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  1. Maybe i Missed some Camp Fire...It popped at 12 islands
  2. I have builded 11 Camp Fire but no Trophy popped...It s glitch? Maybe should build the Camp Fire with rocks around?
  3. How many hours for Platinum?
  4. Any video about all collectibles in level 20?
  5. What Is the fast way to farm Coin?
  6. I completed Lost in the Deep Are you chicken Mad cow disease The contagious curse Friendly Imps Pure Energy Maddening Were verpowered A persistent buzzing Beast mode Low initiative No time to rest Close escort Costant banditry A crumbling Temple Useless alies But i didnt get the 12variants Trophy... only Spice It up (complete 4 variant) It s this Trophy glitched?
  7. I would like to know if free play count once like variants Adventure Trophy?
  8. i need this Trophy (i need a social chest) if You are playing The game please add me to friend List psn : z3pt0