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  1. Wasnt the BMW 1200 the pre-order DLC? That had trophies.
  2. Is the same as the pre-order DLC packs from Ride 3. Got in an awesome fight with Sony on that one when I bought the season pass a week later and didnt get them....
  3. Unlucky, hope they get it sorted for you All in all I've not been as happy with this one as past entries hey. Its been a hard slog to get the plat (4 enduro's to go). The others I powered through and loved the majority of the ride, but this one is feeling like a chore. Trying to knock over the plat before looking at this lot of DLC
  4. The Aprilia requirement is brutal....
  5. As long as FF XVI is nothing like XV they are heading back in the right direction... I've never quit an FF game halfway before from boredom... Except that one
  6. I actually thought it was near identical to Digimon Cyber Sleuth (yes I know its based on a real location), but it looks really close.
  7. Australian pricing was mentioned.... We are up to $110 for the new games with the Sony bump.... When we are on $ parity with the US (not often but we are quite often close enough to) thats a tough pill to swallow. Wishlists are a big help here, wait till they drop!
  8. Could not disagree more with this sentiment. They said it would be short, it is Its still a quality story with a lot of gameplay improvements on the 2018 release. I've paid a lot less for bigger games and felt more ripped off than this game. Take price tags out and judge a game based on your enjoyment. This one rates nice and high!
  9. The app is the one that bugs me, as well as the Xbox app. They've both removed the social feed. Was a big part of what I used it for.
  10. Couldnt stand TLOU but loved GoW.... Each there own I guess.... Welcome to PSN Profiles!
  11. Caved when I got soooo close and failed after like 50 odd previous attempts... Clearly just isnt for me. Whoever manages that shit on a high difficulty is a masochist!
  12. Believe it varies game to game and is a decision per developer. I thought the same thing initially.
  13. Bloodborne and God of War for me.... Bloodborne I can beat the bosses so far (though got stuck and eventually gave up at the 3 death wizards in robes... The hordes get me! God of War its the Valkyrie Queen... No matter what I tried just couldnt do it... The one time I practically had it she did a 4th launch! after all the research I did I was led to believe she doesnt do that! Called it at that point...
  14. with 1.21 Gigawatts of POWER!
  15. Prolly should have been a spoiler tag on there buddy Cheers.... 🙄 Its literally shit like this that shows we need a downvote button....