, I just think that if something is intended to be part of a series, it shouldn't compromise its vision of what the game wants to achieve. The game isn't without flaws. the open world levels, for the most part, are largely unnecessary. The linear levels are, once again, so good (the Dead City is one of my favorite levels in recent history), and it's getting to the point now where open-world games are so dominant that linear level games are actually the games more distinctive. The open world levels seem paper thin, disguised linear levels trying to cater to the modern gamer in a way it shouldn't need to, and I didn't like this addition at all. A natural consequence of moving out of the Metro is also that you lose that sense political and ideological difference with other factions in the Metro who are also trying to survive, a motif I thought seperated Metro from other shooters on a conceptual level. Still, a wonderful game. 2) God of War (2018) This game is the best PS exclusive of this generation by an absolute landslide in my opinion. This and #1 were the only two games of this generation where I wish my memory could be wiped, just so I could go back and experience it for the first time all over again. Prepare for some gushing here. The story is done with such tact, nuance and delicate manipulation of reasonably accurate mythology to create a mythological synthesis that is impressive to the core and something no one else will ever be able to replicate. The length of the main story was perfect, well paced, and articulated a wonderfully emotional journey of Kratos and Atreus is akin to that of Joel and Ellie in TLOU, which was unexpected. The voice acting, in all regards, was stellar. The gameplay was so developed and smooth I have barely a single complaint of it. I thought the light-RPG elements and use of gear to build strength and soft-lock higher level enemies was much more interesting than a generic level bar. The end game content was probably the best end-game content of a non-RPG I've ever played (varied, fun, challenging). I could go on, and on, and on, but God of War above all other games on this list looks at every minor detail, and tries to do it better than anyone else has done it before. Even the semi-open world hub progression was wicked; more controlled than open world, more free-ing than linear games. The bosses were a touch disappointing (not outright bad, but lost the sense of scale), and there was a very strong vibe of "the princess is in the OTHER castle" throughout, which was a cheap tactic to extend the game's life IMO. Very little to dislike, though, in my humble opinion, and truly worthy of its reputation. 1) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) I have a special relationship with this game, and it just resonated with me in a way none of the other games of this generation ever could. I always really liked Resident Evil, but I was by no means a super hardcore fan. However, Resident Evil 7 was the perfect return to form, and with RE2 following shortly thereafter and being equally good the future of the franchise has never looked better. Similar to DOOM, i married the old to the new in a way that is difficult to underpin, but present everywhere. It is a meticulously crafted, and everything seems deliberate and well designed; nothing seems to be an accident. The replay value for the game is remarkable, and the way the game takes such a departure from previous Resident Evil entries yet still familiar is fantastic. Above everything else, this game builds character in a way that epitomizes horror. A slightly campy edge, but still utterly terrifying bunch of outcasts, and the first time you meet each other the Bakers is always memorable. I almost think that Ethan Winters' banality actually assists in exaggerating this, it makes you care very little about you and invests you in the quality of its antagonist cast instead. The design of the house in an almost Metroid-vania type of way was also a great return to form, and makes the game feel more claustrophobic to enclose you within its own brand of horror. The game is impeccably paced IMO, you're never in one place for too long, the bosses are great, and the replay value is so natural with added weapon items, a superb achievement/trophy list and fair difficulty curves. Even the DLC is insane, varying tasks, varying challenges, always provides something new and enjoyable to almost double the hour count. If I could nitpick, I think the last third of the game trails a bit, and lapses back into the realms of action > horror, but its a pretty minor complaint in what is otherwise my game of the generation.
  13. Right, finally done it. After some playtesting, there are several locations for each collectible. and I am pretty sure that the first location you go to will have the collectible. I think the idea isn't that its random, but that you have multiple options to find it if you pass a collectible spot. This was the case for me during my documented playthrough above, where the collectible glitched for me, and during my main playthrough. In every instance (5), it was in the first spot I went to. I can also confirm these collectibles do not exist in NG, as the trophy description indicates. Thought I'd give a summary of all pickup locations I have found during my playthrough in the order you can find them (can add them to the guide if you want). Only in spoiler tags to conserve space, its NG+ so you should know what happens by now anyway. VOLGA (Fish): - Along the level's central rail track, you'll eventually have to meet Duke at his makeshift outpost (this will be an objective, right before you go to the terminal), take the incline downhill to your right after he says "Good Hunting", and you'll come to an abandoned carriage that is under the main rail track. The toy will be on a hook on the left hand side. You can go to this right at the start of the level. Just ignore Anna, go straight to the collectible. It's not cordoned off. - After you crawl through the radiated pipe in the Terminal, you'll have to enter a side room pull a lever to finally get to the railcar as part of the story. In the same room is another hook with the fish toy, if you missed it above. It'll be on the left side of the room, next to a dead fish. Another reference point would be opposite the lever you pull. CASPIAN (Sun): - . Very close to the start, there is a ship with the sun collectible (https://www.trueachievements.com/viewcomment.aspx?commentid=1260697 credit to OP). Go to there, and the level below the hermit will have the collectible, next to some boxes. I'd recommend getting the vehicle first (walk to the collectible, though, or else risk the car getting stuck. It isn't far from this location). When I ignored the main objective and got the collectible, I had to restart the level. It glitched, as it didn't let me get the key for the car or get in the car, and I was already being told to go to the lighthouse. - As part of the story, you'll come to the lighthouse. Clear the enemies, and take the makeshift boat-lift up. Once you are with Guil, go up to the second floor. On one of the blue posts (right hand side of bed as you ascend) has a hook where the sun toy would be. - As part of the story, you'll need to meet Damir in the very top left corner of the map (Oasis). The collectible is more or less as soon as you meet him. Instead of following him right, drop down to the very first left possible. There will be a pole in the middle of the small area with the toy. Two enemies will spawn, and this is where my glitch occurred (read above comment). TAKE THESE OUT BEFORE GOING FOR THE COLLECTIBLE if you're collecting it here, or else risk the same horrible glitch I suffered. - There is reportedly a location on the slave ship Anna points out midway through the level. However, as this is an optional encounter, and you don't have to go to the slave ship for main objective, I wouldn't bother trying to collect it here. The first location isn't locked behind progression, so you can always return there TAIGA (Bear): - Very close to the start of the level. After picking up the crossbow, run forward for a minute you'll come to an area with a statue and an abandoned schoolhouse. This is right before the pirates drop down on the bridge (literally the house to the right before the bridge). Go in, take a right, and its in the back left of this room as you enter. - As part of the story, you'll get to an irradiated lumber mill where the Admiral is (towards the end of the level). Behind him is a hook with the collectible, next to a map.
  14. Its my GOTY but this patch has been terrible. I've decided to restart; only took me around 3 hours to get to Caspian on Easy Iron Mode, ignoring one stupid death in Volga, I know to avoid it now. A friend confirmed that your tracker should go up and if it doesn't it won't pop (playing on Xbox). NG+ is available without finishing the current NG+ (if that makes sense), and it says "all progress will be lost". Going to get to Volga (40 mins) and see if the collectibles respawn, if so, it'll be fine and only be the one play through, if not I may as well go ahead and wipe and do the OG and NG+ playthrough again.
  15. May as well, doing Iron Mode anyway so if I do have to do those runs it'll be super quick and I can die as much as I like on Reader both times. Annoying they are only on NG+, otherwise I wouldn't be as annoyed.