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  1. It is frustrating that they've added new tracks but with each DLC release they dont seem to add them to any of the cups. They put them in the cups released with the track but that appears to be it. Bit disappointing.
  2. That and I'm well over the max affinity with some DLC bike that theres only a small handful of races for hey... Those trophies are giving me the shits. Just endless grinding in time attack
  3. Pretty much everything I've written above still applies Find a bike that you're most comfortable on. Qualify at the front. Restart if you are bombed on the first corner or two. Outside of that it comes down to you... Keep practicing if you arent managing it.
  4. Practice. Took me several goes. You'll get it eventually. Just don't get frustrated with it and try to pick the spots where you can push that bit harder without risk and the corners you know you need to take it easy through. Yeah it sucks punching away at the same thing over and over, but it then feels real good when you beat it!
  5. So when in race you know how to use left and right on the D-pad to change your traction control (TC) / anti wheelie (AW) / engine braking (EB) yeah? When in endure there is now another option to adjust engine mode. If you drop it back to Eco you save fuel (albeit at the expense of some power). I tend to run AW at 2, EB at 3 and TC at 2 (I'm not fantastic so I roll with what works for me). If you are having trouble with enduro's drop the AI difficulty down, no harm in doing what you gotta do to clear them. That way you should be able to concentrate on just pounding out laps. Get out in front, build a lead, pit around half way, just after if possible, then stay out of trouble while the AI all pit. I find if you can get through the first couple of corners without too much trouble you're generally home and hosed unless you keep throwing it down the road... If the starts are rubbish just restart straight away. I had one where I got cleaned out on the first corner 5 times straight so kept re-starting and just adjusted those first few corners to get through them knowing I could pick them off on the straights. Outside of that its just practice mate. Worst case, pick the course in time trial mode with the bike you have to use and get some laps down to get used to the nuances of the track. In terms of bike settings, if you are having trouble with the back end look up what people do (I generally start of numbers other people use and tweak from there). Generally involves loading up the front a bit more. Hope that helps! Good luck
  6. What are you having trouble with? I know a lot of people don't like the no rewinds, just means you have to be a bit more on your toes. Realistically its just normal racing. The added engine mode feature should make it easier as you can set it to ECO and get more laps out of it. Then you don't need to re-fuel as much on your pitstop and shortens that part.
  7. We have a couple of stores that normally list pre-orders well in advance (even without dates) and none are showing it which doesnt fill me with optimism.....
  8. Doesnt look like we are getting a physical PS4 release is Aus which is a bit sad.... Strangely the Switch version is...
  9. Had permanent burn in on both my 55" and 65". After a long fight with LG they came out and replaced the panels themselves with C8 panels and messed with a stack of settings to remove the risk of it happening again. But yeah, 2 TV's, 1 used for 50% gaming 50% TV and the other 100% TV and both were knackered, wasn't very happy. Was a shame it happened as outside of that I absolutely love them. I know the newer ones are a lot less risk of the issues I had though. Just cant justify the cost when I only bought these early 2018. Still recommend them to anyone listening. Best picture you can get.
  10. My 3 year old C7 begs to differ...... But yes, they have come a long way!
  11. This is correct. I bought the season pass and got the shits and had several arguments with Sony about why I hadn't received everything and they said a couple of them were pre-order bonus DLC and if I wanted them I had to pay for them separately. There 100% was DLC not included in the season pass that impacted your ability to 100% Ride 3... @westersburg I'm assuming you got the pre-order DLC with the game and assumed it was covered under the season pass because you already had it. No idea why I didn't get it as I had pre-ordered Ride 3, even if physically so no idea.
  12. Which is still wrong....
  13. The First Step to Greatness - Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight
  14. Wasnt the BMW 1200 the pre-order DLC? That had trophies.
  15. Is the same as the pre-order DLC packs from Ride 3. Got in an awesome fight with Sony on that one when I bought the season pass a week later and didnt get them....